the truth is i really love this movie except when i watch it and remember that

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what if neil had some sort of identity crisis? i mean he's cycled through so many personalities and looks so what if something happened that triggered him into wondering if 'neil josten' really was his true self? how do you think andrew and the foxes would react?

Oh, Neil would totally have a bunch of little identity crises that he tries to just shrug off two minutes later and it would eventually add up to a full blown one.

  • I feel like Neil’s pretty cemented in wanting to be Neil Josten and belonging with the Foxes
  • So, I’m seeing it more as a ‘Who the fuck am I? Oh, fuck, I’m still not the Neil they all think I am’ kind of thing
  • Like Neil has a bunch of memorized answers to things to try to not arouse people’s suspicions
  • But he doesn’t know the real answers to these questions?
  • Like sure, he can spout off a rehearsed answer to simple questions
  • But he doesn’t want to lie to the Foxes anymore and they’ve made Neil a real person, but he still doesn’t know who Neil is
  • And he’s starting to suspect that they all know Neil better than he knows Neil
  • And there’s this fear that he’s not really the Neil they see and know and that he’s still just chameleoning to blend in with whichever of them he’s with
  • It’s the little things that plant the seeds of doubt
  • Fucking tiny little questions that trip him the fuck up
  • What is his favourite movie?
  • Most people can at least come up with one movie that they like, even if they’re not sure it’s their favourite
  • Neil can’t come up with one movie that he even remembers having watched?
  • He just sits there on the sidelines for any movie discussions

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Take my breath away (a fluffy one shot)

(Bucky x Reader) (Steve x Reader)

We all know the ‘bring a fake date to the reunion’ trope, I’ve tried to use that one but do it a little differently. I hope you guys like it! 

This is a Steve and Bucky AU fic.

Story: You’ve had a huge crush on Bucky all through college but nothing ever happened between you two. You are determined to change this when you see him again at the reunion 15 years later, but another man shows up to disturb those plans.

Word count: 4110

No warning. This is mostly fluff and feels, a lot of kissing and soft touches but nothing beyond that.

Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t fucking cry.

You could do this, it was just one stupid night, one stupid reunion and then you’d never have to see him again. You could go back to forgetting all about his existence and get back to your life.

Your life as a hopeless, desperate, single woman in her thirties who hadn’t been on a date for as long as she could remember. Back to table-for-one restaurant visits and girls nights out where you were the only single girl in the group.
Back to your empty apartment with no one waiting for you except your cat Noodles who didn’t really care when you dragged your ass home as long as she got fed.

You shouldn’t have come here tonight. You knew this reunion was a horrible idea, you hated these people back then and you hated them just as much now.

Well, not all of them.

Not James, you could never hate James. James Bucky Barnes had been the only one who made your college years somewhat bearable, not that he was ever aware of that fact.

You’d had a crush on him all through college and you never had the guts to tell him. He didn’t even know you existed.

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Billy Eichner and Robin Lord Taylor, Living Out Loud (and Quietly)
By Isaac Oliver

Madonna’s 1998 album, “Ray of Light,” bore many gifts, not least of which was the friendship between Billy Eichner and Robin Lord Taylor.

Mr. Eichner, Emmy-nominated at last for “Billy on the Street” and currently starring in Hulu’s “Difficult People,” and Mr. Taylor, a breakout star as the Penguin on Fox’s “Gotham,” which returns Sept. 28, first met in their sophomore year at Northwestern University, at a release party (of college-aged sorts) for the album given by Mr. Eichner. As roommates in New York in the early 2000s, they started their own live comedy talk show, “Creation Nation,” in the basements of bookstores and bars.

The first “Billy on the Street” videos, with Mr. Eichner surprising passers-by with questions and games and Mr. Taylor often holding the camera, were a popular recurring segment. “Creation Nation” put them on the very map they’d been studying since childhood, and today, they each wreak havoc, via their respective shows, on the citizens of this fair city.

Over lunch at Tavern on the Green, in their signature rhythm and ratio, Mr. Taylor, 39, and Mr. Eichner, 38 — who will also soon appear in FX’s “American Horror Story: Cult” — recalled cherished VHS tapes, the glory days of gay night life, and apartments with curtains for doors.

This conversation has been edited and condensed.

ROBIN LORD TAYLOR I was at the student union, and my booth was next to Billy’s. Billy was telling jokes about, I swear, like, Elaine Stritch and Jennifer Holliday. I think it was something about the Tonys that year, maybe?

BILLY EICHNER I don’t remember that at all.

TAYLOR My back was to Billy’s back, and I remember hearing him and being like, “That’s exactly the kind of conversation I came to Northwestern for. I’m gonna make you my best friend.”

EICHNER He came to this “Ray of Light” party and he was this little boy from Iowa, and he wore these fake cat ears that I guess you could buy at Bloomingdale’s at the time? And I was like, “No. Who’s that person? I’m not into it.”

TAYLOR I knew you were going to bring up the cat ears.

EICHNER To this day, I don’t understand why you would walk in with cat ears.

TAYLOR I was from a very small town, I had just come out of the closet, and it was very proto-radical faerie, without the hallucinogens.

EICHNER It was like our generation’s version of cutting. Months later, we decided to move to a bigger apartment and we needed a fifth roommate. They were like, “That guy Robin said he would take it,” and I was against it. But we were desperate. To make matters worse, we had to move in the summer before junior year, and Robin and I had to live — just the two of us.

TAYLOR I had a car.

EICHNER And I was like, “Well, that’s something.” So we would go to the mall, and we would go shopping, and we’d go to the movies.

TAYLOR It was “Living Out Loud” that did it, I think.

EICHNER There was a series of movies we went to see that normal college-aged men were not going to see in the Midwest: “Living Out Loud,” with Holly Hunter and Danny DeVito; “Isn’t She Great,” with Bette Midler and Nathan Lane. We were the only people in the theater, opening weekend of “Isn’t She Great” at the Old Orchard Shopping Mall. We would watch movies at home; we’d watch “Truth or Dare,” and I had a VHS of this thing called “The Oscars’ Greatest Moments.”

TAYLOR We memorized that tape.

EICHNER He was this quiet closeted gay boy in Iowa, and I was this louder closeted gay guy in New York City, but we were both locked in our rooms watching cable TV and sucking it all in. When we found each other, it was like, “Wait, you’re interested in —— ?”

TAYLOR Like, a “Whales of August” joke.

EICHNER We were theater majors in a suburb of Chicago and we were being gay and going to gay bars for the first time, together. Then we caught the last gasp of great New York gay night life. We could go out every night of the week.

TAYLOR And we did.

EICHNER Tuesday nights we’d go to Beige at B Bar. We both met boyfriends at Beige. We’d go to Spa on Thursdays, Starlight and The Cock on Friday, and then ——

TAYLOR Opaline is in there somewhere.

EICHNER Opaline on Saturday, or the Roxy. We were doing ecstasy, and it was the days of big club DJs ——


EICHNER Twilo, Junior Vasquez. We partied, and I’m so glad we did, because it doesn’t really exist at the moment, and we couldn’t do it now. Except, I still do it. I shouldn’t do it. It’s a bad look.

TAYLOR We lived in this crazy loft two blocks south of the World Trade Center. No doors, no walls — just curtains.

EICHNER Ten days before 9/11, we moved.

TAYLOR We lived for about five years, then, in Chelsea. I was doing commercials and little things here and there. I mostly played stoner skater types.

EICHNER I’d gone to a ton of open calls and never got anything. I was temping and bartending. No one was taking me seriously.

TAYLOR Billy was sitting on the couch one evening and asked if I would like to make something together. He even had the title, “Creation Nation.” I was sold immediately. We took where we were in our lives, and created these heightened versions of ourselves.

EICHNER I created this angry, irrationally passionate persona that “Billy on the Street” grew out of, which is not close to me. It’s coming from somewhere, I guess, but it’s very much a character.

TAYLOR I was playing a closeted actor, refusing to come out.

EICHNER Robin’s in the very first video. You can watch it on YouTube. At the end he’s running around with me.

TAYLOR I remember when the woman chased us onto the subway. Billy had yelled “Lucy Liu” in her face and she was screaming for the police.

EICHNER I told Robin to stick the tape in your underwear or something?

TAYLOR It’s funny: our current projects are the closest we’ve ever been to working on very similar things.

EICHNER I think he’s so brilliant on that show, but I’m not a superhero person. Robin would call me and tell me what’s happening on “Gotham” and I’d be like, “Dude, I don’t know what you’re talking about. You walk with that cane and put on that prosthetic makeup, and I’m gonna go write some jokes.” Now, I’m on “American Horror Story,” and I honestly do — he would call me and tell me about these violent scenes he had to do, how you have to choreograph it, how much time it takes — I have a new appreciation for it. Our careers also never were a source of tension between us, ever. There was no friction. Maybe friction because I didn’t clean the apartment.

TAYLOR Well, just that time you vacuumed vomit into the non-wet dry vac.

EICHNER I was the roommate who paid half the rent that he paid and still wouldn’t clean. I always had a great sense of entitlement.

TAYLOR Billy has always been completely unafraid to speak his mind and tell people what he believes. And that’s something I struggle with.

EICHNER I do feel like I’ve made Robin meaner, in a good way. When I met Robin, he was wearing those stupid cat ears, and he wanted everyone to like him. If I taught Robin anything, it’s that not everyone needs to like you. Granted, everyone does love Robin. He’s, like, the nicest person in the entire world. Not everyone loves me, but I think between the two of us, it’s a yin and yang.

TAYLOR All I want to give Billy would just be a connection to love and family. I just want to be a constant in his life and a connection to someone who loves him unconditionally.

EICHNER That’s nice. I said I made people hate him! But that’s why this works.

Essays in Existentialism: Frozen

Could you maybe do a fic where neither Clarke or Lexa falls into freezing water and the other goes “well now I’ll have to get naked to keep you from dying”

The trees creaked and cracked against the bitter cold that froze everything it touched. The entire forest seemed to moan with complaint against the frigid state of the world as the only two brave enough to venture out of the warmth of homes and buildings as the blizzard began to descend upon them.

Hooves trudged through the accumulation that obscured the familiar path, blurring out all directions in a multitude of white and grey. But still, they horses pressed on through the glacial midmorning with the foolhardy notion of beating the worst of it.

