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Part 2 witch!au!!! I wanna know more about their deal and why Neil's not Andrews familiar!

Neil is not Andrew’s familiar because he is not a spirit. Familiars are essentially the essence of a witch’s spirit and inner self taking the form of an animal. Gaining a familiar is a complicated process and requires blood magic, and Neil wasn’t summoned to Andrew’s side. It’s kind of hard to explain, but you know *jazz hands* magic.

As for the deal, it went something like this:

  • it’s the beginning of summer and andrew is tired
  • being around annoyances for nine months was exhausting and the only reason andrew is letting kevin inside his car is because of their promise
  • kevin stays in the car when andrew goes out
  • not too far but far enough that andrew can pretend to be alone
  • except there’s a cat in the tree above him that’s practically suffocating in binding magic
  • really, it’s a surprise that the cat’s even keeping himself upright
  • andrew… well, he’s not about to let a cat suffer so he takes the cat and does some magic to dispel the bind
    • side note: binding magic isn’t bad in any way
    • it’s usually used to make teammates/partners stronger
    • it can also be used as a sort of marriage ceremony
    • typically, binding magic isn’t permanent and requires the consent of all parties
    • however, the deal with the cat was that a taboo sort of binding spell was used so that he wouldn’t be able to escape his master without causing pain unto himself
    • that spell is not public knowledge–only the influential are meant to know about it
    • back to the story

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So yesterday I posted this manip and encouraged people to come up with their own ideas for a possible story behind the scene. So many of you wrote in (both publicly and in private) and I had such a blast reading all the cool ideas you came up with. :D

But there was one pitch that really stuck out to me:

“In the time period, magic is completely forbidden. Cinderella, the last of her kind, is caught using magic to resurrect a dead mouse. She is apprehended and sentenced to death in the presence of the prince, but, rather than allowing all magic to die out with her, she transfers her powers over to the prince. They wont be allowed to kill him, after all” - Secretly-a-geekynerd

So now I have this whole story in my head about this mage who had to sacrifice her powers in order to survives, and a prince who all of a sudden is filled with magic that he cannot control. So in order for the prince not to accidentally kill himself with this new power, he is forced to work together with the mage. 

But the mage was a healer and volunteers in the poorer villages to help the sick and injured when nobody else could help. So she manages to convince the prince to help her travel the land, and on this journey he will learn the truth about this country, his citizens, magic and true friendship. 

((In the shot above I imagine the the prince finally having conjured forth a type of healing spell. The mage is delighted because this means that they will now be able to save the life of a sick child.)) 

PS: The reason why the prince now has blue hair is because I like the idea of magic affecting hair and eye colors. It is also the reason why it has been so easy to always spot magic users whenever they are born.


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So did Ouma enjoy telling lies? I remember reading one of your older metas saying that lying wasn't something he necessarily enjoyed, but him doing it as often as he did made me sorta think otherwise? Also could you go into detail about "gentle lies"?

I’ve been getting quite a lot of questions about this particular subject later, so I thought I might answer them altogether like this!

The short answer to “did Ouma enjoy lying” is—well, yes and no. The long answer is a bit more complex, because it all depends on what kind of lies, who he’s lying to, and his own desire to construct and maintain a very carefully crafted façade so that no one would ever get close to him or figure out “the real him.”

One way to put it might be that Ouma very much liked the idea of lying, as long as it was used the right way, for the right purposes. He’s very much a prankster at heart, and like any good prankster, he’s pretty open about enjoying deception in the small scale. Tricks, jokes, pranks—all of these things when done right are relatively harmless and they’re all various forms of lies. And most importantly, from Ouma’s perspective, they’re all fun.

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Gabriel Agreste is not a good person.

But god if he isn’t one of the most interestingly complex characters in this AU.

Let’s get one thing straight: Gabe is a horrible person. He’s cold, merciless, and when imbued with magic nothing short of murderous. He’s a monster. He deserves years of jail time far sooner than he deserves redemption. But. But. Everything he does, he does because he’s human. He’s grieving in all the wrong ways but he at the heart of it does it from good intentions. 

It’s just that the road to Hell is paved with those very same good intentions of his.

(I think the same things can be said of the canon version of him too, but here it’s a bit more opaque I think.)

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I saw someone in the SU critical tag mention the idea of SU without Steven. While I quite like Steven (or rather S1+S2 Steven…), the idea is kind of interesting.

Connie Maheswaran moves to the sleepy seaside town of Beach City. She doesn’t know anyone. She’s not good at talking to people. Her parents are pretty busy. She’s got no clue what to do with her time. But one day, she goes down to the beach to read, and HOLY SHIT IT’S A GIANT ACID-SPITTING CENTIPEDE BEETLE MONSTER. Of course, Connie is quite the fan of fantasy, so she channels her favourite heroes and gets to defending herself. It doesn’t work out…

…but then she’s saved by three strange beings. Three alien warriors, like no one Connie’s ever seen before, with gemstones gleaming on their bodies and magical weapons in their hands. Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl.

Connie’s jaw rather understandably drops. And to her amazement, these three warriors are pretty impressed by her, too! She did do a pretty decent job of fighting off the Centipeetle. Just don’t get involved in this any more. This is too dangerous for humans!

Well, fuck that. Connie’s just seen magic and monsters right in front of her. Like hell is she ignoring that. But if the Crystal Gems won’t give her answers, she’ll find them herself. Connie sets off on her own slice-of-life magical adventure, to investigate the magic of Beach City and the Crystal Gems.

Along the way, Connie gets caught up in the strange life of this strange city. She tries to comfort her quiet classmate Peedee about working at his dad’s chip shop, only to have to save him and his family from a gem-possessed mascot outfit. The two bickering teens at the donut shop seem to know a lot about the Gems… but only because Amethyst fucking loves donuts. She accidentally gets the Gems into the arcade, and gets banned by Mr Smiley after Garnet gets stuck on the Meat Beat Mania machine. Talking to Ronaldo seems like it’ll give her answers, but it really doesn’t. The Cool Kids know what’s happening in town, but even they’re flummoxed by the Gems. Greg the car wash guy gets into frequent spats with Pearl, who can’t stand his music.

