the trust these guys have for each other

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Conversation between Obi and Haruka in "The Space Between"

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Shared History

Obi thought they’d had an agreement. He didn’t talk to Haruka, Haruka didn’t talk to him. They never met each other before, Haruka had most definitely not hired him for anything illegal like breaking his brother out of jail, and he had no idea Haruka even had a little brother. Apparently he’d misunderstood.

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'The Bachelor' contestants fall in love with each other
Just because you don’t win The Bachelor doesn’t mean you can’t find love on the popular show.

This is the first time I have ever been interested in The Bachelor: Two contestants on the Australian version of the show, Megan Marx and Tiffany Scanlon, found love not with the *bachelor* they were competing for, but with one another. 

Here’s what Megan posted on Instagram in honor of Tiffany’s birthday:

I met Tiffany in a very strange situation. Well… we were kind of dating the same guy. And it was filmed and put on TV 😂. From that first cocktail party, it was like this instant calibration between souls, as if we had known each other once before. Friendship ripened into something bolder, trust in a very strange situation was formed, and now every adventure we have rivals the other- and continues to make plans for itself. Yesterday I flew this beautiful woman to The Abrolhos islands for her 30th birthday! I have to admit that I felt so so proud to be with her, my favourite person, celebrating such a momentous occasion on the water- a mutual love of ours. She is so confident in the ocean and in every adventure, as if every new experience is a winning of the lottery somehow; a chance to grow and learn and develop. To Tiffany, experience wins over the worldly acquisition of ‘things’ every time- and I think this is why she is so open-minded, so accepting of others, so fun and so at ease with letting winds blow her towards a variety of opportunities. She’s helped me to disintegrate many of the ideals I’ve had that were harmful (about relationships, about career and 'stability’) and for that I feel set free. Thank you for always asking questions (detective Tiff), for being curious about people, ideologies and the universe; for loving people with such a wholesome love that I don’t know if I would ever be able to emulate. It inspires me. Happy Birthday Tiffany. I love you.

This is the reality television story I’m here for. 

161113 BTS 3rd MUSTER Day 2 - V Ment

Did you prepare this event for us? When did you prepare all of this? 

Everyone, do you know what’s the meaning of the color purple? 

Purple is the last color of the rainbow. It means to trust and love each other for a long time, till the end. I made this up a moment ago. 

But, just like the meaning, I hope we can see each other like this for a long time, forever. Because we’ll always trust you guys, and we’ll all rise together. Don’t just push us up, take our hands and come with us. 

We will soar high in the sky. 

ARMYs who let us have such a big fanmeeting at such a big place, thank you. I love you.

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Sometimes I’d feel sad because if I wasn’t a lesbian, my best guy friend would be my soulmate. We’ve been friends since elementary school. We have the same interests, the same sense of humor, we trust each other, he’s kind, he’s understanding, he’s respectful about social issues… I adored his personality and even acknowledged he was cute for a guy but my lack of attraction to guys meant I couldn’t see him as more than a friend. Then in our senior year of high school he came out as a trans woman. In college she began to transition. Our sophomore year of college we began to date and we’ve been going strong for over a year. :)

Il Me L’a Dit, L’a Juré Pour La Vie - Part One


Marinette didn’t think inviting Chat Noir in for milk would lead to this.

The heroes were 20 years old, in university, and it was now time to trust each other better than they ever did.

Part [Here] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]

Rating: Teen/ Mature.

Angst and fluff, and all that good stuff. 

Author’s Note: This was originally supposed to be a one shot, but it turned out to be longer than I thought, so I have to split it up. Hope you all like it! First Miraculous Ladybug fanfic. Let me know what you guys think! I know the summary sounds kinda… explicit… :P but it’s not… for now. 

Il Me L’a Dit, L’a Juré Pour La Vie - Part One

Warm Touch

Her hips swayed as she hummed around the dark kitchen, light only coming from above the stovetop. The white floor length curtains were opened and the windows displayed the twinkling lights of the city of Paris at night; the Eiffel Tower peaking over the other apartments. She bobbed the peppermint tea bag in the hot water, watching it go from clear to a dark yellow-green. She started to sing La Vie en Rose to herself. Her vibrato ringing through the room softly, as she almost whispered the high notes. Marinette was alone. Alya was staying over at her family’s place for the weekend. She had her dark hair in a messy bun, strands falling in front of her face whenever she looked down. She continued to sing to herself, and watched the steam from her mug dance in front of her eyes.

