the truth is still absolute

I’m going to start with a secret. Actually, you may learn a few secrets in this story, because I feel like I am misunderstood by many people. But let’s start with the first one.

Three months ago, when Barcelona made their incredible comeback against Paris St.-Germain in the Champions League, I was watching every moment from my couch. You might think from reading the newspapers that I was hoping my old club would lose.

But when my brother Neymar scored that beautiful free kick? I jumped up from my couch and was screaming at the television.


And when Sergi Roberto performed a miracle in the 95th minute?

Like every other Barca fan in the world, I was going absolutely crazy. Because the truth is that Barcelona is still in my blood.

—  Dani Alves (breaking my heart)
for the Players’ Tribune
Woman (Taehyung AU)

Synopsis:  “I hope you can see the shape that I’m in
While he’s touching your skin
He’s right where I should, where I should be
But you’re making me bleed,
”// Harry Styles

Warnings: Smut, Voyeurism, Mention of Murder, Kidnapping, Vulgar Language, Mentions of Murder, Ounce of Fluff

Genre: Horror?, Suspense, bit of Romance, Drabble 

Project: (BTS x Harry Styles’ self-titled album)   

Word Count: 3,987

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

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Taehyung from a rather young age had developed a sense for what many would call disturbing.

But was it? He would sometimes question this.

Humanity as its own was itself quite a disturbing thing as well but then again, no one really went to purge the pneumonic species that was harming its own home.

The desire in him to murder was stronger than the urge to fuck, stronger than the urge to break to the surface and breathe when fully submerged into water while having weights strapped onto one’s ankles and when sex was in for the night, the beast within him that would yearn for blood, would come out to play, resulting in the murders of many prostitutes, many who were daughters, sisters, mothers, friends, protectors. But that didn’t matter. It just never did.

However, it wasn’t until Taehyung met her.

(Y/N) was an overall nod to the human specimen, he decided. Even if she was quite the stubborn child who never knew how to keep her nose clean and always got so emotional over his doings.

They had a great life together, it was always good from the beginning from the second he decided to instead stalk his newly found prey instead of just going for the kill. Slowly, and all at once he had realized there deep inside him, buried in his utmost interior, was a bit of humanity and it was glowing for the girl. 

“You need to stop hanging out with Namjoon, all this is creating is more trouble for you.” Taehyung ignored you as you kept your hands on the edge of the table, standing in front of him as he blatantly watched how the blue painted over roses in the vase seem to catch the sunlight emitting from the partially covered window and land near the inanimate cup of milk which was by his hand, instead of looking up at you. Had he told you to fully cover the window? He was sure he did when you had gotten up from bed this morning. It was noon. Why hadn’t you done so? “Taehyung, I’m talking to you.” 

“Whiskey.” A loud bang caught his attention from the milk which he had vocally expressed in a longing voice for it to be a liquor, along with the jolt from the table. 

Taehyung finally looked up to see your face that was surprisingly calm despite the prominent blush in your palm that was slightly hidden from your grip on the table. 

You had struck the table with an open hand rather strongly which was surprising to him nevertheless since humans were weak and not at that great with hand to eye coordination 

“This is getting out of hand. I agreed to move in with you, I turn a blind eye to your murders, I keep my legs open for you at the end of the bed when you’re covered in your nightly filth, I have kept my location unknown to my parents as well as friends. Do you this think is fair?” You felt how his eyes were boring into yours with an air of “Who the fuck cares?” 

He leaned back into the chair, giving you a smirk as he crossed his arms over his chest.

“I love it when you get so worked up, kitten.”

“This isn’t a fucking game.” You snapped at the vampire who suppressed a chuckle. “Namjoon isn’t good for you. You’re not good for me either as a matter of fact! What this is-” You pointed to him and then at you as to show an invisible bond between the two. “-is fucking toxic.” 

“So, from what I’m understanding so far is that you think that I shouldn’t be around my best friend anymore and that you shouldn’t be around me because this is all toxic? As in, you want to leave.” He knew you were being difficult, there was no way you could actually leave him. Taehyung knew lots of things including how much power he possessed over you, which meant that you were bounded to him for the rest of your life, like a slave. 

“By the day of tomorrow, something is going to happen and I won’t be there to save your dumb ass. Namjoon is bad news. You are too but the two of you together is utter chaos.” Crazy woman, he thought as you left. The sounds of your naked feet against the carpet floor of the little apartment you had begged him to get, softly bounced off the decorated walls of the kitchen and decrescendo. 

It wasn’t that Taehyung couldn’t get out of here whenever he wanted, it was just that he was sure that if he stayed and behaved like a good boy, you were going to forgive him for not listening to you. A punishment of 3 years for killing his father, adoptive father, with Namjoon egging it on in some way, was surely a guarantee that you would welcome him back.

Why wouldn’t you? You had come almost every day to visit and even came for conjugal visits during the first year. Not that they were legal but being a vampire had its perks.

