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A Richonne Ranking: 40 Moments
[19] Holding Hands – Knots Untie, 6x11

After the big romantic climax comes the inevitable question of how any consummated coupling will be sustained. TV writers in general seem to fear this turning point; they’ll do anything to postpone it, it seems. The Moonlighting curse, or whatever. In future, perhaps just send those writers the Richonne cut as a blueprint.

Following coitus interruptus, we get the casual “your mom and dad” comment from Jesus to send us into a frenzy before an amusing staring competition unfolds as mom and dad roll out of the bedroom. I worried they’d somehow backtrack, play it off as casual or have the relationship be a point of contention with other characters. Then Rick says, “This is different”, Carl smiles and it’s like the sun comes up. Having cleared the sitch up with Carl, it’s this quiet scene in the RV that stands out in Knots Untie; simply and wordlessly, Rick shows Michonne everything we’ve just heard him express to his son. The coy glances and easy affection make clear his commitment. After dark comes dawn, and by reaching out to Michonne, Rick ensures the romance holds up in daylight. And damn, don’t they look happy.

  • Andy: You kind of hold hands, walk to the edge of the cliff and jump — and continue holding hands. It’s that thing where you just trust someone. I’ve been working alongside the brilliant, bright and superbly talented Danai Gurira for three-and-a-half years now. Fortunately, I got such an amazing and beautiful leading lady.
  • Danai: It clicked to me. That’s a man who made her change, and she’s made him change. They can check each other, she can make him laugh, she can disarm him, but she’s also deeply loyal to him and she respects him. And for Michonne to really respect a man is no small thing. I was like, “Who else is she gonna? This has got to be the guy,” in my brain. […] To realize this person who is very close to being your best friend is actually also someone who you have feelings for and you find deeply attractive in a whole other way — I don’t think that translates to casual, to me. They’re deeply intimate friends and now they’re lovers. It’s not the makings of any of the relationships [already on the show], it’s its own thing.
Preference "Where they prefer to finish" (NSFW VERY NSFW)

(WOOOOO THE NASTINESS IS TOO REAL SO YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!! ON THE OTHER HAND WOOO OUR FAVS😏Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

Negan-When it comes to finishing, he prefers to cum all over your body, especially your breasts. His possessiveness over you would show itself from how proud he’d be to see you covered in his cum and no sight would ever match how gorgeous you were at that moment, making him nearly get hard again right on the spot.

Daryl-When it comes to finishing, he prefers to cum inside of you as you’re holding him tight and prevent him from moving anywhere. He’d just love the feeling of being cherished and adored so much he wouldn’t be able to find anything more satisfying than coming right inside.

Rick-When it comes to finishing, he prefers to cum right down your navel and looking at it drip down to your cunt. He’d just love that little moment of exhilaration of deciding on where to come, only to wait until you’d beg him to just let himself go and making him have to do so just right above your wet pussy.

Merle-When it comes to finishing, he prefers to cum all up inside you, whether it be your ass or cunt, and let it overflow until it drips down to your thighs. He’d just love filling you up completely and feel yourself being mixed up with his seed, especially as you’d beg for it and let him do as he wishes with you.

Glenn-When it comes to finishing, he prefers to cum inside you to show you how much he wants to be with you. He’d see it as your way of accepting to be with him and let him be the one for you, making him cherish you even more and usually hold you tightly as whispers to you how much he loves you.

The Governor-When it comes to finishing, he prefers to cum all over your body, especially down your stomach. He’d for once enjoy using you in so many ways that feeling himself about to come and hearing your breathless moans and panting as well as your pleas would all make him love to come undone all over yourself.

Abraham-When it comes to finishing, he prefers to cum inside your mouth and look at you swallow it all for him. He’d just love asking you where you’d want him to finish between your cunt and mouth, only to always be brought to the near edge to hear you breathlessly beg for him in your mouth.

Eugene-When it comes to finishing, he prefers to cum all over your stomach and hands as you’d stroke him. He’d oddly feel safer with your hands around him in any way possible, so much that the comfort of having you stroking him would also make him bring him to the edge just as the way he likes.

