the truth is a weapon


“Coniferous University’s Spring Semester begins Monday. Classes end in May, except Time Travel 3302: Hyper-productivity, which ends Tuesday.

Space Travel 2910: Exocide
Learn the plants, poisons, songs, and symbols you’ll need to slay hostile behemoths beyond human ken. Pass/fail

Marketing 1101: Countermeasures
How to get your message to the masses despite hypnosis filters, outrage vaults, and weaponized truth serums”

Jason Todd has a throw pillow with the phrase “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but a crowbar would do it so much quicker” cross stitched onto it. (No one quite knows where he got it from, but the truth is he made it himself.) It is is his weapon of choice when someone says something stupid. His Bitch Slap Pillow™, if you will.


Finished fics


Winter Shadow

MCU-related one shots

  • A regular day out - Steve Rogers wants a nice day out. His idea of ‘regular’ is a little skewed… (Fluff)
  • Lucky Mascot - silly short one-shot kinda thingy! (Silly fluff)
  • Welcome to the Avengers - Bucky is the only one on your side when you want to be allowed to fight alongside the Avengers. (Slight smut)
  • Kidnapping 101 - inept Hydra trainees and a case of mistaken identity. (Silly fluff)
  • Time for the Truth - the only way to get Steve and Bucky to admit their feelings - truth serum. (Fluff/smut)
  • Falling - just sheer angst really! Love me some misery.

One-shots based on Sia songs! (All MCU-ish)

MCU-related series

  • The Ultimate Weapon (22 chapters) - can you reconstruct a life after losing your humanity to become the ultimate Hydra weapon? (Angst, violence, fluff, smut!)
  • Mission Medic (17 chapters) - a SHIELD Medic and Steve Rogers are trapped in a cabin, both injured. What’s her story? (Angst-ish)

Marvel AU one-shots

  • Coffee with Bucky - basically an excuse for lots of pictures of Sebastian Stan. (Fluff).
  • The Butterfly Effect - barely Marvel except in the characters! Bit of chaos-theory-(barely)-themed fluff! (Fluff)
  • Closer - short based on the song ‘Closer’ by The Tiny (Angst?)
  • Damn Weather - bad weather and a malfunctioning metal arm lead to some fluff.
  • Barnes and Rogers, at your service - silly short about everyone’s (OK, *my*) fantasy home helps!

Marvel AU series

Real People

  • Mackie loves Seb - an explanation for why Mackie compliments Seb all the time, in (some of) their own words
  • In Vino Veritas - a game of Musical Beers with Jimmy Fallon leads to an accidental admission. 
  • Curves - #MomentOfWeaknessProject fic - Anthony Mackie


I have NO idea how to categorise this one!

  • TJ, the pansexual robot dragon - no, I wasn’t high when I wrote this. It may read better if you are though.   Not at all MCU or Sebastian Stan, just… yeah. Weird :D

Azriel coming home from a long, quiet night of scouting, nothing too intense, though his muscles ache and his skin is chilled from flying through the cold, winter air.

Azriel padding inside from the balcony and seeing Morrigan curled up tightly beneath the sheets of their bed, knees tucked almost into her chest.

Azriel taking a thoughtful moment to consider her hair as it falls out across the pillow in golden waves that glimmer in the pale moonlight as she gives the faintest snore.

Azriel smiling softly to stop his chuckle as he removes his weapons, places Truth-Teller against the wall with a dull thud, and begins working on the fastenings of his leathers.

Azriel turning in tickled surprised towards the bed when his leathers disappear, replaced by his bare chest and a clean pair of casual pants to sleep in that Morrigan has deemed fitting for him as she giggles at him half drunk with sleep from the bed.

Azriel padding over to her in that bed, enjoying himself as he tucks a lock of hair behind her ear and watches her eyes close, his impatient little love, she is.

Azriel moving between the sheets and pulling his Morrigan into his chest, forever craving the way her body opens immediately up and lets him in.

Azriel listening to her breathe back into sleep.

Azriel letting her pull him under.

Azriel and his Morrigan.



