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A/N: I had a lot of fun writing this! It’s the longest I’ve written on this blog and I’d really appreciate the feedback here  – I’m most likely doing a Part 2 depending on how you all like it. Enjoy :)

Harry loved family reunions.

Amongst the bickering cousins and lurid pitter-patter of children, he often found himself feeling at peace as his folks filled him in on all the stories he’s missed out on. He’d laugh about his jittery uncle who nearly burnt his eyebrows off from an old barbecue, nodding approvingly as his aunt gushes about her eight year old who’s just won the flashy new title of spelling bee champion. He likes the way they treat him too. With adoration in their eyes, resurrecting from the years they’ve watched him as a young boy (instead of the usual gaze of stardom he’s used to). He almost, if not, especially enjoys the way they admire his success, not as an ego-booster, but as a way of praising Anne for his upbringing, despite the major gossip that briefly tainted his mother’s name around her first divorce.

But even in a house packed with his most favourite people, he would always feel relatively exhausted from the length of the reunion, a full four days he’d reckoned. It was unfair really, he loved his crazy family, but he always felt like he had to put on his best face, never getting his usual dose of solitude to rejuvenate.

So when Harry first invited you to join him, he hadn’t quite expected you to be so patient with his family.

“Yes, he is very handsome,” you’d chuckle, “but we’re only friends.”

“You’re sweet, love, but I think this little girl wins the beauty contest, hmm?”

“Right, he is very good with kids.”

“M’only in uni, ma’am, so I’ve got a few good years before settling down.”

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I want to tell the truth to you. I wanna talk about my days as a youth to you. Exposing you to all my demons, and the reasons I am this way. I would like to paint a picture, but it’ll take more than a day. It would take more than some years, to get all over all my fears preventing me from letting you see all of me perfectly clear. The same wall that’s stopping me from letting go and shedding tears, from the lack of having father, and the passing of my peers. While I’m too scared to expose myself, it turns out, you know me better than I know myself.
—  J. Cole
I wanna tell the truth to you
I wanna talk about my days as a youth to you
Exposing you to all my demons
And the reasons I’m this way
I would like to paint a picture
But it’ll take more than a day
It would take more than some years
To get all over all my fears
Preventing me from letting you see all of me perfectly clear
The same wall that’s stopping me
From letting go and shedding tears
—  J. Cole
When you’re young, you always feel that life hasn’t yet begun—that “life” is always scheduled to begin next week, next month, next year, after the holidays—whenever. But then suddenly you’re old and the scheduled life didn’t arrive. You find yourself asking, ‘Well then, exactly what was it I was having—that interlude—the scrambly madness—all that time I had before?
—  Douglas Coupland, Life After God
I’ve moved further than I thought I could.
But I miss you more than I thought I would
—  Amber Run

Shout out to blind people who never learned their rights and equality growing up because the adults in their lives never taught them it was OK to be blind.

Shout out to blind people who grew up feeling like the only person in their situation and that they were just a special case and there was nothing to be done because nobody ever introduced them to other blind people, let alone competent blind adults.

Shout out to blind people who never learn braille as children because they “still had usable vision,” Who were forced to squint at and hunch over magnifying glasses and large print because the school system said that was better.

Shout out to blind people who don’t use guide dogs and have to constantly be questioned by strangers and families about why they don’t want guide dogs.

Shout out to blind people who are dehumanized and desexualized by society and feel like they could never find real friends or partners because nobody can look past their disability enough to talk to them like a normal human, let alone have a crush on them.

Shout out to blind people who are just tired of everything.

