the tumblr update is evil

new tumblr mobile update changed the icon color to a darker more foreboding color that truly represents the evil energy that tumblr gives off. the update also prevents my activity feed from ever refreshing again


“Maybe I’m just not enough for you, Star. What do you really think of me?”

So I deleted the Tom picture before and thought I should upload them like this. So I was binge watching season 3 of Star vs. The Forces of Evil and felt really sad for these two.

I’ll try to post 1 photo per week, please understand when I can’t upload one that means I’m busy with school work

A Svtfoe Dating Sim... For Real Now

Some of you might have already seen this post about a SvtFoE Dating Sim, that was just a pixel animation made by @dvvkroh though… but! We want to make it real! You heard right! A real and playable SvtFoE Dating Sim! 
It’ll sure take a long time but we’re getting there!
I don’t exactly know why I created this blog/what we’re posting here. Maybe the progress we made and some updates? Maybe answering some question you asked? I didn’t really talked about it with the others… I just said I’m going to create a blog for the game… 

The game. A real SvtFoE Dating Sim.

PSA - For all you lovely Tumblr users

Here is a little thing I want to tell you about this website: You literally have control over everything you do here - and what others can see and not see.
Every time a new update to the site comes, everyone immediately gets panicked. I know it’s because you guys get anxious or want to avoid problems, but panic never helps anyone. Take a deep breath and go on the settings. It’s truly a magical place, both on your computer / laptop and on mobile.
You can block people. You can turn off anonymous messages. You can take away notification sounds from IM, you can choose what kind of things people can submit to you. On mobile, you have the power to take away the options of your followers to see which posts you liked and which blogs you follow. 

Tumblr isn’t an evil place. They make updates that they think is the best for the site. That’s why we have the power to give feedback, to communicate with the team who works on the site. There is no use in saying how awful and bad this website is while you clearly have the power to control everything. 


Okay, new character.  Tell me about David.  How do you imagine David saw Regina… evil monster with no humanity but 2.22 we get the “we’re family” moment.  What do you think he meant by that and how do you think he sees her in season 4?  Do you have any thoughts on how that relationship sifts.  

My head canon about David’s tactlessness is that he’s actually trying to play the same game Snow and Regina play with each other but he’s not as good at it so it’s not snark but jabs he ends up landing.

lol that sounds like a pretty safe bet tbh. Though I don’t think he minds coming off as more offense than humorous. They’ve got this odd sibling rivalry dynamic going on, and I think they both secretly enjoy, even if it’s just to have someone to argue with.

I think he begrudgingly accepted her as family simply because he knew he could never win an argument with Snow against it. His “we’re family” being more for Snow’s benefit than either of theirs. But as time went on, he began seeing her as such. I’d like to say it started in early S2 when he saw Regina’s humanity come out over Henry and Daniel, but he relapsed when Snow and Emma returned. Probably with the reminder of what he lost with them because of her. So again, I’d credit his change of heart to the mine scene in 2x22. Her willingness to sacrifice herself, her and Emma saving the day, and then carting off to Neverland forcing them into a situation where they had to work together. All those things pushed him to see her in a different light. Then the missing year continued that trend.

I think he’ll always hold some level of resentment towards her for what she’s done to his family, but I also think he acknowledges and appreciates the good she’s done for them, and what she would do again. The lengths she’d go through to protect them. He’d protect her simply because he knows how much she means to his family, but he genuinely does seem to care for her to some degree. Especially when he’s reminded of the better side of her. The person willing to do anything for those he loves.

Note all the times he’s shown physical affection towards her:

After just saving his family…

Actively protecting his family…

Having just watched her give his daughter and grandson a happy life together…

Putting her life on the line for the town…

(I’m sure we can attribute Josh for a lot of this but I think it works for their dynamic.)

His feelings towards her in S4 were a little wishy washy. I’d have thought that after remembering the missing year, he’d be slightly warmer towards her, but we only ever really saw them snippy with each other. That’s where I think that sibling bond comes in with them. They argue cause they like to. And considering Regina was even colder and more testy in the missing year than in SB, I could see that having been their dynamic during that time (fought just because they could but still worked together to protect the kingdom) and them just falling back into that after they got their memories back.

I think that dynamic is comfortable for them, but any time a situation gets serious, they put that aside for their family and take care of each other.

Dear x-kit guy, which art on tumblr,

hallowed be thy name,

thy extension come,

thy coding be done,

on Chrome as on Firefox

Give us the next update

and forgive us our impatience

as we will forgive the tumblr staff for adding unnecessary shit,

but deliver us from the evil that is this tumblr update, 

For you have the power and the coding to make tumblr usable now and forever.