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In 2006, the Dixie Chicks released Taking the Long Way, their first album since the Bush Incident. In contrast to Home, Taking the Long Way blends more of a rock influence into the Chicks’ music. They’re still country, of course, but country with more of an edge and more of a drive than some of the trucks and fishing songs you typically heard on country radio at the time. The first half of the album is a beautiful, unapologetic response to the country music industry, with the first three songs explicitly tying into Maines’s remarks and how the country music industry reacted to and treated the Dixie Chicks in response. “The Long Way Around“ is a brash ode to not conforming, a modern “Wasn’t Born To Follow” that made direct reference to the past few years’ controversy and how the band navigated that. “Easy Silence” is a beautiful ballad about how the Chicks found solace in their loved ones in this crazy time. “Not Ready To Make Nice” is the third song on the album, the first single released, and an unapologetic FUCK YOOOOOOOOU to the country industry.

That fuck you is right there in the title. The Chicks aren’t ready to go back on their remarks and aren’t ready to make nice or apologize to the people who made their lives a living hell for the past few years. Throughout the lyrics, the Dixie Chicks stand their ground and affirm their opinions. Maines’s voice practically wails out the lyrics, letting every single emotion she’s felt about this whole incident permeate her vocals with sheer, raw emotion. This is an angry song, this is the Chicks at their most bitter. They are mad as shit about the needless nonsense they’ve been put through just for expressing their opinion. Forgive these people? Like hell. They have every right not to want to back down or play nice, as perfectly encapsulated by this one lyric, so powerfully and passionately delivered by Maines, voice practically breaking from rage at certain points:

“And how in the world can the words that I said
Send somebody so over the edge
That they’d write me a letter sayin’ that I better
Shut up and sing or my life will be over”

The Dixie Chicks received death threats for that one sentence mentioned in London in 2003. For offering a simple opinion, for enacting their right to Freedom of Speech, people threatened their lives. Everybody has different opinions on this, but no matter how horrible you think a person may be, death threats are not the answer. Death threats are never the answer. The most basic rights human beings have include the right to live and, by making death threats, people are attempting to take away that right. Extra security was brought in for a few concerts because of said death threats. The FBI and Texas Rangers tried to convince the Chicks to cancel a Texas concert because of said death threat–they went ahead anyway, the concert happened without incident. What makes this especially horrid is that it was well-known at the time that the Dixie Chicks were traveling with their young children.

One more time for the people in the back: if you don’t like someone’s opinion, DON’T SEND THEM DEATH THREATS, FOR FUCK’S SAKE.

With all this boiling around, I really can’t blame the Chicks for being mad as hell and releasing this unapologetic middle finger to the country music industry as their first song.

Delicate tricks

Through a cold rain,
he asked to see me (uncovered)
so I thought to be alluring
by warm light and satin
but he just laughed
at my industrial-sized bra straps;
I pointed out weaning didn’t ease
the newish burden of toting large tatas
(I quickly learned string theory
wouldn’t hold up the girl’s
[goddamn gravity!])
and really, he should be grateful
to make out the shape of aural delights
if not pleasant sunset coloration of bruises.

When I stopped trying,
I noticed an immediate uptick in daydreams
with the requisite virtual endearments
I’ve come to foster,
filling the space
where joy of ice cream truck songs
used to reside.
The sound of rain does little to help
when trying to salvage blessings
from explosive weekends,
but I do like the sound of trains.

Hummingbirds startle me.
They may be delicate demons.

The mind (ok, my mind) tricks
into contentment
by latching onto tea and British mysteries
in fall and while I blithely believe
in magical lights and places,
spring jumps in every damn time
and scares the hell out of me
with its bursting innocence.

This is a Tuesday rain.


Song Review: Tedeschi Trucks Band - “Keep on Growing” (Live Sept. 9, 2016)

If anyone can do Derek and the Dominos better than Derek and the Dominos, it’s the Tedeschi Trucks Band.

The 12-headed musical monster has released a searing rendition of “Keep on Growing” from the former’s 1970 landmark LP Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs as the first single from the latter’s forthcoming double album and concert film, both titled Live at the Fox Oakland.

Captured with 12 cameras and featuring pristine sound, this Eric Clapton-Bobby Whitlock joint is stretched beyond 10 minutes, the last five of which feature Derek Trucks showing why he is among rock’s most-revered guitarists of his, and any other, generation.

Delivered as a Susan Tedeschi-Mike Mattison duet, Tedeschi Trucks’ modern take on the nearly 50-year old classic is a powerhouse propelled by the band’s dual drummers and three-piece horn section to exhilarating effect. Despite all the fun, there’s no messing around on this one - just pure, unadulterated virtuosity and musical vigor.

The 15-track double album and its 13-song video counterpart are due March 17.

Grade card: Tedeschi Trucks Band - “Keep on Growing” (Live 9/9/16) - A



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BTS as Preschool students

Namjoon: The one kid that tries to mediate the situation, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Knows way too many things for being 4 years old. LOVES to read books to others.

Seokjin: Says “please” and “thank you” constantly, comforts other students when they are crying. Always choosing pink even if pink isn’t an option.

Yoongi: Always says “I don’t know” when you ask them something, asks when nap time is every 5 minutes, likes to play with trucks by himself, sings songs while working. 

Hobi: Doesn’t know the meaning of “inside voices”. Adds too much glitter to projects and never walks, always running.

Jimin: Tries to get snack early by using cute charms, big imagination, friends with every kid in the class. Loves strawberries. Says “look at what I did” when finishing a craft piece. 

Taehyung: Always covered in dirt, have to keep an eye on him because if he sees an animal he will run off to touch the animal, dances when eating food.

Jungkook: Always needs a band-aid because he’s always getting a cut, thinks he can carry other kids, obsessed with superheros, never ties his damn shoes.

ok but the Young Avengers are 100% the kind of little shits who sing Friday all the time

to the point where after Friday is the integrated AI or what-have-you Tony flat out refuses to attend Friday meetings in the tower because whenever he asks Friday to pull information up the ENTIRE YA TEAM starts going “..Friday, gotta get down of Friday, everybody’s looking forward to the weekend…Partying, partying, YEAH”

and once Friday starts to grow into a personality it gets WORSE

because Friday is flattered by this. It’s an in-joke and kind of makes Friday feel like part of the YA team and Tony is SO INSULTED because Hawkeye and that hacker and space-prince and magic boy have CORRUPTED HIS AI

and eventually the YA and Friday, will, mostly off-key or in synthetic voice, belt out Friday

(Friday’s favorite part is the part about cereal and the “Fun, fun, fun, fun” part)

fairie lights decorating her room, building a blanket fort for her, reading each other old books and poetry, looking at the stars and constellations, kissing in the bed of her truck, singing songs from tapes in the car, picking flowers for her after a bad day, loving each other unconditionally


@BOGUMMY: 기운이 뿅💫 활력이 송송💕
생겨났지 말입니다! 감사해영💝

@BOGUMMY: (my) spirit has bbyong*💫 energy has songsong💕
appeared! thank young💝

*bbyong — the sound of something suddenly appearing (or disappearing)
*songsong — the original lyrics of the vita500 tune is ‘shyongshyong’, so bogum is making a play on words since the snack truck was sent by song joongki and song hyegyo sen