the truck song


I’m happy right now, so I’m nervous 
Because there’s always the calm before the storm
Because I don’t want to be set on fire and burn quickly
I’m cheering for love 



We’ve All Ran To That Song That We Thought Represented Cheerfulness & Excitement. Our Parents, Their Parents & Your Kids Too Have All Unknowingly Ran To The Theme Of Hate.


Day 7:  Inspired by a Gorillaz song

Making me choose a song to be the “most fave” is cruel c’monnnnn so I just shuffle my playlist and El Manana came up

(Excuse me I’m gonna talk shit for a bit ahem) People usually think 2D is the one that has the unrequited love for Murdoc, I actually think it’s the opposite. Well that’s my headcanon anyway, since Murdoc did a lot of things that felt like he was jealous, obsessive, and even desperate to keep 2D around. I know that canonically he’s just do that for the sake of the band and money what an ass, but idk, I really think he’s the one with the unrequited love, not 2D.

But yea.

Also this is the end of 2doc week sobs, phew I actually finish a challenge for once áaaaaa. 

It was lots of fun! Thank you @lovino-drawz for creating this challenge!

Some Little Things I Love About Camp Camp

-The fact that these children swear and talk about philosophy and violence and have perhaps read Lord of the Flies yet obviously still don’t know everything and it’s both hilarious and adorable.
-Max is good at sewing and knitting
-David learning to pick his battles with Max the more time they spend together at Camp
-Every single one of the kids is weird, which is so great because OF COURSE kids are weird
-There’s really no romance plot because they’re all ten or something so it’s cute friendship development
-The implication that Camp Campbell has always kind of been a complete fucking disaster of a sorts but David just keeps on trucking
-Their mascot is a Platypus that quacks


September 2007, Willow Creek: Louisiana

121 days too long 🍂🌆🌰  Part 2.

Listening to my local country station at work the past few days I’ve learned a few things:
•90% of the music is sung by guys.
•Whiskey often rhymes with kiss me or the second favorite, miss me.
•Often times to show they’re not thinking about a woman they write an entire song about how their not thinking of her.
•Girl is their favorite word. Just listen to 3 songs I guarantee you’ll hear it at least 4 times.
•Drink is almost always followed by think or vice versa (see also; thinkin/drinkin)
•Everyone always seems to be looking at their “girl” that they’re singing about.
•Jacked up, truck, drink, beer, mud, tires, hometown, and small-town are also hot topics in most songs not involving “girl” Unless the girl is drinking the beer and driving the truck and is from a small-town.

Church Oppa (Joshua/Jisoo Smut)

Summary: The shy little boy next door - complete with a purity ring and church camp certified, not exactly a match for someone who’s spent a fortune in foundation just to cover up hickies. But Joshua caught your attention within minutes and you couldn’t help but hope that God turned a blind eye when you captured his. Smut. 

(AN: Okay I had a lot of fun writing this and it is a little bit shorter than my other ones (5400 words) but eh whatever I hope you guys like it. I focused so much on the pinky ring because when I first saw the Seventeen rings honestly I didn’t know they were band rings, no words of a lie I thought they were purity rings because I had just come from the 5sos fandom and a bunch of people were saying that Luke’s pinky ring was a purity ring and he stopped wearing it randomly after his eighteenth birthday, so… whatever please enjoy the smut and message me feedback! -Tanisha<3)

Empty house - boring. TV - boring. YouTube - boring. Tumblr - boring. Homework - boring. Sunday afternoon - boring, boring, boring. There was nothing good about Sundays and you had no clue who invented them or thought they were a good idea. But, you supposed, whatever day ultimately took their place would suck just as much.

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you: two trucks having sex
me, a Disney Pixar’s Cars™ enthusiast: but HOW do the trucks have sex? in the Cars universe there are car children visible throughout the films, but where did they come from? do cars have reproductive organs? some might say the car babies come out of the trunk, but how did they get in there in the first place? do they have automobile penises? exhaust pipes?? what is it????? the song Two Trucks by Lemon Demon states that two trucks are having sex, and a mans muscles involuntarily flex. this man holds the secrets to the Disney Pixar’s Cars™ universe. is the man who saw this act the writer of the song himself? Neil Cicierega knows the truth and is keeping it from us. it may be for our own good, but i for one think we all deserve to know how Lightning McQueen came to be.

June 15, 2017...