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Hoodie - [Peter Parker]

‘Idk if you’re taking request or not but I would love a Peter Parker imagine based on the song Hoodie by Hey Violet’

Words: 1290

Warnings: Kinda sad but overall fly, mentions of injury’s like bring

I slip it all over my shoulders

Something I’ll never get over

It makes me feel a little bit closer to you

The first time you wore Peter Parker’s dark grey-oversized (on you at least) hoodie, was when you first met up to study. You had to walk home in the cold and of course, you’d forgotten any type of sweater or hoodie.

He’d offered it to you with a shaky hand. He was handing the girl he’d had a crush on since forever his hoodie, the girl he liked was going to wear his clothes. Oh god he hoped he’d remembered to wash it.

You didn’t turn down the offer, you’d tried to tell yourself that it was because you didn’t want to freeze to death but a part of you knew that it was because it was Peter Parker’s hoodie.

You’d smiled a thanks while putting the item over your shoulders and rolling up the sleeves slightly.

Peter Parker, the boy with the brains, the looks, and a gentleman like personality.

You couldn’t deny the fact that his hoodie smelt exactly how you’d imagine it to, maybe even better. Though Peter was small, it was a little oversized on you and god wearing that hoodie for the first time made you feel safe. It was a blanket of warmth, it was like being enveloped in a constant hug. But the comfiest hug you can imagine.

“W-wow, it looks really good on you” Peter spoke, making your cheeks turn 50 shades of red. The grey was a perfect colour on you, it made all your best features pop.

“Thanks, so i’ll give it back to you tomorrow?”

Peter wouldn’t have minded if you kept the hoodie if it meant he got to see you in it more often, but instead of saying that he shyly nodded his head and helped you pack up your books.

I can’t keep your love, I can’t keep your kiss

Gave you everything and all I got was this

The second time you wore Peters hoodie was a tiny bit more special than the first.

You two sat on top of a high building munching on your favourite pizza while discussing the simplest things like your favourite TV shows and books.

It was dark, so the only light you two had came from the city lights and a candle Peter had lit that smelt simply like vanilla.

“Wait, so you actually watched all of the Harry Potter movies in one night?” You ask after swallowing a mouthful of delicious pizza.

“Yeah, it was pretty easy actually” He says “Ned was the one who couldn’t handle it”

You laugh, tightening the hoodie around you as a cold gust of wind blew past you both.

His hoodie was as you remembered it. Ever since you’d given it back to him that day at school you’d been aching to wear it again and truth be told, Peter was aching to see you in it again.

“Aren’t you cold?” You ask, worried that you had taken his source of heat. “If you are, you can have your hoodie back”

“Well uh, i’d be lying if i said i bought that hoodie along for myself” He smiles, naturally pink cheeks going a darker shade of pink. “I was really hoping to see you wearing it again”

You wondered if he could see the way your eyes grew wider after his statement. Behind your natural expression, you were hiding a smile larger than life itself.

I’m still rocking your hoodie and chewing on the strings

It makes me think about you, so I wear it when I sleep

I don’t leave for another 24 hours babe, you’re not losing me just yet” Your boyfriend laughs as you snuggle closer. He was wearing the hoodie, the same one you were planning to steal off of him before he left with Tony.

You feared that when you woke, he wouldn’t be there and you’d be left alone wondering if he was safe and, well… alive for the next week or two.

“I know. I’m just going to miss you a lot” You speak, burying yourself in his arms.

Beneath you, you could feel his heart beats. One, two, three, four.

He ran a slow hand through your hair, playing with the ends for a moment before going back to the roots. Peter always knew how to make you feel better, even in times as tough as this.

“You’re going to come home safe okay? Promise me that you will” You whisper. You feel his hand stop its movements.

“I promise, i’ll come home safe and sound and i’ll be right here waiting for you”

I used to put my hand in your pockets , The smell of your cologne still on it

You’d admit that maybe you wore his hoodie a little too often while he was off on the mission, but it was your security blanket. As long as you had it on, you and Peter would be okay. That’s what you’d thought at least.

“Y/N, We got him here as fast as we could” Tony spoke, his voice shaking. “He was asking for you on the plane” Tonys eyes were red and swollen, as if he’d cried the whole trip back which he probably had been.

You covered your mouth with your hand, the sight was horrific.

There lay your boyfriend, barely recognisable except for the small frown he wore, one that you were use to seeing when you woke up next to him. Bruises and cuts littered his skin, he looked unfixable.

“I-Is he alive?” You ask, not taking your teary eyes off of Peter’s lifeless body. You end the sentence with a sob, letting the tears full.

“He is, we lost him once or twice but Peters a fighter” Tony says

You cried, hugging his hoodie to your chest. It was like being hugged by him, which was something you may never feel again.

You slide the Hoodie off, placing it over his bruised and battered body. Despite your t-shirt, you felt naked without the grey item.

Your safety blanket was now his, Peter needed every ounce of luck he could get right now.

Slip it on over my shoulders
Someone I’ll never get over
Makes me feel a little bit closer to you

After the incident, nightmares weren’t uncommon for Peter. He’d had a traumatic experience and you were with him through every step of recovery.

When he woke up kicking and screaming, fresh tears rolling his cheeks and hands grippe bed sheets as if they were his only form life support, you’d whisper soothing things into his ear and rub circles on his chest.

Most of the time he wouldn’t even wake up, simply just calm down and drift further into a more peaceful sleep.

But sometimes, on nights like tonight he’d wake up and be too afraid to go back to sleep. On these nights you would stay up and talk to him.

“I honestly think that if I didn’t let you wear my hoodie that day we wouldn’t be dating” Peter says, his voice was raspy from only just waking up.

“I think we would be, it would’ve just taken you longer to ask me out” You whisper, continuing to draw random shapes and patterns on his chest.

“You looked so beautiful in it I just- I knew I had to make you mine before some else bet me to it” Peter moves down so he can place a kiss on your lips. It was dark in his room, but with the small amount of moonlight peeking through the curtains you could still make out his healing scars.

“I’m still rocking your hoodie, baby”

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“Being Fuckable does not mean being date-ble.” [Dylan O’brien] Pt. 2

2,400 words!!

It’s been so long and I’d like to apologize for being so late on this. I wish I could say what’s been going on in my personal life but I can’t, guys. But it’s finally here!! Feel free to re-read part one to refresh your memory a bit if you want: Part 1

sorry if there’s any errors.


My eyes felt the sensation of the sun as I tried to adjust to the lighting. Something was particularly different this morning. 

For one, my back was pressed against a muscular figure as arms were around my waist holding me tightly. At first, I was about to freak out, but then I realized the familiar surroundings of the room. 

It was Dylan’s room.

A moment of relief hit me but quickly washed away when my mind focused on his arms around me again. His body started to shift hinting at me that he was waking up. 

Quickly, I closed my eyes again to avoid any awkward event that might take place if both of us were awake at the same time in the current position. 

As my eyelids remained shut, I felt him lift his head up to check my side of the bed. I began to feel his stare boring into me because of the shadow covering the light, but I stayed the same. 

His head started to go back to the position he was in as I started to wonder what the hell was he thinking.

At first I thought he would get up or get away from my touch, but my doubts soon disappeared as I felt his hands tightening my stomach more, pulling me closer.

My mouth slightly opened causing me to form a slight smile. Dylan never accidentally spooned someone. In fact, he never moved in his sleep, well not that I knew off. 

He always said he needed his side of the bed all to him because touches caused him to get too hot at night. 

I came to the conclusion that he chose to bring me to his arms, there was no other explanation, and the fact that he pulled me close proved my theory. This was new, and it made me feel warm inside. I wasn’t questioning anything.

“Dylan,” I spoke, afraid that if he knew I had awoken he would stop doing what he was doing. Curiosity was killing me though.

“Mmm?” Was all he responded, as if everything he was doing was a normal thing to do to your best friend. 

“What time is it?”

“8:23 Why?” I could feel his breathing in the back of my neck as chills quickly went down my spine.

His mouth, it was so close to my shoulder. It was amazing. 

I wanted to see his expression at the moment so I decided to face his direction. His arms were no longer wrapped around my stomach even if I wish they still were. “I have to go to my classes later.” 

“But it’s barely eight in the morning.” A slight pout formed in his lips, very adorable, yet his eyes were still in a sleep-like state as he opened them briefly in moments.

“Dylan, you know how long I take when I get ready even If I don’t intend to, plus I still have to drive to my house, take a shower, make myself breakfast, FEED my dog and you-” I went on and on as he decided to stop me. 

His hands snaked around my waist yet again, pulling me close just as I was they were a minute before. This time, his lips were only an inch away from me as my nerves started to kick in. His eyes were now set fully on me as his pupils dilated. 

“5 more minutes.” He closed his eyes again. His voice was dominant and way more confident than I have ever seen him. 

It only made me wonder why he was acting so touchy. Why wasn’t he mad anymore? It soon started to eat at me at what I might of done the night before. Did my drunk self do anything stupid?

Of course I know we didn’t hook up, I was still in my dress and he was fully clothed as well. Dylan had too much respect in him.

“I have to go. My head hurts and you ran out of aspirin.” I made the excuse acting as if I wasn’t just leaving to recollect my thoughts from last night.

His head shot up as soon as I got away from his touch. “Yeah, um okay.” I heard as I left him there to sleep alone. As much as I wanted the sensation to last, I had to figure out what was going on.

Translation for; I was going to avoid it all day, get my errands done, then go over to ask Dylan in a nonchalant way on our movie night marathon later.

Dylan’s POV.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. (Y/N) reciprocated what I felt for her. She had it all wrong. Everything. 

She completely misunderstood my actions. I see her as the girl I want to do things with but only if we’re in love. The thought of us just having a one night stand and leaving it at just that made my heart ache, I’m so in love with her I can’t believe she never noticed. 

I got pissed off when she said I was just Fuck-able actually. It felt like rejection without the confession before-hand.

Oh god, I wanted my hands all over her so bad today, I kept covering the front of my pants so she couldn’t see what was fuming inside. She made me the craziest how could she ever think I don’t find her desirable?”

Hell, my sexual dreams have always been about her.

I carried her all the way to my room, where she usually sleeps when she gets wasted. She let out low breaths which made me come to the conclusion that she was very much asleep. 

Her eyes started to shift as I positioned her in my bed. 

“No, don’t let me go.” She murmured as she felt the bed beneath her. I felt her hand grab me and start pulling me down, of course I was staying there.