Eventually, Connie would get caught up in Gem issues properly. Her planet is about to get invaded by aliens, and she has a right to do something about it. She becomes the first human member of the Crystal Gems, and discovers their secret: their leader, Rose Quartz, has vanished. She’s got a penchant for wandering off, but she’s been gone for much longer than usual this time, and they have no clue where she is. As the most elite of Quartz warriors, she’s ideal for fighting off the Homeworld… but she’s gone.

And all she left behind was a message:

“Follow the pink lion. Find the truth about what they did to this planet. Humans have their own magic, too.”

please read if you run, or send questions to, a pendulum kin blog

i really think all pendulum kin blogs need to seriously consider what they’re doing. as a basic rule, you cannot tell anyone else what their kintypes are, nor can they tell you what yours are. if someone describes their experiences, you are free to give suggestions or help to them, but you cannot say with any certainty who or what they are ever. this is a very serious personal thing that takes time to understand and figure out, and your pendulum can help nobody but yourself figure this out. pendulums act on subconscious impulses, meaning if you want to learn things about yourself, they’re great, but they’re not great for telling anyone else who they are. 

ask yourself: how do you know you’re not just giving random answers to people? how do you know you’re not leading people astray by telling them their kintype is something it isn’t, or telling them their kintype isn’t something when it in fact is? 

i know people don’t mean any harm by this but it’s so irresponsible and has the potential to be very dangerous. the reason it’s really frowned upon to tell people what their kintype is is (a) it’s acting like you know someone better than they know themselves and (b) it’s extremely easy to manipulate people in this way (eg. telling someone their kintype is the same as yours, or that you knew each other in a past life in order to manipulate that person). 

i can guarantee you that if i sent in questions to different pendulum blogs asking if i am my kintype, i wouldn’t get all “yes” answers, so what makes you sure that your pendulum gives correct answers 100% of the time?

just because otherkin can be a spiritual concept doesn’t mean anyone should rely on a random person on the internet’s dubious magical abilities to tell them deep truths about themselves. i’m not saying all magic is false by any means, nor that pendulums are useless, but when you’re claiming to have access to knowledge of who that person is at their very core through just an (often) anonymous message on a website, you really need to rethink the place of authority you’re putting yourself in over impressionable people.

i’d mega appreciate any reblogs, i’m worried for the safety of young (and older) otherkin in the community 

Love, From OQ Master Fic post!
  • By the Grace of Fire  @the-notsoevil-queen’s gift for @gonewasanytraceofit
    synopsis:  Outlaw Bandit with a dark twist - When Regina met Tinkerbell, she found herself lead to a tavern where a man with a lion tattoo, her second chance, waited for her. She took a chance on love, and ran away from the King with Tink by her side. But the Queen has kept the truth about her dark magic a secret, even from Robin, and it may just put everyone she loves in danger.

  • A Valentines Day Surprise @believingispowerfulmagic‘s gift for @sweetsmiles1 
    Synopsis: Regina makes a birthday wish for Robin to come back.
  • A Kiss to Set her Free  @ariestess’s gift for @rcgalbeliever
     Synopsis:  For the first time since that fateful night in the stables, Regina feels a stirring of hope that love could be hers again as she finds herself standing outside a village tavern.

  • Signed Sealed Delivered: Valentines Day  @audreysl0ve‘s  gift for @the-notsoevil-queen
    Synopsis:  Set in the Signed, Sealed, Delivered verse: First Valentine’s Day after getting back together as a couple

  • Wildflowers @ofpumpkinspices‘ gift for @Illseeyouthrough (deactivated)
    Synopsis: Regina owns a flower shop.  Robin is a frequent customer, who also becomes an employee of sorts. :).

  • So This is Love blt_tana (twitter) gift for @spiral-nebula
    Synopsis: Robin and Regina have a sexy, (not quite so) lazy morning

  • Post-its and Paperclips: Valentine’s Day @brookeap3’s gift for @repellomuggletum15 
    Synopsis: Set in the Post-its verse, Robin and Regina celebrate their first Valentine’s Day.

  • There’s Something There (That I Simply Didn’t See): @dee-thequeenbee’s gift for @theonewithoutaclue 
    Synopsis:  A Play in Two Acts – Where Love Overcomes Hate, and Two Lonely Souls Find Each Other

  • I Don’t Think I Can Say Goodbye: EmeraldHardy8 (twitter) fic for @queenmills101 
    Synopsis:  A Valentine’s Day inspired OQ AU. Love is all around us even when one of us won’t be here for very much longer.

  • Happy Valentines: Evil_Outlaw (twitter)’s : gift for @ankareeda
    Synopsis: Missing Year Valentine’s Day. Lots of DimpesQueen

  • Moments: FraiseDandelion (twitter)’s gift for @lala-kate
    Synopsis: The Hood-Mills family have a domestic moment, while Regina thinks about their struggle to get to where they are today.

  • Before Sunrise @ghostofstartraveller776s gift for @jenningz 
    Synopsis:  Coffee before dawn and long work days can wear on anyone—even a superwoman like Regina Mills, single mother and business executive. She finds quiet solidarity for her hectic days from an unusual source: the nameless resident in the building across from hers who seems to share her unholy schedule. (Modern/Non-Magical AU)

  • The Dark Forest @glindalovesshoes’ gift for FraiseDandelion (twitter)  
    Synopsis:  “A man is lying on the sheep’s wool, unconscious, bleeding. His face looks as pale as the white wool, which is already drowned in blood from the wounds on his body. The shaft of an arrow is sticking out of his shoulder, the shirt he is wearing ripped and soaked in blood. Regina bites her lip before she makes a decision. What does she have to lose?” OQ AU
  • As Long As We’re Together @gonewasanytraceofit‘s gift for  @audreysl0ve
    Synopsis: Canon Valentine’s Day: Regina and Robin have a heart to heart about Regina’s inner fears/insecurities.