Meanwhile, Chat Noir landed skillfully on the curved iron railings to Marinette’s little balcony. He watched her dark silhouette, faintly hearing her sing. He gently laid a hand on the glass door, and hopped off the railing. Marinette stopped singing, and turned her head slightly to Chat’s direction. Busted, he thought, but he crouched down into the shadows, hoping she wouldn’t notice.  

Marinette pulled the tea bag out of the mug, placing it on the little white and pink plate, before picking up her polka dotted mug and looking over the island, to the balcony. Chat Noir’s glowing green eyes stared at her in the darkness. She smirked. If this was the first time she’d seen those illuminated eyes in the darkness, she would have been completely terrified.

Chat Noir stood back up as Marinette approached the door. She slid it opened, “Kinda cold out here, don’t you think? Wanna come in? I have milk for stray kittens.”

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I’m not sure why Tumblr isn’t all over White Collar. Seriously, it’s an incredible show with wit, great humor, clever plots, and AMAZING character development. Not to mention:

  • Gay actor Matt Bomer is the lead
  • Neal Caffrey: super suave con-man art-thief with a heart of gold and an intense love of all things artistic (he’s an adorable puppy dog cinnamon roll)
  • Diana Barrigan: daughter of a diplomat and a badass lesbian woman of color who isn’t sexualized 
  • Clinton Jones: A black Harvard-educated Navy man turned FBI agent who is cool as hell
  • June: super awesome black woman who is so sweet but also crafty and on occasion helps the guys with cons 
  • Mozzie: conspiracy theorist comic relief with a penchant for philosophic quotes and completely random eccentricities - who has a REALLY SAD BACKSTORY WHY?! 
  • Peter and El: They have the BEST marriage ever. Both are supportive, encouraging, and SO TRUSTING. Seriously, Peter constantly gets thrown into compromising positions where he has to flirt with other women, and each time they set it up like El think he’s having an affair but she just laughs at him because he sucks at flirting - Sorry I just really love the Burkes
  • Satchmo the dog saves the day more than once 

It’s funny, light-hearted, with great writing and acting, and touches on deep themes with grace. This show is INCREDIBLE and went out with a hell of a bang. It’s all on Netflix and you should totally go watch it right now. 

Charles Xavier Sex Headcanons

Author’s Note: There was an anonymous who asked for this a long time ago and I can’t find their ask for it so just trust me on this. These are short but I hope they’re somewhat decent. And this is the first time writing Sex Headcanons so beware.

▪Okay so you and Charles meet at a bar during his college years. You wore a wine colored dress and he had his eyes on you all night.

▪He takes you back to his dorm but instead of sex you guys find yourself getting along and talking until the sun rose and you gave him your number.

▪You know each other for years and the first time you guys have sex is before he learns of Shaw and all of that stuff.

▪He’s very vanilla during your first time it’s quiet, passionate, and very traditional. He is a sucker for morning sex. He just adores how quiet and calm it is.

▪After Cuba you and Charles end up on a dry spell, but since you love him you don’t really care. You can pleasure yourself and he’s still down for other things that don’t involve his dick ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

▪After the serum is made so Charles can walk again, well the next day was the first time you couldn’t sit comfortably thanks to the previous night.

▪Charles becomes bolder. Shower sex is a common occurrence

▪It’ll start out sweet, like you washing his hair and he’ll give you a quick peck on the lips

▪Then the kiss on the lips will turn into a kiss on your jaw, then your neck, and before you know it, you’ll be up against the shower wall, your legs wrapped around him

▪Charles may have become bolder, but to him there’s nothing like gentle sex filled of praising you and loving you.


▪Charles is glad to clean you up before you two cuddle and nearly fall back asleep

▪When Charles’ stress goes up, so does his horniness

▪What happens when a student is failing their studies? Sex.

▪What happens after someone tries to destroy life as you knew it? Sex.

