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Vittsjö - Daveed Diggs x Reader

Summary: The reader wants some help from her boyfriend Daveed to build the IKEA set she just bought. Bad idea?

Warnings: None that I know of, other than “Daveed Diggs is a legitimate angel who graced us with his glorious smile and presence you might need to sit down and have a cry after considering this”. 

Word Count: 1,098

A/N: This is a little warm up to start preparing for my Lin + Pride and Prejudice AU. Thank you so much to @digging-daveed for putting up with my endless ideas and being annoying. This one’s for you. 

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“If you don’t come and help me with this, I’m breaking all the pieces in half and wasting the eighty dollars you spent.”

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“Easter to me is a very special holiday. In my life it represents love. A love I’ve found in Jesus, and also a love I found in life. A love I never knew could exist and can’t imagine living without. A love that has taught me more about myself in the past 2 years of being saved versus my 25 years of living.” 
  - Joy E. Kraft

Accent Challenge

Tagged by @slightlyintimidating :D Sev, I’m gonna take a leaf out of your book and do text instead of audio (mainly because I don’t know how to upload audio into tumblr and cbb), but I might put some phonetic pronunciations in too. 

Your name and username: Rose [ ɹoːʊz] (Roe-z), capostrophe [ khəˈpɒstɹəfiː] (kuh-POS-truh-fee)

Where you’re from: Australia [ əstɹˈɛːiljə] (uh-strey-lyer)

Pronounce the following words: Aunt [aːnt] (arnt) Roof [ɹuːf]  (rufe) Theatre [ [ˈ θiːəthə] (THI-uh-tuh) Iron [ˈaːijə̃n] (eye-uhn) salmon [ˈsæ̃mə̃n] (sammen) caramel [ ˈkhæɹə̃mʊl] (KAruhmle) fire [ˈfa:ijɜ] (feye-yer) water [ ʊˈɔːthɜ] (warter) New Orleans  [njuː ʔɔːˈlĩːnz] (nyoo ore-LEENZ) Pecan  [ˈphiːkhə̃n] (pee-kuhn) both  [boːʊθ] (boeth) again [ əgɛ̃ːn] (uhggENN) probably [ˈphɹɒːbəbli] (probb-uh-blee) Alabama [ ˌæləˈb̃æ̃ːmə] (al-uh-BAM-uh) lawyer [ ˈlɒːjə] (loyuh) coupon [ ˈkhʊːphɒ̃n] (KOO-ponn) mayonnaise [ mẽːijə̃’neːiz] (may-uh-NAYz) pyjamas [phəˈdʒã:məz] (puh-JAR-muhz)   caught [ khɔːth ] (kort) naturally  [ˈnæːtʃəɹəliː]  (NATCH-er-uhly) aluminium [ ʔæːlə̃’mɪːnjə̃m] (alluh-MIN-yum) GIF  [gɪf] (ghiff) tumblr [ˈthʌ̃ːmblɜː] (TUM-bler) crackerjack [ ˈkhɹæːkədʒæːkh] (krAk-er-jak) doorknob [ ˈdɔ̃ːnɒb] (DOR-nob]  envelope  [ˈɛ̃nvəloːʊph] (ENN (as in men)- vuh-lope) GPOY  [ˈdʒiːphɒːi] (JEE-poy)

What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house? Hooliganism [ˈhʊːlɪgə̃nɪzə̃m] (hool-ih-guhn-iz-uhm)

What is a bubbly carbonated drink called? Soft drink 

What do you call gym shoes? Training shoes

What do you call your grandparents? Granny and Poppy (or referred to as ‘my granny’ and ‘my granddad’)

What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket? Trolley  [thɹɒːliː] (trollie)

What is the thing you change the TV channel with? Remote control [ ɹə̃ˈmoʊt khə̃nthɹˈoːʊl] (re-moat kon-trole) 

Choose a book and read a passage from it: Cbb

Do you think you have an accent? I have a mixed accent with aspects of British/RP and Australian(Sydney) in it.

