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My fiancee and I were discussing the worst metal to use to make armor, and the obvious answers are lead and gold, but she cunningly suggested mercury. Which is a fair point, but then I wondered if solid mercury is any good. Googling told me that the melting point of mercury is -38° c (-37° f), so first you get it really fucking cold. At that point, it turns out that mercury has a tensile strength of 1900 mpa, compared to lead’s 18 and steel’s ~500-940 (depending upon the kind of steel).

Now, I know that tensile strength is not necessarily the best measure of a material’s ability to function as armor, but I’m a liberal arts major and didn’t care to actually do that much more research before going straight to, “EVIL ICE DEMONS IN MERCURY ARMOR. THE PCS CAN’T LOOT IT BECAUSE WHEN THEY PUT IT ON IT MELTS AND KILLS THEM.”

She’s perfect (but you’re the one)

Headcanon again. JiKook college AU. They’re best friends and Jimin is really in love with Jungkook, who has this beneficial relationship with this one girl. Little angsty, but they love each other very much and it ends happily. Yes, I know it’s not very original - but it came into my mind while I was listenening Perfect by Selena Gomez :D, and I just had to put it down. Enjoy :)

• Jungkook’s sitting next to Jimin on his bed, both of their backs leaning against the wall, duvet covering their legs. In front of them is situated small chair with laptop on it. They’re currently watching third episode of The Flash.

• Constantly, they’re interrupted by vibrations of Jungkook’s phone, signalizing (together with small blinking notification light) he’s got a new text.

• Jimin has finally enough. What’s the point of turning the phone into “silent mode” when both of them are very well aware of every single time he receives a text? Instead of the buzzing, Jungkook can put it on normal mode. Maybe it would be less annoying. Jimin stops the series.

• “Sorry Kook, but is this really – really necessary? Do you have some important thing going on now?” Jimin looks at his best friend, annoyed expression on his face. Jungkook bits his lips, and then smirks.

• “Well, she likes to know what I’m doing now. And the more talkative I am, happier she is. That means she’s more likely to let me do things the next time we shag.”

• Jimin feels the familiar cringe of his insides, always the same one that appears when Jungkook talks about his friends-with-benefits relationship. He’s just hoping Jungkook didn’t notice the twitch of his shoulders he felt for a second. But Jungkook seems oblivious to things like that, too lost in his mind full of sex – or whatever he was thinking about just now with that look in his eyes.

• Jungkook sees the way Jimin almost rolls his eyes and laughs. “Hyung, you should try it, too.”

• Jimin glares at him. “Like, to find a boyfriend who’s not even my boyfriend? Why?”

• Jungkook blinks and leans closer to Jimin. “Or a girlfriend. Didn’t you mention that classmate of yours – Rina? Or what was it… you liked her, no?”

• “First off, I liked her, but in a she’s-so-cute way. She is a really nice person, you know? And second off, can you just stop with this lame attempts to force me into something like this? You know very well that I’m not that kind of person. At all. And I don’t find slightest pleasure in pure sex without feelings.” Jimin stabs Jungkook with his stare and he just sighs a little.

• “I’ve never said I don’t feel anything for her. We’re just keeping this open…” Jungkook says quietly, eyes focused on Jimin’s furrowed brows. Yes, he knew how much Jimin despises the thing he has going on with YeonJu. But, Jungkook needs that thing; in a way…

• With this lame attempts to “convince” Jimin to find someone like YeonJu is for him, he was actually trying to make Jimin admit he likes someone. Because Jungkook feels like Jimin does, but he denies it every time. And Jungkook has to – just has to – know who it is. How he or she looks. Are they prettier than him? Older, even?…

• Jimin shakes his head. “I could never do that. If you love someone, you commit. If you don’t, why mess with their head? Or yours, for that matter.” He shrugs and adds: “I really hope one day… I’ll end up with someone who loves me. Fully.”

• Jungkook turns to him with strange look on his face, hands gripping the duvet covering Jimin’s legs now. “But until then… Nothing? You don’t want even a small kiss? I’ve heard it releases serotonin and oxytocin – it makes you happy and relaxed, you know, Jimin?”

• Something around them changed the second he said it. Jimin’s not moving and just stares in his best friend’s shiny eyes – almost like two black mirrors, he almost can see himself in them. He feels the arteries under the skin of his throat pulsing.

• Jungkook leans closer with small smirk, touching Jimin’s right hand that was still landed near the laptop after he paused the series. Jimin doesn’t move when he feels the tad, neither he does move when Jungkook’s face is suddenly too close for comfort to his own. For a second – which actually feels longer for some reason – they just look each other in the eyes, then Jungkook finally overcomes the small space and his lips touch Jimin’s.