“I just hope that when you do get out, you rethink things over and realize that you need to change, Tae.” He sat across from you on the plastic park looking lunch bench that was painted a very faded and dull blue. The flower in your hair, a white daisy, reminded him of the time he had taken you out of that small apartment one night and instead of going for his usual hunting, he took you to a sunflower field he had come across the night before. The smile on your face and how your eyes lit up as Sirius was that night, was one of the fondest and beautiful memories he had in all of his 300 years of existence. 

“I know, kitten.” Taehyung reached out to touch your hands that were nervously gripping your purse that was set on the table but as soon as he felt the soft, warm contact from your skin, a prison guard barked at him to not touch one another. Tae was about to turn to the guard when you suddenly let go of your purse and gripped his hand instead with your shaking small one.

“Please don’t..” You whispered with terrified eyes. 

“I said, ‘DO-” Taehyung pulled his hand away from yours, feeling barren and held up his hands, not looking at the guard. 

“Got it, sir.” He kept his eyes on you, watching how anxiously you looked at the guard and down at your purse, practically chewing off your lower lip. Tae put his hands down onto the table, resting them. “Hey,” He spoke to you in a soft voice. “don’t bite your lip, baby. It’s okay.” 

“I miss you so much, Tae.” Your eyes began to water and your small frame shook with overwhelming emotion, causing a strangled sound of pain to emit from your swollen, red lips. 

He didn’t care if he was going to be sent to isolation for this. He didn’t care if the other inmates around him were going to tease him for months. 

Taehyung reached over and engulfed you into a tight hug that made you feel a sense of homeyness and warmth along with the colour beige that made you feel in that small moment, safe. There was no one else there, just the two of you as he held your head to his chest, promising you to be better for you, to change, to never leave you unprotected and to fend for yourself like this ever again when you felt him being ripped off of you. 

Another shot of pain coursed through you and a mangled sob shot through your soul as he was fully off of you and grabbed by his arms that were forcefully crossed behind his back, pulling him out of the room with loud scary noises that sounded like they were scowling him. 

You knew Taehyung could have fought them all off with little to no effort but the chilling look in his eyes and how his head hung as he watched you from afar while they dragged him behind the glass doors of the visitation room, told you he was going to get out soon and claim you back even if it meant that he had to endure this ridiculing moment in his life where humans treated him inferior. But anything for you, he was willing to do. 

“I don’t want to see you with him. I don’t give a shit if I’m being selfish, you’re still mine. You think that ignoring me will solve anything? Can’t you fucking see how you’re leaving me to pieces every time I see him slightly touching you? You need to stop this shit now and come home.”

You read over Tae’s text a millionth time that night, not knowing what to do. This was fucking absurd. He had to get over you. It had been 6 months since you had left him. You were like a loyal bitch to him for too long and stayed less than a year after he had gotten out of prison; he had not changed despite his promises. 

The truth was even harder for you to swallow; you were absolutely still in love with Kim Taehyung and there seemed to be no cure or antidote in this world to expel the feeling.

“What’s wrong?” Seokjin asked you as he handed you a cup of water you had mentioned you wanted from the bar instead of vodka. He appeared to be slightly worried but you smiled at him, putting your phone into your back pocket while taking the cup from him.

“Thank you, corazon. I just thought that it was 10 P.M. and was shocked to see it’s actually 1 A.M.” He nodded understandingly as he took a sip from his coke. 

“Time flies when you’re enjoying yourself.”

“It sure does.” You drank all of your water in one take, leaving him to raise an eyebrow as you set the cup down on a neighbouring table and pulled him into the dancing crowd of people. “Let’s dance.”

“I’m not the best dancer, (Y/N).” He was hesitant to even let you walk him into the crowd of sticky, sweating people but you were smiling. The raging lights of the club caught your rose shaped diamond earrings, bouncing its own lights towards his eyes, slightly blinding him. 

“It’s okay! You can just sway and I’ll do all the work.” Seokjin chuckled as you pulled him even further into the mass. 

You stood in front of him, back pressed into his chest as you began to move your hips to the sultry, heavy bassed music, rubbing yourself against his member. He carefully placed his hands on your hips that were now moving to a slower grind, purposely trying to tease him. Jin felt as if all eyes were on him but he soon realized it was because of the beautiful girl dancing on him. 

The way you began to roll your hips back into him, caused Seokjin to let out a deep groan that vibrated in his chest, urging you on as you felt how pleasant it felt on your back. Sinful rhythms and beats of the music were making you angle your ass so you were rubbing yourself all over the head of his semi-hard cock. 

One of Jin’s hands let go of your hip and quickly came from behind and gripped your neck from the front, his pointer finger under the soft skin of your jaw, moving your head to the side so he could lower his and growled in your ear.

“Keep this up and I might just fuck you here in front of everyone.” The promising threat caused you to tremble as goosebumps trailed all over your body but that didn’t stop you from practically dry fucking him even more on the dance floor, no one noticed as they were all caught up in their own dancing and feelings.

He began to move his hips now, meeting yours forcefully, causing you to feel a blinding heat cover all of the insides of your stomach, leaving you panting as you could feel how thick and long he was, making you wish he could really bend you over right now and take you, not caring who was here. 

