the truancy

actually im getting along a lot better with my mom now because my grades and behavior in school has improved (no more call-ups for truancy or talking or etc. etc. etc.) and because ive learnt this thing called “tolerance”… and like ive also actually been behaving now when im gonna be home late i text her in advance nicely


“You are a disgrace! An absolute disgrace! I cannot believe you let your daughter see you in this condition, Theodore. She was so worried about you! I wish I could say that I’m surprised right now, but honest to god the only thing that surprises me about this is that you’re not in here with some peroxide blonde tramp!”

Theodore rolls his eyes, wincing as his sister-in-law’s shrill screams penetrate his throbbing skull. “Is she still here?” he mumbles, glancing over at the pink haired doll lying crumpled on the floor beside him.

Arabella scowls at him. “Yes. I had planned to take her and Hazel to school early this morning, but she insisted that I come up here to check on you first.”

He nods, and pulling himself up off the ground Theodore silently breezes past Bella and strides down the hallway toward his daughter and her cousin.

“Lila Grace,” Theo forces himself to smile through the piercing pain in his temples. “Go change out of your uniform, sweetheart. You’re not going to school today.”

“What?” the child frowns. “Why not?”

“Because I’m taking the entire day off work so you and I can spend some long overdue father-daughter time together.”

“What?!” three distinct voices reverberate around the corridor.

“No school! No school!” Lila Grace sings over and over again as she dances around her dad’s legs.

“Do I have to go to school, Mom?” Hazel whines.

“Theodore, I really don’t think that’s such a good idea,” Bella hisses, ignoring her daughter’s repeated tugs on the sleeve of her shirt.

“I just have one quick errand to run this morning, Gracie, but after that I promise I am yours for the rest of day. Does that sound like a plan?”

“Yes!” she exclaims. “I love you so much, Dad!”

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Elidyr’s Sojourn
9x12, watercolor and pencil

The tradition of fairies in the Vale of Neath goes a long way back. In his Journey Through Wales (ca. 1191), Gerald of Wales tells the following story, set around Neath and Swansea:

‘The priest Elidyr always maintained that it was he who was the person concerned. When he was a young innocent only twelve years old and learning to read, he ran away one day and hid under the hollow bank of some river or other, for he had had more than enough of the harsh discipline… meted out by his teacher… Two days passed and there he still lay hidden, with nothing at all to eat. Then two tiny men appeared, no bigger than pigmies. “If you will come away with us,” they said,“we will take you to a land where all is playtime and pleasure.”’

So, they led him through an underground tunnel to a beautiful land of meadows and rivers, where the days were dark because the sun did not shine, and the nights pitch-black, for there was neither moon nor stars.

The people there were very tiny, but perfectly formed, fair in complexion, the men with flowing hair. They had horses about as big as greyhounds, and never ate meat nor fish, but lived on junkets. More than anything in the world they hated lies. Elidyr was brought before their king, who handed him over to his son, a child like himself, and they would play together with a golden ball. Elidyr would often return to the upper world to visit his mother, and was never hindered. But one day she asked him to bring back some of the fairies’ gold, and he stole the golden ball. He ran home with it to his mother by his usual route, hotly pursued by the fairies. He tripped over the threshhold, and and as he fell the ball slipped from his hand. The little men at his heels snatched it up, and as they passed Elidyr they spat at him and shouted, “Thief, traitor, false mortal!” The boy was red with shame for what he had done, but was ultimately unable to relocate the entrance to the underground passage. He searched for a year along the overhanging banks of the river, he never found it again.

The boy later became a priest, and whenever the Bishop asked him about the tale, Elidyr would burst into tears. He could still remember the language of the fairies, and when the Bishop related it to Gerald of Wales, he responded that it reminded him of Greek.

If Elidyr was lying to cover his truancy, he was spinning a traditional yarn which he knew could be believed. The underground land of the fairies is found in other early fairytales in Britain as well as Ireland, where the fairies inhabit the sidh or barrow - suggesting that fairies owe at least part of their origin to a cult of the dead.

blue blooded bad boy• Shawn Mendes

A/N: just a smutty blurb about a bad biker boy Shawn. Think I might have blown a pupil writing this, I also think I wanna write a smut piece about it so message me if y'all want more!!

Inspired by this heart stopping picture (fuck sake Shawn you’re actually hurting me):

Masterlist: Hey come and check out some of my other mildly average writing!