• Jungkook immediately closes his eyes, but Jimin is too struck to do so. His neck and shoulders are tingling, his skin burns. He closes them just after he feels tears trying to form – tears of shock, but mostly tears of affection he has for Jungkook. He allows himself to get lost for a while in this sensation, Jungkook’s soft lips gently moving against his, touch almost similar to movements of butterfly wings. Then he moves his lips, too, not thinking about it.

• They just nibble on their lips, sometimes one of them biting the other with more force, quickly running their tongues over the bite in case it hurt. Careful at first, Jungkook’s tongue enters Jimin’s mouth. Jimin responds by his own tongue circling around Jungkook’s, tilting his head to the side so he’ll be more comfortable. After small fight of their mouths, Jimin wins and sucks in Jungkook’s tongue, to what Jungkook responds with small whine. There’s a whole universe of intense feelings, forming in Jimin’s stomach, so good it’s almost torturing. But after Jungkook’s hand – the one that covered Jimin’s until now – grabs Jimin’s hair, tugging, Jimin snaps.

• He tears himself from Jungkook, shifting on the bed. Jungkook opens his eyes, confusion in them. Jimin’s not looking at him, so he can’t see the way Jungkook’s chest trembles with uneven breathing, his cheeks pink. But Jungkook looks at Jimin and all he sees is his pale face, watery eyes and lips fiercely pressed together.

• Jimin can’t believe what just happened – it was just few minutes, but anyway, he allowed himself to kiss his best friend! Last time this happened they were drunk as fuck, back at high school. And Jungkook hadn’t had a girlfriend. And Jimin wasn’t in love with him. This much.

• He punches Jungkook with his fist in his arm. “You stupid dick, really, what did you just do?!” Jimin shakes his head, relieved that his voice sounds steady. “Whatever lesson you wanted to give me, DON’T YOU EVER DARE TO DO THAT AGAIN. You have YeonJu and we’re friends and—“

• Jungkook interrupts him. “So what I have YeonJu? You know we’re in open relationship… let me correct that, not even a relationship, just something.”

• Jimin bursts in laugh. “I don’t care you brat. For me, you’re taken. And why do you need to make this awkward now? Ew. We’re not even drunk.”

• Jungkook just smiles. Jimin hate that smile now. He also feels pain forming in his chest, spreading to his whole body, almost like a bucked full of ice cold water was poured over his heart. But he remains calm on the outside. “I thought I will produce some serotonin in you. Also we’re best friends and we love each other, so I thought it’s acceptable for you.”

• That was a lie for two reasons. First, he certainly wasn’t thinking anything when he kissed Jimin; he just let his desire and body take the control – what a bullshit, “serotonin”, really? And second, acceptable for Jimin? More like acceptable for Jungkook. He just used this chance to… okay, to put it simply, he wanted to feel Jimin’s lips so much and he couldn’t control himself.

• Jimin snickers, hitting Jungkook again, this time more playfully. “You’re an idiot, Jeon Jungkook. Never do that again. I will kill you if you do!” Jungkook smiles, relieved. There was still some sort of tension in the air, but then Jimin pressed play again – Jungkook completely turned off his phone now, hiding it under the sheets – and they leaned against their shoulders, watching undisturbed.

• When they lay in bed together, Jimin on his back and Jungkook pressed to his side with his leg thrown over Jimin’s waist, Jimin stares at the ceiling. Younger one sleeps peacefully, of course, thinks Jimin bitterly. His insides didn’t burst just two hours ago like Jimin’s. That kiss was everything. Every piece of his body hurt when he pictured it again, and again. It meant so much for Jimin, yet it meant nothing at all. Stupid Jungkook, bold as shit now, when he’s having regular sex with some girl.

• YeonJu is a picture perfect girl. She’s smaller than Jungkook, but not too small, skinny, but with curves. Slim legs but plump ass, thin waist but visible, full breasts. Perfect beautifully pale skin, with light brown eyes dominating her symmetrical face. And that hair of hers – light blue, she almost looks like a fairy.

• She’s just too different from Jimin and perfect for Jungkook. Jungkook always claimed he’s not looking on the outside of a person – but the truth was, he preferred girls. A lot. And Jimin kind of lied when he admitted that maybe one day he will date a girl – because one can never know, maybe his perfect person for him is a girl – but he liked guys. And anyway, he knew that his perfect person isn’t some girl, but Jeon Jungkook, his best friend of more than six years.

• So it all just hurt too much. Jimin just lay in bed until sunrise, not being able to sleep.

• No one knows about this situation with Jungkook, except one guy he met online. They began chatting about their favourite movies, then one of them mentioned this, second one that, and they found out they’re quite similar. So every once in a few days they text each other through this chat app, provided by the page about movies where they met, sharing their tragic stories of unrequited love.