Your hand came to cover his large one on your hip, fingers were intertwined as he began to take lead as he moved you accordingly to his pleasure. His other hand let go of your neck, making you realize that you had been holding your breath this whole time, causing you to be lightheaded as the delicious oxygen finally hit you completely, leaving you an exasperated mess. 

“Come home with me.” You whimpered, scared that he hadn’t heard you over the blasting music of the club but Seokjin immediately gripped your wrist, turning away from the dancing crowd, dragging you out of it. 

In the corner of the club, however, you quickly looked as Jin was rapidly escorting you out, you caught what seemed to be a tall dark figure leaning against the corner, causing your heart to drop in fear. But as soon as you blinked, the figure was gone. You were imagining things, you were too caught up in your lust to think clearly.

Taehyung knew where you were going. He had seen this scene one too many times. Truthfully? He was deeply disappointed that you were going down this path, always rebelling. You had a wild spirit that couldn’t be broken no matter how much he had tried to tame you. 

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” This sicking agony gushed through his veins as he heard the familiar tone of your voice that indicated that you were beyond aroused. He got out of your small closet, realizing that it was not convenient for him to be hidden in there when he was going to ambush the two of you so he opted for the bed. Taehyung got down on the floor and scoot himself under it, thanking the universe that you had gotten a large bed that was enough for him to move under and lay under without his feet poking out of it. The pastel blue bed skirt with the pearly white bed spread kept him out of any sort of visibility. 

The sounds of the bedroom being crashed open and the sloppy sounds of skin along with wetness indicated kissing.  

But a smell came to him. It was overbearing and saccharine. 

Taehyung could smell you.

Jiiiiinnn,” You were practically whimpering when you suddenly gasped. The bed creaked heavily, meaning that you and this Jin person were now on the bed. 

“Shh, I’m going to make you forget your own name by the end of this, baby girl.” Tae could hear the annoying sound of kisses. Taehyung was lying if he didn’t admit to feeling incredibly aroused by the sounds that you were making. Your every moan was sent straight to his cock, causing it to twitch. Your heavy breathing and occasional yelps were making him close his eyes, remembering how it was to have you on top, being needy and so sensitive. Fuck, you were so beautiful in this state of mind. The way you would throw your head back, eyes closed, mouth slightly opened as you were lost in the feeling of riding him, goodness. The pinkness between your legs, how soft and warm you were and how you would clench over his dick, almost made him moan out loud. 

The bed began to rock, as he heard you scream out this man’s name, infuriating Taehyung who immediately snapped his eyes open. Without any thought, he quickly grabbed out of his pocket a box cutter and furiously began slashing the underside of the bed, screaming out in horrifying anger but the slashes and the sounds from him were masked by your own sounds of beautiful pleasure and the groaning of the bed from under you and Jin as well as how it moved along with you. 

Taehyung kept stabbing into the bed, now sobbing as he heard you getting closer to your climax.


“Who’s making you feel this fucking good, hm, princess? Say it again.” The man’s voice was husky as he demanded (Y/N) to respond who choked out his name again. There was no holding back from the either of the two. 

“My God!” Taehyung felt as if he had slashed his own heart as soon as those two words left your lips, causing him to abruptly stop. The whole room got quiet, all that was heard was red noise from outside as the cars and highways went about as if the world had not just broken. 

It seemed to have been an hour when he finally heard the bed creak from over him. A soft sound of something hit the floor was accompanied by inaudible pitter patter sounds, reminding him of how you would sometimes walk around the apartment when you thought you were being quiet to not alert him. 

The sound of you walking away seemed to be going towards the direction of the bathroom, allowing him now to fully execute the thought process of the real reason as to why he had come here in the first place.

Murder wasn’t difficult to commit. It was as easy as speaking. You just do it. Being a vampire resulted in him to get away with many things and only be discovered if he wanted such thing to happen. Of course, sometimes he had to assimilate the killings as if done by humans and sometimes by beasts. 

Tonight, he was going to make it seem that someone had broken in and murdered your lover but mercifully spared you and to prove it, you would have the murderer’s DNA to which Tae was skilled at confusing his own to make others believe they had leads but found the DNA to belong to no one. A dead end. 

But now that he thought about it, you weren’t ever going to forgive him for killing your new partner, especially leaving his mangled, distorted body all over your pretty sheets for you to see. That would traumatize you, seeing how much blood a human body contained, spilled onto the floor like a lake as the flesh was every where even stuck on the walls from the evident anger the vampire had felt. How dare you have the audacity to publicly dry hump in the club, knowing damn well anyone could see, including Taehyung who had killed someone rather gruesomely from the rage he felt. 

It would be your fault that Jin had been murdered. You did date a vampire. They don’t do well with what’s theirs leaving. 

Taehyung finally decided to just sneak out and leave. There was no need to cause you suffering and the correct reasons to hate him. You were going to come back. That’s how it worked, it was a claiming. Property always belongs to their masters no matter what.

You had found yourself sitting on a park bench, late at night waiting for Taehyung to come. It wasn’t stupid of you to reach out to Tae after it being a week since you had realized the texts from him weren’t coming in anymore. Things had to be fixed, that’s just how you were as a person. No need to have a bad relationship with someone who used to mean the world to you even if it felt like you weren’t anything to him. 

