the turnips

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I mean this not in a demeaning way but in a way of understanding. I understand that a large percentage of the white populous voted for Turnip (I do not speak his name), but there are POC that did as well. When you make the statement, "I don't wanna talk to any white person...", are you going to talk to a person that isn't white that voted for Turnip? Or, are you only focusing on the white populous? Shouldn't that anger be veered towards those who voted in favor?

WHITE AMERICA PUT TRUMP IN POWER 📢 he makes them feel safe. Don’t forget the majority of this country is still white people & almost every white demographic came out flocking to vote for him. But any people of color who voted for Trump can stay away from me too

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What are your brush-settings? :o

I’ve recently switched over to Clip Studio/Manga studio, and I haven’t really messed too much with my brushes but here they are

I use the Turnip pen mostly for outlines so it doesn’t mess with my line weight, and I use the G-pen for pretty much everything inside those lines!

For my coloring brushes, I use all the water color brushes, and they are all set to default

|| I don’t use SAI anymore, but here are my old brush settings for those who want them ||

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Jackalopes are rabbits infected with Shope Papillomavirus (SPV). It causes horn-like growths to develop on their head and around their mouth, which eventually kills them because they can no longer eat.

What the fuck

First radishes/turnips/routabagas, and now jackalopes?

Nature is fucked up


Allura’s Moving Castle AU

1. why? 2. why not! 3. asadahsdklsasdf


Rover’s Retro Train 🚉 0095-5741-840

“A good friend of mine runs the shop in Catville. Let me give him a ring! You wait right here!“

2017 👏🏽 give 👏🏽us 👏🏽 girl 👏🏽 meets👏🏽 world 👏🏽 season 👏🏽 4 👏🏽 we 👏🏽 deserve 👏🏽 it 👏🏽 after 👏🏽 this 👏🏽 bloody 👏🏽 year 👏🏽

Hamilton on Chopped
  • Alex: I really should've added more paprika... no, that's too much now... but is it, though? I think it needs mor-sHIT IT ALL CAME OUT FUCK fuck no it's supposed to look like that yeah
  • John: Is that a turtle in the basket? Cause I'm not cookin a fuckin turtle, shit *pockets turtle, glances over to shoulder to evade producers* cmon joseph let's get outta here little pal
  • Hercules: *running by with a vat of bubbling oil* AHHHHHHHHH
  • Lafayette: Ah mon dieu, the smell of freshly baked garlic bread is more glorious than American independence and my ass in spandex
  • Burr: I'm using turnip in this casserole because it's time to- *glances at hand, squints* turn... up! Turn up! Oh, I get it, cause... yeah, John told me to fuckin say that.
  • James: Now, I remember my grandmother used to tell me two onions in a soup, not one, because despite the breath issue onions are very good for the immune system and taste splendid in a nice, homecooked southern me
  • Thomas: *twerks while stirring* mAC AND CHEESE with VaNiLlA IcE cReAm BITCHES!!!1!!1!
  • Washington: *visibly ill* None of you can cook why are you here