the twibrary

I wanted the twibrary to have a more open layout, so I added windows to the upper bookshelves. Twilight can use them as display shelves to attract people to come borrow books!

Also Dash has more windows to crash through!


While the bookhorse is away, the artist will come out to play!

I was commissioned for a thing for the bookhorse tumblr to use while Twilight goes on “a quest”. Several revisions of the art needed to be made to meet the standards of book princess. So here are the ones that didn’t make final. I particularly liked the wing-in-eye one.

Also, if you notice the background, yes. I begrudgingly had to do up Twilight’s new castle interior with a concept for bookshelves in that new mysterious crystal.

So I have a new background to play with. I’m not giving up on the Twibrary, for sure.

It’s Janurary 19th, thus it’s been 1 Year since the Twibrary opened it’s doors!

We’d like to thank every single one of our followers. Both old and new, as we love bringing you a dangerous dosage of adorkable purple ponies whenever we can.

This group hasn’t been the easiest to maintain. We’ve had at least some unfortunate departures from beloved members, we’ve had some backstage drama, and we have some promising members that we invited and welcomed but have not contacted us since then. And we seemed to at times lack motivation in bringing another update to the blog as well.

But we hope to have a better year for the rest of 2014. Don’t be afraid to put more questions in the inbox! We’d like to have a little more variety of fresh questions. Especially as Season 4 is rolling out an episode each week.

Thank you all!


Members of the Twibrary

(From Left to Right on the ground: Vampire Twi, Ninja Twi (Who’s a filly on this blog), Changeling Twi, Sailor Magic, Twilie, Forgetful Twi, Twilonequus (In Pony-esque form), Evil Genius Twilight (Who’s an Alicorn because of a recent reboot on the main blog), Twilight Unbound, Twixie Twi, Another Twi, Discorded Twi, Sketchbook Twi, No. 003, Morning Twi, and aNormal Twi

From Left to Right in the air: Twilight & Duskfall, Brainy Twilight, Genie Twilight, and Princess Twilight)