the tsunamis

OUATVAN 2017 - Sunday, Gold Panel with Lana Parrilla


  • Lana is still waking up (x)
  • Lana is wearing a dress from Eva longoria (x)
  • Lana loves the GVRD in North Van (x)
  • Lana tells everyone to go see how beautiful BC and Vancouver is (x)
  • Lana says tonight is a specials ep (x)
  • A beautiful scene will be happening between Regina and the EQ tonight (x)
  • Pilot is Lana’s fave ep (x)
  • Lana had to give Lenny away because Fred is allergic (x)
  • Lenny is living with Lana’s best friends and she sees him all the time (x)
  • Lana had tarantulas as pets when she was younger (x)
  • The feather on Jareds shirt is my Lana’s feather (x)
  • When the tsunami hit in the early 00’s Lana was working at camps in Sri Lanka to help children (x)
  • Lana would like to build a charity organization (x)
  • Lana likes to wear the most comfortable costumes on set (x)
  • Lana really loves the red velvet dress and the black rubber dress (x)
  • Lana likes the costume in the musical episode. She dances a lot (x)
  • Lana did a bit of research about what it’s like to be teasered before the torture scene in S2 (x)
  • Lana just gave a lesson on how to act long shots and close ups (x)
  • Lana loves working with Bobby. They are good friends and work super well together (x)
  • The GQ chemistry was Lana and Bobby’s acting chemistry (x)
  • Lana and Bobby always thought that Regina and gold were father and daughter but then there were moments when not (x)
  • Lana says Regina and gold are family in a weird way (x)
  • Lana likes the scenes between Emma and Regina where they have the most honest conversations (x)
  • Lana thinks Trina is still swinging (x)
  • Nina is going through quite a bit according to Lana. She is still trying to figure out her life (x)
  • Lana thinks Eva zambrano is saving lives and saving people (x)
  • Lana thinks Teresa became a badass cop (x)
  • Lana loves the young Regina moments with Barbara (x)
  • Regina was manipulated by her mother subconsciously (x)
  • One of her fave moments was in hell when they saw Cora wake up and make amends (x)

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I dreamt i was in a big hotel by the beach and this big-ass tsunami was headed straight towards up. My sister’s third grade teacher appeared and told us we needed to use minecraft to survive, so i, being an idiot, cut open a pearl and tried to use the oxygen inside of it.

Spoilers : Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts

“A single moment like a pebble dropped into a pond, one tiny thing that created ripples reaching out further than the eye could see, ripples that became waves that became tsunamis.”
That sums up the whole UMFB&MHA and the fandom. We all are happy and suffering victims of it.
I thought since I knew how the story would end, I wouldn’t feel as much. But I was so wrong.
Viktor’s pining is so frustratingly and amazingly portrayed from the start.
@kazliin Thank you so much for the brilliant first chapter!

anonymous asked:

I somehow seem to be a tsunami of overwhelming feelings. I am falling in love with a soft and gentle, dark hazel eyed boy. I am a dark and deep and messy and depressy teenage girl with eyes like the sea. I gave him a note telling him how I cared for him, and we haven't talked since. We are in a play together, and we have to act 'in love'. It's eating me alive. Help!

ok well first of all its great that ur in a play together because u have to talk!! and dont worry about the note… he might not have answered yet because he wants to tell u his feelings at the right time. please keep me updated!!