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So, this week is apparently the last days ever that is going to actually exist as a thing. I can’t even tell if all these posts will still exist on Wednesday. Got a huge amount of posts from Vine this year, so for the next couple days lets share some content from Vine before it vanishes. A flock of birds flying over Stokksnes, Iceland.

It only took me a millenia to get this finished…DAYUM she’s finally done! Vivien the Umbra Witch! 

She’s not perfect, but I had to kick myself into gear and get this finished! 

Vivien is a Witch that was born in France to a Gypsy Mother. However her Mother left when she was very young, and thus she was raised by her Father, the Mortal Musician. She was taken away from her Father and into the Umbran Clan after exhibiting a powerful affinity for magic, and she has been studying ever since. 

She managed to survive the witch hunts by sealing herself on the top of a frigid mountain with only the lake and the snow to keep her company. When she returned, her focus became her Mother. Desperately searching to see if she was still alive–

And so the search continues. 



English and French:


1) Why such a face?// Pourquoi cette tête?

2)  Do you believe in the power of love?//Crois-tu au pouvoir de l'amour?

3)  Don’t be too hard on yourself.//Ne sois pas si dur envers toi-même.


1) I can be your Angel, or I can be a Witch!//Je peux être ton ange, ou ta sorcière!

2) You cannot escape your fate, my dear. That’s what the Umbra Teaches.//Tu ne peux échapper à ton destin, mon cher. C'est ce qu'enseigne l'Umbra.

Weapon Taunts:
Scared of a little love tap?
You must be a masochist.
The difference between you and I is a matter of class.
Grace, Precision, and Honor.
My voice will be the last thing you hear.
Let me whip you into shape!
That was quite the work out~

Platinum Verse: I have done well.

Pure Platinum Verse: All those years on that Mountain paid off.

Platinum Trophy: Sheer Elegance.

Pure Platinum Trophy: There shall be a Blue Moon tonight. 

Vivien Beast Within: Flight: Swan Within (Trumpeter)
 Travel (Land): Jack-Rabbit Within (Lepus Californicus)
 Travel (Sea): Butterfly Koi (Cyprinus Carpio)
 Perfect Dodge: Moth Within (Death’s Head:Lachesis genus)

Demon Pact: Madama Lachesis-The Thread of Fate

Existing Demon Summons:

Malphas, Hecatoncheir, Gomorrah


-Her theme is The Lady of The Lake/Queen of Avalon. 
-The Demon Script:
Awaken Now, Climax /During climax mode/
Vivien, of Umbra /Full Armor/
Child of the Moon /Watch/


What if Zayn were a duckling? - an AU

Phone conversation between Lilo afterwards:


Louis: Isn’t it too early to be pulling birds at the club?

Liam: I mean a real bird! Uh, a quack quack bird? At the park. Anyway, it was the bird who pulled me, actually -

Louis: [stops chewing gum]

Liam: - it pulled my shoelace, I mean. Haha! And then guess what -

Louis: Okay. Are you telling me that instead of Leda and the swan, we’ve now got Liam and the duck.

Liam: W-wait a second. [angrily] What exactly -

Louis: I’m not saying you’re going to pop out two sets of twins in a pair of eggs, for god’s sake, Li, calm down. If your duck turns out to be a Greek god I don’t think you’d complain

Liam: You think I’m joking, but I’m not. It could write! You should come see this duck.

Louis: [grimly] No thanks. The only duck I like is Donald.

Liam: But there’s other wildlife around too…maybe you’ll meet a cool creature too like-

Louis: I hear Niall at the doorbell. Talk to you later, Liam! Cheers. [Hangs up]

Liam: [sadly] …like…a frog or something….

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This skunk family at Necedah National Wildlife Refuge is so stinkin’ cute!

Nestled in central Wisconsin, Necedah hosts habitats including wetlands, prairies, savannas and forests. The usfws refuge is home to whooping cranes, trumpeter swans, skunks and red-headed woodpeckers. Visitors to Necedah can enjoy great hiking trails and wildlife viewing. Video by Ariel Lepito.