▪What happens when Charles loses his hair? Sex.

▪For how much sex happens, it really doesn’t make up that much of your relationship, but that’s okay

I may just be the biggest idiot ever but...

I believe. I believe in Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. I believe they love each other and I will continue to always believe they have always loved each other. I can’t trust Steven or Mark, but I can trust in Sherlock and John. I believe in them. I will continue to love them, too. I still believe in you guys, too. I believe in our community, our family, because we are some of the brightest, smartest, wittiest, and kindest people. I believe that love wins, and I believe that if they didn’t have what it takes to make it explicit, WE will.

12 Days of Anime Day 8: Hibike! Euphonium

Hibike! Euphonum is an anime about band kids and it is completely, 100% straight in every conceivable way.

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No, really.

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Nothing gay here.

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Just 2 gals bein’ pals.

I’m serious guys.

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Y’know when I was in high school the Ultimate Extracurricular Lesbian Gathering Place™ was theater tech (trust me on this). But in Japan I guess it’s different.

*this is the most gay show I’ve ever seen that isn’t actually gay*

Ok, I’m being perfectly serious right now: Kumiko and Reina are perfect for each other. And that’s not just my starving gay heart overanalyzing shit again, no no, I mean, they actually have really good chemistry throughout this whole show. They work so well together and in like every scene they have together there’s so much gay tension. If you go to YouTube, you can find an hour, a FUCKING HOUR of gay moments with Kumiko and Reina compiled just from season one alone

And not even kidding, as of me writing this post, this ship ain’t canon

Are you fucking serious.

I mean, a big part of me knows all of this is just bait. That they’re just doing this for money and these two are gonna stay… ugh… really good friends. And considering Reina’s got her eyes on their teacher the entire series and in the now-finished light novels, Kumiko gets a boyfriend (because OF COURSE), chances are looking pretty slim. But… dammit, that other little part of me just keeps falling for it! 

For the first bit of the series it was a bit easier to admit to myself that yes, this isn’t canon nor will it ever be. The moments with them were super fucking cute, but I could let them just be moments… for the most part.

And then they put in that mountain scene from episode 8.

Because of something that happened between them in middle school as well as Reina just not being a very social person, Kumiko and Reina start this series off pretty awkward. As they spend more time together in band practice they kinda get better acquainted, but they’re still on a last name basis with each other and just treat each other as fellow bandmates. 

This scene right here? This is where all that changes. After this point, they’re much closer and they start to become better friends and maybe even more than that. It’s a big turning point for Kumiko herself, too, since Reina’s influence is one of the first things that motivates her to try her best in band. And it all starts here at the top of this mountain.

Of course the ship is helped along even further with them saying stuff like this:

Then when they reach the top of the mountain they play a beautiful trumpet/euphonium duet together. The song is called “Ai o Mitsuketa Basho”, which in English is “the place where I have found love”. And here’s some of the lyrics:

Hey, who do you want to see right now?
Hey, who do you love right now?
I’m always here wishing that it were me

Hey, I can’t see my heart
And that instantly becomes a worry for me but
We can’t move on to tomorrow, by just the things we believe in

The stars that rise to the night sky, do so as they keep someone in mind
How many people in this town are looking up at them? I wonder

Even if I’ve seen all the beautiful things in the world gathered before my eyes
Nothing compares to you who’s smiling for me right now

Looking at it again it’s really symbolic of them deciding to reach for their dreams together and Reina sort of inspiring Kumiko to aim higher. Especially because directly after this they begin preparing for auditions.

But guys.

It’s a love song.

It’s a love song.


