the truth is still absolute

Okay, everyone who still believes that there is just friendship or something angsty between Yūri and Viktor after this episode, can come and fight me.

Yūri admitted in front of a room full with reporters that the feelings he has for Viktor can be named love. The second half of his programm symbolizes his career when Viktor became his coach, and when he performed it, he was so happy that he does not even remember what he did.

He was badly hurt and the first thing that came to his mind after finishing his programm was Viktor, and he literally ran over the ice and threw himself in for a hug.

I’m sorry, but if that all is not enough proof for you that we have a real gay relationship in a sports anime, then sorry, I believe you don’t actually want to see a healthy gay relationship.

When a movie begins with the words ‘Based on a True Story,’ what crosses your mind? Do you assume every line of dialogue, every bit of clothing and song in the background is the same as it was in the true event on which the film was based? Of course you don’t. You know movies like Pearl Harbor or Erin Brockovich take artistic license with facts, shaping them so a coherent story will unfold with a beginning, middle, and end. Even biopics about the lives of musicians or politicians who are still alive are rarely the absolute truth. Some things are left out, or some people are fused into single characters. The details, you think when watching, are less important than the big picture, the general idea. If only you were so savvy when it came to looking back on the biopic your head.
—  David McRaney, You Are Not So Smart

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Ello, this is the good voice anon from a bit ago - Elwin is not mean. He is a good human who is super nice and accepting of all his friends.

Y-Yeah!” Jett perks up a little bit at the ‘good voice’ that had spoken to him previously. “Elwin seems real nice, I can’t imagine him doing something so mean.” Then again, he’s uninformed of the whole scenario, so whether or not the voice was telling the absolute truth was still being tossed into the air. 

Jett had chosen to believe them- but a voice, long ago, had told him to be careful what voices he placed his trust in. He doesn’t want to believe Elwin is bad, he really doesn’t.

Elwin seemed sweet, how could he be bad?

He woke up like this (seriously)

TLDR: In which Javert is a super skeptical art professor, Grantaire has no chill, and Enjolras’ existence is doubted because he is literally too flawless to be real.

(Based on this post.)

So the thing was this: saying Enjolras is sort of good-looking is the same thing as saying he’s sort of amazing, which is patently wrong. Correct answer: Enjolras is beautiful. That’s the best way to describe him. “Attractive” is too vague, “gorgeous” is too corny, and “cool” is a gigantic lie because Enjolras is a nerd. An intensely passionate, terrifyingly brilliant nerd. But still a nerd.

Bottomline and absolute truth: Enjolras is beautiful. And he was Grantaire’s boyfriend. And when Grantaire tentatively asked him to be his model for a couple (a lot) of his pieces, Enjolras said yes. So like, Grantaire shouldn’t be blamed at all for drawing him. Or painting him. Or sculpting him.

He dares anyone with half an ability to produce any kind of art to not be inspired when they look at Enjolras’ face. Or hands. Or thighs. Or everything.

Grantaire always knew that Enjolras would bleed into other aspects of his life, and for the most part it was expected, because they’ve known each other for a long time. Their lives were already intertwined way before they got together.

He just never thought that its effects would be something like this.

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Meursault, contrary to appearances, does not want to simplify life. He says what he is, he refuses to exaggerate his feelings, and immediately society feels itself threatened… Meursault, for me, is thus not a piece of social wreckage, but a man who is naked and poor, in love with the sun that leaves no shadows. Far form being empty of all feelings, he is inspired by a passion which is deep because it is stubborn, a passion for the absolute and for truth. The truth is still a negative one, the truth of what we are and what we feel, but without it no conquest of ourselves or of the world will ever be possible.
—  Albert Camus, Camus on The Outsider

had a lot of self-realizations tonight (influenced by having really good people around who aren’t afraid of discussing and questioning things even the most “sure” parts of ourselves which i am so grateful for like THANK YOU FOR THAT FUCKING BLESSING)

Being powerful and scary is something that is really important to me especially socially and politically. Like i feel like being docile and fearful is something ive been taught is the “right” thing for a “woman” to be and everything else is out of the question and I’ve always fought that w/ like all the fury that lives in me and some lol. But sometimes having that very controlled image doesn’t leave a lot of room for softness a great example of how that fucks my shit up is w/ romantic relationships. Most of the guys I meet are from the net and come w/ very specific ideas of who I am and what im going to be and act like before ever even meeting me and net-Sarah, while like still my absolute TRUTH and a very integral part of irl-Sarah isn’t necessarily ALL of irl-Sarah but probably only like 50% of me. So what ends up happening is they expect me to be some like cold hearted dominating force of fucking nature when im really just a fucking 2 day old kitten that hasn’t even open its eyes yet. 

I’m realizing that its important for me to remind myself first and foremost that instead of having that scary side of me protecting my softness, my softness and my scariness aren’t mutually exclusive of each other and that they can co-exist together! i don’t have to be one or the other i can be both and all and none of the above all at the same damn time. There’s  power in softness and in love and showing love and being loved and wanting love and crying and sadness and all those things and more. 
I think i articulated it best a few months ago when I said I want to be soft and scary at the same time like TRUE af???

like yay for vulnerability ! it’s a new thing im learning lmfao.