 The rest of the night was bliss.

My mind flash forward back to the present.

She definitely didn’t remember before. Was it the drunk talking? 

Oh god.

I shouldn’t of done that in the morning. 

Your POV.

“Dylan?” I called out as unlocked his door with the key he places for me in case he’s occupied.

“Dylan where are you?”

“Hold on I’m drying off.”

He just took a shower, he’s going to smell so good what the fuck, this timing? I decided to head over to his kitchen and start taking out the snacks we eat on movie nights.

Diabetes written all over them yes.

I heard foot steps approaching and felt myself getting more anxious by the second. Would he be able to tell this annoying emotion I carry? hopefully not.

“Hey so I picked the movies already.”


 When he noticed I didn’t respond he spoke again, “Y/N?”

“What?” I paused, “Oh yeah, great. Now we just have to-” I turned around and there was Dylan with his regular clothes except this time, he was shirtless. 

My sleep wear consisted of pj shorts and a tank top. The usual. He noticed my staring so he decided his eyes were going to roam on me too. He smirked and I felt another episode of tease jokes coming,

 “-Uh to get drinks.” I forced myself to finish the sentence even though all I wanted to do was stare at his body for longer than two seconds.

He stared at me with a poker face and it annoyed me because I couldn’t tell what he was thinking at all. “Okay, let’s go watch the movies.” He laughed.

Unusual? I was so sure his jokes were coming.

Two Hours later, it was back to the regular interactions we always have had. I didn’t even bother asking what I did when I drank even if it was aching at the back of my head. 

The first movie finished and he decided he needed to go to the restroom as I just needed more chips.

After two minutes,

I felt Dylan’s presence once again behind me even if I didn’t know how close he’d really be. “Okay what’s the next movie-” Our chests collided and my mind went blank.

Soon enough, I laughed it off but he remained serious. “Y/N?” 

“Yes?” I answered as we were still in a close position with our lips just inches from touching each other.

Don’t look at his lips. Don’t look at his lips. Don’t look at his lips.

“You should really put on a shirt.”

He ignored me as he continued, “Do you believe that myth that states that children and drunk people always tell the truth?”

“Nope. That’s why it’s called a myth.” I felt myself getting anxious.

“Why..did- did I say something to you? I did didn’t I? I said something stupid now you’re going to throw it in my face. Out with it..” I started freaking out before I could even process or think what could be so dumb that could slip my mind.

He rolled his eyes. “Do you really want to know what you said?” He kept getting closer as I backed away as far as I could every step he took. Once I reached the corner of the counter i knew I was trapped. 

His muscles out in the open weren’t helping my case either.

“I think I heard my phone ring in my room.” I said excusing myself with that lame white lie, The tension back there was going to make me crack. 

“You’re phone is on the couch.”

He stood there in the doorway smirking. I paused in panic not knowing what to do.

“Where was I?“

“You sound like a serial killer stop.” I joked.

“Last night, you said you wanted me to throw you into a bed,” He came closer, moved my body down until I landed on the bed. 

“You wanted me to be on top of you.” He crawled until his face was close to mine again.

“And then,” He kept going as I mentally chocked. 

“A- And then what?” His lips were the center of my attention. He stayed hovering over me, causing me to scream on the inside. I was getting caught up in his teasing, but I was too tired of fighting it.

“Curious aren’t we?” Rasing an eyebrow, he kept staring back and forth at my lips and eyes. There we go with the serial killer voice.

“I’m curious on how far you’re willing to go with this lie.”

“The answer is, very far.”


Before I could finish the sentence his lips were pinned against mine. It took a few seconds for me to process what was going on, after I caught on, I decided to grab him and pull him closer. 

His lips felt exactly like I imagined, my stomach started to spin, and my needs were intensified. 

What I must’ve said must of been pretty smooth or something, surprisingly, nothing was weird it felt like something normal between us. It felt like it was suppose to happen right in that moment.

We broke apart trying to catch our breaths. I looked at him in a shocked, speechless, expression.

He just keep gazing, his lips slowly formed into the cutest smile that I had no idea what was for. The air suddenly felt warm and the vibe was intimate. From the looks of it, Dylan could feel it too.

“I didn’t really say that did I?”

“No.” He smiled. His smile was too happy that it made me wonder what I really said to him.

“Then what was i-”

“You’re in love with me.” His eyes narrowed down as he grinned to himself.

“What?! N-No I’m n-”His lips once again shut me up. I didn’t know where I was even going with this, because my confession caused him to kiss me in the first place which is a good sign?

I pushed myself into him wanting to taste his lips again and again. 

“You tricked me!” He didn’t even let me speak longer he just kept kissing me over and over. My breathing became irregular as I felt his hand slowly enter the inside of my skirt. 

His breathing felt hot against my neck, once his hands gained access to the inside of my underwear, he wasted no time. His fingers were shoved right into me. “Already wet babe?”

“I want your tongue on my clit.” 

“You’re so impatient.” His kisses kept trailing down my body.

“Get the job done, bust the nut faster.” We we’re best friends. Who’s to say my savage way of speaking didn’t also come in the bedroom.

“I hate you I really do.” I laughed as he bit his lip and finally got to his destination. 

“Yeah oka-fuuck!” I moaned as his mouth finally made contact with my clit.

“BEAST.” I said not being able to get caught up on my breathing. His chuckling wasn’t making this better. 

I closed my eyes (as if that was a choice with the pace he was going.) fully taking it all in. 

“Right fucking there.”

“Dylan why the fuck,” moaning, “-have we not done this sooner?”

Once he finished getting me off, 

“Your reading cock-blocked me.”


His sloppy kisses made their way back to my neck. “I’m going to fuck you to make up for all of the times I couldn’t.”

“It’ll show.” 

His dick quickly inserted in me causing my mouth to shockingly open. “YOU BIG FUCKER- DYLAN.” 

He begin to grind against me as my moans began to get out of control. He groaned caressing my cheek.

“Close my mouth with your hands, it’s my all time kink.” 

“But I like your moans.”

I softly screeched as his movements began to get faster. “And I like looking at your hairy arms as you fuck m-” His hand shut me up as his muscles came more into view while my moans were silenced.

He was getting to the climax as I felt him tense up. “Fuck.” We moved faster in sync until he finally released.

“Oh my god.” His huge sigh of satisfaction was so sexy I couldn’t breathe. Slowly, he removed himself from me as his lips met mine once again.

“I’m so in love with you.”

He said, as he now was the one drifting into sleep.

anonymous asked:

Hi! For a Klance prompt, Lance or Keith (your pick) gets infected by some alien thing that makes them tell the truth so they admit their feelings for the other person, but after being 'cured' they don't remember doing it? thanks!

For sure! Hope you like it :D

           “Lance, what are you doing – get away from that!” Keith grabbed the back of Lance’s armor and hauled him backward as the flower exploded a white puff in his face, making Lance sneeze violently. He rubbed the residue off his face, inspecting the white smear it left on his glove.

           “It’s just pollen,” he shrugged. Keith glared at him.

           “Do you know how many people are allergic to Earth pollen? Who knows what alien pollen might do to you?” Lance rolled his eyes.

           “You’re being dramatic. Look, I’m fine. I feel better than ever.” Keith narrowed his eyes.

           “Let’s just keep moving,” he said, shifting his grip on his bayard. “We can probably find a cave in those cliffs up there, hole up there for the night, try and contact the team again in the morning.” Lance nodded.

           “After you,” he said, gesturing grandly. Keith just rolled his eyes and set off, hacking a particularly thorny branch away with his sword.

           They made it to a shallow, unoccupied cave in the cliff face with about an hour to spare before sunset and managed to build a fire before it got too dark to see. They negotiated guard duty and Keith got first watch, leaving Lance to stretch out and go to sleep beside the fire. Except, in typical Lance fashion, he started to talk instead.

           “I’ve never built a fire before. I never thought I would have to,” he said. Keith groaned quietly.

           “Lance, we’ve got a long night ahead of us. You should really try to get some sleep.”

           “I never went camping as a kid. My family didn’t have the money to make a trip like that.”

           “You can tell me about it later. If you absolutely must,” he added under his breath. “Just please be quiet.”

           “We thought it was fancy when they managed to take us out to dinner and a movie. That was a big day. There were four of us plus my parents, and that’s a lot of kids to pay for, so we couldn’t do it very often. But camping was never an option. My sister really wanted to do it. She begged my parents for months. But they wouldn’t let her. It was pretty awful to watch how crushed she was, but to tell the truth, I thought she was being selfish.”

           “Lance?” Keith asked. There was something off about Lance’s voice. It sounded too flat and monotone, as if he wasn’t actually hearing what he was saying. Lance continued as if he hadn’t heard Keith.

           “She knew they couldn’t afford to take all of us, so either she wanted to get special treatment and go without us, or she was just being a whiny brat and harassing my parents because she got fed up with having no money all the time. I got fed up too, we all did. She could have sucked it up like the rest of us.”

           “Lance.” There was definitely something wrong. Lance never talked about his family like this. Certainly not to Keith, at any rate. He sprung to his feet and walked over to where Lance was flat on his back, eyes glassy and unfocused, staring at the ceiling.

           “Of course I still love her but God did she get on my nerves when we were kids sometimes. But I don’t really think about that these days because I’m so homesick. I just think about all the perfect times we had together. You don’t understand it, you know. I don’t think anyone else on the ship understands how close I am to my family and how much I hate being here sometimes. At least Pidge is trying to get her family back. Voltron just keeps me further away. But you especially don’t understand because you don’t have any family.” Keith slapped Lance hard across the face.

           “Snap out of it!” he growled. “What the hell is…?” He bent closer. Something was glowing faintly white on the edges of Lance’s nostrils. The flower. It had infected him or something, and now he was talking without any kind of filter. “I told you that alien pollen was bad news,” he groaned, rubbing his forehead. Lance’s eyes were still just as glassy as before. He barely seemed to register the fact that he had been slapped.

           “It makes me miserable how much you hate me,” he said. Keith, in the middle of searching for some kind of leaf or cloth or anything he could use to try and scrape the gunk off Lance’s nose, paused.

           “You think I hate you?” he asked.

           “Yes,” Lance said. He started at receiving a direct answer and slowly turned back to Lance.

           “Why do you think I hate you?”