  • My Songs Know What You @the-alpha-incipiens‘ gift for @glindalovesshoes  
    Synopsis: DragonOutlawQueen. Mal, Regina, and Robin make a sex tape that David accidentally finds (and watches)
  • My Grumpy Valentine @gray-autumn-sky‘s gift for @believingispowerfulmagic 
    Synopsis:  Henry explains Valentine’s Day to Robin, and that Regina has never much cared for the holiday.  Robin is intent on changing her mind.

  • Happiness Can’t Be Arranged @gray-autumn-sky‘s gift for @ghostofstartraveller776
    Set during the Regency Period, Henry and Cora arrange a marriage for their daughter in an effort to save their family’s name and estate.

  • Heaven Sent a Hurricane @idoltina‘s gift for @mysterious-song 
    Synopsis:  After a spectacularly terrible Christmas, a hidden gem of a New Year, and a surprise meeting, Robin finds the course of his life in Holiday Land vastly altered. By the time Valentine’s Day comes around, he’s more miserable (see: overwhelmed, terrified, doubtful) than he ever wanted to or thought he would be. And while the prospect of a night in may make a rather dull holiday for most, Robin finds that coming home to Regina might be just the thing he needs 

  • Coffee  @illseeyouthrough’s gift for @Evil_Outlaw (twitter)
    Synopsis: A Valentine’s Day set up that goes terribly…right? Outlaw Queen AU.

  • Valentine’s Day inlovewithlanap (twitter) gift for blt_tana (twitter)
    Synopsis: Regina works in a flower shop and Robin is a frequent client who finally summons the courage to ask her out.

  • Capturing Light @yamariah  gift for rockchalk4583 (twitter)
    Synopsis:  He never thought he’d capture the moonlight again. She never thought she’d capture the sunlight again. But when Robin and Regina meet via grief counseling, “never” becomes a word they’d forget.

  • An OQ Mixed Tape @jenningz’s gift for @sydsorbet 
    Synopsis: Robin surprises Regina on Valentine’s Day

  • Storm Front @lala-kate  gift for @starscythe
    Synopsis: A thief goes in desperate search for a cure for his son, and finds a resilient queen whose broken heart is in equal need of healing

  • Untitled @littlejoregal gift for politeregal (twitter) 
    Synopsis:  Takes place right after 6x10. Spoilers from the promo of 6x11 included.  

  • Blooming Most Recklessly @loveexpelrevolt gift for @belleoftheballpoint
    Synopsis:  Five universes, five something-like-love stories; Or, four times Regina and Robin deal in flowers and one time they deal in hearts. [Storybrooke, pre-curse, Missing Year, Camelot, Outlaw Bandit]

  • I Love You LucyLovesOQ’s (twitter) gift for @ouater Synopsis: Set in the missing year,  as the castle prepares for a Valentine’s Day Ball, Robin and Roland care for a grieving queen

  • Stumbling @oparu’s gift for @brookeap3​ 
    Missing Year DOQ: Maleficent and Regina struggle with losing their children, and seek comfort in each other, Robin, and Roland.  


You’re not alone | One mistake that almost got Natasha killed brings Y/N on her knees. After long weeks of struggling and fighting anxiety and depression, there is someone who can help her. | Edit #1

Phone (smut) | What happens when Y/N teaches Bucky how to use a phone? And what happens when they are far away from each other for a long time? | Edit #1 

Who is she?Part two  | Bucky and YN are hiding their relationship from the team. One night, she decides to seduce him in a bar where the rest of the team don’t recognise her. A week later, Natasha and Steve discover the truth about those two lovers. | Edit #1

AvoidancePart two | Every magic comes with a price. Even though Y/N is enhanced, there is a curse that can destroy her. No one can play with her feelings and she tries to avoid them as much as possible, even when a certain super soldier knows her feelings for him. Can he save her before it’s too late? | No edit

The Whisperman  | He tortured her in the past and he did it again. Can they stop him and save Y/N? | No edit

Red | Bucky is the one who discovers the identity of the woman in red. | No edit

The Naked Man (smut) | Inspired by HIMYM - Sam introduces the Naked Man move and Bucky takes the challenge. | No edit 

Birthday People (smut) |  (Y/N) and Bucky’s birthday is coming and they are not in a party mood. They decide to spend some time without the team. | No edit 

Vintage Jukebox Party |  Tony made (Y/N) sing at his vintage party even when she hates his parties. | No edit 

I Will Find YouPart two |  Family life is turned upside down when the animals warn Violet and her parents that something dark was coming to them. | No edit 

I Care About You | First summer weekend/vacation with the team didn’t go as pleasantly as they wanted. Who knew Bucky could be such a douche toward a girl who loved him. | No edit   

I Love Drunk Me |  (Y/N) got drunk and said her secrets to the one and only Bucky Barnes - the man she had a crush on. | No edit 

Tequila (smut) |  Once the team is gone, it’s time to celebrate the three-month-anniversary sex, drugs and rock and roll style. | No edit 

Suit and Tie (smut) |  Y/N knows how to get away from Tony’s fancy parties. | No edit 


Truth or Dare | Tony’s truth or dare games can always end with a pleasant twist. | Edit #1 

Under the table • Part two (smut) | Someone wants to be a bad boy and tease his woman in the worst time possible. Then, it’s time for revenge. | No edit

Tell me why | Tony isn’t happy when Y/N tells something to the media. | No edit

Poker Night (smut) | A game night of poker changes to a sex poker. | No edit 

Safe House (smut) |The team has to hide in the safe house and finally meet Clint’s family. Tony and Y/N learn how to save water together. | No edit 

My Old Love  | Tony meets a woman who used to be part of his past. Now, he wants her back. | No edit

Sex Talk (NSFW) | Once Y/N is back from a trip, the whole team starts to talk about sex at a party. | No edit 

The Project |  Tony decided to show (Y/N) his latest project.| No edit 

A Victorian Sherlock (smut) |  During a Halloween party, Y/N’s fantasy came true thanks to Tony and his costume.| No edit 


Your Highness | Steve discovers the truth about his girlfriend’s origin. | No edit 