He’s laughing at something.

Got a cigarette perched in his pretty mouth and he’s standing in front of his bike – sleek black, custom fitted, one of those cheap ones that runs on fumes and a whole lot of faith.

The smoke pours out of his pink, plump lips and he’s shielded from view for a second, then the cloud evaporates and he’s grinning, brown eyes hot, heavy and intrigued like he’s Sherlock fucking Holmes.

Her eyes are glazing over the blue blooded bad boy. He’s all smoldering gaze and belts and buckles and tobacco and nicotine, late detentions and truancy letters and misunderstood teenage angst.

He’s a 3 minute electric guitar solo and she’s the limp strum of the wrongly tuned, pre owned acoustic version.

That’s not what he thinks of her, however (not that he’d let anyone know, and not that she wanted him to, anyway)

To him she’s a fucking masterpiece. A blessing, an angel perhaps - wait, no, sometimes. Sometimes an angel.

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Talisman For Mental Health

This is a spell I invented in middle school when depression and anxiety was tearing me apart. I had skipped so much school the truancy officer had been called on my family, I stopped talking to friends, stopped going to work, and had even quit talking to my friends. After this spell I managed to join some clubs, handle social situations, and the year after I got on the honor role.

This is a spell you can do with no components, but you can add incense, candles, or any other components you want if you want to strengthen the spell.

First, choose an item to be a talisman. It should be something you can carry with you. I reccomend a piece of jewelry, but if you dislike jewelry any small object you can keep in a pocket will suffice. I reccomend either a found object, or something sentimental. If you want a found object, go into nature and try to find something that speaks to you. Whatever it is, it should give you a sense of joy or calm when you hold it.

Once you’ve chosen your item, take some time to get into a calm, or positive place, physically and spirtually Meditate, put on some music that makes you feel happy and calm, make your environment a positive place.

Hold the item in your hands, and “charge” it with your positive energy. Imagine the calm, positive energy within you as a tangible entity. Imagine the color of your energy, visualize it swelled in your chest, traveling through you into your talisman.

It can help to have a mantra that you recite during this process. I reccomend something personal to you and your mental health. I sometimes use “I shall overcome” because, as succinct as it is, it holds a lot of power as a statement to me. I reccomend repeating this process over several nights, though if it feels complete after one, don’t feel pressured to do it again.

After you’ve imbued the talisman with your calming and positive energy, keep it with you. When you are having an episode, hold the talisman and imagine the negative energy within you flowing into the talisman. To be clear you shouldn’t imagine it charging it, but rather imagine it being ABSORBED and DESTROYED. This is important. Imagine the talisman flowing your positive energy, your strength, your calm, back into you.

If you worry about your talisman becoming damaged by the negative energies (it shouldn’t) then you can periodically do a cleansing and recharge it.

The reason I love this spell so much is because you are essentially storing your energy when you are in an okay place and drawing on it when you are in a difficult situation. It is deeply personal, so alter what you will to make sure it appeals to you and your journey. It helped me so much, I wanted to share!


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Pairing: Winchesters x Sister
Word count: 974
Warnings: Angst, talk of bullying
A/N: Based on this imagine. Actual things I’ve had said to me- screw bullies. <3

Dean stormed in the front door, slamming it behind him. His sight was set on you. Not only had be been called out of work, which he couldn’t afford, he had to go down to your school and have a nice chat with your principal.

Coming out of the kitchen, Sam raised an eyebrow. “What the hell, Dean?” He asked. “You’re home early…and pissed?” His jaw was clenched, and his eyes were full of anger.

“Where’s Y/N?” He asked. More like demanded, really.

“She’s in the dining room. Jewel came over to study and do their homework.” Sam motioned behind him. “I was just starting to prep dinner. Why?”

Dean licked his lips before answering. “She’s been ditching school, that’s what.” He hissed. “Apparently, she’s missed so much that they called me in. I’m one step above truancy officer.” Sam’s eyebrows went up at that. “Yeah, exactly.”

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Day 13:  Headcanons

-  Severus was named after a Catholic saint.
-  Tobias chose his name.
-  All the neighbours called him Russ.
-  Tobias gave him a St Christopher necklace when he was a kid.
-  Severus wore it until he was eight, when he witnessed his dad beating his mother.
-  He’d seen him beat her before.
-  But not like that night.
-  He decided he didn’t want anything from his father, so he put the necklace in a box and hid it under his bed.
-  At that point, he decided he didn’t want anything to do with Muggles.
-  He started wearing it again when Voldemort returned to power.
-  It was his way of declaring that he didn’t want anything to do with Magical supremacists.