KyoAni, please, I beg of you, fuck the source material and just let it happen. PLEASE.

   plot where MUSE A has just had her heart ripped apart by her boyfriend of eight years, who has not only cheated on her but left her for the other woman. devastated, she is forced to move back home with her family and rebuild the fragments of her life she’s been left with. one day whilst walking around town, she bumps into MUSE B, someone who was in the year above her at school and went out with tons of girls. they weren’t really friends but they used to have a little thing for each other. basically he wants to catch up with her and go out for some lunch and he’s instantly captivated by her like wow, how could this guy have let her go?? but yeah MUSE B has to slowly pick up the pieces of MUSE A bc she’s still completely hung up and in love with her ex. like she’s such a fragile little thing that is now riddled with trust issues and needs protecting and he is just raring to jump in and be with her but he has to wait for once his life and yes. PLEASE.

imagine the car ride over to the grocery store with pearl, garnet, lapis, and peridot though

peridot: why couldn’t amethyst come with us?
garnet: the last time we brought amethyst to the grocery store she freed the lobsters from their tank and forced them to fight each other for off-brand chocolate chip cookies.
lapis: i don’t understand half of what you just said.
garnet: trust me. if we had brought amethyst with us, the possibilities would not have been… good.
pearl: alright, what are we picking up from the store again, guys?
peridot: OOH! get a cake! steven’s a human just like andy and steven loves cake, so by default andy must love it too!
lapis: that sounds right. didn’t he say something about marriage? should we get him one of those too?
pearl: that’s not how marriage works, lapis.
lapis: well then how does it work? i thought humans could buy anything with money. that’s why they all want it so bad.
garnet: marriage is an earth celebration of love.
peridot: a celebration? that must be what andy wants! i’ll look up a list of human celebrations on my tablet!
pearl: why did you bring that.
lapis: a death celebration? why would humans celebrate the deaths of other humans?
garnet: there are a few humans i’d celebrate the deaths of.
peridot: wait, do you guys hear that? … HOLY SMOKES! THE CAR IS TICKING! IT’S ABOUT TO EXPLODE, WE ALL HAVE TO GET OUT NOW!!
pearl: wait peridot that’s just the TURN SIGNAL CLOSE THE VAN DOOR WE ARE ON THE HIGHWAY
garnet: i saw all this coming.
lapis: why didn’t you stop it?
garnet: i though it would be funny. …. i was right.

How they react to their girlfriend being in the fashion industry [Got7]

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JB would be super impressed that you had your own career that you were passionate about.  He would love to sit in the corner while he waited for you to break for lunch and watching you delegate roles to your team.  For him, seeing his girlfriend being a innovative and creative leader in her field would make him so proud.  He would also love you styling him and designing for him when he has to make public appearances and would trust you with giving him advice.  He would even offer to take your instagram pictures, since you have over a million followers, knowing that he sees your vision for each look.  You both know how much pressure and handwork go in to being a leader so when you are both home, you leave work at work.  That means that you guys are more often than not lounging around the house in messy sweats or onesies with no makeup on, just enjoying each other’s company and being 100% comfortable with each other.  

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Mark is the least likely to have successful relationship with someone in fashion.  It’s not that he doesn’t like seeing you happy but he can’t stand the people you work with that all seem stuck up and overly chic.  While he appreciates the hard work that goes into design and styling, he finds it overly knit picky at times.  He, more than anyone, wants to feel comfortable and himself in his clothes, so when you try and suggest things for him, he gets defensive and pushes you away.  He wants someone that doesn’t feel like they have to keep up appearances for their job but is relaxed and authentic in every part of their life.  

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Jackson would tease you mercilessly about every cool opportunity you got through your work and how you are a big time fashionista, but then he would be your biggest cheerleader when you nail that A list client’s red carpet ensemble, have your look featured in a magazine, or have your own runway show.  He would love to be styled, even when you guys would fight over what’s most flattering on him.  “I look so short and you can’t even see my arms!”  You would role your eyes at him but compromise until he found something he loved.  He would love that you take fashion seriously and use it as an opportunity to show you off to anyone who would listen.  “You like my outfit?  My girlfriend styled me tonight.  She’s the one over there.  Doesn’t she look amazing?”

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Jinyoung love to be creative with you.  In many ways, he would be just as good a cheerleader as Jackson but he would also be a great person to bounce ideas off of.  He would come to your office to bring you your favorite coffee and you would tell him about all the roadblocks you are facing with current looks and designs.  He would listen and earnestly try and help you find solutions which you would really appreciate.  You two would be great at collaborating together and get inspired by the same things; books, movies, music, etc.  He is always looking to be inspired by things around him and would love to see how you recommend him translating those touches into his own unique style.