Anonymous asked: to ana: are you taking writing ideas for dean? I think it would be really dramatic and angst (my favorite) for dean to find something of cas’s and completely break down in a post. it would def need talented writing to pull it off, and I think you’re the person. anyways, just an idea and I love your works :)

A/N: You’re request came at the most opportune time, my friend :) Been wanting to write this one for a while :)

I’ve put it off enough. Every car in the garage has been cleaned twice since everything happened, all except that junk pickup… He just showed up in it after I went to ground zero. I thought it was better than the pimpmobile he had before but… It just looks like a pile of scrap metal without someone to drive her. Sue me if I think about cars sometimes.

But like I said, I’ve put off cleaning the truck. I didn’t know what I was gonna find in there after all the damn diapers.

The back of the truck was empty after we got rid of the diapers, but the inside still had that busted up piece of leather Cas called seats. The thing needs a fresh set of just about everything, but Cas always did like to keep his cars as clean as he could given what he had. The pimpmobile never had food or dirt in it, though in fairness Cas didn’t eat and he had mojo to heal wounds back then…

The thing still looked clean even if it hasn’t been driven in a while. I thought I could just get in and give it a whirl to keep the engine up to speed and the oil from not sitting in there. Didn’t even think about what else could be in there, or what was in the cassette player.

The tracks are easy to remember, probably because I spent a solid eighteen hours transferring each one over a few years ago. Led Zeppelin was the soundtrack of my life. Still is. “Ramble On” would go into “Traveling Riverside Blues,” “What is and What Should Never Be” coming next right after. 13 tracks… All of them from times in my life, all of them meaning something that hit home with me.

… I told him to keep it. It made sense that it’s here… I remember giving him the damn thing, after he’d asked who “Agents Clapton and Page” were based off of. The amount of hours I spent trying to get the guy to see the point of Zepp’s music…

“Houses of the Holy” came on and my brain jumped back. I couldn’t stop it. Suddenly I was back in the bunker with Cas and I was trying to teach him how to use the Walkman that we still had so he could listen to the cassettes without having to be in the Impala (and so he didn’t take a joyride in Baby because he wanted to listen to the music like he’d done once before). I could hear the music from the headphones and time the beats to the lyrics in the song. “Ramble On” had been the first I showed him, but “Houses of the Holy” is when he just got real serious and tilted his head in that way he does. The first song talked about freedom, and the second talked about an angel on your shoulder, in your hand a sword of gold. He’d taken the words to heart from both songs, I guess, but next thing I know every time he asked to borrow the tape he’d listen to just listen that those two songs before any of the others. Didn’t matter that one was first and the other was in the middle of the recording. Cas just listened, and as time got on I’d find him in the bunker just listening to the whole tape after or the music playing somewhere else, always those songs first.

Wasn’t long after that I found myself without the tape more times than I had it, so I gave it to him and told him to keep it. He knew the words by heart even if he didn’t tell me. I’d caught him more than once singing them out when Sam was out and we were driving back from a case. He knew he was caught whenever I’d turn the volume down to hear him. He’d sing a few words, realized what I did, then get quiet at first. I’d laugh and then turn the music back up and that would be it. As the years went on, though, he’d keep singing and I’d just listen to that while the tape rolled. Sam would still be out and I’d feel like I was about to fall asleep myself. It felt… I dunno, “peaceful” doesn’t sound like it means everything it’s supposed to, but I used to love those moments. Made it feel like the world wasn’t out to get us for even a few minutes… The last time we did that was probably months ago now after everything that’s happened.

Never occurred to me when he got his own cars that he’d put the tape in, that he’d even keep it on him to transfer it over when he’d lost the other car. I didn’t think it’d even phase me ‘cause I listen to the songs, too, when Cas wasn’t not around, but…

The music kept playing while I was just sitting there in the truck. “Immigrant Song,” “The Song Remains the Same,” “You Shook Me,” on and on. I couldn’t move. Flashback after flashback came with each song after those two until they repeated, and then new flashbacks would start. Without realizing it I found myself mouthing the words and then turning the volume down to try to trick Cas into singing again until—

Then I’d realized what happened. Realized all the crap that happened and how those moments may never happen again.

Sam found me like that, had to get me out. Apparently, I wasn’t even responding to anything he said; just went full mute like I did when I was a kid. I really had him freaked.

- Dean

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The Fiyeraba song! 

 This turned out way better than I thought it would? Inspiration hit me like a truck and then the song kind of wrote itself. Even if you don’t like Wicked, give it a listen please! I’m actually sorta happy with this one. 

 This takes place in between the Wicked Witch of the East (which I’m still miffed about not getting into the cast recording) and Wonderful and is written from both perspectives. 

 I present- “I Apologize”. I hope you like it!