“Hi.” The deep voice that once had caused you to fall in irrevocable love, at the same park and around this same time when he had first approached you. You almost wanted a standing ovation for yourself for thinking of ending things correctly at the same place where they had begun. 

“Hi.” Taehyung had a black hoodie on with the word Yeezus imprinted on the front. The memories of how you use to wear the hoodie around the adored, tiny apartment with absolutely nothing on, made you smile with sadness. Tae use to love seeing you being about in the kitchen, trying to close the refrigerator door without the hem of the hoodie riding up which was something he didn’t think could happen but you never failed to surprise the vampire.

“How are you?” He shrugged as he sat opposite to you and flashed his signature boxy smile, revealing his keen canine teeth. “You’re probably wondering why I wanted us to meet up.”

“More or less, I suppose.” Tae cocked his head to the side, feeling that egotistical aura surge through him. He was always right. You were to come back. It was a no-brainer.

“Well, I admit that despite us not being together in the past months, I still love you, Taehyung. A lot actually. I always will love you like the first day since you became a very important part of my life. But now, you are just but a chapter in it, and one day I’ll look back fondly at it even if we had our moments.” Wait. “I’m moving back to America.” He felt his head become dizzy. “I never really fitted in here, especially with all the racial backlash I have received since moving. It’s only good that I go back and I just hope that we can still be friends. If I ever do come back, I hope I’ll be able to have a friend here.” You gave him a small smile.

Fucking impossible.

“No.” His menacing tone caught you very off guard. “You aren’t leaving me.”

“Tae, this isn’t up for discussion.” The strong willed soul in you was unafraid of the vampire whose fangs began to show. 

“(Y/N), you think that you have a say in this?”

“It’s my fucking life. I was only being considerate but you know what, go to hell.” You quickly got up only to be tackled backwards into the soft moist grass by a beast. 

“You really made the devil come out, kitten.” His graveled voice was in your ear as Tae’s body pinned you down. “You flower.” He hungrily began to lick from your jaw down your shoulder, breathing in the mouth watering scent of your blood. “You feast.” A terrifying scream was heard all throughout the block of the park but was quickly overcome with a thundering snarl. 

The park and the night went silent. 

The story of a missing girl had rapidly gone through the whole country like a fire, suspects were found here and there but always led to nowhere. 

Years had passed and the family of the girl was still looking for her even if they were seas away. No one could find anything. 

The only thing they found was a rose shaped diamond earring near Daegu, South Korea. When they tested it for DNA, it turned out to have belonged to (Y/N), the missing girl. But there was blood on it too, also hers, leading the media and public to believe she was possibly killed if the earring could have been ripped from her ear. But why? Many theorized that she had been attacked by the beast that had been killing around the city where her earring was found as they found lots of human remains all over Daegu that seemed to be from some sort of lost bear or tiger mauling of the missing people.  

But her body had never been found.

Truths that are contradictory and still true at the same time.

Young people are absolutely right that the older generations don’t understand what it’s like to be young today, having to deal with the specific horrors that didn’t exist a generation ago, and all the ways it’s a shitfest.

Meanwhile, the older generations lived through the shitfest of being young and having no power and haven’t actually forgotten how awful the specific horrors were back in their day and are fucking glad they’re mostly now obsolete… but the even worse shitfest of being old makes today’s youthful shit seem significantly less shit in hindsight, even though they remember hating their parents saying that exact thing to them when they were young.

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That about that white woman calling out black men will start a chain reaction. It already did because after that was released more and more white women started coming out of the woodwork about BM doing the same shit to them. The mammies and pro black women can deflect all they, if other races of women can point out bullshit for it is and you can't, you're a fool. I saw a lot BW trying to attack this woman for telling the truth. I guess hit dogs holler, and holler loud

At this point, the handmaidens are deflecting hard. What a lot of them claimed was treasure, is now being exposed as trash and they are mad about that. The cat is out of the bag. Now that non-black women have exposed the truth as well, there’s absolutely no reason why black women should still be ignorant towards the nature of most black men. Instead of getting mad at Tiffany, where is the outrage over the niggas that were in her inbox talking shit about black women? Oh, that’s right. Get mad at the women. Absolve the niggas. That’s the name of the game.  

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Hello! 'all the episode did in general was tick yet another (possibly the last) item off of the long list of ‘obstacles in the way of actual canon Destiel’ can I ask what you meant by that, and what the other boxes are or were? thank you!

Hii. :) 

Blah, I wish I had a short answer, but I really don’t. :p Do you want a long one or? 

Basically, if you start by looking at all of the most popular excuses that anti Destiel people use to claim that it should/could never go canon, you’ll easily find the most common obstacles on the list. 

The thing is, at some point all of these obstacles WERE legit obstacles to worry about, but the show has been slowly but steadily getting them out of the way one by one. 

If a couple of years ago you would’ve asked me ‘do you think it is at all possible for Destiel to become a canon thing on the show’, I would’ve answered: Yes, but not before…

Whereas now my answer would be: ‘I don’t trust these writers to deliver, but TECHNICALLY speaking, nothing much is in the way anymore.’