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Youngjae would think your reputation as a fashionista would make you adorable.  He would love the pictures you upload online of your looks and screenshot all his favorites for his phone background.  He wouldn’t want you to style him though.  When you tried, he would whine and get grouchy.  “Just let me pick for myself!”  At first, it would be hard for you to hold your tongue but eventually, you would embrace that he has his own style he prefers and you would start bringing him home items from shoots that you knew would fit into his look like designer hoodies, oversized shirts, and fun printed socks.  He would be very appreciative of your gifts and work those into his everyday looks.  He would appreciate your career but he would be the least likely to want to get heavily involved in the process.  Rather, he would eagerly wait for when you weren’t working to spend his time with you and encourage you from the sideline.

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Bambam would feel like the luckiest man on the planet.  Not only is his girlfriend super amazing and beautiful but also loves fashion as much as he does.  He would work with you exclusively on creating very avant grade and interesting looks.  He wouldn’t trust anyone else but you since you 100% understand his aesthetic.  He appreciates that you encourage him to take risks with his fashion instead of mocking him like some of his members do.  You both would be accessories to each other and take some amazing red carpet pictures.  It wouldn’t be long before you were known by the whole industry as “that fashionable couple.”

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Yugyeom would love to see you happy and encourage you every step of the way.  He would think you look amazing in everything and your looks would leave him blushing with admiration.  He would willfully let you steal the spotlight where ever you went.  In turn, he would wear whatever you told him too.  He would be love how you interpreted and crafted his look.  He would send you pictures of American artists that he liked asking if he can pull off their looks.  You would happily oblige him and add those western touches that he liked.  The one important factor for his outfits was that he had to be able to dance in them.  As long as that need was met, he was your muse.

i was watching a “theory for rogue one” where these two guys predicted what the movie would be and like they whole time they’re talking about how cassian and jyn would have this epic bond and growth of trust within each other and i started crying, because that’s exactly what we got just the only thing they got wrong was that they didn’t survive in the end

Some people are generally upset about the fact they didn’t talk about the kiss but I’m kinda glad they didn’t. I think the whole point of this show is to focus on Yuuri growing as person and ice skating. I kinda like how the romance isn’t the main focus. Besides they don’t need to talk about the kiss, it’s painfully obvious those two have some kind of relationship. I feel like Yuri on Ice is more about actions than words. Yuri and Victor don’t need to talk about every aspect of their relationship or declare their undying love for each other. Their actions towards each other tells me everything.

Long story short, I’m really glad they didn’t talk about the kiss but you can tell in episode 8 that something has definitely shifted in their relationship.

Guys trust the creators, they know what they’re doing

Miraculous Ladybug - Love Square Week Day One: Senses

I am a day behind (well two days since I think the main tumblr for this event is another day ahead of me?) but hi hi! Starting off simple until I catch up. Anyway, we’ll be doing at least one of the four corners for the first four days, starting with LadyNoir.

Ladybug’s Lucky Charm is… a blindfold? Nothing shifty about this involved, m'kay you guys? Just a blackout scenario like in Stormy Weather/Climatika, sometimes, Ladybug needs to rely on her partner’s senses. That’s what we like about their dynamic, right? I mean seriously, if I could trust anyone the way these two trust each other, oh boy would I be in love. Omg, if there was an episode where they literally have to dance in the dark, it would be amaaazing~!

Anyway, gonna bounce. Gotta get Day Two - Bonding out before midnight so I can focus on day three!

my favourite fanon friendship group dynamics is the seijou 3rd years. because..