-  He went to Muggle school.
-  He was bright, but the teachers were confused at some of the words he used:  Apparate, Flobberworm, Slytherin.
-  They put it down to him having a fertile imagination.
-  When the other kids teased him for being clever, he would accidentally use his magic.
-  It led to the other kids fearing him, so they stopped playing with him, stopped including him.
-  He stopped going to school.
-  Eileen was visited by social services to discuss Severus’ truancy.
-  She Obliviated them.
-  He never went back to Muggle school, even though his records showed perfect attendance.

-  He can climb, and would often clamber up and down drainpipes.
-  He used to walk along the eaves of the houses.
-  When Lily saw him do it, she did it too.
-  Petunia was horrified.
-  But both kids had no fear, as they could rely on magic to save them from falling.

-  He was always hungry as a kid, but he was good at ignoring it.
-  When he went to Hogwarts and was finally nourished, he grew at an alarming rate.
-  But it was harder going home after being well fed all year.
-  In desperation, he took to swiping bottles of milk from the doorstep of the neighbours.

-  When things got really bad at home, he’d hitch his way out of town and up onto the moor.
-  He’d poach, using his wand to slay rabbits or pigeons.
-  Then he’d set a fire and cook his quarry.
-  In his sixth year, he stayed up there for a week.
-  When he came back, his parents didn’t ask where he’d been.
-  He wasn’t even sure they noticed he’d gone.

-  He can sing.
-  He played guitar a bit when he was younger.
-  Tobias won big on the pools one November.
-  And bought Severus an electric guitar that Christmas.
-  Two years later, Tobias threw the amp and the guitar down the stairs when Severus played Pretty Vacant for the thirty second time that day.
-  The amp was ruined, the neck of the guitar splintered.  It never quite sounded the same again.
-  He didn’t play much after that.

-  He spent many evenings as a young teenager creating spells.
-  He was bullied so badly, he spent many evenings as an older teenager creating dangerous spells.
-  He spent many evenings as a repentant young man creating the counter curses to his dangerous spells.
-  He’s oddly fascinated by fire.
-  He can fist fight, but doesn’t often do so.

-  He gets a sick thrill out of holding someone under torture.
-  It’s that feeling of power that he’d always craved.
-  Voldemort knows it, and encourages such behaviour.
-  When he first did it, he felt ashamed and spent an hour in the shower trying to wash away his guilt.
-  But it didn’t stop him from doing it again the next week.
-  Or the week after.

-  He smokes.
-  And he drinks.
-  But he always carries a sobering potion in case the Dark Lord calls him at short notice.
-  He occasionally took Muggle drugs when he was on a destructive streak when he was younger.
-  But he prefers to brew hallucinogenic potions, because he knows what’s gone into them.

-  He cut his hair short in the 80s.
-  It suited him.
-  But he didn’t like how his ears looked.
-  So he grew it again pretty quickly.

-  He’s bisexual, and genuinely has no preference between men and women.
-  His younger self would be astonished to learn that he also had no preference between magical people and Muggles.
-  After teaching for so long, it was becoming impossible to find any witch or wizard he hadn’t taught.
-  So he started frequenting Muggle bars instead.

-  When he was a young Death Eater, he slept with Bellatrix.
-  She mocked him about it endlessly and mercilessly.
-  It took sleeping with both Lucius and Narcissa to rebuild his confidence.
-  Bellatrix was furious when she found out, and resented that he no longer paid any attention to her insults.
-  He was secretly relieved when she was sentenced to life in Azkaban.

-  His parents are both dead.
-  To everyone’s surprise, he was devastated when they died.
-  He hated and loved his parents with equal ferocity.
-  He knows they weren’t particularly good parents.
-  He knows that they often failed him.
-  But they were his.  
-  And they were all he had.