Some of the most prominent examples:

✓ The vessel/consent issue

“If Destiel went canon it would be rape! Jimmy is still in there!” 

Although it had been talked about before by writers/people involved in the show, it was never mentioned as a fact on the actual show. Season 10 took care of that for good, by letting Castiel literally say to Claire that her father is gone, and has been gone for a long time. As a bonus, they right away back it up with an actual scene of Jimmy and Amelia in Heaven, showing us that what we’re being told is the absolute truth. 

Bonus in 11x18 re “but that’s still not really Cas, and Dean would be weirded out to be with him like that”.

We get the answer to that when Sam (bless his soul) tries to stay rational and talks about how ‘it’s a strong vessel, Dean’ and Dean immediately snaps at his brother ‘IT’S NOT AN IT, IT’S CAS!’ That’s how he sees that, he sees that as actually Cas, and that is also a very important box that needed ticking.  

✓ Dean’s sexuality

“But Dean isn’t gay!”

True, he isn’t gay. But…

Let me kindly point you to this looooong complete list with all the proof of Dean’s bisexuality.

It’s a huuuuge list, because there’s so much evidence. So much so that it would be easier to prove that he’s attracted to both men and women, than it would be to prove that he has to be seen as 100% straight. (As explained at the bottom of that post.)

The thing with Gunnar the wrestler in season 11 sealed the deal for me, Dean was literally drooling over/crushing on a hot wrestler, while Sam was having a thing going on with an attractive female at the very same time. 

If you’re going to say ‘Oh no, Dean was just fan boying, they weren’t interested in each other like that’, then your heteronormativity goggles are glued to your face to the point where I honestly can’t help you. It would be the equivalent of ‘Oh no, that one guy isn’t fucking that other guy in the ass, he’s just giving him a prostate exam. With his dick. Look that condom COULD be a rubber glove!’

Lame jokes aside, you all understand what I’m getting at. 

Granted, even with the many hints, we haven’t actually seen Dean with a man (yet), but imo there’s been enough hinting at Dean’s not-straightness that for everyone with a pair of functioning eyes, it shouldn’t come as too much of a shock when Dean finally embraces it and gives in to his desires. Especially when it includes a person that he’s been stuck in so many romantic tropes with that I lost count.

✓ The Bromance Zone

“They’re just very close friends, not everything has to be romantic or made gay!”

Surprisingly, for the most part thrown out of the way again recently by Buckleming in 11x18. 

Yes, two guys can be close pals who are friends who are buddies. Agreed! Except, we have a perfect never ending parallel in season 11 (and the rest of the show, tbh, 7x01, 9x03, 11x03, to name a random few), namely the difference between how Sam reacts to losing Cas, and how Dean reacts to losing Cas. Team free will, they’re all brothers in arms, family, close friends… But the way Sam reacts to Cas being gone or in trouble, THAT is how a friend would react. Because Sam and Cas are good friends, the show has made that clear. But if Dean and Cas are also ‘just good friends’, how can it be that Dean’s reaction in S11 (and mostly 11x18) is so much different from Sam’s? 

Sam is standing there next to that circle of fire like a loyal friend would, ready to assist in whatever way he can if the opportunity presents itself, whereas Dean…

That guy was just a useless emotional wreck! Standing there, tears in his eyes when Lucifer mocks him, irrationally crying out Cas’ name over and over and over again, even when he knew that is was absolutely pointless to keep doing it. 

Whereas throughout the episode Sam tries to think logically about how to save their friend, Dean is led by nothing but his feelings. His heart. The heart choice. Snapping ‘IT’S NOT AN IT’, while it was obvious that Sam didn’t mean it like that at all. 

Dean has been shown pining over Cas episode after episode, even loses sleep over it, while Sam is always the one who tries to comfort his brother ‘we’ll get him back Dean’. It is NEVER the other way around.

How does that make sense if they’re all just close friends? The answer is: it doesn’t. Because we’ve been clearly shown once and for all the difference between how friends act (Sam/Cas) and how people act when there’s feelings involved (Cas/Dean). 

I’m not a Buckleming fan by any means, but credit where credit is due; you folks did well on this one.

✓ The spontaneous transformation into a Romantic Comedy

“If Destiel goes canon it will change THE ENTIRE show and what it’s about!”

And this is where we return to your original question. :p Because that is what I meant when I said that 11x19 removed another item from the list of obstacles. 

You see two hunter husbands and hey, it didn’t turn into light gay porn or a chick flick. It was still the same old SPN, these badass hunters weren’t straight but it changed absolutely nothing. Because it doesn’t have to change; merely because two people get into a relationship, doesn’t meant that the show has to become about their relationship. Or about their sexuality for that matter. 

Bonus message in the episode: It’s possible to care about both your brother and your lover. Say it louder for the people in the back.

So I suspect that all of the above contributes to the hopes for canon Destiel currently being higher than ever, because technically, the writers have addressed pretty much all of the issues that people could possibly have with it. 

As in: ‘if you don’t like the ship you don’t like it and that’s your prerogative, but if we do decide to go through with it, your biggest arguments have already been shot down because we already took care of them.’