• This one guy – called “ReallyKnowsBest19” – always encourages Jimin, telling him he should try and come out with his feelings to his best friend. Jimin always scolds this guy when he mentions the girl he’s been sleeping with, so he could “forget about his love-alike situation”. But then again, he kind of understands. ReallyKnowsBest is deeply in love with his best friend – how relatable, really – but he’s got no idea. Also ReallyKnowsBest is completely sure his friend doesn’t like him in that way.

• “You always tell me I should go and tell my crush about what I feel, why don’t you do the same? We have similar chances,” writes Jimin on one evening.

• “He literally pushed me off when I kissed him one day. No way he likes me.”

• “Maybe he was just ashamed?”

• “No. Trust me on this one. After all, I really know the best.”

• Jimin knows a lot about the feelings this guy has towards his best friend. He knows about the way he thinks his lungs are ripping off when they hug, he knows about the way he pretends to sleep just so he can cuddle closer to him and press his nose to his neck. He also knows how he sometimes imagines his friend instead of the girl he’s seeing when they’re having sex, not purposely, but still.

• “ReallyKnowsBest19” also knows a lot about Jimin. Every angsty thought, every insecurity caused by Jungkook, he knows and always encourages Jimin to tell him anyway. “But it’s just that I’d wish my best friend told me if he loved me. You know, maybe that’s why I try to convince you,” he admits once.

• Three weeks after Jimin’s and Jungkook’s kiss, Jungkook claims that he will probably go official with YeonJu. “We talked about it, and well, I like her and she likes me… it will be probably the best and we will see from that on.”

• Jimin notices the weird look – almost expectation – in his dark eyes, but he has no idea what it means. He shrugs and congratulates Jungkook, hugging him. “You know how much I approve this, right? Finally, you’ll stop being an uncommitted asshole.”

• Jungkook just laughs. Few days later he calls Jimin, telling him he’s going to do some groceries and he will stop by his dorm later. Jimin hears YeonJu in distance, laughing about something. After the call ends, he snuggles in bed, hugging a pillow. He felt like crying in that moment. He waited and waited for Jungkook to show, but he didn’t for hours.

• “You know, they went official or will go, soon. I guess it’s for the best, but I feel like I’m gonna die,” he texts “ReallyKnowsBest”, who responds almost immediately.

• “Whoa, I can’t believe this coincidence. Because I, too, now wonder about officially dating this girl I’m seeing. But just because he reacted so… mildly, you know? I’m sure now he doesn’t want me. But please, friend, don’t be sad. Look, I’m sending you your fave cat compilation video.”

• As Jimin opens the link, he laughs, but after first few seconds he bursts into tears. It’s been just so long that he felt this way and he can’t do anything about it, just pretend it’s okay, which, well, is not going so well in his opinion anyway. Jimin lets his tears stream down his face and hugging the pillow, he falls asleep.

• Jungkook unlocks and opens the door to Jimin’s dorm some time later. He finds him sleeping on the bed in fetal position, hugging a pillow, with right hand tightly clutching his phone. Jungkook feels butterflies, flying from his stomach to his throat. Jimin just looks so cute like this.

• He goes over the table settled under window, and places groceries he bought earlier there. Then he looks at Jimin with so much fondness, it would probably melt heart of the coldest person on earth. Jungkook sighs. He loved Jimin so, so much, he couldn’t take him not loving him back anymore. So when this opportunity with YeonJu came, he took it. And it helped him in a way – to release the stress he’s been feeling over Jimin, liking someone else. Because, and he was sure of it, Jimin really liked someone for quite some time. He was too lost in thoughts sometimes, his expression too weird when Jungkook asked him about it – Jungkook just knew, Jimin couldn’t fool him. So he was hurting, quietly, rambling over and over about the sex he had with YeonJu, subconsciously hoping Jimin would interrupt him one day and tell him to stop, because he loves him, because he wants him, too.

• When YeonJu asked him about being a real couple those days ago, he wasn’t seriously considering it. He just told Jimin, hoping once again he will oppose against it. He did not in slightest, even hugging him, almost happily. So now Jungkook probably will date her, like, what could he lose anyway? Jungkook grabs a blanket that was on the chair and carefully covers Jimin with it, so he wouldn’t get cold.

• He carefully takes the phone out of Jimin’s hand, when he notices the notification light going off. Curious about who texts him at this hour – almost 1 AM, he unlocks the phone to see the notification. His breathing stops on the instant. Few times he blinks, wondering if his eyes aren’t lying. But it doesn’t seem like it. He sees his own nickname on the display. With shaking hands he opens the message – he knows he shouldn’t, but he has to know.

