the trumbullplex


The Trumbullplex, in the Woodbridge neighborhood of Detroit, Michigan, USA.
Created in 1993 when members of the collective established a nonprofit corporation and purchased the property, two Victorianhouses on either side of a single-story art space.
It acts on the basis of consensus decision-making and serves as a home, theater, art gallery, infoshop, meeting space and temporary residence for traveling artists, musicians, and activists.
The art space is run on a donations-only basis, and members pay an equal portion of the costs involved in the property’s upkeep each month.

The collective’s mission statement asserts that they “want to create a positive environment for revolutionary change in which economic and social relationships are based on mutual aid and the absence of hierarchy.”


#outnumbered #transgirltakeover #hirs666 LITERALLY STAYED ALIVE TO PLAY DETROIT TONIGHT. thank you… (at Trumbullplex)

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