the tumblr artists

Hey, everyone.  It’s me, the admin of this account.  And I’m here to tell you that I need help!

I recently had someone take $50 dollars from my Paypal, and after changing my password it happened again with $50 more dollars.  But this time, it has put me into debt.

Paypal keeps calling my refund an unauthorized request.  I have contacted the person who has taken my money and they have blocked me on everything I messaged them on.

My parents are making me pay them around $50, and if I don’t I have the possibility of being grounded for at least the entire year, if not more.

I don’t have a job and this is the only one I could ever get money.  I feel so guilty having to come on here and ask, but to make up for it I’m doing commissions!

As many commissions if I can.  If you want something but don’t have enough, just give me a price and I’ll do it.  I’ll take anything, but anything I take i’ll draw for it.

Sketches are $2
Line art is $4
Basic Colored Sketches $6
Basic Colored Lineart $6

Backgrounds and Objects are anywhere from $10 - $15.

Full pieces are $20
Full pieces are an extra +$5 per extra character
5 Comic Pages are $50, so 10$ per Comic Page.

Items not listed: 

Fanfic Chapters are $10 per chapter.  Any pairing, any scenario, any character.

Character Reference Sheets are $30

Any Graphic Design piece is $7, unless it is a T-Shirt design.  T-Shirts are $15.

I will draw anything that isn’t sexually explicit.
Pay after the first sketch is sent.
The option of a speed paint is an extra $5.