Do not take this post as me saying ‘IT’S GONNA GO CANON OMG’ though. I’m only saying that right now it’s -technically- a very realistic possibility. 

He woke up like this (seriously)

TLDR: In which Javert is a super skeptical art professor, Grantaire has no chill, and Enjolras’ existence is doubted because he is literally too flawless to be real.

(Based on this post.)

So the thing was this: saying Enjolras is sort of good-looking is the same thing as saying he’s sort of amazing, which is patently wrong. Correct answer: Enjolras is beautiful. That’s the best way to describe him. “Attractive” is too vague, “gorgeous” is too corny, and “cool” is a gigantic lie because Enjolras is a nerd. An intensely passionate, terrifyingly brilliant nerd. But still a nerd.

Bottomline and absolute truth: Enjolras is beautiful. And he was Grantaire’s boyfriend. And when Grantaire tentatively asked him to be his model for a couple (a lot) of his pieces, Enjolras said yes. So like, Grantaire shouldn’t be blamed at all for drawing him. Or painting him. Or sculpting him.

He dares anyone with half an ability to produce any kind of art to not be inspired when they look at Enjolras’ face. Or hands. Or thighs. Or everything.

Grantaire always knew that Enjolras would bleed into other aspects of his life, and for the most part it was expected, because they’ve known each other for a long time. Their lives were already intertwined way before they got together.

He just never thought that its effects would be something like this.

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Oneshot: Right In Front

Emma and Regina are just friends at this point. Regina gets pregnant, and the father bails on her. Emma offers to raise the baby with her. – anonymous

Thank you for the prompt. Eventual SQ. Friendship growing into romance. I don’t own Once or any of its characters. Apologies for any mistakes. Hope you all enjoy :)

Emma frowns as her phone buzzes on her desk. She was hoping to actually get home on time tonight but no such luck. She sighs swiping to accept the call, “Sheriff’s Station, you’ve reached Sheriff Swan.”


Regina’s voice sounds over the line and Emma’s frown deepens as she hears the threat of tears in her best friend’s voice. “Regina? What’s wrong?”

“How did you know something was wrong?”

“I know you,” Emma replies with a shrug, “What’s going on? I was just about to leave work…”

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This new episode for me was great, it had a nice easy flow to it and there’s no point within the episode where I felt distressed or unease about a certain plot/issue within the show, call me mean but I find Ressler’s issue ironic and a bit amusing. I’m already very fond of Smokey, eccentric, unique, very talented criminal- his character makes me feel like the show needed him without truly knowing til he fell through that ceiling. And bitch don’t get me started on Tom 😂 hate on me all you want but I’ve never been a fan of his character, the end scene was just too satisfying for me. Of course Liz should know the absolute truth and the only reason he’s still around is because he makes Liz happy but it’s a no from me. It may be stupid to still support the Lizzington ship, the reality of it in the scripts died years ago but I still have a teaspoon of hope for it.

What I love about Kreia - besides all the obvious things - is that she is not your typical all-knowing and infallible Wise Mysterious Mentor figure who only exists to bring you The Absolute Truth (or, more likely, whatever the writers believe to be The Absolute Truth). Despite everything, she is still a deeply flawed human being, and I think this is beautiful.

She keeps this facade, sure - but that’s her thing in general, as we learn pretty early in the game when Atton notices that she is in great pain despite not showing it. One of the scenes that gets me the most is when she sits down in front of the rebuilt Jedi enclave. No profound monologues, no anything, just a tired old woman, alone. She keeps her shit together in front of the Exile, but occasionally some things get through. There is that very distinctive abrupt tone of voice she uses when she is wrong or doesn’t know something - like when you tell her that you actually can hear Bao-Dur’s thoughts. I also felt a lot of hidden bitterness when she was talking about how people listen to Exile’s teachings, but not hers. Whether that Arren Kae thing is her actual past, a red herring or an unintentional implication (although, in my opinion, that’s unlikely) - it’s there for a reason. She is not some centuries-old higher being, she has a past, as does the Exile, and while she has probably moved on and is currently above a lot of shit, it did shape what she is now. She didn’t become like this out of nowhere.

Basically, taking anything Kreia says for granted is a wrong way to play kotor 2. Not only because she lies - but because she is flawed. She doesn’t know everything, she can be wrong, and it’s important to keep this in mind, because with the way she acts it’s really easy to forget about it. She represents one point of view, a very important one withing the context of the game, but still it’s just her view, not an objective truth. And honestly, anything else would be kind of a bad writing - with her being Avellone’s mouthpiece and everything. Ultimately, your goal, as the player, and Exile’s as a character is to surpass Kreia, to outgrow her teachings and to see more than she does - which is, not coincidentally, is also Kreia’s goal. One that she does achieve, because she is awesome like that.

Part 3 of my Blind!Dean/CollegeStudent!Cas fic. Read the first two parts on my Ao3 here.

Dean was sweating. Badly.

Which was why he’d made sure to grab the shirt labeled ‘black’ in Braille, so his sweat stains wouldn’t show. His mother had warned him about that when he was a teenager, and it’d been unbelievably mortifying. At least she’d pulled him aside to let him know that visual people noticed things like ‘sweaty, crusty armpits.’ Which were words he never wanted to hear his mother say like, ever.