-  Initially, he hated his job at Hogwarts.
-  As the years go by, he learns that he quite likes teaching.
-  Least, teaching the kids who want to learn.
-  He just hates the charade - the constant whining about homework, the endless marking, the chivying along of children who are old enough to know better, the kids who don’t do the background reading, or follow the instructions he puts on the board.
-  He hates being a babysitter.
-  But he’s competitive, so he strives to be the highest performing teacher.
-  Some years, he succeeds.
-  Most of all, his high pass rate means his NEWT class contains the best of the best.
-  Those kids realise they like Severus Snape, because NEWT teacher Snape is very different to the Professor Snape who petrifies the lower years.

-  After a decade of teaching, he became resigned to spending his life working at Hogwarts.
-  He secretly harboured a desire to become a Slytherin Headmaster, so he could prove to his house that being a Slytherin wasn’t a burden.
-  He hated that it happened in horrific circumstances, and made a mockery of his dream. 
-  Teenage Severus would be astonished that his best friend at work would turn out to be Minerva McGonagall.
-  Living with her hatred for a year was worse than the actual act of murdering Dumbledore.

“Sixteen-year-old Daria Morgendorffer, from Lawndale, USA, has a bedroom with quite a history. The previous owners had locked up their crazy aunt in what is now Daria’s padded room. But Daria appreciates her cushy interior. “It muffles sound, so my parents can’t eavesdrop. And it does cut down on the pain when my sister’s actions finally drive me to bang my head against the wall repeatedly,” she says. Her treasured skeleton poster reflects Daria’s eclectic style. “If that’s the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning, I know it’s going to be a great day,” the teenager declares. What do friends and family think of Daria’s room? “My friend Jane thinks it’s cool - she says my personality will probably grow into it. And my sister, Quinn, is generally too scared of the decor to set foot in here, so that works out very nicely."Daria’s bedroom also offers a safe haven from her school, Lawndale High. "If it weren’t for those bothersome truancy laws, I’d spend a lot more time in here,” says Daria, who tinkers with formulas for biological weapons when she’s not watching Sick, Sad World. She’s looking to expand her territory, though. “I need my parents’ and my sister’s spaces, too, but so far I haven’t been able to get them to move out. I’m working on it.” We think she’s joking.” -Seventeen Magazine 1998

(page + text from July Issue of Seventeen 1998)


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so i knew a guy in my senior year who was deaf and had these earbud lookinv hearing aids,the new AP saw him in the lunchroom and demanded he taken the "headphones" out and as he was trying to explain to her they werent earbuds the AP called over the truancy officer and told him to detain my friend for Insiboridation



by: mldrgrl
rated: R (language)
summary: Hank meets Stella’s mother

Hank could tell there was something on Stella’s mind from the moment she got home.  She put her things down and shook off her coat at the door.  He had the pages of a new manuscript in his lap, a red pen in one hand, and a drink on his knee.  She came over to the couch and sat beside him, tucking her legs up under her before she reached for his glass and took a sip.

“What’s on your mind, Sherlock?” he asked.

She took another sip of his whiskey and then sucked the aftertaste off her teeth.  “Are you free tomorrow afternoon?” she asked.

“I could be.”

“If you’re not, you don’t have to change plans.”

“It wouldn’t be changing plans, per se.  What’s up?”

“I’ve been summoned to tea at Harrod’s.  I’d like you to come with me.”

Hank flipped the pages of his manuscript into order and then leaned over to place the stack of paper on the table.  He dropped his red pen there as well and then lay back against the couch, inclined towards Stella.  He put his hand on her knee and gave it a squeeze.

“Do I ring Jeeves and have him lay out my top hat and tails?”

“You can wear what you’d like.”

“Who are we having tea with?”

Stella downed the rest of Hank’s whiskey and tipped her head back as she swallowed.  “My mother.”


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Behind Bars

Originally posted by canonspngifs

Pairing: John x daughter!Reader, Dean, Sam
Word count: 929
Warnings: Swearing

Daddy’s Little Delinquent

Taking in a teenage girl wasn’t ever something he’d expected. Let alone one that was on the road to jail time, who’s mother did drugs, and therefor overdosed. Feeling his phone vibrate, he pulled it out and saw a text from Dean.

Is daddy’s little delinquent staying for dinner? What does she like?

Reading that, it really hit him. Life was about to get much more difficult for John Winchester. “Fuck.” He muttered.

You flexed your hands and turned your wrists when the cuffs were finally taken off you. John arranged to take you to pack some things that weekend. You’d yet to speak to either John or Dean.