  • makki and mattsun being sassy memekings and constantly teasing iwa and oikawa 
  • mattsun and makki observing the iwa and oikawa shenanigans and occasionally chiming in with their own teasing remarks
  • omg our friends are huge dorks and they flirt unknowingly all the time but we love them, ok - mattsun & makki about iwa and oikawa
  • they all group up on oikawa all the time (but they all support him and have trust in him above all)
  • oikawa always coming up with dumb games for them to play (once they played fuck marry kill for 3 hours)
  • oikawa and iwaizumi finding out that unfortunately makki and mattsun have even less shame after they start officially dating
  • but mattsun and makki will tease iwa and oikawa mercilessly for the smallest signs of affection (the pda jar was real at some point you guys)
  • all of them being supper supportive of each other and just great friends every step at the way
  • all of them teasing their volleyball club kouhais all the time. they actually refer to them as their kids and once argued which kouhai is their kid
  • mattsun and makki claim kunimi is 100% their kid. they see the sass potential in him
  • yahaba is oikawa’s kid and also 100% done with this team
  • kyoutani is iwaoi’s kid but hates one of his dads. oikawa is sad
  • mattsun and makki once told kindaichi that they expect him to ask them if he wants to date their son
  • mattsun makki iwa and oikawa organise those date nights every week when they hang out in someone’s house, eat junk food and watch shitty movies or play oikawa’s crappy games
  • when iwa and oikawa finally get together (which is actually after they graduate) the first person who oikawa calls is makki and makki fucking cries on the phone (he won’t ever admit it tho)
  • iwaizumi and oikawa get married first and matsukawa proposes to hanamaki when makki catches the bouquet. it’s oikawa’s turn to cry

(all of those are inspired by the fandom headcanons, some are here: seijou adventures, wedding headcanon. i love this fandom ok ♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡)

mystrade in thirty different AU settings (x):

  •   [17/30] Superpowers AU

In the world where everyone has more or less useful superpower Mycroft’s ability to freeze is nothing special and the title of The Ice Man nothing more than a childish invective. The fact that he never witnessed Detective Inspector Lestrade use any powers is much more fascinating.

Especially when Mycroft realizes it has nothing to do with Gregory’s lack of ability and everything with his firm statement against using mind control.

Lust or Love? (M Rated) - Optional Bias Scenario

A mature, sexual read. When you and your best friend finally have sex, great sex.

Involves: Adult content, curse words


You had a really oddly comfortable relationship with your best friend. You guys have been living with each other since you both turned 20 and it felt like it was a good idea at the time. You trusted him, he trusted you. And knowing each other for nearly 9 years had its perks. You were completely aware of how he was and same was with him to you. There were absolutely no secrets to hide from each other. Except for one minor detail.

Yah! __________ ___________!

You heard your full name called throughout the hallway as you sat in your room, focused on your laptop and your laptop only.


That time, you didn’t want to ignore it.

What?!” you screamed.

Your door busted open with your best friend and roommate on the other side with his mouth in a slight pout and his eyebrows shifted downward at the sight of you obsessed with your laptop, sitting on top of your bed.

What is it (_________)?

He took a deep breath, “can I use your laptop?

You snorted, “what? What happened with yours?

I lost my charger and now its dead.

Well, what do you need my laptop for?

I wanted to watch something–

You immediately interrupted him, “uh uh. Nope! I’m letting you watch that kind of stuff on my laptop! I don’t any viruses!

Come on __________! Do you honestly think I’m going to?

I don’t think, I know! You have hormones and I’m sure you do this when I’m not around.

That’s not true!

You’re a liar.

Can I just please use your laptop?

You lowered your head and pinched between your eyebrows, “are you going to buy me virus protection?

It’s just for tonight.

Porn can do so much in one night (_________)!

Ahhh~ __________!

I don’t understand what’s the big deal anyway! It’s just people having sex.

Then watch it with me!

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What this event means to me

Guys. It’s really hitting me that I am seeing @taylorswift in less than two weeks!!!! It’s the first time in 10 years I’ve gotten something special from @taylornation and that’s kind of crazy. They know who I am. 10 years ago I had no friends and felt beyond alone and betrayed. I couldn’t trust any girls again. But I let Taylor in and I’m so glad I did she got me through and taught me female friendships can also be about empowering each other. Now I have some amazing friends and get to see her live again. This time because she wants me there. That is mind blowing. I love you swifties Taylor and TN. Hope I can sleep before February lol

lmao I’m so tired of guys, im hella tired of having feelings. I just got done crying over my crush because my best friend, who knew I liked him, decided to start talking with them and keep things a secret from me. I’m fine with them talking but the fact that that they kept it from me even though I’m the one who introduced them to each other makes me sorta hate them. I’m so done with guys, this is why I have hella bad trust issues