• He almost lets the phone slip of his grip when, sure enough, he sees his own last message sent to Jimin, or “cloudsAREsmiling”: “Hey, you okay? You didn’t respond; hope you’re not getting drunk or something.” He felt so worried about his internet friend – about Jimin – and now he knows he was just sleeping.

• Jungkook can’t believe this. But no, it is true – Jimin knows about his feelings this whole time. He just has no idea it’s HIM. And now, Jungkook realizes, he knows about Jimin’s feelings too. So… these years… they were in love?

• Oh, God. Jungkook puts the phone on the table, strokes Jimin’s hair and kisses his forehead affectionately before leaving. He needs to go to his own dorm and think about next steps. He was full of nervousness, but at the same time the happiness he felt was freaking overwhelming.

• Jungkook decides he’ll wait for Jimin to reach out tomorrow, and then, when they’ll be watching The Flash once again, he will bring it up.

• Jimin doesn’t reach out the next day, though. He completely ignores Jungkook – not responding to any messages – not his, nor ReallyKnowsBest’s. If it wouldn’t be for a song he posted on his Facebook, Jungkook would be afraid he died or something. Jungkook feels uneasy about this, did Jimin notice he looked over those messages? Is he mad now? There’s just one way to find out.

• It’s 9 PM when Jungkook knocks on Jimin’s door, entering without waiting for a permission to come in. Jimin looks at him, slightly surprised, and sits on the bed.

• “Hey, hyung.” Jungkook smiles, those annoying little butterflies almost restricting him from talking. “Why are you ignoring me?” He walks over to Jimin and sits next to him. Jimin frowns.

• “I’m not. I’ve been in my classes all day.” That was a lie; he was here in this room for whole day, self-pitying himself. Truth was, after Jungkook did not come for hours after he called him the other night, just stopped by who knows when to drop the groceries, Jimin was hurt. He felt like Jungkook picked YeonJu over him and it made him feel terrible, no matter how many cat-videos he watched.

• Jungkook knew that’s a lie. He suddenly wondered, if it’s about him and YeonJu being official. Just now he realizes that Jimin’s hurting over this, Jimin must’ve been hurting all this time. How many times Jimin almost cried when they were texting, desperate over “his best friend” and “that girl”? Jungkook couldn’t even count.

• So he grabs Jimin’s shoulders in a bold move, surprising both of them. Jimin looks at him, startled. “W-what is it?”

• “Jimin.” Jungkook starts, his stare buried deep in Jimin’s eyes, now widened. “I have this… friend, you know. He’s in love with his best friend for the longest time. He suffers over it a lot, because his friend has a girlfriend… well, something like that.”

• Jimin blinks, feeling heavy all of the sudden. Oh god, this sounds familiar – did Jungkook find out?

• “He could’ve just told him he loves him, but he didn’t. It’s not helping that his crush has no idea what to do, so when he does everything he can to find out if Ji—I mean, my friend – likes him, it just makes my friend believe he doesn’t like him. But you know,” Jungkook’s voice lowers. “Funny thing, really, he loves him, too. Probably even more than my friend loves him. He just tries to get over him in all the wrong ways, causing my friend to hurt even more.”

• Jimin’s not breathing and he feels tears, forming under his eyelids. He wishes it would be like it sounds to him – that it’s their story. But it‘s not – that can’t be, right?

• “So one day his crush accidentally finds out that they are not only best friends in real life, you know. But online, too.” Jungkook’s gaze was flickering over Jimin’s face for a while now, not being able to look him straight in the eye suddenly. “So…”

• Jimin sobs. Loudly. Jungkook grabs his hands and settles closer.

• “So he discovers that they knew about each other’s feelings for a long time. Without a single idea it’s them. And…” Jungkook’s voice trembles a little. “And my friend then confuses the hell out of his crush for the next day. And his crush, I mean—“

• “Just stop,” whines Jimin, crushing Jungkook’s hands in his. “Stop it, Kookie.”

• Jungkook looks in his eyes once again. “I’m so sorry, Jimin. I know how much I was hurting you. I had no idea… I’m sorry.” Jimin frees one of his hands and caresses Jungkook’s hair, sliding the hand down his neck, brushing Jungkook’s cheek with his thumb.

• “I’m sorry I made you believe I don’t want you, Kook-ah. But…” Jimin suddenly laughs. “You’re such an idiot. Did you really think that telling me about your sexual escapades and kissing me all of a sudden would make me admit my love for you?”

• Jungkook pouts. “In my head it made lots of sense!” Jimin stops laughing. “But, what about YeonJu?”

• “I met her earlier today and ended it. I feel kinda sorry about it. She was disappointed, but… she told me it will be okay. Not in these words, I admit. And I’m not supposed to contact her, ever. But…” he looks little flustered.

