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Y'ALL HERE BEING SINNERS AND ASKING FOR SEX AND KINKS BUT NONE OF Y'ALL HAVE ASKED IMPORTANT QUESTIONS LIKE WHAT THE BOYS' FAVORITE ICE CREAM FLAVOR IS. So, I will. What is the main 4 and Craig's gang's favorite ice cream flavor? We need some innocence. love ur blog tho bby

LMAO u right u right. A lil sin is aight , but ice cream is a v important topic.


  • Cookie Dough. Is tired of being asked if Cookies ‘n Cream is okay instead.


  • Cookies ‘n Cream. Will fight anyone who likes Cookie Dough more.


  • Orange Sorbet. He’s not actually a huge fan of ice cream and prefers frozen yogurt or sorbet instead.


  • Coffee. Is this really a surprise?


  • Blueberry. Though he always says his favorite is strawberry, he has never ever forgotten the one time he had the pleasure of trying blueberry ice cream.


  • Moose Tracks. Goes on giant rants if someone doesn’t know what it has in it. He has a complete slideshow about it.


  • Mint Chocolate Chip. Stan often calls him weird for this.


  • Vanilla. He rarely gets ice cream, and when he does it’s always vanilla. Even still the flavor has won a special place as his favorite.


  • Chocolate. Thinks chocolate and vanilla are the only true flavors.


  • Cotton Candy. The kind with pink and blue swirls is his favorite.

 I feel like its been ages since I did a munday post XD  Plus I realized i never posted pics from con so; since its munday……  💋😻💕

(Imma boast for 3 seconds about the fact i put this together in 3 days and wore it the Saturday that The Lie of the Land aired; like all day – before the episode even came out and i was pretty proud of it and felt pretty bad ass xD )


Mchanzo Week- Canon Divergence/AU

In which the hunter falls for the lord of wolves~

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