Dean couldn’t stop looking over to you, trying to see any family resemblance. There might have been a faint one, but he couldn’t tell. Not with your piercings and makeup. John was in the other room, on the phone with Sam, asking him to come over. He didn’t tell him why, just that it was important.

Walking back into the living room, he sighed. “Sammy will be here soon.” He sat down on the couch, running his hand through his short hair. Finally, his brown eyes looked over at you. “So.” He started, not sure how to go about this whole thing. “Sorry about your mom.” John told you, his voice low.

Shrugging, you picked at the shredding on your jeans, never looking over. Dean looked between you two and decided to speak up. “How’s it feel knowing your dad’s a cop?” He couldn’t help but smirk at the irony.

You looked over at him. “Are you asking if I’d have ‘cleaned up my act’ if I knew?” The attitude you gave him made it clear you didn’t like this one bit.

“I dunno. Just askin’.” Dean shrugged. “I don’t even know what you’ve done.” He pointed out. “All I heard was you had a record.” That could have meant just about anything.

John took a swig of his beer and sat back, his arm on the back of the couch. “So, what’s on this record of yours?” He asked. When you didn’t say anything, he sighed. “I’m a cop, sweetheart. Either you can tell me, or I can look for myself when I go to work.” 

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outta my league → peter parker

♬ outta my league — teyana taylor ♬

❈ if i tell you, you belong to me, would you be mine, in reality? and not just in my mind. i’m so tired of being invisible, to you. ❈

(y/n) propped her chin in the palm of her hand, a prominent pout stuck on her lips. she pushed around a carrot on her tray with a plastic fork. (y/n) looked up for one second and that was all it took for her to pull her attention from the shitty cafeteria food.

peter parker. him and his friend ned found an empty table (surprisingly). they were talking, probably something important.

it was a consecutive routine. (y/n) would drool over peter parker and nothing would happen. she didn’t understand why she couldn’t muster up the courage to talk to him.

once the bell rang, the hallways flooded with students, rushing back to class.

(y/n) stopped by her locker before heading to quantum physics. she mentally prepared herself for the lesson, applying chapstick with the mirror in her locker and shoving a piece of fruity gum in her mouth.

(y/n) took her assigned seat. she thanked the heavens for her arranged seat. she was actually a desk away from peter parker. he was diagonally ahead one desk to her left.

“peter, you were absent last class, weren’t you?” mr. nova asked before the bell had even rung. peter cut his conversation with ned short with a nervous smile and a nod.

“alright… um, i’m trying to remember students who nailed the review- ah, (y/n)!” (y/n) blinked, holding her breath. “if you need help with the review, please, by all means, ask (y/n).” mr. nova’s eyes would occasionally land on (y/n), making peter look over his shoulder to peer at the beautiful, blushing girl.

“uh- i- okay! for sure, thanks mr. nova,” peter smiled as mr. nova placed the worksheet on his desk. when most of the students had found their seats and the bell rang, mr. nova instructed that it would just be a work day.

“there’s only four days until your grades are finalized,” announced mr. nova. “so, instead of piling on more work on you guys, i’ve decided that these next few days could give you a chance to show that you want a second chance.” he cleared his throat, raising his eyebrow at a select few of the pupils. “i won’t allow anyone to move seats, knowing no one would get work done. i truly want you all to do your very best without any distractions.”

the class fell silent. surprisingly, the class remained quite hushed. the occasional whisper or pencil sharpener being heard.

and there was (y/n) again. eyes glued onto peter parker as she rested her chin on the desk. she watched as he slightly stuck his tongue out as he scribbled his name at the top. she couldn’t help the smile that ran across her face. she admired the way he’d tap his pencil to keep his train of thought going. his eyebrows furrowed as his eyes scanned over the line he was on over and over.

peter sighed, running his fingers through his hair.

“need help?” a warm and welcoming voice rang in peter’s ears like music. he turned and saw (y/n), cheeks slightly darker than her natural color.

“(y/n) i- sorry, you scared me. i-” he paused taking a breath. “sorry.”

“what are you apologizing for?” she giggled nervously, pushing her bangs behind her ear.

“i- i don’t know.” his shoulders slumped and he smiled anxiously, noting to himself that he had already screwed up. “so, i don’t remember this how to work this formula out. could you help me?”

she nodded her head with bright eyes. “yeah, of course.” her voice was low and soft. she sounded so delicate.

(y/n) had her palm propped on peter’s desk as she pointed at his paper, talking about the scientific equation. (y/n) would often flicker her eyes over to peter as he worked a part on his own, just with the little time she had.

