the truth behind captivity

Light Doth But Shame Disclose :: Roland? :: Chapter 2 Start :: OPEN!

…That was it. Sofia was… dead. Drowned in a twisted fairy tale… It didn’t seem real. None of this seemed real. But she’d seen the blood with her own two eyes, there was no questioning it. And as terrible as everything was, it did make one thing a little easier– telling her fellow captives the truth. Continuing to hide behind her mask would only make her more suspicious in their eyes.

As soon as the hosts left, before the crowd dispersed, Roland(?) yelped a little to try and get the attention of her classmates.

“U-um! Everyone! I need to tell you something! And I need to… apologize… M-maybe this isn’t the best time, but you– all of you should know th-the truth.”

She swallowed.

“M-my name’s not Roland, and I’m not blind. I am the SHSL Lutist, b-but only as like, an honorary thing– I, um, practiced a lot, and no one else w-wanted the title…”

She tucked her bangs underneath her headband and unslung the lute from her shoulder, gazing out at the students around her with teary, definitely not blind eyes.

“Um… M-my name is Sascha! Sascha Ichihara. I’m the SHSL, um, Live Action Role-Player. Roland is… he’s my D&D character. I-I know, it’s dumb, I n-never meant to–”

“S-see like, I woke up in the forest in costume and I was really scared so I was like I’ll just– be Roland for a bit, right? When I’m thinking about what Roland would do I don’t have to think about what’s happening to me, right? I can pretend this is all a big game… b-but then you found me and everyone liked Roland so I didn’t say anything and then all this shit happened and people died and I don’t know how to fix things but it’s not fair to any of you, to not know! S-so now you know!”

The words tumbling out of her mouth grew shakier and more frantic until she finally let out a wail.

“I’m really really sorry! I was scared a-and I lied to everyone! I’m sorry!!”

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