the turtle and the hare


Fiend Alice

English girl who would go on to inspire the classic children’s novel ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ and its sequel ‘Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There’. Alice Pleasance Liddell was born in 1852, to a high class family in Oxford along with her nine siblings. She would later inspire Charles Lutwidge Dodgson to write his novel under the pseudonym ‘Lewis Carroll’ during a boat ride, when she asked for a story.

In later life, her family suffered a sudden break in contact with Dodgson but the reason for this is still speculated and remains a mystery to this day, with many claiming it was a rift in political opinion between himself and Alice’s father or the controversial theory that Dodgson was sexually attracted to the young girl.

Alice would go on to marry Richard Hargreaves, a cricketeer, and had two children of her own, whom she named Leopold, after her friend and Queen Victoria’s son, Prince Leopold, and Caryl. She died at the age of eighty-two in the year 1934.

Her literary counterpart led a much more exciting life however. Like her real-life counterpart, Alice was said to live in Oxford alongside her unnamed older sister and her pet cat Dinah.

One day, while relaxing alongside a river, she spotted a white rabbit in a waistcoat running into a rabbit hole. Curious, Alice followed the rabbit and fell into the strange underground world of Wonderland, where she met its strange inhabitants, The Duchess,The Caterpillar, The Cheshire Cat, The Hatter and The March Hare, The Dodo, The Mock Turtle and The Griffon as well as the tyrannical Queen of Hearts and many more. During an unfair trial, the Queen attempted to attack Alice who luckily woke up just in time.

She would also end up travelling through a mirror to another world, Looking Glass Land, where she met both the White and Red Queens, Tweedledum and Tweedledee and heard the story of the terrible Jabberwocky and the hero who defeated it with the Vorpal Sword. Eventually, she would be crowned a queen in her own right and returned back home for good.

Despite the fact that Carroll hardly described her appearance, she is often depicted with blonde hair, a headband, a blue dress and white pinafore and a pair of white stockings and black Mary Jane shoes after the famous drawings by John Tenniel who actually depicted her dress as yellow, and Disney’s famous 1951 film ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

She has appeared in countless pieces of media, including anime, manga, films, television and video-games. Her most accurate ‘Alice Liddell’ like appearance was in the cult classic game ‘ American McGee’s Alice’ and the sequels ‘Alice: Madness Returns’ and ‘Alice:Otherlands’. Here she is shown to look almost exactly like her real-life counterpart, with brown hair.

Alice in Wonderland roles

Alice- @undertale-police
Mad Hatter- Me
Cheshire Cat- @gemstoneblitz
White Rabbit- @yuzukiart
Queen of Hearts- @mykittysansy
March Hare- @mangleplays
The Doormouse-???
Duchess- @underfellperidot19
Mock Turtle-???
Knave of Hearts-???
King of Hearts-???
Mouse- @mysticalwingedwolf
Bill the Lizard-???
Fish Footman-???
Bird in the Tree- @jenniferlindberg
Tweedle dee-???
Tweedle dum-???

(Who else wants to join?)

honestly slow and steady does not win the race. the whole point of a race is to be faster than everyone else and the only reason the hare lost to the turtle is because the hare was a dumbass and decided to take a nap. the real moral of the story is don’t be a fucking a quitter, get your ass up and finish the damn race because you’re faster and you deserve it

Just for fun.

The Mad Hatter-Me
Cheshire Cat-???
White Rabbit-???
Queen of Hearts-???
March Hare-???
The Dormouse-???
Mock Turtle-???
Knave of Hearts-???
King of Hearts-???
Bill the Lizard-???
Frog Footman-???
Fish Footman-???
Bird in the Tree-???

This is just for fun but you can draw yourself as the character you are. So which one do you want to be?

My stop sign

You were my stop sign.
do you remember?
We were our stop signs.
We were the opposite of a turtle with a purpose,
We were like a hare with the end in view.
But still.
We were our stop signs.
I’ve been thinking,
What if we ignored the stop signs?
Where would we be?
Would we have been stopped?
Pulled over?
All the same, but down the track, we said goodbye?
Was our end imminent?
I don’t know.
But you were my stop sign.
Do you remember?
- c.l


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anon :

Scenario of jealous yoongi when you get too close to the maknae line? Angst with a fluff ending please. :’^)

Characters : MIN YOONGI X Y/N

Genre : Angst , Fluff

Description: he just didn’t understand why you didn’t like him



Yoongi stared at you and the maknae line quietly laughing as your drew on Namjoon’s sleeping face. He didn’t understand, you were close to maknae line, and got along with the other expect for him. You rarely spoke to him, only to say hi and bye, never a complete real sentence and he just didn’t understand why.

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Letter VII: Is Blue The Warmest Color?

a collaboration (contd.) with @tremblingwarsong

dear S,

so, everyone wants to be special: be the sun
of some solar system, petrified, of being
angels without wings—it’s as if, mortality
has banished the turtle they have inside, always
summoning the hare to win it all, sweep away
everything. the kettle is always whistling—
the human clay is molded to guide its ship
away from the shore, but will inevitably crash

against the rocks. now, when i sit here on this
bench, look up to the sky between the silhouettes
of neem leaves (they make you eat them, when
you leave the cremation grounds), if you can
recall the scene from ‘blue is the warmest color’
when they’re lying on the grass, smoking; my
lungs are heavy, and i think I’ve forgotten what

it’s like to be ordinary, but i feel ordinary, i do.
after all: we are all vulnerable acting invincible.



dear D,

have you read that thing about how
we humans are made of stardust—
it’s such immense pressure to look up
at the sky, while being told, that you’re
made from the ashes of all that shines
above you; you could have the might
of the sun / we forget, rather often about
how we aren’t invincible—nothing is

but tell me, could it really be that bad
to pretend?

yesterday, i wrote a poem for the moon,
like i was her only lover, and it felt great
for a second—but reality always kicks in,
doesn’t it. another piece of dry grass in
the haystack / i am but the needle that
wants to prick—then again, aren’t we all?

it’s all an illusion / we are nothing.


Signs as Alice in Wonderland Characters
  • Aries ; The Queen of Hearts
  • Taurus ; all of the card army
  • Gemini ; Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum
  • Cancer ; Mock Turtle
  • Leo ; March Hare
  • Virgo ; The White Rabbit
  • Libra ; Duchess
  • Scorpio ; Dormouse
  • Sagittarius ; the caterpillar that's always high
  • Capricorn ; Mad Hatter
  • Aquarius ; Cheshire Cat
  • Pisces ; Alice