Short Profile:
Preferred Nickname: Doctor Q. Uirk
Country/Region: U.S.A./New York
Languages: English, conversationally fluent in French
Preferred Writing Type: poetry, short story, novel
Preferred Genre(s) to Write: Fantasy, Horror, Romance
Preferred Genre(s) to Read: Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance
Favorite Book(s) and Author(s): Books: Harry Potter Series, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Series, Trumpet of the Swan, Maybird and the Ever After A Series of Unfortunate Events, Farenheit 451, The Hobbit, The Fellowship of the Ring, The Chronicles of Narnia, The House on Hope Street, The Watchmaker of Filigree Street, Nadja, Holes  Authors: Shel Silverstein, Rob Plath, J.K. Rowling, Douglas Adams, Sylvia Plath, Lemony Snicket, Jodi Lynn Anderson, Virginia Woolf, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Ray Bradbury, J.R.R Tolkien, F. Scott Fitzgerald, C.S. Lewis
Favorite Music Genre(s)/Artists(s): Pop, Indie, Electronic, Rock, Gothic Folk,Orchestral/Lana del Rey, She Wants Revenge, Howard Shore, James Horner
Favorite Fandom(s): Team Fortress 2, Dragon Age, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, DC Comics
  Movies: Holes, Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit films, Harry Potter films, The Skeleton Key, assorted Disney films but especially A Bug’s Life, Batman Begins, Batman Returns
  TV Shows: The Walking Dead, Arrow, Doctor Who
  Anime: Yuri on Ice, Attack on Titan, Hetalia
  Comics: DC Comics, Batman
  Video Games: Batman: Arkham Asylum & City, Team Fortress 2, Dragon Age Origins
Hobbies/interests other than writing: Humans vs. Zombies, role-playing, reading, applying makeup, drawing

Extended Profile:
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
—Does it match your personality? Yes
—Does it match your personality well? Yes
Introvert or Extrovert? Introvert

Writing Habits
Number/Names of WIPs: 3/Redemption (Frederick the Witch), The Apocalypse was Televised, Corvus
Favorite book about writing: How to Read Literature Like a Professor
Planner, Pantser or Plantser? Plantser
Favorite Outlining Method: Roman numeral outline of chapters and plot points/themes
Do you write on a schedule or sporadically? sporadically
Any creativity rituals that you use: I listen to music that fits the mood of what I’m writing, other than that, I don’t suppose I have many.

Your Writing Community
Current writing/creative communities you participate in:
NaNoWriMo Community Name (if applicable): Doctor Q. Uirk
Wattpad Community Name (if applicable): DoctorQUirk Community Name (if applicable): Dr. Q. Uirk
DeviantArt Community Name (if applicable):
Patreon Community Name (if applicable):

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NAME: kayleigh
ZODIAC SIGN: sagittarius
ETHNICITY: italian and czech
FAVOURITE BOOK: the trumpet of the swan, the great gatsby
FAVOURITE SCENT: the ocean, gardens
FAVOURITE ANIMAL: all of them. especially fond of corvids
FAVOURITE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: so many but currently obsessed with cora harper snd widowmaker
NUMBER OF BLANKETS YOU SLEEP WITH: 1-3 BLOG CREATED: i’ve had a blog since 2012 but this specific blog was created may 2016
NUMBER OF FOLLOWERS: like 60 lol i used to have a lot more before i deleted but i literally do not give a shit about followers anymore

i hate tagging people lol sorry


So, I normally don’t post WIPs on here, because I don’t like the unfinished look of it, BUT, my tablet is on the fritz and I needed to post something into the void that is my tumblr. 

SO–here are Vivien’s Beast Within forms (loosely structured and subject to modification)

Flight: Swan Within (Trumpeter)
Travel (Land): Jack-Rabbit Within (Lepus Californicus)
Travel (Sea): Butterfly Koi (Cyprinus Carpio)
Perfect Dodge: Moth Within (Death’s Head:Lachesis genus)