• “I’m sorry about that.”

• Jungkook just nods and bumps his forehead with Jimin’s. For a while they stay like this, with closed eyes, smiling happily. Jungkook then hugs Jimin, pressing his face against his shoulder, inhaling deeply. “I love the way you smell,” he says, voice muffled by Jimin’s body. Jimin laughs.

• “That’s not surprising, Kookie,” he says while his hand slides up and down Jungkook’s spine. “I shower with your shower gel and I use the same detergent, too. I just wanted to smell like you,” he admits, shyly, biting his bottom lip.

• As Jungkook hears this, he laughs happily, letting those butterflies out of his throat. Then he pulls away and cups Jimin’s face. Jimin licks his lips in expectation, but Jungkook asks anyway, no more lies about serotonin now. “May I–”

• Jimin doesn’t even let him finish that question and kisses him. This time he’s not gonna pull away. At least for several hours, he thinks, as they slowly fall onto the bed in tight hug, still kissing.

This time I fully believed this will take me like 20 minutes and one page in word. NOPE. 7 pages. I just can’t put things simply, can I? I’m sorry if there are mistakes, I tried to correct what I found, will check again, later.
Oh! And if you’re wondering how they could chat and not even know their names - they simply refered to their “best friend” as “best friend” and Jungkook refered to YeonJu as “this girl”. So it wasn’t too suspicious for them :D
Edit: Oh my, I went full Google Translate Bot mode in some parts/words! Sorry! :D I corrected what I was able to find, but I suppose there’s still more. (-.-)


And here’s a couple scans that didn’t fit into the other posts. Here we see the next Kamen Rider Chronicle developments are!

Turns out, at this point, they’ve defeated 7 of the Bugsters relevant to the game, Poppy counting herself in the list. That leaves Lovelyka, Graphite, and Para-DX who counts as two games in one. Beyond that will be the final boss. Graphite returns with a red Level 99 form.

Also pretty cool to me is that Kamen Rider Poppy fights alongside the others, with blue eyes now! So that’s a thing. So is Nico, who is basically our resident Ride-Player at this point.

Lastly, the magazine teases that next month will be focused on Ex-Aid’s final form!

anonymous asked:

Um, hi, so people think that based off of the latest episode that this is the turning point in the start of evil Lena. And that she's gonna help Rhea for some reason and that's a why she's a regular next season behind the main "villain". Plus, that chess scene in 'Luthors' was interesting. AND I DO NOT WANT LENA TO TURN EVIL!! KARA HAS TO BE THERE FOR HER ALWAYS!!😭😭😭

Hi love, yes I’ve seen the panic. I said the same thing as soon as the scene ended. However, after taking time to think about it, I don’t think this is it.

I’ve made several speculations on the chess scene, none of which point to her being evil. As far as Rhea is concerned, we don’t know exactly what her play is, but due to the fact that Rhea is clearly not revealing herself as the evil Queen of an alien planet and appearing as a business woman, one can definitely assume that if Lena were helping her, it would be under false pretenses. We know Lena and Mon-El will be on the Daxamite ship so she is going to find out the truth and I doubt she would willingly help with an alien invasion. There will most likely be some leverage at play here.

And the couch scene. I will start off by saying something I mentioned yesterday, Lena is both familiar and afraid of the tendencies that would point to her being like Lex and Lillian. Acknowledging those tendencies and being afraid really points to the idea of her not wanting to be like them. The fact that she has someone like Kara/Supergirl in her corner also helps.

There is also a big difference when considering a morally gray and/or dark Lena. Neither of those paths have to point to her being totally evil. As a matter of fact, the prior two options not only make the most sense for her character, but also add more depth. If Lena were to turn evil, realistically speaking, no matter how they tried to do it, she would be one-dimensional. She would be a predictable DC character that is a literal copycat of another certain Luthor. I cannot help but feel that the writers don’t want that. Especially after the response Lena has gotten and the development that has been put into her. They’ve put too much effort into her to make her ‘just another Luthor.’ They have tried too hard to make her different only to give in to the boring predictions so many have thrown out. The entire show is about being your own person and fighting against your dark past. Lena isn’t the only one we see that with.

So at this point, I think it is safe to say we have nothing to worry about. They have to keep her somewhat shady/ominous to keep the avenue available, but that definitely doesn’t mean they will make a hard turn down that fork leading into season 3 and throughout.

mona-stay  asked:

Can I request a Peter hale x reader one using #30 what, do you think your the only one suffering? And #41 Every time I see you, I fall in love with you all over again” please

A little angsty, but I hope you like it!