“okay, i got it. thank you (y/n).” peter grinned at her while she gave him a shy smile.

that was actually the first time she talked to him without screwing things up. normally, she’d wimp out or end up a stumbling and stuttering mess.

the next lunch period, (y/n) sat herself in her usual spot next to a few of her friends from ap biology. they all knew of her obsession with peter parker.

“when do you think she’ll notice?” she overheard one of her friends.

“who notice what?” she assumed it was about her.

“harlowe stole your bagel sandwich.” olivea pointed out. quickly, (y/n) snatched her lunch back from the guy with a scold.

she stopped messing around when she saw peter walking beside ned. ned seemed to be ecstatic about something, while peter blushed, trying to shield his face with his water bottle.

(y/n) had been staring at peter for only half a minute until he finally looked up, finding the eyes he’d felt from far away. their eyes locked for a split second. the corners of peter’s lips curled upwards. peter was definitely happy to see her. and in a matter of moments, her eyes had trailed elsewhere. but not peter’s.

“she’s avoiding eye contact with you because she saw you look at her, stupid,” michelle informed with a dull tone.

“okay, i’ll look away.” he pulled away for the slightest second. “tell me if she looks my way.”

“she’s looking, she’s looking!” she exclaimed. peter averted his gaze to her for a slight second. she wasn’t even turned in his direction.

“really michelle?” peter just gave her a blank stare. michelle only snickered and shrugged her shoulders.

“why don’t you just talk to him?” olivea groaned.

“you don’t understand,” (y/n) frowned. her insecurities were eating her alive. “liv, you’ve never had to experience rejection. you were always accepted. everyone loves you.” envy was a bitch. “rejection is my biggest fear. and-” she exhaled deeply from her nose. she feared humiliation more than anything.

“maybe i can’t understand what you’re feeling,” olivea rubbed her back to help comfort her. “but i do know from experience that if you just sit here, nothing’s going to happen. is nothing better than something?”

“no, but-”

“exactly.” olivea nodded her head. “don’t sit around, waiting for nothing. do something about it.”

“i can’t. peter was crushing on a senior girl. why would he ever go for me?”

olivea shook her head. “(y/n). you’re not seeing the big picture. peter crushed on a senior girl. whom he went to homecoming with last year. she said yes. he probably didn’t even think she would, but she did. know what that means?”

“no, actually, i don’t. please stop talking in codes because i’m getting confused.” (y/n) slumped her shoulders.

“peter obviously was in the same position you’re in. he thought she was out of her league. but he gave it a chance and it went well for him because they went to hoco together. he messed it up because he left early, but honestly, the only thing that matters is that she said yes when he didn’t think she would.” olivea broke it down. (y/n) nodded her head with every bit of information she received.

(y/n) opened her mouth to respond, but was interrupted by the bell. olivea, harlowe, and phoebe gathered their things while (y/n) stayed seated.

“think about it (y/n),” olivea said sternly before she started her way to class.

“oh shit,” (y/n) mumbled as she rode her train of thought. she had realized that there was probably no avoiding the situation. she had quantum physics with the guy and they sat next to each other. not to mention, she would probably see him in detention for the amount of truancies she’d received.

“welcome back to class.” mr. nova greeted the class. “congratulations, you’ve proved yourself worthy of a grade you deserve with the few days of make-up days. in which, i’ll return your days by giving you guys a free day. feel free to move around where you would like, but please make sure the volume of the class is reasonable.”

(y/n) sat still as she watch everyone rushing to stand up and move around.

ned made faces at peter. he would look at peter and then and (y/n) and frantically thrash is hands toward her. peter shook his head and ned nodded his head. ned spotted the seat behind peter was empty. so he’d be directly on the left of her.

“peter, don’t be a loser.” ned leaned in with a whisper. “talk to her, she’s just sitting there.”

“what if she’s sitting in silence for a reason?” peter retorted in a low voice.

“dude. you’re crazy. no one wants to just sit in silence by themselves.” ned shook his head as if it was the most obvious thing.

peter reeled himself back in his desk, forearms resting on top of his desk. he took a deep breath before peeking over his shoulder. sure enough, (y/n) had her eyes on him as well. once their eyes met, peter grinned before turning back to the front of the class. that must’ve been the boost of confidence he needed because he mentally prepared himself to sit next to her.

the sound of a loud, dragging desk interrupted peter’s thoughts and he looked to his right. there (y/n) was, pulling a desk to connect with his. peter couldn’t fight off his rosy cheeks.

