the twins being twinsy

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“I was once like you. Didn’t know what I wanted or where I was going.”

cuppateadeer  asked:

What do you think of Fremione? Any headcanons?

i love fremione so much like it isn’t my favorite hermione ship but it is definitely up there

  • i totally imagine hermione and fred having twins?? but i imagine them being boy and girl twins
  • i imagine the boy’s personality being more like hermione and the girl being more like fred
  • i’m not really sure about names but you guys can imagine whatever names you want
  • both the twins would have super curly and bushy red hair and a ton of freckles 
  • i feel like fred would propose at the burrow in the backyard after a picnic because i like to think that is like one of hermione’s favorite places
  • when fred first meets hermione’s parents he is so nervous and proper and hermione can’t help but find it hysterical
  • later on hermione’s dad loosens him up and explains he has heard past stories about fred
  • and he is really interested in how fred and george come up with new pranks/jokes so easily
  • let’s just say mr. granger loves fred and hermione is delighted
  • i feel like everyone expects fred to tease hermione the most but it actually ends up being the other way around once they’re married
  • like hermione is constantly teasing and pranking fred and she just always giggles like a maniac
  • and fred is seriously so happy and just always smiles like a maniac 
  • he then threatens that he will tickle her and she will squeal and run around the house and both their kids laugh and cheer
  • and then he will catch hermione from behind and just hug her and tickle her like crazy and hermione gets weak in the knees because he will kiss her neck when the kids aren’t looking
  • and i just imagine fremione being an amazingly happy ship okay