Birthday | For Y/N’s birthday, Steve decides to give her an original present.| No edit 

Not the Wedding We Planned | The team is stressing Y/N with the wedding. Both she and Steve plan something different that shocks the whole team.| No edit 

Unexpected Surprise |  Steve is sent away for six long months. When he comes back, something unexpected happened while he was gone. | No edit 

Ring for Sex (smut) |  Bucky and Sam give Steve a small and very unique present for his birthday. | No edit 


The Living Death | Y/N’s ability is deadly and she’s afraid of more unwilling killing. Luckily, Loki’s there to show her and prove her she can’t kill him.| No edit 

Before the Dawn | What happens when the team discovers Y/N’s secret band and what would Loki’s reaction be? | No edit 


From zero to hero  (Tom Hiddleston) | A hero from school became the love of her life. | No edit

Shelter (Sebastian Stan) | A Met Gala and one song can lead into admitting hidden feelings. | No edit 


A new take on what Lance can ‘contribute’ to the team!

Alteans have magic.

No one said humans didn’t have magic as well, or that they aren’t compatible with Altean spells.

Consider: Lance finding a way to learn magic. Maybe as everyone is too busy looking for Shiro, or when they found Shiro and everyone is busy with the Blade of Marmora and Lotor and only calling on Lance when he’s needed on a mission, Lance uses his much too free time to explore the castle. Maybe he decides to learn the Altean language to feel a little more useful. Maybe he gets an idea once the program offers him a word for a magic spell to spell out (hah!). Maybe he asks the AI if there’s a program for learning magic. Maybe the AI even has aids for those Alteans who have not yet accessed their magic core, like a magical battery artefact that runs out after a few spells but can be recharged. Maybe he starts learning some spells with those aids, carries a few artefacts around and does small spells on missions to help others. He may or may not be keeping it secret, depending on how Coran and Allura react when he casually asks about the consequences of humans using Altean magic. Maybe after some time he stops needing the aids, possibly drawing on Blue’s quintessence or his own instead, which increases as he keeps ‘flexing’ and ‘training’ it by using magic.

Just… adaptable humans. Humans who can use Altean magic too, because there a boatload of myths about humans using magic and there might just be truth in that. Humans who may be more adept at magic than other humans. Lance being the most magically suited of the team.

Lance, the long-range sharpshooter/magical support.

Lance with Altean magic.



Magi volume 36 Omake

I’m posting what i can read from the second part of the Volume 36 omake. There might be some parts that i might have not recognized so i’m sorry if there’s any mistakes. the picture is really good but my eyes can deceive me haha. Thank you so much to @vile-priestess for the source.



Magi volume 36 end of book appendix.

Brother Yunan’s Magi World occupation aptitude diagnosis/test.

“Everyone, did you understand which type of rukh you are compatible with?

The next thing is a suitable occupation diagnosis.  Let’s try to search which job you are suited to take in the Magi world! Answer these questions, okay?!”



Let’s start!

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hold my hand (consign me not to darkness)

When Oliver Queen returns for his final year at Hogwarts with the mysterious death of his father hanging over his head, he doesn’t expect much to change. But when he meets Felicity Smoak, a brilliant force of nature with her own mysteries, everything shifts. As they fall in love and delve deep into the secrets of Hogwarts, they uncover many truths about themselves and the darkness within the magical world.

Nothing will ever be the same.

Yes, a Harry Potter!AU.

Stunning artwork by @gothsmoak (who made three more posters I will reveal as we go along!) 

Ask to be tagged.

The first time Snape realized he was being manipulated, he was seven years old, and being goaded by his father. In his seven year old brain, albeit, a very very smart seven year old brain, he understood that what he was being told to do didn’t align with the negative consequences if he did it. It made him seethe with rage, knowing that he lost whichever move he made.

The first time Snape realized that being manipulated wasn’t a bad thing if you didn’t mind the outcome, some kids from Spinner’s End were sitting in a smallish circle on the dead grass, and Petunia, with a glint in her eye that didn’t fit with her pretty face, dared her sister to kiss the freak. He won, that day, at the age of eleven, even though she’d intended for him to lose.

The first time Snape ignored the fact that he was being manipulated, he was aware that Avery and Nott from the train were not being entirely truthful about the source of magic in a person, but they offered him a place at the long, scary Slytherin table and he was in no place not to take it.

The first time Snape lost control without thinking about the consequences of his actions, without thinking about the desired response from the boys manipulating him, he lost the thing he loved the most in the entire world. He vowed never to do it again. Vowed to examine every interaction for the source of desire, for a winner and a loser, for a long-term game.

The first time Snape needed to let himself be manipulated, was also the first time he ever manipulated someone else on purpose. He groveled, he lied, he cried, he fought, he gave up every scrap of dignity but nothing of his brain. Nothing of his love.

Even his death, even the most human moment of his life, even the moments he felt the most surrounded and doomed by the lifelong love of a woman he never got to gaze at the way he gazed up at her eyes  now - even that was not on his own terms. The last manipulation.

Lughnasadh / Lammas: Earth Magic

By Lughnasadh, The Sun God has already begun his downward journey, facing now toward the dark frosts of Winter. The Goddess, however, never wanes. She simply changes appearance. At Lughnasadh, She wears a face of exquisite abundance. During the season of high Summer the bounty of our planet is in full swing. We reap the benefits of fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs. This is a time when most of us experience exceptionally good health and robust living.

Lughnasadh marks the last heyday of the Sun God. Beneath the Barley Moon and Summer stars we, too, enjoy the expiring passions of the season. Marriages are often entered into at Lughnasadh as well as at Midsummer, and as Robert Burns tells us, it is a “happy night” that he spends among the cornfields with his lover. Lughnasadh is a tome when the symbolic aspects of the life-sustaining elements of grain spill over into every part of life.