Jesus-When it comes to finishing, he prefers to cum right on your ass and looking at it all flow down in between your cheeks. He’d love it for once that he could be as dirty and nasty as he wanted with you, making him just have to turn you around and come right where he wants exactly.

Dwight-When it comes to finishing, he prefers to cum all over your backside and your ass, before giving you one last spanking. He’d always love to fuck you hard as you’re on your hands and knee whenever he would feel himself getting closer to his climax, making him show you how rough he can be.

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Anything For My Queen

The Request: I was wondering would u want to do a one shot ware Negan’s got himself a queen they’re n love and she has a rough day so they choose to have some alone time and Negan enjoys her more dominant side

Summary: The OC has a hard day after Negan’s people decide not to listen to her orders and Negan tries to make her feel better. 

Characters: Negan & Reader (OC)

Notes: I should have done this a long time ago, I’m terribly sorry that it took so long. I’m working on some of the requests I have gotten. Slowly, but I’m doing it. 

Warnings: Swearing & Smut

AO3 Link:

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Requested, thank you

“I told you, not to go out of my sight and what do you do?” Daryl huffed throwing his hands into the air. “I told you I was going to get stuff for Judith! I thought if I got that and you got the other things, we’d be in and out in no time” you explained, shaking your head at the fact you were arguing. “You thought, did you not think about the fact there’s walkers around almost every corner and you can’t always take them on your own and I have to come save your ass?” he scolded. “Why do you do it then? You do you always have to be my knight in shinning armor Daryl?” you snapped. “Because I like you! I don’t want to lose anyone else and especially not you!”
Married at First Sight Chapter 16: Birthday, a Walking Dead FanFiction
The conflict between Jadis, Rick and Michonne comes to a head...Who will be last man standing?

A Sneak Peek:

Originally posted by ricks-chonne

Fear and pain combined at Michonne’s core, a heady concoction that blurred her vision. Shakily, she rolled to her side, knee-deep in both garbage and another contraction. Her sword was pressed between her shoulder blades, trapped partially beneath pounds of trash, holding her in place like a turtle turned on its shell. The smoke in the air had finally caught them, filling her lungs, overpowering even the scent of their environment.

From above her, Jadis aimed her pistol at Michonne’s husband, all humor gone from her pinched expression. Rick dug himself out of the mound of refuse, face red in fury. With barely a glance, Jadis pulled the trigger.

The crack went off, deafening and terrifying. Michonne felt herself crying out. Rick made a sound as though all of the air had been pushed forcibly out of his body and collapsed.

“The baby,” Jadis glared down at her.

“Michonne, no,” Rick managed to groan, valiantly attempting to rise to his feet again. Jadis cocked the pistol again.

“Don’t,” Michonne commanded. “Don’t.”

Jadis paused but did not move her gun away from Rick. “The baby,” she repeated.

“I’m not having my baby here. You get us out, the baby is yours,” the words hurt even as they left her. The fire was closing in, the smoke making Michonne dizzy. Rick let out a wordless moan, born both of pain and protest.

Jadis hesitated, her eyes narrowing. She looked down at Rick.

“He’s bleeding,” Michonne constructed her plea. “His hand and his leg,” she could see the crimson stain on her husband’s jeans spreading. “I’m in labor.” Michonne hissed through the end of her contraction. “We can’t hurt you.”

Their captor weighed her options, wasting time they did not have.

“This place is going up in flames. You need to decide now,” Michonne prompted. “Deal?”

Jadis considered this. “Deal,” the smirk reemerged. She lowered her gun, walking over towards Michonne. Michonne’s muscles tensed as the woman got closer, her fingers digging into the debris beneath her. The woman reached for her, and Michonne steeled her nerve, willing herself to stay still.

“My baby,” she smiled from beneath her blunt bangs, her free hand coming around Michonne’s baby bump, the gun hanging limply at her side. The child inside of her kicked in protest. Michonne took a deep breath, summoning her strength.