           “Because you’re so much better than me, and I annoy you by trying to compete with you. You know you can win so it’s a waste of your time.” Keith sat down heavily.

           “Lance, no. That’s not… that’s not…”

           “Of course I realized recently that the real reason I want to compete with you is because I want you to notice me,” he continued, “because I’ve had an awful crush on you since the Garrison. I thought I just wanted people to think I could be as good as you, but the real issue is that I like you a lot and I’m terrified of you finding out because I know you’ll just laugh at me.” Keith covered his ears.

           “I don’t want to hear this,” he moaned. “Lance, please, stop talking.”

           “I think you’re the most talented and beautiful person I’ve ever met and I started fantasizing about kissing you about two months ago. I even love the mullet even though I still think it’s ridiculous that you have it. I keep flirting with aliens to distract myself but I only do it because I know I won’t have any success. I don’t want to actually date anyone but you.” Keith’s head was between his knees. He wasn’t supposed to be hearing this. It wasn’t fair the way Lance’s confession made his heart speed up in his chest, made him think of the times they’d both caught each other staring lately, made him remember Lance saving his life on their most recent mission and brushing it off like it was nothing. It wasn’t fair to Lance. “I think I might love you, Keith, and I’ve cried twice about the fact that you could never love me back.” Lance’s speech ceased abruptly, leaving a few seconds of silence. “I’m tired. I’m going to sleep now,” he announced, and closed his eyes. Keith heaved a sigh of relief, coming over with a leaf to rub away the white residue on his nose. He dropped a hand on Lance’s shoulder.

           “You do that, Lance,” he said. “You do that.”


           Lance woke up to morning light groggy and with the worst crick in his neck he’d ever had. He sat up, yawned, and noticed Keith sitting at the edge of the cave, staring off into the woods. He frowned.

           “Dude, why didn’t you wake me up for guard duty?” he asked. “Have you been sitting there awake all night?” Keith jumped at the sound of Lance voice, turned to look at him, and scrambled to his feet.

           “Lance!” he said. “Are you… You seem normal?” Lance blinked.

           “Yeah, why… why wouldn’t I be?” Keith hovered uncertainly, unsure whether or not to move forward.

           “Do… do you not… do you remember last night?”

           “Yeah, we planned for guard duty, you said you’d wake me up in a few hours, and then you just never did! Come on, man, let people help you sometimes, you’re going to be exhausted now.” Keith bit his lip.

           “So… nothing else?” Lance stared.

           “What happened?”

           “Nothing!” Keith said hurriedly. His cheeks were slightly red for some reason. “I… I tried to wake you up but I couldn’t. You were too sound asleep. So yeah, I’ve been awake all night, asshole.” The insult was only half-hearted and didn’t really seem to land. Lance blinked.

           “Okay,” he said. “Well, we probably better see if we can’t find a way to signal the castle. It looked like there were settlements further up the cliff, let’s see if we can find some alien friends.” Keith nodded in agreement, heading to stamp out the fire. As Lance gathered his Paladin armor, he kept glancing sideways at his rival and his friend, wondering what had really happened last night – and why Keith was lying.

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dirkjake AU: “engaged” as kids, reconnecting as adults

so I’m like p messed up lately and people have been like fucking amazing at humoring Arc But Underclocked, like yesterday on the Strilonde server, when I floated the idea for an AU in which, basically, jake and dirk meet when they are in elementary school and get “married.”

so Jake is a transfer student into this school, because his Gran moves around a lot, and joining a school midway through the year is always hell. he befriends Dirk, who is a quiet, kid with a lot of sketchbooks who sits under the tree at recess and reads Asimov and Dianne Wynne Jones. Dirk’s quiet, and easy to be around for Jake and all his introversion and awkwardness. and no one really messes with Dirk, so Jake can huddle in his Weird Kid Aura.

ARC: but my pain addled brain is thinking of sad late-twentysomethings in stable but not super fulfilling careers
and running into each other by chance
/dreamy sighhhh
@mimsiical: getting to know each other again after years apart
ARC: by something ridiculous like a mutual friend having a party and it just happens to be the first both of them make it to
MIMS: they go on friend-dates where they do things together to reconnect but it suspiciously resembles actual dating after a while but neither of them put a name to it
ARC: and jake just thinking about being kids and how when he got teased about which girl he was gonna marry someday, he just grabbed dirk’s hand and came up with something so they’d leave him alone
way better to be paired with your best bro rather than some unlucky lass being pressured by her friends

ARC: jake as a transfer kid who just is not built for large groups
MIMS: jake would just cry when he got overwhelmed, which is frequently
prob got teased for it a little but dirk was very loyal and told them to leave jake alone
jake’s grandma makes him homemade lunches that he shares with dirk because dirk usually just gets the school lunch
they would be such cute children
and then theyre disillusioned adults trying to stay afloat in the world

ARC: (also hello to my narrative boner on how jake associates dirk and brobot and BGD with safety whatupppp)
MIMS: (thats the best thing in canon)

ARC: no this all comes around to that THING where kids suddenly decide everyone has to get married and argue about and pair off with each other
and jake is like “no i don’t wanna” and when pushed further he takes one of dirks coloring markers and draws a black line around his finger and another around dirk’s, and is like “there, now shoo”
permanent marker ring that lasts like four days
MIMS: jakes grandma: is your finger dirty? go wash your hands
jake, clutching his hand protectively: NO this is my WEDDING RING
@cityinthesea: alpha dave: what the fuck is that on your finger, little man
dirk: i. i think i got married today?
alpha dave: shit dude. did you at least sign a prenup. as a strider u gotta watch out
ARC: alpha dave: what’s the lucky girl’s name
dirk, pushing food around his plate: jake
alpha dave, without missing a beat: that the transfer kid? nice. shy but i bet he’ll be a breadwinner. good job.
CITY: dave sends a snap to rose: cant believe this guy scored a man before i did
rose: Dave, you’ve been dating the same troll for 8 years.

basically, it’s fucking adorable but inevitably, Jake moves away again. very sad. but not the end of the story!

ARC: the whole point is: jake remembers using a sharpie marker and getting married to a boy at recess, who was his best friend

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kuerow  asked:

Grear!! Can i request rfa + saeran having accidents, they are fine but they forget MC- they forget their feelings for her too??? I hope for happy endings ^^. OvO Can you write this?? Please do it O-O Please OvO

N/A: Sure thing but sadly I can’t make this really angst except V’s, especially when all my ideas consist of memes, trolling, and other happy-related stories for Mysme. 


  • Say hello to friend zone, MC!
  • Still hangs out with MC sometimes, out of obligation. Ouch.
  • Being with amnesiac Zen isn’t that bad, but MC still feels the ache.
  • One day, he wakes up really early and hears a strangely familiar and beautiful voice coming from the kitchen.
  • At the time, MC dramatically reads a major role from one of his old scripts and apparently that role despite not being his own, he is secretly really fond of the character.
  • And dayum, MC does it so professionally to a certain point that the handsome actor starts sobbing to himself.
  • Only wants to practice with MC outside his acting practices since then. Will use his charms to make MC give in.
  • Eagerly wants to hang out with MC on his weekends and free time.
  • Zen on-guard duty is back. Will glare at any potential man coming near MC. MC Protection Squad where you at?
  • After sometime, he confesses to her and finds the shocking news of them already dating. Still happy as hell tho.


  • You know what you’d expect if Yoosung forgets MC. MC is Rika!
  • Has really high expectations of MC as RFA’s coordinator and hides his disappointment if MC doesn’t do it like Rika.
  • Tired MC is trying so hard! Poor MC, she’s going through the same phase again.
  • The whole RFA (including Saeran) is tired of this phase as well.
  • Thankfully, realization slaps Yoosung in the face when he starts seeing the differences between them.
  • He apologizes by asking the others about her favorite dishes and makes them. Surprisingly, he knows how to make them well.
  • Starts spoiling her with food and gets her into gaming. Wait, how did MC beat him in her first time?!
  • Yoosung becomes really affectionately clingy. Will use his begging puppy eyes to get her to pay more attention to him.
  • Thinks he’s still in university until MC shows him to his workplace as a veterinarian.
  • Guessing that they were/are currently dating, and MC gives him the face.


  • There must be a misunderstanding; Jaehee clearly remembers not having a roommate.
  • Wait, when did she start wearing contacts and her hair being long?! Mr. Han will be pissed!
  • Damn it, Jumin is this close to having Ms. Kang back as his assistant! Still suffering from his new annoying assistant. RIP Mr.Trustfundkid.
  • Mostly ignores MC unless it was a necessity to give her short formal conversations.
  • MC helps Jaehee with maintaining cleanliness in her/their apartment and Jaehee is impressed.
  • Turns out MC is her employee and she clearly loves MC brewing good coffee for her.
  • First sees MC as a friend whom she can freely talk and ask advice to.
  • Finally someone whom she can watch movies (of Zen) with!
  • She gets this feeling that were once a couple (still is) based on recurring yet quick flashbacks and tries to rebuild their relationship.
  • MC is happy to help her but takes it slow.


  • Wait, there’s a new maid? Why is he not notified of this?
  • Consists of a full thorough investigation and a confused MC thinking of Jumin who’s better off as a investigator.
  • How come this maid knows where he likes to keep things and take good care of Elizabeth the 3rd?
  • OMG, is she a permanent maid now? Kinky MC does not mind (but still wants to rebuild their relationship.)
  • Best friend Jaehee is so ready to burst through his penthouse like a boss and explain the whole truth but the whole RFA is holding her back.
  • Pretty much ignores MC after getting used to her presence, hang in there MC.
  • One day after looking through his things, Jumin finds hidden photos & letters of him and MC, and a suspicious-looking ring. Confused Jumin needs to know the truth. NOW.
  • Gets into a frighteningly serious discussion, but not an argument because MC has the patience of a goddess and Jumin is trying to be rational.
  • After their discussion, he realizes what this weird feelings were (developing lately) and pretty much apologizes to her while bowing down on his knees for a thousand of times during the whole week.  
  • Will make a fool out of himself and have his dignity destroyed as MC is his first priority. Imagine this dude putting up embarrassing-looking posters.