Magical Herbs 

Lughnasadh marks a turning point in the Earth’s life cycle. Although Summer is hot and bountiful, more visible signs of the Sun’s waning strength lie just around the corner in Autumn’s fallen leaves. During this time of year, Witches use herbs to bring good fortune and abundance in their cooking, healing, potions, and spellwork. All grains, seeds, herbs, and flowers gathered now can be dried for later use during Winter or for decorating the altars of future Sabbats. Like herbs, grains are considered sacred and should be harvested with a magically charged “golden” sickle.

In many regions in the northern hemisphere, Lughnasadh is berry-picking time. In the British Isles, bilberries are particularly plentiful. Gathering bilberries at Lughnasadh is an ancient ritual that has bearing upon the Summertime harvest as a whole. If the bilberries are bountiful, the crops will be plentiful. Just about every herb, flower, and grain reaches its peak of color, flavor, and magical potency in Summer. Garlic is a particularly versatile herb that is used for protection against negative energy and to cleanse and purify the body. Marigold helps us to communicate with Faeries and increase psychic ability. Moss is for financial gain, and at Lughnasadh vervain is used for wealth as well as protection. During this season of marriages, yarrow is a common ingredient in wedding gift philtres and oils for love and union. Hops, used in flavoring beer and ale, favorite Lughnasadh beverages, are also good for sleeping and healing. Witches make healing compresses and teas from comfrey to enhance the healing of broken bones, scrapes, and bruises.

Following is a list of herbs to use in your magic during the Lughnasadh season:

  •  golden rod
  • nasturtium
  • clover blossom
  • yarrow
  • heliotrope
  • boneset
  • vervain
  • Queen Anne’s Lace
  • myrtle
  • rose
  • peony
  • sunflower
  • poppy
  • milkweed
  • Irish moss
  • mushroom
  • wheat
  • corn
  • rye
  • oat
  • barley
  • rice
  • garlic
  • onion
  • basil
  • mint
  • aloe
  • acacia
  • meadowsweet
  • apple leaf
  • raspberry leaf
  • strawberry leaf
  • bilberry leaf
  • blueberry leaf
  • mugwort
  • hops
  • holly
  • comfrey
  • marigold
  • grape vine
  • ivy
  • hazelnut
  • black thorn
  • elder
  • bee pollen

Magical Stones

Our imaginations can easily be taken in by the magical charms of stones. They are simple enough in themselves, yet we watch and touch and remember, sometimes brooding upon their eternal composition. Witches believe that stones, despite their seeming lack of animation, are objects of wisdom and great positive energy and, like water, are one of the purest of all of Nature’s forms. For untold centuries we have paid attention to the effect of light on form. The geometric forms of crystals reveal fresh new perspectives that aid us in preparing for the future.

At Lughnasadh, as at all the Sabbats, we affirm the time-honored importance of stones as our friends. In addition to prosperity and growth, we seek confidence to face what lies ahead and a strengthening of our bond with Nature. The constancy of each individual stone on Earth centers on a mystical kind of compressed raw energy. Stones contain dynamic qualities and to us they exhibit a magical sensibility seemingly at odds with their concreteness. Within the core of each lies imprisoned, like the Young God himself, the concentrated, exquisite spirit of energy and light. Realizing these truths about about the magic of stones is particularly helpful during this turning point on the Wheel of the Year, when we straddle Lughnasadh’s amazing paradox of abundance and loss.

Following is a list of stones to use in your Lughnasadh magic:

  • cat’s-eye
  • citrine
  • adventurine
  • golden topaz
  • obsidian
  • moss agate
  • rhodochrosite
  • clear quartz
  • marble
  • slate
  • granite
  • lodestone

(Source: Celebrate the Earth A Year of Holidays in the Pagan Tradition by Laurie Cabot with Jean Mills)

I Saw Mommy Kissin’ Santa Claus

Bucky Barnes x Single Mother Reader

Plot: When your son finds out the truth about Santa, you’re worried the magic of Christmas has been ruined. Bucky takes it in his hands to amend this.

Warnings: CHRISTMAS FLUFFF so sweet it’ll make your teeth rot, Children are assholes, but Buck is a doll💕, language (because it’s me, obviously), I guess like .2 seconds of angst? pietro x reader that you’ll miss if you blink

A/N: This really got away from me. I hope it makes up for the heart-wrenching angst from yesterday lol Dad!Bucky is the best Bucky and StepDad!Bucky makes my heart melt!  Piet is Pietro’s kid (obviously) cuz Reader apparently has got it bad for blue-eyed bad boys (I blame you, @sergeantjamesbarnes107th )  If you don’t like Pietro, just pretend it isn’t him lol (GIFS are not mine, they’re never mine lol)

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“Children are assholes.” You announce as you walk into the compound common room, cradling your little boy in your arms.  When you’re greeted by looks of pure confusion, you elaborate.  “Who the hell tells a six-year-old that Santa isn’t real?  Just who is that evil?”  You hiss as you feel Piet slump against your shoulder, a tale-tell sign that all his wailing has worn him out.  When his breathing evened out, you hand Wada her sleeping nephew.  You set up a makeshift bed for him on the couch before setting him against the pillows and blankets.  “Carl.  Carl Evans is that evil.”  You grunt.

“Y/N? You’ve lost me.  Who is Carl Evans?”  Steve asks after pausing the movie everyone had been watching before you had been paged by the daycare downstairs.

“Some ten-year-old twerp who thought it would be a good idea to tell my angel that Santa isn’t real.  He’s been crying for the better part of an hour.”  You sighed, brushing some hair out of your boy’s face.  “Christmas is always hard enough as it is, he’s the only kid in the daycare who doesn’t have two parents.  I’ve been doing this alone since his father died, but now it’s been completely ruined.”