There was a time in my demented youth
When somehow I suspected that the truth
About survival after death was known -
To every human being: I alone
Knew nothing, and a great conspiracy
Of books and people hid the truth from me.
There was the day when I began to doubt
Man’s sanity: How could he live without
Knowing for sure what dawn, what death, what doom
Awaited consciousness beyond the tomb?
—  Pale Fire, Vladimir Nabokov
I hope to one day create a way of life out of depression that doesn’t mean taking your own life.
The cure.
—  Chris hardman
I wanna tell the truth to you, I wanna talk about my days as a youth to you Exposing you to all my demons and the reasons I’m this way. I would like to paint a picture, but it’ll take more than a day
—  J.Cole (she’s mine pt. 1)
I know I’m not the only one
Who regrets the things they’ve done
Sometimes I just feel it’s only me
Who never became who they thought they’d be
I wish I could live a little more
Look up to the sky, not just the floor
I feel like my life is flashing by
And all I can do is watch and cry…

I miss it when
Life was a party to be thrown
But that was a million years ago

A million years ago
—  Adele, “A Million Years Ago”
25 2015

The lovely daishannigans sent me this about Edward Brittain:


yes! anon, he was a gay man. geoffrey thurlow (who is shown in the movie) was his lover, though they’re very very implicit about it in the movie. ed was also rumoured to have a lot of other lovers before geoffrey with some of the other soldiers, as well as a few experiences while at school (his school was apparently “laced with homoerotisim”). 

His sexuality is what drove him to his death aged 22, when letters were beginning to be opened  and censored before being sent, and back in the early 1900s, homosexuality was a legit crime and according to his officer, edward was about to get court martialed for the apparent homosexual/erotic/romantic nature of his letters between him and geoffrey (i THINK it was between them two, but i could be wrong) and unfortunately, he allegedly threw himself into enemy fire as a result, being unable to face the law, the public, his friends and family and the shame of being a gay man then vera, though, makes no mention of it in the book, so you wouldn’t be able to find evidence there. although, in the private memoirs of edward’s commanding officer, he wrote about meeting with vera (before testament was written btw) and telling her that edward purposefully threw himself into fire (i believe he mentioned the homosexuality part too). in the book, she says he died heroically in battle, though historians now pretty much all agree that she left the true nature of his death out. 

SORRY i just kind of threw that all out there but yeah, i hope that clears it up, since the movie made it so low key and so insignificant even though it’s so monumental and would’ve been a great way to demonstrate and add to vera’s messages about the war & her society and i get bitter about it so i’ll save you from the rant but yes, edward was a gay man in real life and in the movie, though it’s not explicitly said (it’s more they hope you assume while watching it) xx

anonymous asked:

Hi! Okay so can we PLEASE talk about how Astrid said "Hiccup where are you when I need you"? I really hit home for me! Like, What's Hiccup's role there and what would've happened if he was there? I want to know everything he would've thought. Why was Hiccup the first thought is Astrid's mind? that's the question. And how would he handled the twins if they were doing all that?? It's really something to think about

Right after Ruffnut becomes angry and chews Astrid out, Astrid says this line. “Hiccup, where are you when I need you?” It’s an interesting line in many ways.

Astrid and Hiccup work as a team, and we well-understand by now they have one another’s backs. They save one another on a number of occasions, especially in dangerous, high-action situations. That sort of dependency does not need to be talked about aloud between the two - they understand how the other acts, and coordinate themselves appropriately. I do think that, as the television series progresses, Hiccup and Astrid become increasingly attuned to one another in dangerous (and docile) situations. It’s pretty cool. There isn’t this usual sense of WHERE ARE YOU ASTRID or WHERE ARE YOU HICCUP because the other is usually right there already, doing what needs to be done!

Hiccup and Astrid support one another in far more than combat, though. I have an old analysis about how Hiccup and Astrid support each other in their relationship, but even beyond that, there is a whole lot through which they rely upon each other or complement each other. Even the way in which Hiccup and Astrid call out each others’ faults augments the other individual.