“hey peter,” (y/n) smiled politely as she seated herself next to him.

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AU + 5 headcanons: How does the "half feral fire bender" Zuko's story end in the events of S3?

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1. As far as Book Three goes, by far the biggest change is that Zuko joins up with the Gaang in Book Two during “The Chase”, so he is already a well established member of the Gaang, the same way Toph is, since they joined at about the same time.  In part this means that when they sneak on board the Fire Nation ship and sail to the Fire Nation, he is there to share in the despair and fear they’re all feeling.  He is also able to smooth over some bits of Fire Nation culture clash for them, like explaining to Aang that the clothes he picked are a school uniform, and if he wears them, he’ll get dragged in for truancy.

2. Hama takes one look at the former Fire Nation soldier traveling with the Avatar and his friends and singles him out for kidnap.  He goes missing under the light of the full moon, and the gaang sets out to find him while Katara studies waterbending with Hama.  Afterwards, Hama’s story, and Hama’s rearrest, bring up Zuko’s past as a prison guard.  He opens up to the Gaang about the Boiling Rock and his experiences there.

3. On the Day of Black Sun, Zuko tells the Gaang how to get into the bunker, but other than that, not much changes.  Azula is still able to delay them for long enough for the eclipse to end, and they still have to escape by the skin of their teeth, leaving the adults behind.

4. Speaking of the Boiling Rock… Zuko’s story means that Sokka knows where his father and the other Southern Water Tribe warriors are probably being kept.  He takes Zuko with him to get them.  At the Boiling Rock, things have changed since Zuko was there last.  Mai’s uncle has been transferred away, and Mai herself is a prisoner, in a cell next to Suki’s actually, because that’s just the way Azula is.   Also at least half the guards know and recognize Zuko, and it’s not hard for him to spin a yarn about being transferred back.  It’s Sokka who gets caught and thrown into prison, and it’s his presence as one of the Avatar’s companions that causes Azula to come, only to find her brother there too, leading an escape.  In the end, Sokka and Zuko are able to rescue their girlfriends and Sokka’s dad, and it’s Ty Lee who fights to protect them and is thrown into prison for her betrayal.

5. After the Boiing Rock, when Azula attacks, the Gaang flies off and accidentally finds the Sun Warriors.  Aang and Zuko have their little dance with the dragons, Sokka makes fun of them, the Sun Warriors glare at him, Katara hits him in the head. Good times.

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Here’s a short, fluffy drabble written for the incredible norbertsmom. Sending much love your way.

When Peeta hears the jingle of keys in the front door’s lock, he slips a bookmark into the binding of the novel he’s halfway through, depositing it on the coffee table. It’s not entirely rare for Katniss to come home a little late from work – her hours at the lab are relatively flexible, so sometimes she’ll be home early in the afternoon, while other times, it won’t be until dinner.

But tonight, one-half of the grilled chicken breast and asparagus he prepared sits cooling under a coverlet of Saran Wrap in the fridge. It’s now eight o’clock – three hours after she shot him a punctuation-free text alerting him that she “might be late.” Being married to her for five years, and dating her for three before that, Peeta has long since learned to not worry over Katniss’s occasional truancies. Although she’ll give him a scare now and then, she’s never let him down.

So, wiping his hands on his jeans, he pads through the living room of their townhouse, ducking into the front hall just in time to see the door swing open.

And there stands Katniss, paused in the threshold. A cluster of plastic bags with the PetSmart logo splattered across them dangle from one hand, while the other arm awkwardly cradles a small, hazelnut-colored tuft against the inside of her elbow.

Oh my god.

“Whose puppy is that?” Peeta asks, both excited and afraid of what he anticipates the answer to be.

She gives him a guilty smile, dumping the bags on the floor so she can hold the thing up Simba-style with both hands.

“Ours,” she replies.

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why do we never hear about the other 12 year old girl ted murdered? i've tried to look everywhere about her murder but can only find her name and when she died how did she die though?

