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So, this week is apparently the last days ever that is going to actually exist as a thing. I can’t even tell if all these posts will still exist on Wednesday. Got a huge amount of posts from Vine this year, so for the next couple days lets share some content from Vine before it vanishes. A flock of birds flying over Stokksnes, Iceland.

The trumpet of the swan was always my favorite book as a kid so I thought I’d combine it with my favorite dinosaur: Parasaurolophus tubicen! I hardly ever see Hadrosaurines portrayed with feathers so here’s my spin on it. Modest and anserinesque. May do a series of these, hadrosaurs with duck/goose/swan feathers. If you have a suggestion or a request leave it in a comment and I may just do it. Im feeling Saurolophus as a canadian goose next, tbh. We’ll see.

EDIT: I know hadrosaurs didnt have feathers but am I gonna pass up the opportunity to draw duck-billed dinosaurs like ducks? no sir.

The Long Dream of a Cicada

(originally published in Up The Staircase Quarterly)

In the fiftieth year of our marriage
we hear singing under the house.
The kitchen seems to be the heart of it
so we sit there
and take apart the floorboards
with our fingernails
until it is found crooning–
the box of cherry wood
held together by honey
and filled with cicadas.
Fifty years they were here.
Fifty years I knelt at their coffin
and worshipped how they
Fifty years they were dying
and now, like swans,
they trumpet the end.
I made this for you.
I fell the tree.
I built the casket.
I gathered the insects
and set them inside.
I picked the wings from their backs
and like this I became God to them.
Because they loved me so immensely,
they did not sing
for half of a century.
They slept and dreamed of flight in summer,
of a tree that lived
and grew red fruit.
And for what?
To become, in their last hour,
a music box
in your big palm.
Didn’t you stay like them?
Do they call you away now?
If you leave the house
you will find wings, they say.
Bushels of wings.
Creatures rattling the thick air
​with the instruments of their sovereign bodies.


Trumpeter Swan & Cygnet (Cygnus buccinator) by Gregory “Slobirdr” Smith
Via Flickr:
Our largest native swan in North America, they can be found on isolated ponds that provide sufficient forage and open water…


What if Zayn were a duckling? - an AU

Phone conversation between Lilo afterwards:


Louis: Isn’t it too early to be pulling birds at the club?

Liam: I mean a real bird! Uh, a quack quack bird? At the park. Anyway, it was the bird who pulled me, actually -

Louis: [stops chewing gum]

Liam: - it pulled my shoelace, I mean. Haha! And then guess what -

Louis: Okay. Are you telling me that instead of Leda and the swan, we’ve now got Liam and the duck.

Liam: W-wait a second. [angrily] What exactly -

Louis: I’m not saying you’re going to pop out two sets of twins in a pair of eggs, for god’s sake, Li, calm down. If your duck turns out to be a Greek god I don’t think you’d complain

Liam: You think I’m joking, but I’m not. It could write! You should come see this duck.

Louis: [grimly] No thanks. The only duck I like is Donald.

Liam: But there’s other wildlife around too…maybe you’ll meet a cool creature too like-

Louis: I hear Niall at the doorbell. Talk to you later, Liam! Cheers. [Hangs up]

Liam: [sadly] …like…a frog or something….

It only took me a millenia to get this finished…DAYUM she’s finally done! Vivien the Umbra Witch! 

She’s not perfect, but I had to kick myself into gear and get this finished! 

Vivien is a Witch that was born in France to a Gypsy Mother. However her Mother left when she was very young, and thus she was raised by her Father, the Mortal Musician. She was taken away from her Father and into the Umbran Clan after exhibiting a powerful affinity for magic, and she has been studying ever since. 

She managed to survive the witch hunts by sealing herself on the top of a frigid mountain with only the lake and the snow to keep her company. When she returned, her focus became her Mother. Desperately searching to see if she was still alive–

And so the search continues. 



English and French:


1) Why such a face?// Pourquoi cette tête?

2)  Do you believe in the power of love?//Crois-tu au pouvoir de l'amour?

3)  Don’t be too hard on yourself.//Ne sois pas si dur envers toi-même.


1) I can be your Angel, or I can be a Witch!//Je peux être ton ange, ou ta sorcière!

2) You cannot escape your fate, my dear. That’s what the Umbra Teaches.//Tu ne peux échapper à ton destin, mon cher. C'est ce qu'enseigne l'Umbra.

Weapon Taunts:
Scared of a little love tap?
You must be a masochist.
The difference between you and I is a matter of class.
Grace, Precision, and Honor.
My voice will be the last thing you hear.
Let me whip you into shape!
That was quite the work out~

Platinum Verse: I have done well.

Pure Platinum Verse: All those years on that Mountain paid off.

Platinum Trophy: Sheer Elegance.

Pure Platinum Trophy: There shall be a Blue Moon tonight. 

Vivien Beast Within: Flight: Swan Within (Trumpeter)
 Travel (Land): Jack-Rabbit Within (Lepus Californicus)
 Travel (Sea): Butterfly Koi (Cyprinus Carpio)
 Perfect Dodge: Moth Within (Death’s Head:Lachesis genus)

Demon Pact: Madama Lachesis-The Thread of Fate

Existing Demon Summons:

Malphas, Hecatoncheir, Gomorrah


-Her theme is The Lady of The Lake/Queen of Avalon. 
-The Demon Script:
Awaken Now, Climax /During climax mode/
Vivien, of Umbra /Full Armor/
Child of the Moon /Watch/


trumpeter swan artis BB2A5702 by safi kok

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