Now, he could only hope the stains wouldn’t show. He had to take her word for it that black was the best bet.

That was only part of the reason why he’d reserved the private room of his and Cas’s favorite restaurant. He also hadn’t wanted to be distracted by outside sounds, and he wanted Cas to be able to focus, too. 

Focus on Dean making an ass of himself, most likely, even though he’d been planning this for a while.

For perhaps the fifth time in as many seconds, his fingers wormed into his pants pocket to find the velvet box which held Cas’s ring. 

He sighed in relief. Still there. It hadn’t magically disappeared.

That was great, but his heart pounded. He was really going to do this. He was really going to ask Cas to marry him, a blind man. They’d been going out for upwards of seven years now, so he supposed Cas was used to it by now, but what if he wasn’t ready to commit the rest of his life to this? 

Shit, what would Dean do if Cas said no?

Murmurs and footsteps approached the table, and Dean recognized the rumbling timbre of Cas’s voice.The vibrations through the floor edged closer, and then paused. 

“I didn’t even know you had private rooms,” Cas was saying to their usual waiter, a tired but kind-sounding man named Aaron. 

“Yeah, we do. The door’s not always open though, so you can’t always see it.”

“Ah, I see.”

“I don’t,” Dean said cheekily, and cursed himself. He always made wise-cracks when he was nervous, and Cas would see right through him. He’d wanted this to be a surprise, damn it.

“Yeah, yeah, we know you’re blind,” Aaron said, but there was humor in his voice. A chair scraped back as Cas sat with a thump, and then a rush of air and a thud as something flat landed on the table - a laminated menu, most likely, and only one. Though Cas probably didn’t even need it anymore, since they came here a lot.

“So I’m guessing your usuals?” Aaron asked. Dean could sense him hovering near their table, just like he’d done tens of times before, but it made him feel strangely claustrophobic this time around. 

Dean really hadn’t thought this through. Should he propose before they order, so Cas could storm out without wasting food, which was something that genuinely bothered him? 

Or should Dean let his boyfriend fill up on deliciousness, and then sneak in the question while Cas was in a food coma? Was that unfair?

“Sounds good to me,” Cas said. Dean strained to detect any suspicion in his tone, but if Cas thought something was up, he was hiding it well. “Dean?” Cas asked.

“Um. Yeah. That, uh, that works.”

“Alrighty,” Aaron said, and air rushed by again as he retrieved the menu he’d laid down. He swept away, his footsteps retreating. 

Then it was just Dean and Cas. 

Dean realized his hands were still in his lap, attempting to fiddle with the box again, so he shot them up and onto the table. Cas immediately latched onto them, and Dean sighed at the familiar texture. 

Once, when Dean was spectacularly drunk, he’d gushed about how much he loved Cas’s hands, the shape of them, the feel, the callouses and the smooth skin between his knuckles. While it was the absolute truth, Dean still felt embarrassed about revealing all of that.

“Are you okay?” Cas asked after a moment, true worry inflecting his voice.

“Yeah!” Dean said too quickly and too enthusiastically. He tugged his hands away and found a folded up napkin, which he rubbed between his fingers.

“Dean.” Uh-oh. That was Cas’s ‘I know you’re up to something’ voice. 

“I’m fine.”

“You sure? If that napkin was made of paper, you’d have shredded it by now.”

“Huh? Oh. Um. Yeah, just a little twitchy I guess. Too much caffeine.” Dean gave a fake laugh, but even he could tell it was forced, a bit too bright. 

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had a lot of self-realizations tonight (influenced by having really good people around who aren’t afraid of discussing and questioning things even the most “sure” parts of ourselves which i am so grateful for like THANK YOU FOR THAT FUCKING BLESSING)

Being powerful and scary is something that is really important to me especially socially and politically. Like i feel like being docile and fearful is something ive been taught is the “right” thing for a “woman” to be and everything else is out of the question and I’ve always fought that w/ like all the fury that lives in me and some lol. But sometimes having that very controlled image doesn’t leave a lot of room for softness a great example of how that fucks my shit up is w/ romantic relationships. Most of the guys I meet are from the net and come w/ very specific ideas of who I am and what im going to be and act like before ever even meeting me and net-Sarah, while like still my absolute TRUTH and a very integral part of irl-Sarah isn’t necessarily ALL of irl-Sarah but probably only like 50% of me. So what ends up happening is they expect me to be some like cold hearted dominating force of fucking nature when im really just a fucking 2 day old kitten that hasn’t even open its eyes yet. 

I’m realizing that its important for me to remind myself first and foremost that instead of having that scary side of me protecting my softness, my softness and my scariness aren’t mutually exclusive of each other and that they can co-exist together! i don’t have to be one or the other i can be both and all and none of the above all at the same damn time. There’s  power in softness and in love and showing love and being loved and wanting love and crying and sadness and all those things and more. 
I think i articulated it best a few months ago when I said I want to be soft and scary at the same time like TRUE af???

like yay for vulnerability ! it’s a new thing im learning lmfao.