  • Let’s go back to when Seven was pushing MC away without the whole there’s-a-bomb-in-Rika’s-apartment ordeal. He’s dangerous, that’s why!
  • Pfft, as if the Great 606 will be defeated. Prepare to have your walls broken down, Defender of Justice!
  • Clearly surprised that MC not only cleans his usually pigsty place but places them where he want it to be. Be free of your burden, Vanderwood!
  • Knows how to evade his antics, but MC does it with swag.  
  • Tsundere Seven is struggling with his clashing emotions and persistent MC is getting better at handling him.
  • Rarely gets missions that has to do with infiltrating and installing CCTV in a big-shot opposing company.
  • MC tags along to his annoyance but is secretly awed that he managed to pass through, all thanks to her being a distraction.
  • The effect didn’t last for long and they were being chased down. But for some reason, this very moment is so déjà vu…
  • During their escape, he did not once let go and is stuck to her like a leech.
  • After the mission, MC is greeted by Seven wearing a maid outfit in a sexy weird pose. Capture a perfect angle of him, MC!


  • Has forgotten that he no longer has feelings for Rika.
  • Imagine V pining for Rika who’s currently being treated and MC pining for a confused V.
  • Treats MC politely yet distantly and MC is struggling between her emotions and rationality.
  • Jumin comes to the rescue and brings down his hammer of realization onto V. His savege-ness has no boundaries and V is stunned.
  • V makes an effort to know MC once more.  
  • The rising feeling of nervousness, excitement, and longing is starting to unsettle him whenever he’s around MC.
  • MC, the master of comfort and reassurance is back.
  • Dude is feeling torn between MC and Rika.
  • Recovering Rika spits out some harsh truths to him that makes him realize of what he really wants.
  • Jihyun Kim is MC’s significant other™. Prepare to get melted, MC.


  • Let’s welcome back angsty kid, Saeran!
  • This girl with no eyes (her bangs are just covering it!) is suspicious to him!
  • MC knows how to deal with his outbursts and tantrums like it’s no big deal.
  • Unsure of how to interact with her so he straight up ignores her, but MC know how to twist this back into her favor.
  • He secretly appreciates how she’s not treating him as if he’s made of porcelain like everyone else. He’s amnesiac not broken for goodness sake.
  • Also thankful that she’s not Rika and helps him whenever he seeks for it.
  • Falls in love all over again as they get closer.
  • Unlike Tsundere Seven, he’s unsure what to do with his feelings so he dwells into the virtual world of romance because this noob lover-boy needs to learn.
  • Seriously takes notes as if he’s studying for finals and applies it to his life but fails because MC can come up with a better pickup line. Come on MC, give this pitiful trying-so-hard-to-impress-you kid a chance!
  • Despite his inexperience in dating, these two make fast progress in their relationship.


  • This girl is obviously a spy.
  • MC ain’t a clingy girlfriend nor a coward.
  • Is stunned at the fact he found a person who doesn’t irritate him.
  • Will defend the poor guy from Seven’s antics.
  • What Vanderwood wants he gets, despite being reluctant about it.
  • Finds comfort in MC as he full-blown rants about Seven and his bizarre cough adventures.
  • MC knows how to deal with his criticism and be better at what she’s terrible at through practice.
  • One time when they were surrounded by enemies, Badass MC beats them up with a Gucci purse. Vanderwood is impressed.
  • Sometime later, he finds out about their relationship from his confidential files and still pretends he doesn’t remember.
  • He still won’t admit he loves her but him being overprotective is getting out of hand. No one can touch his woman.

Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: Reader is a lifeguard in the hotel in Singapore and there she mets him.

Word Count: 1.8K

Warnings: None

A/N: This is my second request, people! (Requested by: anonymous) Hope you enjoy this as well and please feel free to send some requests! 

Request:  If you’re still taking requests: can you do a tom holland x female lifeguard reader? Possibly set when he Jacob and Haz are in the pool in Singapore?

You were walking near the swimming pool, looking at the people in there. It might sounded creepy but the true was that it was your job. You were a lifeguard in a hotel in Singapore and that meant you had to be always looking and taking care of people. Today you assumed you would have more work than usual because of the celebrities your boss mentioned, but everything was quiet. There was absolutely no one in the pool. You walked to your chair, sat on it and started to think about the celebrities, you didn’t know their names, because your boss didn’t tell you, he told you it didn’t matter and that they should be treated like normal guests. You agreed with him in some part, they should be treated like normal guests so they wouldn’t feel uncomfortable, but you wanted to know sooo badly who were they. Maybe they were from a famous band or maybe they were actors. You secretly wanted them to be the latter. You had always dreamed of watching or meeting a celebrity.

You were still thinking about who these celebrities might be, your brain swirling in a tornado full of names, when you heard loud voices coming in. You turned your head to the source and saw 3 guys laughing. You looked at them with curiosity running through your veins. Were they the celebrities? They were too young. Maybe they were just hotel guests. You kept looking at them, watching how they put their stuff on the chairs, when one of them, the one with brown hair, turned and his eyes met yours. He stared at you for a few seconds before turning his head. You turned your head too a bit flustered. You knew him from somewhere, but you couldn’t put your finger on it. Maybe an old classroom partner? Impossible. Then why did he look so familiar? You temped yourself at looking them directly again, but you decided against it. You needed to look after the people in the pool. Accidents could happen at any minute, but then you realised they were the only ones there, which meant the people you should take care of were the boys. Therefore, you turned your head and wait for the brunet to meet your gaze again.

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My Calgary Expo Experience

Okay guys so I’m still kind of dying. Today (probably yesterday by the time this goes up) was kind of amazing and I can’t believe that I met Bob Morley BUT I’M GOING TO ATTEMPT TO SHARE THE AWESOMENESS WITH YOU ALL.

Apparently recap posts about cons are a thing and I still can’t believe that I actually have reason to write one!!

I only decided to go on the Sunday because I could fit in the photo op, autograph signing, and panel all in one day so I felt that it was a good option, so I don’t know much about anything that happened on any of the other days.

It was sooo incredible. Bob is just … wow. 

He just has the most adorable personality. And we all probably know this because you don’t need to meet him to be able to tell but he really does. As my friend who was with me likes to say, he’s all “soft and squish” hahahaha.

I was so so so nervous when we first walked into the autograph line (which was not very long at all because we came on the last day, and we also came early) and we were, like, two feet away from him because the line looped around. It was so weird. I still can’t believe that I was that close to him, let alone actually TALKED to him, and TOUCHED him. 

Also I’m about 99% sure that I saw Robyn from the Afictionados podcast in the line ahead of me because she has a very distinctive voice and I heard her mention Unity Days but I was too shy to talk to her and I wasn’t 100% it was her until later but anyway SHOUTOUT TO ROBYN IF YOU’RE READING THIS WHICH YOU PROBABLY AREN’T BUT IN THE UNLIKELY EVENT YOU ARE JUST KNOW THAT I REALLY LIKE YOUR PODCAST AND I’M REALLY AWKWARD SO I DIDN’T TELL YOU IN PERSON

anyway ..

Bob is just amazing because he was out in front of his table instead of behind it like basically all the other guests. It was really neat, he’s very interactive with the fans and likes to be very personal with everyone. He shook everyone’s hand that came to get an autograph and introduced himself (AS IF I DON’T KNOW WHO YOU ARE) and asked how we were doing and he was just so polite and cute and ugghh. I’ve never been to a con before but my friend was telling me how usually the autograph signing is very quick and they get you in and out of there very fast but Bob was so sweet and generous and took his time with everyone, actually attempting to have a real conversation with the fans. 

The people before us were taking a video of him which is prohibited apparently and the security guy there was getting mad at them but Bob was like “oh, I don’t mind …” and he looked kind of uncomfortable (about the security guy, not the fans). 

He shaved his beard the night before and my friend was hEARTBROKEN because she LOVED it, haha. I think he looks nice either way, but I kind of prefer him cleanshaven so I was happy. HE PLAYS WITH HIS HAIR SO MUCH. And I swear that boy has an entire closet dedicated just to his various hats, its like every time I saw him he was wearing a different one.

My friend was a little starstruck so I ended up doing a lot of the conversation, but honestly I barely processed most of what he was saying. I mentioned that Zach talked about filming a movie with him at a recent con and asked him if he could share a little bit about it. He laughed and said that he was surprised Zach had said anything because they were supposed to be secretive about it so he didn’t really say anything more than what I already knew. He talked about how he was going to be filming in Malaysia pretty soon (which I already knew cause i’m extra lol) and how he hadn’t spent a whole lot of time prepping for the role so he needed to do some of that beforehand. It was fine that he couldn’t say much about it though because I was mostly just trying to keep the conversation going so I didn’t spontaneously combust and/or faint in his arms … you know, the usual.

My friend was dressed up as Season 2 Octavia (with the warpaint) and I had a really crappy cosplay of Season 1 Clarke going on hahahaha. Basically I couldn’t find a jacket (and i have no idea how to make one) so I just had like the shirt and the watch and the hair and stuff so it wasn’t anything special. Most people probably thought I wasn’t dressed up at all. When I walked up to Bob he went “WOW that’s a big watch” cause my wrists are really tiny I guess haha. I don’t really know if he knew if I was Clarke or not. 

He started both of our autographs with “Dearest [name]” instead of just “Dear” or writing only our names, which I thought was adorable. It’s such a Bob thing to do - or at least something I would expect from him. He also put two x’s at the end.

I didn’t end up getting anything special signed because I couldn’t think of anything super creative, so I just chose one of their prints instead. They were nice though. 

When he saw my friend’s print that she’d chosen he went “wow I was so tan” and I kind of laughed because he’s still really tan and his skin is so nice haha, but meanwhile I’m white as hell and can’t tan for the life of me

Then we both took photos with him. I always see people talking about Bob smelling really nice and I was like “okay” because I don’t tend to talk about how people smell BUT HE ACTUALLY DOES OKAY. lol I know that seems weird, I don’t know how to describe the smell but its a thing, guys, all right?

Afterwards we looked around a bit at the convention and waited to head to Bob’s panel at 12:00. I ran into a few friends who I haven’t seen in awhile which was kind of nice. It was super packed. There were a lot more people who showed up to see Bob than I was expecting, but it was nice to see so many people coming together. :) The panel was 45 minutes but it went by soooooooo fast. The moderator kept asking Bob to expand on his questions basically, which ended up eating up a lot of time so I didn’t get to ask the question about Jasper and Bellamy that I wanted to, which was kind of disappointing. 