#30. “What? Do you think you’re the only one suffering?” and #41. “Every time I see you, I fall in love with you all over again”

Lights occasionally flickered overhead as I followed the large guard. That, combined with the dull paint on the walls, only made this place appear even creepier than it already was. Making our way through several securely barred doors, we finally stopped.

Sounds that only come out of nightmares echoed around us, making me bite my lip with anxiety. God, this place is like Hell on Earth, I thought. The guard turned to me, pointing to a door at the end of the line and stepping aside. Nodding, I slowly headed that way.

Looking in cautiously, I finally saw him, standing and staring at one of the walls, muttering something to himself. Placing my hand against the heavy door, I took a few moments just to watch him, my heart breaking in my chest. This man, once so strong, so powerful, had been reduced to this. 

He must have sensed my presence, because his jaw clenched, head snapping over so fast that I jumped a bit. Familiar blue eyes met mine, a look of wonder flooding his features.

“Y/N,” Peter breathed. “Sweetheart…” He walked briskly over to the door, pressing right up against it. “You came to see me.” There was a slight slur to his words- probably from the wolfsbane- but he smiled brightly, pressing his palms against the door as if he could feel me through it. 

“Hi, Peter,” I said softly, offering my own cautious grin. 

“I’ve missed you so much, baby,” he cooed, brows drawing together. “God, you’re so pretty. Every time I see you, I fall in love with you all over again.”

“I miss you, too, Peter,” I told him, carefully choosing to ignore his last several words. “I’ve been talking to the staff here. They say you’ve been being difficult, giving them problems.” His face instantly fell. “Peter, we talked about this. About you listening so you can get better.” I felt like I was talking to a child, but in this state, I didn’t want to push him too hard.

“You’ve got to get me out of here,” Peter gritted out, eyes flickering over to the guard waiting down the hall. “This isn’t medicine, it’s torture.”


“You don’t understand!” he growled, body fidgeting behind the door. “You don’t see- they don’t tell you the truth.” 

Tears burned behind my eyes at his words. I had heard the rumors about Eichen’s treatment, especially of supernatural patients. But Peter was too dangerous to be free. He needed to be in here, the only place that could possibly restrain him.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered, guilt washing over me.

“They hurt me, baby,” he whimpered, eyes desperate and pleading. “I’m in pain. They keep me in pain.”

“What? You think you’re the only one suffering?” I snapped, a few stray tears leaking over. I swiped at them furiously. “This isn’t what I wanted for you, Peter, for us. But you’re better off in here.” With one last longing look, I turned away from the man I had once loved blindly, nodding to the guard to tell him I was ready.

“Wait,” Peter called, beginning to bang against the door. “Y/N, wait! Don’t leave me! Don’t leave me in here! Y/N!” 

I walked on, not looking back.

'Cars 3' Trailer Shows Aftermath of Lightning McQueen's Crash

By Lawrence Yee, Variety

The new Cars 3 trailer expands on the teaser trailer from last November, showing the aftermath of Lightning McQueen’s (Owen Wilson’s) dramatic crash.

Overall, the third film in the Pixar franchise deals with darker themes, as Lightning fights to stay relevant and avoid becoming a commercial sell-out as his racing days are numbered.

The crash — which is depicted in the new trailer — is a major turning point in Lightning’s life.

“I can’t go out on the track and do the same old thing. It won’t work,” says the lead character.

Enter an eager race technician, newcomer Cruz Ramirez (Cristela Alonzo), who offers to help Lightning return to his former glory.

He’ll have his work cut out for him, with a hot new racer, Jackson Storm (Armie Hammer), getting all the attention.
Lightning McQueen determined to compete in ‘Cars 3’ trailer (Disney/Pixar)

Familiar faces from the previous Cars films — Mater (voiced by Larry the Cable Guy), Sally (Bonnie Hunt), and Ramone (Cheech Marin) — all return.

Cars 3 races into theaters on June 16, 2017.

‘Cars 3’: Watch a Previously Released Extended Trailer:

Read More from Variety:

Speculation of SWR and Kanan’s endgame...

Say Kanan just vanishes and disappears. Or is presumed dead.

And the Ghost crew is left grieving. Ezra might disperse somewhere away from the crew (Vanessa Marshal has said Ezra goes through a particular turning point).

And Hera is left grieving… and we know she’ll have to move on and continue her Rebellion work.

But we’re treated to a surprise time skip, one past the war, past Jakku, past the time Hera met Han Solo,

And we see that she’s telling the story to a child with familiar eyes.

And the audience is left to guess the context. Maybe Hera was pregnant and not showing before Kanan’s presumed demise. Or maybe there was a reunion of some sort before the time skip and the pregnancy happened past SWR.

yuuri and hugs

I always noticed that neither Minako, Hiroko, Toshiya, or Mari rush to hug Yuuri when he returns home after five years. I always enjoyed this detail and thought it was a great way to display the distance that Yuuri keeps himself from even those very close to him.