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Ship: Leta Lestrange x Newt Scamander x Reader
Warning: None
RequestCan you make a newt scamander x reader series where leta lestrange come back into newt’s life and him and the reader are dating but leta thinks otherwise and makes him cheat because he still has feelings for her and also can u make sure the reader doesn’t forgive him to easily but have a happy ending ALSO looked over you’re stories they seem really good keep it up❤
A/N: Hello dear, I know writing the first chapter was really long for it shortness. I’m sorry darling but I still hope that you’ll like the beginning of this adventure with Leta and Newt. To every other readers, hope you enjoy too. Sorry for any spelling error. 
Word count: 2109

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  Being a witch isn’t what everybody thinks. You’re not doing potion frequently if you’re not a potion master else you can make things explode or worse, which is not a goal. You don’t use a broom to travel, in fact you usually use cabs or hidden portals. Brooms are majorly used to play quidditch and not every wizard is a good player, trust me. And stop being so cliché about witch. Not all of them has a black cat, to be frank it’s quite rare. Owls are quite popular in generals, even though cats, rats and toads are too. Ah, muggles! They think witches are all ugly with strange features and crooked personalities but they would be so surprised if they knew the truth about the wizardry world.

Being a magical being was a lot more than that, actually, and it was the total contrary of the human’s thought. It was basically another reality with many jobs and schools, creatures and of course a lots of magic but it’s still so much more than just that.

You, in this world, were a witch. A proud student from Ilvermorny, school of witchcraft and wizardry in America. It wasn’t as prestigious as Hogwart but to be honest it was all you ever dreamed. Ilvermorny was a second house to you and you made such good friends there that you couldn’t careless about which school was better than the other.

After finishing school at Ilvermorny’s, you decided to study the magical creatures. How fascinating these beasts can be? You wanted to learn everything you could about them and share your knowledge with the world. And so you traveled all around the world to write a book about creatures and their way of being. 

While your trip, you took a boat which was leaving New York to London. Walking a little bit too fast in the crowded area to get on the upper part of the boat, you bumped into someone and dropped your case, felling on your butt afterwards. The person you bumped in, crouched next to you and looked at you worriedly.

“Oh, excuse me miss. I-I think I wasn’t looking where I was going.” The stranger said, struggling to talk without sounding totally nervous.

You grabbed the hand he was holding out for you to take it. He seemed a bit taken aback by your features when you fully raised your head towards him. To that stranger you looked incredibly good and the mysteriousness in your eyes… He couldn’t help but found you fascinating and slightly intimated. 

You brushed the dust out of your grey coat and smiled brightly to him(which caused him to gulp and feel his heart skip a beat), even if deep down you were just as intimidated as him for the same reason he was for you. What a strange duet you two were right now.

“O-oh no really, it’s not your fault, I was walking too fast.”

You lowered your gaze nervous, feeling the sweat slowly forming in your back. Suddenly, you noticed something, in the corner of your left eye, slipping out of the man’s case, The little thing was furry and grey with strange appearance. You instantly recognized the creature and gasped. Was he a wizard? Could you really mention there was a Niffler getting out of his luggage maybe taking all of his precious bright things with it? 

The man noticing your surprised expression, turned his look to the floor. He bit his lip immediately seeing what caught your attention. His Niffler.

Seeing the little creature was about to rob someone’s wallet, you got your wand out slightly.

“Arresto momentum!” You whispered, the spell reaching it victim.

The little creature was slow motioning and you grabbed it, hiding it in your coat’s pocket. To be sure he wouldn’t escape, you gave to the little furry animal a few golden and argent things to occupy it.

The stranger saw the entire scene and was a bit taken aback. Slowly realizing your error, you looked at him eye wide.

“Don’t tell me you’re a muggle?” You murmured, using the British term for the non-magic people. You felt your body tensing up in anticipation.

“I’m not. L-let’s just go a little farther to talk about all this.” He said looking around, noticing some people were giving the both of you strange looks.You relaxed a bit at his statement  as you followed him away of everyone. 

All the afternoon after the incident, you spent it introducing yourselves. You were so happy to meet an other wizard and none the less a wizard that liked magical creatures.

“I’m (Y/FULL/N), I’m glad to meet you Mister Scamander.” You smiled. 

Since then you started travelling with each others. Why? Well my friend, because you had that same passion about creatures. After a while, you decided to combine your researches with his and write a book about creatures. It was going to be called “Fantastic beast and where to find them”.

Soon enough, with all the adventures the book gave you, you became good friends. Your relation kept growing and when Newt finally decided to release the book he wrote with your help about the fantastic beasts, he asked you out. Let me say, you were really happy about it. It was the most beautiful day in your life.

Basically, now, your life is resumed to write about magical creatures, see them and then be back home and do something with your boyfriend. 

Tonight, the activity you were about to do with him was a little bit more special since it was your two years anniversary. The both of you decided to go see that huge quidditch match between two of the best team in the wizardry world, of course one out of the two was your favorite.

You weren’t surprised to see that there was a lot of people at the match but sincerely you didn’t cared. You just focused on you being with your boyfriend and it was perfect just like that. But as you two walked in the stairs for you to get to the place you were assigned, Newt stopped dead in his track.

You turned to see what was wrong and you saw her. The beautiful woman you would saw in a picture inside Newt’s wallet. You use to see that face often when you were traveling and taking care of the beasts with your boyfriend.

You suddenly understand that she is probably someone really important to him if he reacts like that. He never really told you what happened with the girl, he only said her name was Leta Lestrange and that he knew her since the time he went to Hogwart.

You gulped silently as you looked at the girl slowly walking in the crowd. You saw the pain flashing in Newt’s eyes and you just putted a hand on his shoulder. He looked at you, his eyes staring deep in yours, you just smiled sweetly in a reassuring way.

“It’s Leta isn’t it?” You asked.

He nodded and turned his head back to where she went. After a short silence between the two of you, you gently pecked Newt’s cheek.

“Go see her. I know you crave it. I’ll wait for you after the match at the entrance.”

You immediately saw a smile tugging at his lips as he hugged you tightly. 

“See you later then.”


As the match finished, you slowly raised from your seat and walked to the exit. The wave of quidditch fans was leading you out of the stadium. As you finally were out of the building, you made your way out of the crowd to wait for Newt.

At first, you thought maybe Newt was just caught in the middle of the wave and waited for him, patiently. You tried to distract yourself with minim things such as little families exiting the place while smiling and talking happily about how their favorite team won the final… but as time passed by you remarked there were slowly many to little people leaving and after a while, no one was getting out of the stadium.