Be a wizard or a vampire? Wizard [ ʊɪːzəd] (wizz-uhd)

Do you know anyone on Tumblr in real life? Yes

End audio post by saying any THREE words you want :cbb

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Nicknames: some of my teachers call me Δημητράκι (thee-me-truh-kee) or Χριστινάκι (kree-stee-nuh-kee), both pet names of my name

Zodiac Sign: cancer

Height: 1,73 m/ 5′8

Orientation: bisexual

Ethnicity: greek

Favourite Fruit: pomegranate

Favourite Season: summer

Favourite Book: you can’t ask me that Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, ACoMaF, EoS, King’s Cage, Uprooted, and Black Powder War

Favourite Flower: lavender

Favourite Scent: nightblooming flowers, the sea, the smell of new books

Favourite Colour: midnight purple or black

Favourite Animal: do dragons count black panther

Average Sleep Hours: 6-8 hours

Cat or Dog person: I’ve grown up with both, so I don’t have a preference

Favourite Fictional Character: Rhysand, Manon Blacikbeak, Diana Farley, Sirius Black (I’m having hp feels, can you tell?)

Number of blankets you sleep with: a comforter, I don’t sleep with blankets, they’re always too warm.

Dream Trip: the whole of Europe

Blog Created: February 2014

Number of Followers: 71

I’m tagging: @highlady-casandra, @lovebooks23

outstandingneutrality  asked:

It occurs to me that I don't really know the meaning of the word "truscum". Care to inform? And is it pronounced "true scum" or have I been living a lie? Either way thanks for your time and your boldness running this blog 👍

I don’t actually know how it’s pronounced because I’ve heard it pronounced like “true scum” and “truh-scum” but I think it’s the former. It’s basically people who believe that you need dysphoria to be transgender, and most of the time truscum believe you can be only one of the two genders. It is the transtrenders who gave us this name, but some people have given it other names that are basically the same idea, like “transmedicalist,” since some people don’t like to identify with an idea labeled with “scum” in the name. I personally don’t care, I just believe that you need to have symptoms of being transgender in order to be transgender. Call me a transmedicalist, call me truscum, call me a gatekeeper, I don’t care. Hope I cleared it up.

But I should mention, I just learned terms by how they were used in the context of other tumblr posts. I don’t know the internet terminology as well as some of the other youngsters on here so I may be wrong on some of the specifics.

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"Metronome" ~ Taehyung (V) Scenario

AN: Based off from Jay Park’s “Metronome.” Babe. But anyway, was listening to it ALL day and this came to be ~ Angst with a happy ending!

Summary: Taehyung and you are at the brink of breaking up, to never be again. Arguing. Never synced with the other. Silence takes over the home and it’s empty. Taehyung only knows, that if things start to fail him, he must start from the beginning. 

Metronome (me-truh-nohm): (noun) If only we could be at the same tempo, the same beat. “We’re not in sync, why are we always off baby?” Our beat isn’t right. 

When you’re cold, I’m hot
But when one wants to leave, the other begs not to go

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08. Shiver

Member: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: I have the worst case of astraphobia and I’m freaking out in your bedroom in the dead of night and I know we’re roommates that haven’t interacted much but please, I don’t know what else to do

Astraphobia  [as-truh-foh-bee-uh]   noun, Psychiatry.

an abnormal fear of thunder and lightning.

Flashes of light pulled at you with rough fingers, iron grip like ice. You were ripped from your dream where your only sense of stability lied. Streaks of whiteness imprinted behind your closed lids, a silent presence that lingered even as you opened your eyes. The scent of rain was here. A smell of darkness and the calm that you adored, but also dreaded as it neared.

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[a-truh-bil-yuh s] 

1. gloomy; morose; melancholy; morbid.

2. irritable; bad-tempered; splenetic.

Atrabilious comes from the Latin ātra bīlis meaning “black bile.” Black bile is one of the four elemental bodily humors of medieval physiology, regarded as causing melancholy. Atrabilious entered English in the mid-1600s.

“It was remarked by Aristotle, who was a long way the shrewdest and most scientific observer of antiquity, that all men of genius have been melancholic or atrabilious.”
- James Sully, “Genius and Insanity,” The Popular Science Monthly, August 1885

anonymous asked:

I always thought "nut tree" was a reference to the story at the time that zayn was calling perrie incessantly asking for her back... nut tree sound like not true in the accent of the location the nut tree thing happened in - sorry i cant remember where the show was... it just seemed like the most obvs explanation to e at that time

I swear to GAHD, if I am not the living approximation of the Pepe Silvia scene when it comes to fucking Nut Tree right now:

I literally whispered to myself in Bradford-ian to sound it out (“NUHT TRUH”? “NUHT TRUAH”). 

BUT OKAY. SUH. The Ye Olde Tyme Nokia and Ho(e)rse appeared on October 17, 2015

And this was the headline in the Daily Mirror on October 18, 2015:

@vocabularryonthemind is like Tom Hanks in the DaVinci Code when it comes to RBB, so I’m tagging her to see if she wants to share some hoevestigative insights.