the truth about peta

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I'm not sure where you got your information about Alex the parrot, but I think you're mistaken. I'm pretty sure even PETA hasn't dredged up any allegations of abuse.

Peta is the last organization you want to drop here to support your point, I’m just saying. Google something along the lines of “The truth about PETA” and you will see why I say that.

Anyway, I saw this stuff about Alex last year, so I was just unsure if it was the same parrot we were talking about, but now I know we are. Was basically just fucking around on Youtube watching docu’s about him, but the fact that the bird looked so unhealthy made me uncomfortable. He always looked like he was molting, 

See? This bird looks stressed as hell. Birds self- mutilate and pluck out their own feathers {especially from the chest area} when they are under stress or under stimulated. I ruled out the second part considering she’s always working with him in a way that would keep his mind challenged.

This is what he should look like:

See how the feathers are flat against it, smooth? Alex looks like he just got pulled out the clothes dryer. And it’s not because he’s old.

Anyhoo, I just kept looking more and more into the story and it was very clear that the doctor literally saw him as a lab rat and that’s it. I’m not saying she was beating him or anything along those lines, but she def put the needs of her study over his well-being. Stuff like leaving him alone in the dark for days at a time {Which is very stressful for a bird that is bonded to a human} when she didn’t need him and stuff like forcing him to perform for her when he would be begging, in the words she taught him to say, for her to put him back. She tells him no and just keeps working him. If  we were talking about a small child or something begging to not be poked and tested all the time, treated like an experiment, literally born and raised in the corner of a lab, I think you would easier see what I am trying to say. Pretend? <– Count how many times he says “Can I go back” or anything along those lines, he clearly doesn’t want to be doing this stuff but she tells him no and persists with her testing some more.

She would take him to do shows around the place, and I ran into a video of a woman who also has an african grey and does the same shit. Somehow her bird didn’t manage to look like Alex did. Or die 30 years earlier than the species’s expected life span.

When I was looking into Alex’s story, I wasn’t impressed that he’s “the smartest bird” or anything like that. I saw a stressed out bird being forced to do tricks for his owner who only seen him as a series of tests, not as an animal looking to be loved and properly cared for. Not to say she didn’t LOVE him, or that he didn’t love her back, but really the lifestyle he was forced to live so the Dr can write her books and shit, is a far cry from the type of lifestyle he could have had if she saw him as her pet bird instead of her lab rat. 

To further clarify my perspective, I kept birds for over a year. Like yeah, we learned more about the intelligence of birds, that’s great, but Alex literally had to suffer the entire time for it to happen. I can’t remember all the little details, there was nothing dramatic like you would hear in an extreme case of animal abuse like being beaten or starved, just a lot of stuff that- knowing how birds work- I saw as being detrimental to him and his quality of life. The saddest part is he was just used to it by then and had just taken to self-mutilation to cope with the situation he was forced into. Literally you can see him plucking himself in the backround in some of the videos I was watching, when the Dr was in the front doing her interviews. 

I just find it sad.