The night started to get colder. You shuddered slightly, your coat was at home and you couldn’t go back now because Newt was still nowhere to be seen. You had nothing to tell you what time it was and it seemed to you that you have waited for your boyfriend for years.

Of course this was exaggerated, you’ve been waiting for him for at least 1 hour 15 minutes. Still, this was pretty long. So after so much time waiting for him, you decided to head back home. After all, Newt knew his way to your shared house, if he wanted to hang with Leta so bad to give up on his girlfriend the night of their 2 years anniversary he could easily go back home alone.

And so you went back home feeling slightly like a forgiven piece of crap. How could he ditch you like that? Asked an inner voice but as soon as you asked yourself the question you found an excuse to it. He hadn’t seen his friend in years! Of course he wouldn’t enjoy just a little match with her. But still… on the night of your 2 years anniversary?

You pushed that thought away, giving yourself more and more excuses to his way of acting just until you felt slightly better and reassured. ‘Yeah, he must have missed her. If I wouldn’t see (Your Best Friend name) often, I would do the same thing.Right? Right.’

Feeling convinced by your own excuse, you showered and then went straight to bed. It was almost 1AM and tomorrow you had to go to the Diagon Alley to get some books about dragons and also a gift for your friend’s birthday in a few days. That’s why you needed your sleep more than anything right now but you weren’t able to close your eyes and drift away in the wonderland. In fact, you were once again showered by anxious thoughts about Newt still not being back. Where was he? Was he still at the stadium?
What was he doing? Was he waiting for you like you waited for him a few hours ago? Was he still with Leta?

Ah Leta, you didn’t even knew her and you let your boyfriend ran in her arms. Well not literally but you know what I meant here. You slowly started to feel the remorse. Why had you let Newt go up to someone who is a perfect stranger to you? ’(Y/N), how stupid can you be?! For all you know she can be Newt past girlfriend!’

You sighed and turned around in your bed. And so you did this for hours… but as you were finally drifting in the dream lands, you heard the front door open. Your eyes flung open straight away and you raised on your legs, walking silently to the entrance. As nearer you got to the entrance, louder got some whispers. You stopped to listen what was said. Maybe it wasn’t Newt who entered home, maybe it was some muggles hunting down wizards or whatever could enter your house so early in the morning.

“Promise me we could see each other tomorrow, Newt, please! It’s been so long since last time I saw you… I don’t want to let you go this time plus we have to catch up all those years you were away from me~!” The voice was whining, it sounded like a plead but also like a mirror cracking in your ears. The mirror felt extremely fragile, like it was just about to shatter in pieces.

You held your breath, knowing Newt was silent because he was thinking about what her friend said, or so you thought. Never would you have guessed he was hugging her right now.

“I promise, Leta, I don’t want to let you go either.”

You heard Leta sigh and bid goodbye to Newt as your boyfriend waved back, finally closing the door. You slowly let your body slide down the wall. You hear the mirror break into pieces or maybe was it your heart? You had an extremely bad feeling about what was said. Your heart sunk in your chest. Newt accepted to pass time with her… not you. Her.

Who in the world was she to take your Newt away from you on the weekends?! It was the only time you could really share caring moments with him!

As you were about to move back to your shared bedroom, as whisper echoed close to you.

“(Y/N) what are you doing up so early in the morning?”

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Hey there! I'm running short on promptis fanfictions, smut or fluff doesn't matter. Do you have any good ones to reccomend? Thank you💕

Hello! Sorry it took me awhile to answer this! I’m going to go through my bookmarks for you, but you’ve probably seen/read these yourself already and if you have then I’m very sorry :( These are just what I’ve enjoyed so far, but my “to read” list is so much longer than this…

Maybe some promptis people want to add their own fic recs to this at some point too? :D But here’s mine, in no particular order!

Life Imitates - T -  Riona - Everyone keeps trying to lecture Prompto on dating Noctis. Which would be fine if he and Noctis were actually dating. (This is so funny and so cute my goodness poor Prompto!)

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year - M - JosephineSilver -   During a wintery festival meant to celebrate the Six and the Oracle, Prompto and Noctis find themselves snowed in and trapped in a small roadside motel. (Multi-chapter fic, this one is long! But so indepth, and so good!)

Keeping A Straight Face - M - Yuneyn - Prompto is bored during a long drive and wants to have some fun. Noctis may or may not regret agreeing to participate.orI saw a tumblr prompt about those two sexting in the car and then this happened. (Short, funny, cute, I love texting things in this fandom!)

Running Down A Dream - T -  tenshinokorin - Once upon a time there was a prince who went on a journey with three friends. In that fleeting, magical time together they all learned unforgettable truths about each other, about themselves, and about OMG IT’S A STUCKEYS STOP THE CAR STOP THE CAR LET’S GET PECAN LOGS (Ongoing, multi-chaptered, basically this is the best thing ever? A series of scenes/drabbles from different points of the road trip and it is hilarious! Don’t forget the bonus B-Sides fic now!)

Patisserie - T -  becca2793 - He’s like business royalty, the exact opposite of Prompto. He’s not exactly jealous, though, even if that means that this dark-haired boy is beyond rich. Prompto is free to do pretty much whatever he wants, barring it costs any money, and it seems like Noctis is stuck in a life he doesn’t want to be in. Everything comes at a cost, though. He thinks maybe he wouldn’t mind being a little trapped if it meant being surrounded by people like this, people who love him. (Ongoing multi-chapter fic, this is really nice, one of my favourites, this one has a different approach, with promptis not becoming friends until they’re both adults, so this features a still shy/awkward prompto when they first meet!)

Lessons in Etiquette - M -  KnockKnockBadminton - Begins in high school. From Prompto’s desire to befriend the sullen, bullied prince blooms a relationship even the Astrals themselves could not have foreseen. (Ongoing, multichapter, another favourite, the writing is just so good this fic is great ugh!)

to wish under the stars - T -  greyskiesblack -  Noctis takes Prompto out to see the stars, which is super sweet and great until an Iron Giant almost murders them.
But hey, at least they get the tent to themselves afterwards. (A kind of PWP cute first time oneshot!)