I was being so extra though, waving my hand in the hair and everything, trying to get her attention. I made eye contact with Bob because he saw me but then the woman picked someone else and it was really sad lol. I raised my hand EVERY SINGLE TIME. But I was ignored. 



They were really strict about there being no videos so I couldn’t really get any, which is unfortunate, and I wasn’t close enough to get very good quality photos so I won’t post any of them here. If you have any questions about some things people are spreading about the panel or want confirmation about some stuff Bob said, just hit me up and I’ll hopefully clear some things for you because I know that the truth often gets skewed a little at conventions. Its like the fandom is playing a little game of telephone, except online.

Bob is soooo cute and endearing and funny, so I really enjoyed the panel. I know a lot of people have been posting about stuff that Bob but I’ll point out the stuff I remember anyway

  • Someone asked Bob was his favourite episode/scene was and Bob said that his favourite episode is yet to air, and that it really delves into Bellamy’s “psyche”, which he liked, so I’m super excited to see that. I do wonder if he’s referring to 4x10, actually, since the promo seems pretty Bellamy heavy and it’s written by Aaron who tends to write Bellamy pretty well, I think. We’ll see!
  • There’s a video of the Bellarke question going around which, to be perfectly honest, isn’t much different from anything else that he’s said. He apparently ~ doesn’t know ~ if they’ll go the romantic path but he believes that they have a very “special relationship” that is deeper than any romance. It’s not in the video that I’ve seen going around but he also said that Bellamy and Clarke have a certain understanding and honesty which he believes is definitely a good place to start to build a relationship on, if they were planning on going that route.
  • He said something that I really haven’t seen talked about at all, but both I and my friend thought was a little odd when we heard it. I think the question was asking what scenes with Bellamy were most difficult or something like that but he said “the romantic side I find very hard to play”, which I thought was kind of interesting because Bellamy hasn’t really had any romantic partners besides Gina very very briefly. Idk if that’s who he was referring to? *side eyes emoji* Take it with a grain of salt in any case.
  • Bob joked about how Bellamy gets beat up so often because he’s “been told that [Bob] sells hits really well” lol. He also said that he maybe takes punches a little too well because when Octavia was beating him up in 3x10 he got too into it and accidentally fell through the wall of the set and broke it.
  • The moderator pointed out that it’s remarkable how well some characters have recovered from being impaled and he made a cheeky little comment about how “it’s science guys!” because we all know just how accurate the science on this show is hahaha
  • Someone asked Bob how he and Bellamy are similar and he responded by saying that he was loyal to his family and that the similarities “start and finish there”. He talked about how Bellamy is so much more aggressive than he is and how he wouldn’t go around killing people. The moderator then asked him if he thought he would ever be capable of doing something like that and Bob went “NOOOOOOOO! I don’t have that in me, its ACTING!”. He sounded so offended, it was really funny, especially since Bob is so cute and pure so it just sounded bizarre when she asked that.
  • Apparently during the scene where Pike sentences Kane to death Mike Beach and Henry Ian Cusick had a solid 15 minute argument about whose side Bellamy should be on and Bob just decided to leave the room after awhile. Bob was just like “okay I’m just going to walk out and you two can decide which one of you is my dad”.
  • Bob enjoys doing fight scenes “because its always kind of exciting to feel like you’re tough, even though you’re not” (he laughed after he said that) and he also enjoyed doing the Bellamy speeches because he thought that they felt cool and kind of empowering to feel like you have the power to actually influence someone else, since there aren’t many opportunities for that in real life.
  • Since he likes fight scenes, he joked about how he always would ask “can’t I at least try and put up a fight”  and he also said that Bellamy tends to take more beatings than he gives now because Bellamy feels like he deserves to be beaten up for what he’s done.
  • In the scene where he found out that Octavia “died” apparently Bob went full out and was banging his head against the bars and actually got a cut all along his forehead because he was so into it.
  • He was asked if it ever hurt his vocal cords to talk so low in Bellamy’s voice and he joked that it’s painful when he has to scream all the time at such a low octave. He also talked about why Bellamy’s voice was so low, because he was really hungover when they shot the Pilot and when he saw the video he went back and was really surprised and he just kind of had to roll with it from there on out. I’ve heard that story before but it was cool to hear Bob talk about it in person.
  • I know we all love to talk about the drastic difference in pitch between Bellamy and Bob’s voice but I’m telling you that its something else to hear it in person instead of just in a video. The change is SO dramatic.
  • One time when Bellamy had to do a big speech in Season 1, Bob had a really bad cold and he couldn’t speak properly so he was kind of screeching and messing up and he said it was really “embarassing” and so frustrating that he actually started to cry. The whole crowd went “aWWWWWwwwWWWWW” when he said that and he was like “yeah, yeah, I know, I know” all bashful and it was really cute.
  • He talked about how he would rather be judged for his “content” versus his physique and he said “maybe its not even me to feel that way” which made me sad, and then he said that he now recognizes that being judged for his appearance comes with the job sometimes.
  • Bob says that he likes polarizing the audience but that some people on social media can’t seem to separate him from Bellamy and he joked about all these people who meet him and are just like “I hate your character but, you know, you’re okay” and I was honestly like WHO DO I HAVE TO FIGHT COME AT ME
  • If he could bring back anyone he said he would bring back Pike and someone yelled “WHYYYY????” and Bob talked about how he caused lots of chaos and whatnot which was interesting, to which the mod was like “they already have enough chaos” and then Bob responded with “what’s wrong with a little chaos?” and I died. nOT like that’s one of the most iconic lines of Season 1 or anything ..
  • He also said he thought bringing Finn back would be interesting because “his moral compass is very different from Clarke and Bellamy’s” 
  • When he was a kid he wanted to be a stuntman and he would bite into ceramic plates because he thought that’s what they did, lol. Bob just went, “SO stupid” after he described it haha
  • I CAN’T BELIEVE I FORGOT. He joked a ton about his hair and how the apocalypse is great for the characters’ hair. He talked about how the hair team is great and how Bellamy has “great hair game” in Season 4, but that all seems to change after Bob finishes filming and he doesn’t really do anything with it. He’s very self-deprecating
  • Bob says that when he struggles in getting into Bellamy’s headspace a lot of the time he just starts thinking about lunch because that’s what Mike Beach told him to do, hahahahaha. He also talked about how there’s “a lot of stupid stuff” going around in Bellamy’s head a lot of the time.
  • He said that he likes to do rock climbing, but a lot of the time he just ends up playing video games instead.
  • He finds Octavia and Bellamy’s storyline together this season “heartbreaking”.
  • He says his scenes with Eliza are “always really great” because they’re very “emotional” and he gets to cry lol
  • Apparently Bob is like one of two people who actually knows how to drive the rover because its stick shift and its “impossible”.
  • One girl that was picked said “sorry” and Bob was like “what are you apologizing for?” and the moderator was like “it’s the Canadian way” or something along those lines but the girl was just like “cause I’m so awkward” and the whole time i was thinking girl SAME i feel you
  • Bob says playing Bellamy has changed his real voice. He thinks his voice has “dropped down because of it” even when he’s not playing Bellamy.
  • Bob said that one of his friends tried to get him to compete in a smashbrothers competition and he went but he said it was really intense so he was like “no, no, no, I’m going to stay home and be the king of my own house”
  • Bob doesn’t like sitting behind the table when signing autographs because he “feels weird” about it and enjoys interacting with fans because he feels that social media is really “devoid of connection” and he’s “just a normal person” like the rest of us, which was sweet. <3
  • Bob says that “I’m very loving but I’m very pragmatic” when referring to Bellamy (not himself)
  • Bob loves Bellamy soo much and he is super protective of him (like us!). He says that when people don’t like Bellamy sometimes he’s just like “oh well let’s talk about this, maybe I can talk you around” but it doesn’t usually work haha
  • He said that he went to a play in Australia because William Mcinnes, who he really loves, was in it but he didn’t know what it was about and it turned out be about IVF treatment lol and he was like “yeah that was kinda weird […] maybe I should have read the plot first …”

After the panel we looked around at all the merchandise but there was barely anything for The 100, which wasn’t all that surprising. I honestly didn’t expect to find anything, but we stumbled completely by accident onto this jewelry stand and we saw one necklace for The 100 and started freaking out because we couldn’t find any The 100 merch ANYWHERE and the lady heard us and told us that she sold stuff at Unity Days so she’d designed an entire jewelry line for The 100 and showed us her collection.

It was so awesome. She makes all these neat little themed charm bracelets for all shows, so there was one for Lost, and OUAT and Supernatural and all that, which was nice but she had a whole COLLECTION for The 100, with themed bracelets for almost all the individual characters. I remember seeing something similar online, maybe even the same ones, and had told my friend earlier that I thought they were cool.

I DEFINITELY wasn’t expecting to actually find them. 

My friend bought the Bellamy one and I bought the Raven one, because I personally thought that the Raven one was more true to the character than the other one (but they were both really cute!). I’m not one for fandom merch so it was kind of exciting for me to buy something. 

Here’s a pic of my Raven bracelet: 

And here’s my friends Bellamy bracelet:

Later we went to go get our photo ops with Bob, which we did individually. It was very fast-paced so we didn’t get to spend much time with him or anything but I was actually surprisingly relaxed and calm the second time I saw him? Idk he’s just so humble and down-to-earth and he really makes you feel comfortable around him, so I wasn’t nearly as nervous as I was earlier. 

When he saw my friend and I he was just like “hello again” and I thought it was cute that he remembered us, after meeting hundreds of individual people!

I just took a regular photo with him, no special poses or anything, because I felt weird asking for anything different. But to be honest I wish that I asked him for a hug, because I saw a girl go before us who did and her photo ended up looking REALLY good and now I’m super jealous, dammit. 


(I feel like I’m making a lot of promises to myself in this post, hmmmmmm)

Anyways, after we got the photo he turned to me and said “thank you!” and I was just thinking WHY ARE YOU THANKING ME??? YOU JUST MADE MY ENTIRE EXISTENCE, THANK YOU!

So that was my experience seeing Bob. I’m so far from over it and just looking at the pictures makes me feel all light and happy. He’s such a great person and you can tell that he’s not just putting an act or a show for the benefit of his fans, he’s truly genuine! 

