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Can you imagine being able to go through all this with Harry and how excited you are for him but you also have like a 3 month old baby and it's your first so it's all these new firsts at once and you and Harry are just lying in bed at night one day talking about all the firsts aw

GOD. The baby would be laid on his chest, sleeping softly and breathing against his chest and his fingers would ghost over her back whilst his other hand held his phone as he scrolled through his Twitter to see the hype that had been built up over his announcements. Chuckling softly, so he didn’t wake the baby, at the reactions he sees as his lips brushed over the soft tufts of her freshly-washed hair. The missus would be sat up beside him, reading her book and glancing across to him when he snickered, making sure their little girl wasn’t too bothered by the sounds leaving him.

And when she puts her book down, he’ll slip his phone back towards the bedside table and look up at her and smile.

“A year of firsts,” he’d break the silence, his fingers still drawing gentle patterns in his daughter’s back, “can you believe it? First baby, first year as a married couple, first solo single of mine to be released, first album of mine to be released in the coming months, first time to experience parenthood, first nappy change, first feeding. S’huge, innit? A whole load of firsts have happened in the last few months.”

“I’m proud of you, you know that?” 

“I’m proud of you too, love,” he’d hum back in repose, smiling tiredly up towards her when she’d shuffle onto her side and cosy up to his side, running her fingers through his hair, “did a lot in the last 3 months, you know? Gave birth, went through a lot of struggles, breastfed for the first time, adjusted to baby time. I’m just so incredibly proud of you, Gorgeous.”

“You’ve helped,” she’d whisper, pressing her lips to his temple and letting her nose rest against his hairline, “think I’d be this sane without you? I’d be an absolute mess. God.”

“You did all the hard work though. Didn’t see me pushing a baby out of my bathing suit area,” he’d grin with a joking tone behind his words, “I mean, you shocked me that day, you know? I’ve never seen a woman so calm and handling the pain of labour as well as you did. Made me fall more in love with you.”

“Covered in sweat with a doctor between my legs?” 

“You went through that process of giving birth to our baby. That’s enough for me to love you for eternity.”

“You know, you’ve done quite well these last few months? I know having a baby right in the middle of your scheduled meetings and recording sessions wasn’t ideal but you didn’t let it hold you back,” she’d murmur towards him, her own fingers beginning to run over their daughter’s arm as her tiny fist gripped at his t-shirt to make sure he stayed put, “proud of you for sticking to everything and producing something really incredible.”

“We’re a good team, huh? The Styles are always the greatest team.”

“We vowed to be the best team ever,” she’d grin widely, bumping her nose against his and pressing her lips to his, “think we’ve lived up to that, don’t you think?” xx

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“Are you following me?”

In the early eve, a panther is stalking a keeper of the stars through Gridania. Jayley keeps a good distance back, her eyes narrowed and hands dug into her pockets as she watches the man.

It’s not that Jayley doesn’t like Astor. It’s that she simply doesn’t trust the man as far as she can throw him. Which, admittedly, might be pretty far. She’s not sure and suddenly she’s very tempted to see how far she can throw the hyur.

The scuffing of boots pulls her from her thoughts and she snaps back to reality, practically diving behind and partially into a bush as Astor turns to check the nagging feeling that he wasn’t alone. A tufted tail twitches, hanging out of the bush and betraying Jayley to the man many would consider ’pretty’.

A tight smile pulls on Astor’s face and he turns a little to stare at Jayley’s tail. Out of all the men in Jayley’s life, Astor is one of the few that handle her quite well. He knows not to make any sudden movements, and to speak to her like a social worker trying to gain the trust of a surly child. 

“Are you following me?” He asks gently.

“No!” She barks indignantly without making a single move to pull herself from the bush, tail bristling and thrashing about outside of the bush. After a moment of awkward silence her tail flops to the ground in a drooping gesture as she mutters under her breath, “… Maybes.” 

Finally Jayley’s head pops out of the bush and she narrows her eyes on the man with a low rumble rattling in her throat. Astor tilts his head and with a pleasant grin, he nods for her to follow. “Come. I’ve some reagents to acquire. Perhaps you can lend me your eye to pick the best out.”

She’s dubious. She’s suspicious. But still she slowly climbs out of the bush and brushes herself off with a small huff. “Fines.” She muttered. “Ya ares buyin’s me a drinks afters thoughs.”

My baby boy Takashi Shirogane (*´◡`) I’ll draw the others soon | Redbubble 
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Tufted Flower Kisser by S.J. Trinidad & Tobago Nature
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The Tufted Coquette can easily mistaken for a huge bumblebee, it is our smallest bird on Trinidad & Tobago. Also a contender for the second smallest bird in the world, beaten in size only by the Bee hummingbird of Cuba.

More than half of Tufts University sorority quits after delay in admitting trans woman

The 19-year-old student attempted to join the chapter in September only for Alpha Omicron Pi International to respond by saying it would need to “hold off” admittance until it could check its policies. Afterwards, many quit the organization. In a statement, remaining members of the sorority provided a sorely disappointing justification for the delay.