About Time to Set Up Camp - T -  tactical_nuclear_penguin -  A series of one-shots in no particular order of basically expanding convos, little moments in camp, and drabbles that popped into my head while playing. (Another ongoing multichapter fic that’s a series of drabbles from different points in the road trip, it has sweet moments, sad moments, funny moments, it’s a really enjoyable read!)

Cactus in the Valley - M -  heyjealousy - Modernish college soap opera??? AU.Noctis is the heir to a corporate empire, in college to hone his skills and take over when his father retires. Regis is a little bit (a lot) oppressive, and wants to shape Noctis into exactly what he needs to be to keep business booming and survive in the shark-infested corporate world. Noctis secretly has other desires, but hasn’t been bold enough to chase them… until he meets a clumsy blond freshman boy who turns his world on its head. (Completed multichapter fic, this one is long, and it’s intense, there are a lot of ups and downs, and it’s a really good read!)

Smile - M -  KuraNova -  Set shortly before the road trip that would change their lives forever, Noctis and Prompto realize just how much they mean to one another. (Multichapter, ongoing fic, it’s friends falling in love, very fluffy and sweet and lovely! An enjoyable read!)

Okay I think that’s enough to be going on with for now! If anyone else has any they’d like to add, both I’m sure it would be appreciated! (By me too, I need to consume more fic for these two). Thanks for the ask, peanutpirate! :D

Rowan magic

Rowan has been my closest plant ally since my journey started last year September. This is the journey i talked on my blog about a few posts earlier.

She is a protective tree. The tree of fairies and witches. The tree of feeling who you are in your core and standing with that sense of self even if outside forces want to tell you you are crazy for thinking doing and believing what you believe in. You get immune for these kinds of false beliefs that others try to impose on you. I have been soft as jelly for all of my life, and have let these ideas and opinions others had of me guide me. That made me stray me far far from my soul path for the better part of my life. It made me ill and it brought me to my knees literally. Only when everything fell away, (everything fell apart around me) i started to realize i had let this happen. And that realization was the beginning of finding my way back, in which process i am still walking every day.  So very early i started to wear a magic oil i made from Rowan in a glass vial around my neck, and i have been wearing it every day, 24 hours a day since. And anyone who knows my journey from the past year knows the truth about Rowan magic.

They write about her she is a protective tree. The protection she provides is from the inside out. It is not like a circle of energy that creates a bubble to protect you or anything of that sort, because its not coming from the outside. The protective magic lies in the fact that she helps you to stand stronger in who you are and what you believe to be true, this way any negative things that are being thrown at you from the outside can’t get inside you nor shake your truth anymore..

This is how she protects, this is her grand magic!! 

A lot of people think that rowan berries are poisonous, but that would be only the case if you would eat a lot of the raw. And there aren’t many people who could do that as they taste very bitter in a raw state. eating a few raw berries hasn’t dramatically hurt anyone. But it doesn’t really matter people think they are poisonous, that leaves that much more for us who love to work with them and for the birds, who love them even more.

Today i gathered rowan berries to make a tincture, a new magic oil and a typical Rowan berry jelly out of them.The last one, the jelly will be my 1st time. I used one of the many and very simple recipes online. I roughly used this one in particular.

Here i made a straining system to let the juices come down on it own during the night. Its a reversed stool. 

Tincture made with the freshly picked berries from today. This tincture will be full of Vitamin A and C. Its a tincture that can be used in many situations, its very versatile. Pneumonia and urinary track related  issues are just a few of them.

Further Work With the Azoetia; Or Why Andrew Chumbley is a Genius and Probably Had Some Boss Ass Witch Teachers.

So here’s the T, I somehow got a hardcopy of the Azoetia. Don’t ask how. 

Made pacts with Sethos under the tutelage of my Toad. Got an okay, go ahead memo.

And I have been gradually reading my way through it, and trying my hand at some of the creations and exercises. 

And now in the spirit of sharing, I mma spill some hot T on exactly what the Azoetia is and what the grammar is capable of in a practitioner’s hands. 

Y’all better be thankful for this shit because I am literally putting my head on the chopping block here and can already feel Sethos giving me the side eye to tell me to mind my mouth. 

The Azoetia is a book of ciphers, codes, and sigils. The book details the processes in which the author himself explored the creation of his own magical cipher, complete with language system and associated sigils, against the back drop of the witch traditions he was initiated into. There is a healthy influence of Austin Osman Spare’s style in the artwork and calligraphy, as well as the hermetic thought evident in grimoires that were popular during the time, and good old East Anglian cunning craft, from what I can recognize. 

But here is the thing, that in itself is a cipher. Through the lense of his specific craft work, through his poetry, through his allegories and seemingly theurgic explorations, Andrew Chumbley reveals techniques firmly grounded in the workings of practical witchcraft that is shared in similarities amoung many mediumnistic, spirit working, sorcerous traditions around the world, as one works sorcery, they gain wisdom, familiars, and genius from the collective ancestry of sorcery as a people. In this way he unites the great work with practical witchcraft. To discover one’s soul, he proposes the idea of not divorcing oneself from this life, but actively engaging with it through the work of magic. By uniting the lower mysteries with the higher, we discover truths about our magic and our selves through direct work and engagement. This way, body, mind, AND, soul grows.

People think they have to use the fancy invocations given in the book, and work the rituals to the T, and be unscrupulous in the details, and that turns people off and keeps them away from what the book actually has to offer in addition to all of that. 

I’ll conclude with the invitation, that if you can get your hands on a copy, to look a bit closer, read the beginning words of advice, read Chumbley’s intentions in putting this work to paper. You may be surprised by what you find. By what kind of work is asked of you. 

Because the Azoetia is ciphers within ciphers within ciphers. The golden nuggets of power are buried and scattered and woven into the pretty words and long winded invocations and post graduate manners of speaking. But no one is saying that is the only way these mysteries need to be worked. Not even the author themselves. 

Look closer. You’ll see. Nothing is really real but what you make real.