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The boys' reactions when the pretty girl somehow seems more interested in Prompto than anyone else (since they always poke fun at how out of his league the girl he likes is)

Weren’t sure if you wanted this as a headcanon or a mini fic. But lucky you, you get a mini drabble!

Hurried fingers tapped against the phone screen as Prompto texted a message to his three friends. 

Omg, guys! There is a really cute girl standing across from me!!

That was true. Standing right across from Prompto was the said cute girl. Your head down and you too seemed to be texting away on your phone. The minute the blonde lay eyes on you he knew you would be the one. Your smile, the way you laughed, it all looked so divine in his eyes. 

However as per usual, his three precious friends thought otherwise. 

Bah! Gladiolus was the first to text back. Even if she is cute, she’s probably way over your league buddy.

A scowl fell upon Promptos lips. Even through the phone he could hear Gladiolus laughing away.

Noct! Prompto quickly text the royal highness. You believe me right?

However to his dismay, the prince too thought otherwise Pics or it didn’t happen. Thought his reply was simple, it hurt.

Prompto’s eyes widened in shock. WHAT!? DUDE I CAN’T JUST TAKE A PHOTO OF HER!

What? Noctis questioned back. You always take photos of things, how is this any different?

Cause it’s a person? Prompto quickly typed back.

I’m a person too. And you still take pictures of me Noctis replied. 

He’s got you there Prompto. Gladiolus quipped.

I second that Ignis too added.

Prompto frowned deepened. “Such friends…” he muttered. Tearing his attention away from his phone, he looked up to see you still typing away on your own device. The smile which made him all warm and fuzzy was present on your face. It was the perfect opportunity to snap a photo, but god he knew it was so wrong. And yet, lifting his phone up….


The flash was on.

At the sight of the flash that seemed to be directed towards you, you looked up at your phone to see Prompto quickly advert his eyes away. “Did you just take a photo of me?” you asked, making your way towards him.

“W-What?” Prompto stammered. “W-Who…m-me?” 

You nodded. 

“W-W-What! No! No! I was just testing my camera phone…I mean phone camera. It’s been acting up lately. The flash must’ve turned itself on.” The words began to tumblr messily out of his mouth. Even he himself didn’t know what he was trying to say. Keep your cool Prompto! Oh my god!

You giggled. He was adorable, you’d admit that. “Can I see your phone for a second?” you suddenly asked. 

“M-My phone?” Prompto asked. 

You nodded. “Yeah, maybe I can see whats wrong with your camera.”

With shaky fingers, the blonde handed his phone to you to which you took from his hands. Without warning, your arm wrapped around his shoulder, and directed the camera towards the both of you. 

“Say, Cheese!” 

A selfie was taken. 

“Here.” you said, handing the camera back to him. “Show this to your friends instead. Pics or it didn’t happen, right?” 

And with that, you walked away. With only the photo you had taken left in Prompto’s memory. 


hey @dickle-jar you’re my giftee for the @souleatergiftexchange! here’s this pining fic where Soul regrets his life choices and Maka kicks his butt as his savage af ex-girlfriend-turned-personal-trainer. i hope you enjoy <3

Lowkey stalking his ex’s Instagram only worsens his pining and reinforces masochistic tendencies, but Soul physically cannot stop refreshing Cool-Angel’s page. It’s an addiction. She was, at least. Maka withdrawals consist of feverish symptoms, like squinting into his phone’s too bright screen at the unreasonable hours of the night in anticipation of new selfies.

Sleep drunk Soul also has no shame – shedding a few tears may or may not be part of this ritual, to be honest. Rotting inside out because of how much he misses Maka Albarn isn’t how Soul had imagined his death, but at least he can surrender to the single life with fewer regrets now that his creeping skills have provided him with a haven of Maka goodness.

In the seven months since she had ended their relationship with a thunderous slam of a door, she’s been on four road trips, cut her hair to shoulder length, and has ingratiated herself into the fitness lifestyle up to the point of becoming certified. Nurse by day, personal trainer by night. Thank you, internet, for keeping him updated, because Maka had blocked him out of her life so easily

But he can’t help noticing that she still wears the earrings he bought her for their first anniversary. 

Wondering why makes him blind with hope.

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