Look: it is an undeniable truth that the best prop weapons are the kind you would be willing to hand to a 8-year-old kid.  

By which I mean, prop weapons you can hit people with.

Foam battleaxe tutorial by Lost Wax on YouTube


Destiny weapons 3D concept art by Mark Van Haitsma.

For those avid fans of the rpg, fps, story lacking, item grinding, and massive waste of time that is Destiny. Like me. Then here are some great concept art of the most desirable weapons that Destiny has to offer. Sadly, I have yet to acquire any of them  thanks to the massive engram tease that is the Cryptarch

Still Human

Title: Still Human
Relationship: Widowmaker/Tracer “Widowtracer”
General Audiences

Inspired by @trixdraws comic New Years Eve. Thank you for giving me permission to work off it, I had a lot of fun writing this!


Amelie Lacroix knows she’s nothing more than a weapon now. But after the assassination in King’s Row, she realizes that the Overwatch agent Tracer made her feel human again. Amelie seeks her out again on New Year’s Eve to find out why that is.

“‘I’m not here for them, cherie.’…
‘Then for what?’ Lena asked, her voice beginning to lose its defiance…

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Modern Us

you should all modern like me,
all clacking heels and claw thoughts

what will you say with which I,
can capture you? I modern
with barbed lines; truths are plasmids,

everlasting shifts survive,

thoughts are guerrillas,
I must bring nuclear weapons
to modern up discussions,

I bask in understanding,
I modern in laurel style,
strafe you, modern you,
level you into the ground


Dear Michael,

The Defiant Dragons held no intent of purposely harming others, but the hard truth is that some bloodshed can only be prevented through violent maneuvers.  Those weapons were never to be used except in defense of oneself or another.

As for Datz, I’m certain he never meant to follow through on his threat.  He wouldn’t even hurt an animal unless he was going to eat it.

-Dhurke Sahdmadhi

Stop using love as a weapon to get what you want from her, man. She’s not a toy, she’s a person and if she did the same to you, you’d leave her in a second.

Overheard a guy say this to his friend on the bus today 

Conversations like this give me so much hope. 

World we live in

we’re living in the world
with the thoughts and meanings cold
that’s funny
‘cause the thing that makes you horny
                                      and bold
is money
we’re living in the world
where man is not a weapon
that on sale in the market
      he’s already sold
      and ready to become
a target
we’re living in the world
world of tags to tag each other
tags presenting tags consuming
 or causer
and the faces on their gold
but not on humans
we’re living in the world
with diseases and disasters
that we able to
but we won’t to do
while believing in the masters
 of the puppets who are hold
cut the rope
we’re living in the world
and in the world you live
you always hear a voice
                         that told
you things and you can make a choice
what to believe

Fave Bleach female characters

Yoruichi Shihoin

“Having a little trouble? Girls these days are all talk and no muscle.“

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Rukia Kuchiki

"I know the loneliness of being a prisoner. I know the joy you feel when your friends come to rescue you and the fear of them being injured and defeated.”

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Sode no Shirayuki

“Truth is, we Zanpakutō are nothing but weapons meant for fighting. Maybe, beneath it all, we do lack heart. Without your heart to guide me, I’m just a simple tool of destruction."’

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Orihime Inoue

“Maybe it’s impossible to feel exactly the same way as another person, but it’s possible for people to care about one another and to place their hearts as close together as they can manage. I’m sure that’s what it means to make your hearts as one.”

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Karin Kurosaki

“From now on, it’s my turn to protect my brother.“

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Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck

"One who possesses reason should require a reason to fight.”

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Tier Harribel

“I don’t want to become stronger through the power I gain by killing and sacrificing another. If I can’t win alone, then I’ll win as a group.”

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Rangiku Matsumoto

“You always disappear without telling me where you’re going. It seems you haven’t changed one bit.”

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Yachiru Kusajishi

“Of course! No matter who the opponent is, Ken-chan won’t ever lose!”

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Kukaku Shiba

"Been a while since we’ve talked like this, my friend. Lucky for you, I enjoy danger.”

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