“But X form of bigotry doesn’t kill people while Y form of bigotry does!”


Bigotry, or any form of race, gender, orientation, or gender identification is repulsive and I will call you out for it regardless. Because unlike some people I don’t have to wait for someone to do before I know that there’s a problem.

I just watched the kiss from The Truth six times, and not enough is said about the fact that Scully actually starts smiling while they are kissing. She is so happy and so relieved to be kissing the man she loves that she can’t help but have a huge grin on her face.

And the way she looks at him afterward? While he kisses her hand?

These two are so in love, it’s stupid.

Ve know vot this is about, don’t ve. It was a mob, yes? Zere is alvays a mob, sooner or later. Zey got my friend Boris. He showed them zer black ribbon but zey just laughed and-

Otto Chriek, The Truth by Terry Pratchett

Otto comes back from a shopping trip to find the entire building burned to the ground. He jumps to the obvious conclusion: it was a mob out to kill the vampire.

The vampire was staring down at his iconograph. It was smashed.
“Oh, I’m so sorry,” said William.
“I have ozzers.” Otto sighed. “You know, I though tit vould be easy in zer big city,” he said. “I thought it would be civilized. Zey told me mobs don’t come after you viz pitchforks in zer big city like zey do back in Schuschien. I mean, I try. Gods know I try. Three months, four days, and seven hours on zer vagon. I gave up zer whole thing!”
—  The Truth by Terry Pratchett
Think About This..

Chloe spotted Beca at the Activities Fair when they were recruiting a new set of Bellas

She ignored Aubrey’s comment about her also


But then Beca rejected the offer

Chloe looked disappointed about Beca’s response.

Then weeks have passed after that moment when Chloe was in the shower and she heard someone sing. And there goes her instant orgasm..

It was Beca. She also threw off her signature very seductive wink to her. Her first wink to her.

Chloe tried to convince Beca to join the Bellas and asked her to sing her lady jam. Then they started singing Titanium. They couldn’t get their eyes off their eyes and lips.

Beca decided to go to the auditions but Chloe thought she will never come..

And then.. With Chloe’s really bright blue eyes she spotted her immediately or she just has a built-in sense.

She likes those “cups” though (credits to my cousin about this dirty pun)

Then Beca became a part of the Bellas. There’s that really seductive wink again.

Let’s all agree Chloe’s a prophet

Now Chloe is invading’s Beca’s personal space. The people in the background though..

And she gives away these kind of things ever since she had nodes or she met Beca.. I think it’s because of Beca.

She always stands up for her..

And she said Beca makes “them” better

Let’s jump 3 years later

And the Bellas are graduating now and of course it includes Beca

Chloe says this..

Chloe also says this in front of Beca’s face

Which made Beca got weirded out because she knew what Chloe meant

She also remembered Beca’s audition song after 3 years

Beca’s graduating right? 

Come on now. We all know that’s not the only reason..

But seriously..

Without Chloe’s convincing blue eyes and attitude, Pitch Perfect’s story line won’t progress without Beca being convinced to join the Bellas. So yeah, BeChloe for the win!