Yuuri as a character is often depicted as distant from those around them, and this is reflected in the physical distance we often see between him and others, even people he’s very close to. (This point is made even more explicit when we learn in episode 4 that Yuuri shoved away someone who tried to comfort him with a hug)

But it wasn’t until a rewatch that I realized that the first person to physically embrace Yuuri is actually Nishigori.

This takes place after Yuuri finished his version of Victor’s program, and Nishigori hugs him and explicitly tells Yuuri that he has his support. Yuuri is clearly touched by this.

this marks a huge turning point in the episode where in the next scene we see him making the decision to continue skating, but he is unsure of how he can continue to do it on his own. 

This embrace then feels like a nod to the audience about the sort of development Yuuri is going to go through in order to continue his career. One that requires of Yuuri to let people get close to him and drive him forward.

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Take ur time with updating! Don't over work yourself or pressure urself bc of us

I will lol thank you :) I’m very excited for this next chapter because it’s a giant turning point in the story so i’m excited to post it. just gotta finish writing it lol

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D&D: How to Use Character Arcs as a Dungeon Master

In my previous post on character arcs, I talked about how a player should determine how they want their character’s arc to begin and end. It was from a player’s perspective. But how does a DM write an adventure that will make that player’s arc happen?

First, get the information you need. Ask your players to each determine how their characters will begin the campaign and how they want them to change by the end of it. Then ask for copies of their character’s traits, flaws, ideals, and bonds. Note whether a player’s character is going to die tragically and if they are okay with that. With this information, you can give the players what I call a moral quandary, personalized for their own character’s arc. A moral quandary is giving the player two difficult options that the player must decide how their character would choose. The character should lean to one side of a moral quandary at the beginning of an adventure, but gradually start to lean the other way as their arc comes to completion. 

For instance, a cleric might be presented with a choice to kill an evildoer or merely capture them. If the cleric is heading down an arc where their ideal changes from “all life is precious” to “evil must be stopped at all costs” in their character arc is going to make very different choices in that situation depending on where they are on their arc.

Let’s figure out how we can use this info as a DM and where to put moral quandaries using a 9-point story structure. These are not an entire campaign, but you can use each point as a fixed point in the narrative; a story outline based on the characters’ arcs. Plenty of different stuff can happen between each point, but the points must happen to create a robust story.

Call to Action

The player is given an initial call to action. Essentially, a moral quandary disguised as a quest hook. Try to have a separate but related call to action for each player. Ideally, the players should refuse the call to action, as they haven’t been “changed” yet. If they play to their characters’ initial backgrounds and traits, they will refuse the call. You can even enforce this by loading your call with descriptions of how the character is feeling. “You are offended that someone would even offer something so morally reprehensible to you, despite the fact that you could use the money.”

A good-hearted rogue is starting a tragic fall arc and is offered a chance to make millions from some morally questionable actions involving an evil regime, but decides it is wrong. An innocent paladin starting a coming of age arc could be offered a chance to rise against an evil regime, but values their own safety. A studious apprentice wizard starting a corruption arc is offered power in exchange for service to an evil regime, but decides they can get power on their own.

Inciting Incident

Something happens to force the player to action, whether they are ready or not. Try to come up with an inciting incident that involves all of the players, not just one. The inciting incident can act as where the adventuring party finally meets.

The evil regime in the Call to Action ends up invading the players’ quiet suburb to enforce martial law. The players escape or fight back or else they and their loved ones die or are enslaved. The rogue decides to run from their debts by joining the party. The paladin has seen firsthand what the regime can do, and will now join the party to find someone else who can help them stop it. The wizard seeks out more power to stop the regime.

1st Plot Point

The players learn the first shreds of information about the overarching narrative of the campaign. After the inciting incident, some characters might not be convinced and want to turn back. This gives them a reason to continue onward together, as a team. There should be no turning back from the 1st plot point.

Players learn how this evil regime has been spreading across the kingdom. It still holds many mysteries, but its power is great and threatening. Its power is centered in a capital city, which the players now opt to travel to in order to find the things they currently desire.

1st Pinch Point

A pinch point is the first real display of power from the antagonist or opposing force. In D&D this should be actual combat, though it doesn’t have to be. As long as the players see firsthand what the antagonist can do to their characters, this part will add the tension/drama that it should. If you want to have a 1st Pinch Point for each character, then this display of force should directly target the player’s character arc and spark the desire to change through a moral quandary. It’s an awakening. Create tension by ending a session with this pinch point.

