the tweet means so much more now


And Happy almost Louismas!!

I am so proud of this fandom and all we’ve accomplished with Project Just Hold On.

But we’re not done yet!

Louis and Steve broke the Billboard Top 100 at #52 here in the States. We NEED to get them up AT LEAST 12 spots and QUICK. If we tweet and request the song and KEEP streaming and shazaming, we CAN do it!!!

Why is it so important he break the top 40? Because most pop radio stations are Top 40 hits. It will put the song in a nice rotation, and the higher he breaks the more the song gets played.


PLEASE go tweet your local pop hits station. Tweet their DJs, DM them, write on their Facebook pages, CALL IN AND REQUEST THE SONG. We CAN give Louis the best present ever this year, we can work together stateside now and get this done.

Let’s show Louis how much he means to us, okay?


LET’S 👏🏻 GO 👏🏻

Be the change

Today has been a very heartbreaking day in history. Not because Donald Trump was elected as the 45th president of the Untied States, but because today divided our nation. I did not vote for Donald Trump, I will openly admit that. And yes, I did vote for Hillary Clinton. Out of the two primary candidates I supported more of her proposed plans than I did his. But, that does not mean I didn’t agree with some of his plans as well. And many of us, myself included, did not like his violent, racist, homophobic, and inappropriate public displays. But, look at us now. So many tweets, statuses, posts and comments between Hillary and Trump supporters have turned into exactly what we shamed him for! We need to recognize that this divide will cause so much more damage to our nation then one man will. If you want to see a positive change over the next four years stop arguing on social media and do something about it! Fight for what you believe in, fight for your rights, fight for the people you love and BE THE FUCKING CHANGE!

You know, I normally don’t say anything if someone posts something on social media that I do not agree with because I believe everyone is entitled to their opinions. But, I couldn’t pass up this tweet without commenting. Sorry for the rant that is about to occur.

Someone tweeted about not understanding how someone could attend college for four years to study theatre/plays. Now, of course theatre has to do with reading plays; but, it is so much more than that.

Theatre is about understanding how people’s brains work, how they think and feel. It’s the study of psychology. Theatre is about learning to relate to many different people in many different ways. It’s the study of communication. Theatre people have to be fascinated by words, because we have to know many different words and how to use them. These words even include medical and scientific terminology. It’s the study of English and language. Theatre practitioners must love history, because we must be aware of how the world worked in different time periods. Theatre is about thinking creatively, and outside of the box. It’s about learning to understand ideas and concepts that have never even crossed your mind. It’s the study of philosophy. Knowing how businesses work and are effected by the economy is essential if one wants to work in a theatre. It’s the study of economics. Theatre is the study of truth, it’s the study of life.

Theatre can make people feel, and think. It can make people believe, remember, forget, explore, and understand different things. Theatre creates open-minded individuals, with a love for learning.

Some people are very quick to judge and comment on things they know very little about. There are so many factors that go into studying theatre, which many people are unaware of.

Theatre has led me to meet some of the most creative, intelligent, and compassionate people that exist in this world.

I am fortunate enough to say that I am passionate about what I study, and will love my future career. I am proud to be a theatre major.

anonymous asked:

I mean for all we know Elise could be filming things right now. She had two roles earlier this year she filmed that we only know about because of looking at her imbd page. She's just really private about her say to day life and doesn't post about every project she does

Yeah and I respect that.

elise. needs to. post more. i am deprived of her beautiful face and cute tweets and selfies and. ugh.

As much as I want that, Elise is a pretty private person so just appreciate it every time she posts something d:

Nash you remember when Cameron was your best friend? How to spend every moment together? Together? He was your everything.You remember how he could make you laugh? He gave you so much joy and was there for you when you needed. This boy has changed a lot in your life and don’t pretend that he does for you now does not mean anything. The truth is different, I know. You miss him, as he did for you. I hope to see more of your shared photos, your smiles and joy that is present when you are next to each other. DO NOT FORGET ABOUT HIM! 💜

the boys have never been so excited for an album before they are constantly tweeting and publishing videos and idk for me this its better than the Christmas’ Eve I am sorry don’t mind me I just love my babies SO FUCKING MUCH I MEAN I KNOW THAT I RANT ABOUT HOW PRETTY HARRY IS AND HOW PURE AND GENUINE HIS HEART IS BUT NOT JOKE HERE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM HAS A SPECIAL PLACE IN MY HEART

i am just as upset as everyone is that harry and liam and fucking zayn didn’t tweet anything for louis’ birthday, but that means they possibly ..

  1. called him and wished him a happy birthday instead
  2. texted him and wished him a happy birthday instead
  3. face timed him and wished him a happy birthday instead
  5. all of the above

all of those options are so much sweeter and more personal than a tweet. just remember that :)

In light of recent events I think this is important to say.
For the past five years now I’ve been part of something so special I don’t think any of us really understand, something that can mean the world to people and put a smile on the face of our fans even in the darkest times. To a lot of people it’s just a bunch of silly kids in a band but to the people involved it means so much more. This last week has been some of the worst times, possibly the worst it’s something we are all deeply saddened by. It’s sad to think for the time being we won’t grace the stage as five bros or have the same fun on a tour bus or laughs in a hotel together that we have over the years but I’m super sure us and zayn will always remain the closest friends. I guess what I’m really trying to say is it’s far from over. When we very 1st became successful we all agreed that one direction had become much bigger than each individual member that’s why I feel like right now it’s ok to be sad and upset but I do ask everyone who is a fan of us to please keep ur faith in us I’m sure there’s a lot more to come all love
—  Liam Payne, 03.26.15