Now I know what people mean when they talk about how after they meet some of the cast, they just want to do it again the next day. I’ve got the con fever, I want to go to another one so bad (but of course I’m infinitely grateful that I got to see him in person at all, because it was such an incredible experience)! Bob is so sweet and adorable and KIND (like I’ve reiterated half a million times) and deserves everything amazing in the world, I don’t know make the rules, k?

And there’s just something so … amazing about cons. No one there is judging you, everyone there is a shameless nerd as well, haha, and its such a safe space for fans to go and meet celebrities, guests, and each other. Whenever my friend and I saw anyone wearing The 100 merch or cosplaying as someone from The 100, we always got so excited. Because there are ACTUAL REAL PHYSICAL people in front of us who are just as obsessed as we are, and you don’t get that connection through TV. Everyone is so friendly and accepting, complimenting each other’s costumes and whatnot. The community is just amazing

Here’s hoping that I get to experience this again, and that any of you who haven’t yet get to as well! Everyone deserves to go to a con and have as much fun as I did. :)

Not sure if I’m going to post my photos with him because I’m really weird about posting photos of myself on the internet. I guess I’m just paranoid that someone I know will stumble across it, or my fandom days will come back to haunt me in twenty years or so and someone will pull up my photograph and my account with my dramatic ass screaming about Bellarke and Bellamy Blake and all that and judge me for the rest of my life. We’ll see. Maybe BFSN??

I’ll consider it. ;)

I couldn’t let them hurt you

Pairing: Archie Andrews x Reader

Words: 3176 (Part one of ?)

Summary: The reader knows too much about Hiram Lodge and his involvement in illegal activities so he has threatened her boyfriend, Archie Andrews. If she doesn’t stay quiet- in a very permanent way- he’ll go after the boy she loves. And she won’t let that happen.

Note: The images I used in the aesthetic don’t belong to me, nor do the characters in the story. Just as a reference, this is based on the scene in the last episode, except the reader is the one on the river instead. (those who have seen it will know what I’m talking about) Also, at a certain point, it kinda switches from second person to third, so hopefully that’s not confusing.  Don’t forget that requests are always open! Enjoy.

Warnings: Blood, suicide, (also, feels alert. I hope)

The phone shook in your hands. Hiram’s crumbled letter grew damp with snow on the ground beside you. It read a very simple and clear message. Your secrets die with you… or him. I imagine you’ll make the right choice. -HL. That’s why you stood in the snow, holding your cell phone in your hands that were red and dry from the cold. You closed your eyes, letting the burning hot tears stream down your face. Slowly, you dialed the number. The other line rang a few times before he picked up, his beautiful, calm voice making you cry even harder.

“Hey, Y/N what’s wrong?” Archie stood in the parking lot of Southside High after finding Jughead. Veronica watched at him curiously.

“I couldn’t let them hurt you Arch.” You sucked in a painful breath. “He made me keep it all from you and now he wants to make sure I won’t tell anybody. But I… I can’t let him get away with it Arch.”

“Slow down.” Archie said, worry filling in every inch of him. “Y/N what are you talking about? Who is he?”

“I-I can’t. He’ll hurt you if I say anything Arch. I can’t let him hurt you.” You walked between the trees, slowly but surely getting closer to your destination. By this time, Jughead and Betty had noticed Archie and Veronica’s distress and gathered around Archie. “Is everybody there? Jughead? Veronica? Betty?”

“Yeah. Yeah we’re all here.” Archie put the phone on speaker. You gulped down a sob, nodding to yourself, trying to be brave for your friends.

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Request: Hi! Here I go again with one more request lol. The reader, Tom and Cillian have been friends for a long time but Cillian knows that Tom has been in love with her since day one but never told anything because he’s afraid to ruin their friendship. So Cillian helps Tom to tell her the truth about his feeling for her and to win her heart.

A/N: this is my absolute favorite picture of these two, so of course I had to use it 😍😍


Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, and Y/F/N Y/L/N. The three musketeers who did everything together.
The three of you had met at an award show in 2008. And eventually you all worked on a movie together; Inception.

No matter how busy the three of you got, you always made sure to make time for each other. There were monthly movie nights where you’d go to someone’s house and hang out, and there were also bi-annual trips that you would all make together.

There were no secrets between the three of you, except for one.

Tom had been madly in love with you since the moment you met.

Cillian had caught onto it eventually, trying to convince Tom to tell you. Neither knew of your feelings, so Tom refused to ever say anything. No matter what you were his best friend, so a silly crush wasn’t going to come in the way of that.

If only it had just been a crush.

Tom was sure he had missed his chance though, since today you had gotten engaged.

You’d been seeing your soon-to-be husband for 2 years when he asked you to marry him. You’d told him yes, but now you were regretting it.

Your fiancé was practically perfect. He was kind, he was caring, he was romantic, and he gave you everything you ever wanted. But there was one problem.

He wasn’t Tom Hardy. He wasn’t the man you were fiercely in love with.

You were having a small get together at your house today to celebrate your engagement.

After some exchange of pleasantries, you had escaped up to your room.

Once you slammed the door shut, you began pacing back and forth. No matter what you did to calm yourself, you couldn’t help thinking that you were making a horrible mistake. That everything was all wrong.

While you were freaking out inside of your room, Cillian and Tom were arguing on the other side of the door.

“If you don’t tell her now, you’ll never be able to. You’ll regret it for the rest of your life!” Cillian whisper shouted, glaring at his best mate.

“Absolutely not! She just got engaged! I can’t do that to her.” Tom replied, trying to escape back to the living room below.

“Tom, for once in your goddamn life be selfish!” Cillian yelled, catching your attention. “You’re going to go in there and tell her. I don’t care if you don’t want to. I’m not going to watch you tear yourself up over this for the rest of your life! Now go!”

The door burst open then, Cillian all but throwing Tom inside.

“Cillian? Tom? What’s going on?” You asked, pausing in your frantic pacing.

“Tom’s got something he needs to tell you, something he should have said a long time ago.” Cillian told you, pushing Tom closer to you. “Go on Tom.”

“I’m not telling her with you standing there!” Tom spat, shooting daggers at Cillian.

“And I’m not leaving until I hear you tell her. You’ve been backing out of this talk for years, this time there’s no going back.”

“Tell me what?” You asked, looking in between your two best friends in confusion.

“It’s not really your business wether I tell her or not!” Tom fought back, continuing to avoid saying anything to you.

“The hell its not. You two are my best friends, and I’m sick of watching you mope all the time when she’s out with him. If you would have just told her years ago, this wouldn’t even be a problem!” When Tom opened his mouth to retort, you lost it.

“Will someone please tell me what the fuck is going on?!” You screamed, frustration lacing your words. You were already stressed out, you didn’t need this too.

“I love you!” Tom yelled, turning angrily towards you. You stepped back in shock, air leaving your lungs in a quick gasp. Your mouth was agape, eyes widened as you stared at Tom. “I’ve been in love with you for as long as I can remember.” He continued, much softer this time.

“Why did you never say anything?” You asked, finding your voice a few moments later. Cillian was watching silently from the corner, analyzing your features for any signs.

“I was afraid you’d never feel the same way. I didn’t want to ruin our friendship.” This only served to make you irrationally angry.

“So you wait until I’m engaged to tell me?!” You yelled again, voice pitched slightly in hysteria. “You had years to say something, but you wait until today? When I’m already freaking out and regretting this engagement?” You were back to pacing, this time wearing a hole in the carpet.

“Wait, why would you be freaking out? Why are you regretting being engaged?” Tom pressed, stepping closer to you in determination.

“Because he’s not you!” You cried out, tears forming in your eyes. Cillian and Tom both froze, eyes wide in surprise. “Because he’ll never be you. Because I’ll never be able to love him like I love you Tom. And I absolutely hate myself for that.”

“Y/N, I-”

“What did you expect to happen when you told me? Did you think I’d just drop everything for you? I can’t just throw the past two years away because you suddenly think it’s a good time to tell me you love me Tom. You’re a proper arse Tom Hardy.” You were beyond frustrated, tears leaking from your eyes and falling down your cheeks.

Here was the man you loved more than anything telling you he was in love with you, but it was too late. Your heart felt completely shattered in your chest.

“I don’t know. I’m sorry, ok? I never wanted to hurt you, especially not like this. But a part of me hoped that you’d do just that; drop everything and come with me.”

“I can’t-”

“Go.” Your fiancé spoke up, shocking everyone in the room as he cut you off. You hadn’t noticed he was there, no one had. “I always knew that you could never love me like you could him. I just want you to be happy. He makes you happy. Go with him.”


“No Y/N. I rushed you into this. I was in such a hurry to settle down, and you just happened to walk into my life. We never could have really made each other happy. And that’s ok. I made a really great friend out of this, I don’t regret anything.” He spoke sincerely, causing a few more tears to fall from your eyes. “I’ll find someone else, so don’t worry about me. But you already found your person, I’m not going to be the reason you aren’t with him anymore. I could never live with that.”

“Thank you.” You whispered, pulling him into a hug and giving him a short kiss.

“Sneak out the back. I’ll explain everything to our guests.” He smiled, winking as he disappeared through the door.

After he was gone, you turned to Tom and practically flung yourself at him. He easily caught you, wrapping his arms tightly around your waist.

“I never thought this would ever happen.” You mumbled against his chest, fingers digging gently into his shoulders.

“Neither did I. But I’m glad it did.” Tom murmured back, pressing gentle kisses to the top of your head.

“You’re still a dick.” You told him, pulling away and wiping any remaining tears.

“I know.”

“Ehem. I’m still waiting for my thank you.” Cillian spoke, a smug smile on his face. Tom and you looked over at him, playful glares on your faces.

“Get out!” You both shouted together, making all three of you laugh. Cillian retreated from the room, hands thrown up in mock surrender.

Tom and you once again turned to each other, wide smiles on your faces.

“Should we go?” You asked, holding your hand out to him. He instantly linked your fingers together, pulling you closer to him.

“With you? Anywhere.”

World’s End

Dedicated to @lenfaz, inspired by the show Greek. (Andrew J West was in it! You should watch!)

Summary: “If it’s the end of the word, then I want to be with you.” (Captain Swan College AU)

Read on AO3.

World’s End


Emma was graduating college tomorrow. The black gown hung in her closet, shoved into the very back next to dresses that were no longer in style and shirts she no longer wore. If she couldn’t see it, Emma reasoned that maybe it wasn’t real. But it was. Tomorrow she would down that black cap and gown, cross the stage, and accept her diploma.