The players come across a thieves’ guild run by the evil regime. The rogue takes note of how rich, glamorous, and lawless the life of a criminal is to spark their tragic fall arc. The paladin realizes how deep the corruption of the world runs and sparks their coming of age arc as their innocence starts to fade. The wizard realizes how much resources the evil regime has, and wonders what sorts of power they had in mind for him sparking their corruption arc.


More info is revealed about the antagonist and the perception of the characters change. They have an epiphany and decide to continue onward through their arc. This can, and most likely will, happen at different times for each character and their varying arcs.

The players learn about the leader of the regime. They have been pushed to the breaking point by the regime’s forces. The rogue decides join the regime and start doing crime for the regime and acting as a double agent against the party. The paladin no longer cares about finding someone else to help them stop the regime, vowing to end it themselves. The wizard gets an unholy tome and decides to learn how to make a pact with the demon the regime mentioned to overpower the regime. They are all still heading to the capital, though now with severely divergent goals.

2nd Pinch Point

The antagonist reveals their full power and threatens the completion of the characters’ arcs. The entire party should, in general, be at their lowest moment and completely without hope. This should happen at the same time for everyone. Ideally, end a session with this pinch point to create a cliffhanger and highlight the hopelessness.

The players reach the capital of the evil regime. The rogue is faced with a moral test, where they will be offered riches and allowed to live if they rat out their adventuring party. They choose to take the offer and are betrayed by the regime’s leader and sentenced to death anyway. The paladin comes face to face with the regime’s leader after being ratted out by the rogue. They fail the encounter and barely manage to escape with their life. The wizard is also defeated and their unholy tome is destroyed in the battle. The rogue is imprisoned and the paladin and rogue escape the leader and are being hunted in the capital.

2nd Plot Point

The last piece of the puzzle has come together in the second plot point. The characters finish their arc and learn how to overcome the antagonist. This can happen at different points and doesn’t have to happen quickly. For a tragic character, this is the part where they finally meet their end. Tragic characters fail to change or their change is self-destructive and they fail to overcome the antagonist of the story (tragic, isn’t it?). Think of this part as a moral quandary that characters’ finally “know the answer” to, as far as their character arc is concerned.

The rogue tries to escape, succeeds, but heads back to the thieves’ guild instead of his adventuring allies, and they ultimately betray and kill him. The paladin’s innocence is shattered and they gather rebel forces over time to take on the regime’s leader, becoming a leader themselves. They also find an unlikely ally in the wizard, who has finally succumbed to evil. The wizard still doesn’t know how to summon the demon, but they have already gotten a taste of evil’s power by performing vile rituals on captured regime members and will now use their power for vengeance against the regime’s leader.


The characters finally face off with the antagonist. The promise set out at the beginning of the campaign is fulfilled. The characters, having completed their arcs, are now changed enough to be able to defeat the antagonist. This should be the players at their most powerful and should be the most epic battle to take place in the campaign.

The paladin’s rebel army and the wizard’s evil magic face off against the evil regime’s leader. The battle is long and epic, but the characters succeed, freeing the kingdom of the evil regime.


The game shouldn’t abruptly end after the antagonist is defeated! There needs to be closure. The players’ characters find out the results and the aftermath of defeating the antagonist, for better or for worse. In the case of an ongoing game, you should now set up the next campaign here.

The paladin and wizard regard each other as unsteady allies who no longer have a common enemy. The wizard seeks more power, even seeking to possibly usurp the void of power left from the regime’s defeat. The paladin and their rebel army gather in defiance of the wizard. The paladin tells the wizard to leave the kingdom and not threaten anyone with their evil, else the paladin will smite them down. The wizard, not having many spells left after the battle and not being ready to face an entire army, teleports away to parts unknown with a puff of green smoke. The paladin is placed in power, and the wizard now acts as a looming threat. Perhaps an NPC and villain for the next campaign?

This character arc outline is not cut-and-dry. You should use it as a guide, not a rule. Some characters might abruptly choose to change. Some will reach different parts of the outline at different times or out of order. Some characters might waffle between two sides of their arc before deciding which side they want to be on. But the more you talk to your players about it, the easier it is to come up with a generalized plan for your campaign’s story. Heck, your story might even change from what you initially intended by the end of it (a character with a bad roll can still end up dying before even finishing their arc!) But hopefully this will aid you in making the players love their characters even more and have fun as they grow and change in your campaign’s world. That’s what it’s all about, after all.

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ok so

the paladin suits are canonically able to morph into whatever size the paladin who wears them is, as shown by hunk in episode one

alteans are canonically able to shapeshift as we find out in episode ten

so do u think that they gave the suits the ability to shift with the paladin’s size so if they ever had to shapeshift for a mission, their suits would be able to shift in size with them?

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