I’m guessing you’re talking about Lynette Culver. Her body was never found and she didn’t fit the profile of his victims so I guess that’s why she’s not much talked about. But Ted confessed to her murder to Idaho investigator, Russell Reneau. According to Ted, he picked Lynette up outside her school (she willingly went into his car), he drove back to the Holiday Inn where he stayed the night and he drowned her in the bathtub. According to Reneau, Ted was surprised when he told him how old Lynette was. When he was asked why he was in Pocatello that day, Ted answered : “Uh…madness, what can I say. It was, basically, to do what was done.”

Here’s a part of Ted’s interview with Russell Reneau :

Bundy : (…) There may be a couple of corroborative details that I can give you that might help but, by way of identity they just happened to stick in my mind for reasons that I can’t quite, you know, explain really. She made a comment that sounded that she had other friends or relatives in Seattle. The reason I remembered that is, ‘cause I’ve been in Seattle. Made a comment indicating that either she lived with her grandmother or that her grandmother lived with her family. Another comment indicating that perhaps they were thinking of moving to another house, the family was thinking of moving to another house. Indications that she had had some trouble with truancies at school, about missing school and also finally that I encountered her at a time when she was leaving the school grounds to meet someone at lunch. Those are the…some of the specifics kinds of recollections that come to mind immediately. As I say, I don’t recall the name of the young lady.

Reneau : (…) What was the cause of death in that situation?

Bundy : Uh, it would have been drowning.

Reneau : (…) Would there be any structural damage?

Bundy : No.

Reneau : (…) At the time that her body was placed in the river, was she clothed or not?

Bundy : Yes.

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I was in a juvenile detention center for 2 weeks when I was 14 (for truancy; I was a pretty good kid). My roommate was a 17 year old girl named Angie. She had scars on her arms and wore baggy clothes. My first night I was so upset, so she put her mattress down next to my bed and held my hand. She caressed it slowly for a long time, and I can still feel her fingertips running over my skin at times, even 12 years later. We kissed. And it felt so.. normal. Right. And that was that.

Whoa that’s incredible. I’m getting feels :’) Thanks for sharing! 


At The Drive In - Hostage Stamps

Hostage Stamps is taken from the new album, in•ter a•li•a, due for release 5th May 2017. This will be the bands first album for 17 years. The video was directed Rob Shaw & Damon Locks. I must say the vinyl lookks very good!!

my eyes scroll to the back of my head,
the Lord’s dare taken in vein
keepsake battalions, phantom couplets,
a new tactile cremation attested opaque
mayhem keeps us
branded on the wrist
a paper nest truancy of wasps .
wrap me up in mylar film
the anachronism enacts the indigenous
prolonged exposure
to combustible nativism

Thirty days spent in the hole
Raise yourself a nithing pole
Inoculated at the liqour store
Drunk on the piss
Of semaphore embers

the hospice waltz of corpus flowers
leaves pinko fumes from turret guns
sawing at the base of pylon towers
banking on the drought banking on the opaque spurs
I’ve defeated every crypt

in the potters field of machuca
calling from the blossoming dust
slid down the bank, choking on sherm
a new tactile cremation attested
to opaque spurs
mayhem keeps us together

Thirty days spent in the hole
Raise yourself a nithing pole
Inoculated at the liqour store
Drunk on the piss
Of semaphore embers

put your hurt in a safe
throw it in wet cement
Never speak of this to a living soul
heed the mercury blots
of this Rorschach advice
no good will come of your insect rebellion

Thirty days spent in the hole
Raise yourself a nithing pole
Inoculated at the liqour store
Drunk on the piss
Of semaphore embers

¡ raise your nithing poles !
¡ raise your nithing poles !
¡ raise your nithing poles !


A 55-year-old Pennsylvania mother of seven, sentenced to serve two days in jail because her children were absent too much from school and she couldn’t pay some $2,000 in truancy fines, was found dead in her cell.

The Associated Press reported that District Judge Dean R. Patton, who sent her to prison reluctantly, blamed a judicial system that imprisons poor people who can’t pay fines for minor offensives such as truancy fines. He said:

“This lady didn’t need to be there. We don’t do debtors prisons anymore. That went out 100 years ago.”

It hasn’t gone out in Pennsylvania.

The dead woman was identified as Eileen DiNino, of Reading, who went to jail to wipe clean some $2,000 in fines and court costs imposed on her since 1999 because a number of her children were absent too much from school in Reading and Muhlenberg townships.

The AP reported that more than 1,600 people have been jailed in Berks County over school truancy fines since 2000.