She’d stop being Emma Swan, College Student, and officially become Emma Swan, College Graduate. Cool, right?

Except not. Most people looked forward to college graduation. It represented four years of hard work, tears, and panic attacks – a sign that you were qualified to do something. But all Emma could do was envision it as the end. 

After eighteen years of bouncing from group home to home, Storybrooke College and its stability had become a refuge for Emma. She had finally found somewhere she could call home, and a group of people she could call family – and it was all going away.

Sure, all her friends had promised to keep in touch. That’s what everyone did. And they would, at first, they’d all try very hard. But eventually, conversations will trickle away as they all live their separate lives. It wouldn’t be like undergrad where Ruby could barge into Emma and Mary Margaret’s apartment with a bottle of tequila. Tuesday movie nights with the gang would be a thing of the past.

All because they wouldn’t be together.

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The Proposal (USA, 2009)

Predictions: We had both already seen this movie and knew that it was acceptable. We remembered that Alaska was extremely beautiful, that there was a very cute dog, and that Ryan Reynolds was at some point naked. We also remembered that Funny or Die video of Betty White and Sandra Bullock taunting him on set.

Plot: Sandra Bullock is a Canadian Miranda Priestley at a publishing company, and Ryan Reynolds is her American assistant, whom she terrorizes with every breath. One day, however, the news arrives that Sandra Bullock’s visa application has been denied, and she is about to be deported. Naturally, she decides that, instead of being deported, she will just marry Ryan Reynolds. He is understandably like, WTF???? NO, but she convinces him that his professional wagon is hitched to hers, so he’d better.

They go to see the immigration people, and Ryan Reynolds discovers that there could, of course, be terrible criminal consequences if they go through with this fraud. He wants to back out, but then he and Sandra Bullock come to an agreement wherein she will promote him, etc. Also, to persuade their immigration interviewer that their relationship is genuine, Sandra Bullock blurts out that they are going to visit his family in Beautiful Alaska. Um. So they go.

In Beautiful Alaska, Sandra Bullock discovers that Ryan Reynolds is super rich and also that his family is super sweet. Lots of shenanigans ensue, and she begins to have a change of heart. They also begin to get to know each other as people, which leads to ~complicated feelings. It probably also doesn’t hurt that they accidentally see each other naked. (They are both in extremely good shape, for two people who supposedly spend their days sitting in an office drinking lattes and reading books.) Ryan Reynolds has a difficult relationship with his dad, and, for some reason, as a way of making up for his dad’s unsupportiveness, his family is like, you guys should get married tomorrow, in the barn!!!! …Oh. Okay. That seems – not at all contrived.

Meanwhile, their excessively determined immigration official contacts Ryan Reynolds’s dad, and he and Dad try to persuade Ryan Reynolds to give Sandra Bullock up. But he refuses. The barn wedding goes forth. But what’s this???? Sandra Bullock can’t go through with it???? Her heart of ice has thawed and she cannot drag Ryan Reynolds and his family into her life of crime after all???? She confesses the truth to the entire barn-congregation, and gets on a plane to leave.

Naturally, as soon as she’s out the door, Ryan Reynolds realizes that he actually does love her, possibly, now! and chases her to the airport. But (surprisingly, for a romcom) he doesn’t make it in time, and her plane takes off without his getting to declare his love on the tarmac. Instead, he winds up chasing her down in the office, where she’s packing to move to Canada, and, in front of all his bewildered coworkers, asks her to marry him for real, so that she will not be deported and they can, like, maybe go on a date sometime. The end.

Best Scene: Well, we don’t love this movie, but we do love this trope. So pretty much any time they’re getting caught in their house of lies, we enjoy. We also deeply enjoy this adorable fluffy dog, the real star of this film. In terms of specific scenes… Maybe some of the scenes in the beginning where they are negotiating their blossoming “romance” (lolz), that one scene in the bedroom where they actually talk and enjoy each other for the first time, and poooossibly the last thirty seconds of their love confession (most of that part is unbearable).

Worst Scene: Oh god. Obviously the scene where Sandra Bullock, biking through the forest, stumbles upon Betty White doing a Native dance and chant. The second half of this scene, in which Sandra Bullock starts singing and dancing to “Get Low,” is actually pretty funny, but the whole premise is just…not okay. NOT OKAY, GUYS. Although we later find out that Betty White supposedly has a tiny bit of Native heritage, it is still…not okay. It is terrible.

Best Line: The humor in this movie is mostly concentrated in a) the premise and b) certain scenes, and some of it (racist stuff, the idea that old people can’t be salty) really isn’t our fave, but Ryan Reynolds does have a couple of early zingers that we enjoyed. Like, “Pine nuts, and the full spectrum of human emotion.” (When Sandra Bullock asks him if he knows what she’s allergic to.) And, “I can pretend to be the doting fiancé; that’s easy. But for you, that’s going to require that you stop snacking on children while they dream.” (Self-explanatory.)

Worst Line: “We know you’re incredibly busy with a room full of gardeners and delivery boys.” – Sandra Bullock, being super racist at the immigration office. While we know that this is likely intended as an example of how she starts the movie as an awful person, so we don’t feel like the movie endorses this comment, it’s still not an example we would have chosen, because racism is not the kind of terribleness that a weekend in Beautiful Alaska can cure.

Highlights of the Watching Experience: THE DOG. THIS IS THE CUTEST FUCKING DOG. THEY GOT HIM FROM THE POUND???? WHO WOULD ABANDON THIS DOG???????? Also, why are the three women Sandra Bullock spends most of her Beautiful Alaskan time with Ryan Reynolds’s mom, grandmother, and EX-GIRLFRIEND???? Why was Malin Akerman his ex-girlfriend???? Wouldn’t it have been just as easy and less weird for her to be his sister, since she’s pretty much always somebody’s sister???? And finally, the fact that Beautiful Alaska was in fact Beautiful Rockport, Massachusetts.

How Many POC in the Film: A surprising number, although not great roles. Sandra Bullock’s crappy second-in-command, and many other employees at the publishing company, where we spent very little time. Both workers and immigrants at the immigration office. In Beautiful Alaska, some friends of Ryan Reynolds’s parents, and the local stripper/cater waiter/general store manager/wedding officiant, Oscar Nuñez, whose whole role was…questionable. :|

Alternate Scenes: Okay, so. This movie had a lot of Bad Stuff we did not remember from our previous viewing/s. The Native references and that terrible scene, general weird racism (especially around the idea of immigrants and immigration), and like…a lot of unnecessary sexism???? All of these things served no plot purpose and were really disconcerting. So our ideal alternate version of this movie would REMOVE all of those things and be a much shorter, more pleasant watch.

Was the Poster Better or Worse than the Film: Worse, despite all the things we did not like about the movie. The poster really looks like Sandra Bullock is forcing Ryan Reynolds into a BDSM relationship, and Ryan Reynolds is not a consenting adult. At least, in the movie, while so many unfortunate things happened around them, the actual relationship and balance of power between Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, and the degree to which they both entered into this situation willingly, was fine. (NOT FINE IN REAL LIFE, GUYS, MIND. THIS WOULD NOT BE FINE IF IT HAPPENED TO YOU. DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME, KIDS, ONLY IN ROMCOMS.)

Score: 5.5 out of 10 deportation-dodging smooches. It’s so unfortunate, guys. This movie could have scored a lot higher, given the fantastic trope, except there were so many offensive things.

Ranking: 34, out of the 86 movies we’ve seen so far. Awwww, come on, The Proposal. So much wasted potential! It’s like you were the class valedictorian but decided to major in media studies and now work in a coffeeshop in Williamsburg. Your mother and I are both angry and disappointed. 

Gilded Butterfly: a JB fic

Previous chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Chapter 11

Jaebum thinks he can break my heart and still end up happier than ever?

No fucking way.

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A Misunderstanding (part one)


Pairing: You x Jimin

Summary: Your best friend Yoongi finally got you to expose your crush on Jimin and now he’s determined to play matchmaker but you aren’t having any of it - not until Jimin starts believing you hate him.

Genre: ANGST 

Word Count: 2336

Authors Note: so it’s been awhile since I’ve written anything because of school and work but I’m back now! Hooray! Also, feel free to send in requests!

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[text message received at 6:43pm from Min Yoongi] “come over”

[text message sent at 6:45pm from you] “no”

[text message received at 6:45pm from Min Yoongi] “jimin is here”

[text message sent at 6:46pm from you] “That is exactly why I’m not coming”

Instead of a the buzz of a text message notification, the ring of a phone call played through your phone. You looked at who was calling and wasn’t surprised to see Yoongi’s name. You sighed and reluctantly answered, “I’m not coming over, Yoongi.”

“Don’t lie to me Y/N. You want to.” Yoongi demanded. “No. Ever since I let my crush on him slip you won’t stop insisting I come over.” He had done this regularly for the past few weeks and it was beginning to become tiring. “Stop trying to get us together.” You added, peeking around the corner to see if your roommate Sunyoung was anywhere near. She fed off gossip and if she overheard she wouldn’t be able to keep her mouth shut about it. “I knew you had a crush on him forever. You only confirmed it.” He insisted and you rolled your eyes. “Don’t lie, Yoongi. No you didn’t.” How could he? It wasn’t like you were obvious or anything.

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Alien: Convenant - ‘WTF David!’ theories

So, just watched Alien: Convenant last weekend.

FYI, it really is Prometheus 2 in disguise. Like, incredibly, blatantly so. I can’t believe Ridley got away with that production money…

Anyway, so general review: It wasn’t great, no comparison to the first 2 movies, but I think every Alien fan has realized nothing really meets up to those 2 (except Alien: Isolation). Better than Prometheus, and I would argue that I don’t think its better than Alien: Resurrection because as dumb as Resurrection was, it at least didn’t feel like 2 different movies smashed together.

The main problem is how its both Prometheus 2 and the prequel to Alien at the same time, and does neither one really well IMO.

But aside from that, this post is mainly about David. That mad son-of-a-bitch who is now suddenly, one of the most important parts of Xenomorph canon, for reasons I cannot say.

And even then, this is specifically about David and Elizabeth Shaw. Somewhat big spoilers, so turn away from the cut if you don’t wanna see it. You’ve been warned.

This is really for those who have watched the film, and came away from a certain revelation between David and Shaw, that maybe made them go WTF man.

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