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So I sent Cheritz an e-mail regarding this CG that appear on 7’s gallery ( @deathatintervals confirmed that it appears of her game as well). I never saw it during 7’s route or secret endings, let alone during V’s route. So I ask if they could shine on us since it’s confusing if its Saeran or Saeyoung, since they are at church and sometimes Saeyoung appears without glasses.

After this e-mail and once I updated the game, the CG disappear. So @deathatintervals and I are betting that Cheritz maybe posted a possible Saeran route CG and now fixed their mistake.

How to Pet a Cat’s Belly Safely*

*The safest method I’ve discovered is to not do it at all, but this is how you do it without triggering the demon bear-trap reflexes on some cats.

My cat, Baby, sunbathing. 2/29/16

  • Step 1: Become friends with cat. The surest way to know is if he flops down and shows you his belly, or if he slow-blinks at you. (That means he trusts you! Congrats!)
  • Step 2: Pet cat from head to tail as usual, but on his side instead of his back. This is a good way to feel out if he’s going to let you continue to his belly or not.
  • Step 3: This is more of a whenever-you’re-petting-in-general rule: Keep an eye out for “warnings” from your cat. For example, my cat will lick my hand before she bites it, then she’ll bite gently. Then, if we keep bothering her, she’ll bite harder before hissing and running away. Tails get swishy and with wider arcs, “slapping” against things.
  • Step 4: Betray cat’s trust. Remember, she showed you her belly because she trusted you not to touch it. I did mention the safest method was to not do this at all, but if you must: stroke from her upper chest down her belly with a flat hand. 

DO NOT scritch, rub, or pet her belly like you would pet a dog’s belly. This is 100% going to get your hand shredded.

If your cat still scratches you doing this method, then nothing** will work. She’s just not a belly-rub kind of cat. Don’t try it again with her, but feel free to try with other cats. Some will appreciate (or at least tolerate) it. 
(**in my experience)

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For a year I got to work with a bunch of talented people on this amazingly beautiful show! True and the Rainbow Kingdom is on Netflix International and it’s too cute. Shoutouts to all who put their creative energy into it!

I drew this for the crew when I left Guru Studio in 2016!

23-year-old Katarzyna Zawada lived with her mother in Krakow, Poland. She studied religion at the Jagiellonian University and spent much of her time alone. After the death of her father in 1996, she fell into a deep depression and started to see a psychologist. On the 12th of November, 1998, her mother became concerned when she didn’t show up for one of these sessions. She was reported missing.

It was a cold winter morning on the 7th of January, 1999, when the propellor of a barge became stuck. As the operator opened the hatch to remove what had become intertwined, assuming it was a tree branch, he was horrified to find something much more gruesome: human skin, in fact, a human skin suit. It was determined that the skin suit had been in the water for two or three weeks. It was also determined that the skin suit was that of Katarzyna Zowada. She had been decapitated and dismembered before her killer cruelly fashioned a suit out of her flayed skin. Other than her leg, no other body parts were ever uncovered. The pathologist determined that Katarzyna had also been tortured before her death. 

Despite an extensive manhunt and a re-examination years later, the killer was never identified.