Niall Imagine - People from the past (Part 4)

“What do you want?” his voice snaps from the other end of the line.
“I- Niall?” I ask, a lump rising in my throat as I walk faster.
“Yes?” He asks in a softer voice since he can probably hear my voice quivering.
“I’m near that coffee shop we always go to and there’s a group of guys about a block behind me. Everyone else is out of town and I don’t have anyone else to call. Can you please come get me? I’m scared.” I rush out and I hear Niall rush around on the other end.
“I’m on my way okay. Calm down and stay on the phone with me, okay?” he says and I hear a door slam shut before I hear his car’s engine roar to life.
“Are you still there, babe?” he asks and I can tell he switched over to the Bluetooth device in his car.
“Yes. Niall, I’m scared.” I say, a tear falling down my cheek.
“Just take deep breaths, baby. I’m 5 minutes away. Just continue walking and don’t go into any alleys or any corners.” He says and I nod even though he can’t see me.
“I’m sorry, Niall.” I whisper as I continue walking, still very much aware of the guys now closer than they were a while ago.
“For what, babe?” he asks, a strange tone in his voice.
“I’m sorry I called you to pick me up. I’ll be fine by myself. Go home Niall.” I say and hang up the phone.
Once again I’m giving up.
I walk about a block further when I hear the distant sound of a car engine coming closer.
Once the car turns the corner, I recognize it as Niall’s Range Rover. He pulls to a stop next to me, calling through the open window.
“Get in, Y/N.” Niall says and no matter how much my brain protests, my heart gains control over my legs and I walk to his car, getting in.
“Thank God you’re safe. I was worried sick.” He says, hugging me tightly but I don’t hug back.
“Where’s Leah?” I ask, feeling as dead as I probably look.
Niall scratches the back of his neck before replying.
“I don’t know. I asked her to leave shortly after you did. It just didn’t feel right without you there.“ He says and i can’t help but shake my head.
"Bullshit, Niall. You chose her over me. Not the other way around. I told you the absolute truth yet you still chose her. Please just take me home.” I say and Niall doesn’t say another word for a few minutes.
“Should i take you to a hotel or something or do you want to come home?” He softly asks.
“Take me home. I’ll move out tomorrow.” I say and we finish the drive in silence.
At home, i head straight for our bed, not even caring where Niall sleeps. I don’t even bother changing out of my clothes and within seconds i’m fast asleep.
I’m awakened by a pair of arms removing them self form my waist. Within seconds i remember everything that happened yesterday and i turn to face a tired looking Niall getting out of our bed.
“Where are you going?” I ask him before i realize what i’m doing.
“Downstairs. I can’t sleep.” He says and then lets out a sigh.
“I know you won’t forgive me easily because what i did was fucking terrible, but i don’t just want to give up on us.” He says, voice cracking at every other word.
“You completely lost my trust, Niall.” I say and his face completely falls.
“I know and i’m willing to do anything to gain it back. If you want to move on and forget about me then you can go. I just want to know i tried.” He says, tears slowly escaping my eyes.
My eyes tear up too and i take a deep breath before speaking again.
“I still love you. I really do. I just need you to prove to me that you’ll always trust me and be there for me, instead of choosing someone else over me.” I say.
“I know you probably wont take my word for this but i promise you’ll forever be my number one. I just got caught up with Leah being here and i really am sorry.” Niall says and i can tell he is being sincere.
A small smile makes it’s way across my face and I get up from the bed.
“If you help me bake a red velvet cake right now, at 3 in the morning, i’m willing to give you another chance to earn my trust back.” Niall’s face lights up and he hugs me close to his body.
“I was so sure you were going to leave me. I felt so stupid for not believing you.”
“I forgive you, but if you ever decide not to believe me again, i swear i’ll leave without looking back.” I sternly tell him and he nods.
“Never again. Soon i’m making you mine forever and i promise i’ll always trust you.”
A broad smile spreads across my face.
“You’ll have to propose first, babe.” I say, excited to think about a future with Niall.
“I'l get you when you least expect it. Now lets go bake a cake.”

*** ***
This was the last part!! Please let me know if you have ideas for the next few imagines?!! Tomorrow chapter 3 for the Harry fanfic (Internet Fishing) will be posted!! Yayyy!!

Today in the evergrowing list of things I’m glad Shadowhunters is changing from the books: Jocelyn Fray

If you didn’t know, I really don’t like Jocelyn Fray. I thought it was just a really shitty thing for her to lie to Clary and steal her memories for 16 YEARS and then never actually tell her thr truth. I feel like she should’ve told Clary the truth when she was like 11 or 12. But she didn’t and the only time she came close to doing so was when she found out Clary was seeing the Shadow World again after Pandemonium. But she still was only telling her because she had no other choice, not because it was the right thing to do. 

But in Shadowhunters, we see her give Clary a stele for her birthday and while she did wait a couple more years to tell the truth, she’s still choosing to do so because it’s right, not because she absolutely has to. I think Clary’s going to leave before Jocelyn can explain everything but still Jocelyn’s intent is there. I think this will make her more likable and the audience will actually want Clary to find her because in the end, she tried to be a good parent and the audience won’t want anything bad to happen to her.