Now, in social situations with the entire group, Hiccup and Astrid tend to support one another’s position. When Hiccup proposes an idea, Astrid typically supports it. When Astrid proposes an idea, Hiccup usually jumps on it, too. There even seems to be an understanding that Hiccup and Astrid will back one another up even when the idea is not popular with the entire gang. For instance, in “The Night and the Fury,” Hiccup optimistically allows Astrid to send the youths on a night-long training mission, despite the fact her previous drills have been a bit questionably hard core (hand to claw combat… hehehe). In “Dawn of the Dragon Racers,” meanwhile, Astrid begrudgingly tells the other youths to support the Acting Chief’s decision to proceed with the Regatta. Hiccup and Astrid help each other out in these social situations to help convince the entire group their ideas are good ones.

It means that Hiccup and Astrid, by supporting one another, can help smooth disagreements, differences of opinion, and sometimes even conflicts. Hiccup especially, acting as the leader of the Dragon Academy since he was a young teenager, is someone who gives the final authoritative word in disputes. He has frequently called the twins, Snotlout, and even Astrid into line. The youths listen to him and the dispute is usually closed once Hiccup speaks his thoughts.

At the start of “Edge of Disaster,” Astrid encounters a dispute between her and the twins. There is no third party to mediate the dispute or help align the disparate parties into some sort of compromise. Usually, that would be Hiccup’s job. All the youths would listen to Hiccup’s final word, and Astrid would suspect that Hiccup would treat her fairly, too, in the process. It makes sense that Astrid would moan, “Hiccup, where are you when I need you?” She wants Hiccup there to mitigate this conflict, especially since he usually is someone who calls out the twins and gets everyone proceeding forward in the same goal. Astrid, hurt by the twins’ outburst and struggling to build defenses on Dragon’s Edge, desperately needs Hiccup’s leadership authority and position as a widely-accepted third party mediator.

Of course this doesn’t mean that Hiccup would automatically take Astrid’s side, and I don’t think she would expect him to blindly follow her every word. She knows he would treat her perspective fairly, though. She knows he would make the situation better. Astrid, clashing heads with the twins, cannot make the situation better.

It seems like Hiccup, indeed, is someone who helps bridge the gap between Astrid and the twins in general. Even before Hiccup leaves Dragon’s Edge, Astrid begs Hiccup not to leave her alone with the twins. It’s clear she wants him around to help smooth any differences of perspective they have. Elsewhere in RTTE, Astrid asks Hiccup to repeat that speech “again” about how the twins are important. It’s not that Astrid and the Thorstons are constantly at one another’s throat - it’s nothing like that - but everything proceeds more smoothly when Hiccup is there in the mix.

I imagine that Hiccup would find a middle ground between Astrid’s side and the twins’. You would see him being notably sympathetic with Astrid. If she protests, which is quite possible, he would say, understandingly, “I know, but…” and then give his reasoning for why she should listen to his judgment. This conflict in “Edge of Disaster” might have been ironed out akin to “A Tale of Two Dragons,” where Hiccup tries to keep the peace between Astrid and Snotlout by teaching both youths about the other’s perspective.

The truth of the matter is the twins are goofing around, but they have a point that Astrid is being a little harsh and disrespectful to them. I think Hiccup would notice that. There might be some danger of Hiccup chastising the twins more than Astrid, but there would at least be a private conversation between Hiccup and Astrid where she releases her frustrations, Hiccup helps her see what the twins are good for, and she calms down and treats them more appreciatively. Hiccup, as a creative individual himself, would actually realize the potential of the ziplines and point out their good uses. I definitely do think Hiccup would get the twins working, though, in a somewhat more organized manner. He’s not someone to goof around like them. It’d be a compromise seeking peace, fewer biting words, but… well… Hiccup is someone who likes work to get done, too.

The conflict probably would have been averted and closed a lot sooner in this regard. However, I almost imagine that it wouldn’t have been as thoroughly dealt with. Astrid and the twins, forced into a situation where they have to learn to handle each other without assistance, gain a greater sense of understanding and appreciation for each other. Hiccup’s third party intercession would have smoothed tensions and prevented outbursts, but because of the outbursts, Astrid and the Thorstons gained a lot more perspective and understanding in the long run.