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Actual Reasons Why People Dislike Frozen

1. The Plot has Pacing Issues and Plot Holes: Frozen’s plot is all over the place. Plot points like Anna’s erased memories and the whole ‘you can’t marry a man you just met’ are completely forgotten about after like five minutes. And the pacing isn’t much better either.

2. Lack of Explanation: Elsa’s powers are never explained. How does Olaf come to life? Also, how did Elsa get her powers? She’s the only person in the royal family who has them. Plus, how did Arendelle function without their queen or a reagent? 

3. Really Bad World Building: Not only are Elsa’s powers not explained but the world of Frozen itself is confusing. Rock trolls? How do they know the king? And how did no one in Arendelle try to find out what happened to the queen? Is Elsa the only woman with ice powers becuase it seems like the rock troll knew of others like Elsa. Again, none of this explained.

4. Extremely Forced Romance: The ‘romance’ between Anna and Kristoff is so forced it hurts. How forced is it? Anna has to be told that Kristoff loves her. By a secondary character. She doesn’t realizes he loves her until after Olaf tells her. And Kristoff’s attraction towards her comes out of left field and we don’t know why he suddenly is in love with her when all he has done is talk down to her.

5. Kristoff Isn’t that Great: Good god, where do I begin? Kristoff isn’t just a bad love interest but he’s a totally boring character. It seems like he was literally created to be Anna’s love interest and nothing more. Even Naveen and Flynn had personalities outside of being love interests. We literally don’t know a single thing about Kristoff other than he likes ice. That’s literally it.

6. Elsa is Bland: Warning, this might be long. Despite Elsa being marketed as this great, interesting, strong female character she is none of that. The movie barely focuses on her and when it does, we see Elsa either running away or complaining. Instead of being a complex character like Ralph from WIR or Elephaba (she’s an Elephaba knock off at beast) she’s whiney, self absorbed and dangerous. She also seems to not care about the people of Arendelle or her sister for that matter. People claim she’s a feminist character but she really isn’t.

7. Olaf: Okay, I’ll admit that I think Olaf is cute and he had some funny moments. But good god was some of his comic relief forced. And sometimes, he takes away drama from certain scenes. 

8. The Rock Trolls: These charecters are legitimately pointless. There is zero reason for them to be in the film and even Frozen fans don’t like them. They sing one of the worst songs in Disney history and take away important time from the plot.

9. The Sisterly Relationship is Weak: This movie boasts about having a great message of loving your sister but in all honestly, the message falls flat. We barely see the sister interact and the one who is trying to get the other to come out is Anna. We never see Elsa trying to reconnect with her sister or at least missing her. And again, this whole subplot of them being sisters just seems to be forgotten until the end at least.

10. Let It Go: Alright, the song is decent but the problem arises that it’s suppose to deliver this message about being yourself but that is completely forgotten literally right after the song. But the biggest thing? This song has been overplayed. I have heard it so many times and I am legit tired of hearing it. 

11. Some of the Songs are Terrible: After Let It Go, the rest of the songs are really forgettable. Kristoff’s song isn’t even really a song, Olaf’s song brings the movie to a halt and then the trolls sing one of the most vile songs I’ve heard.

12. Frozen Removed Important Female and POC Characters: For a movie that is all girl power, the directors decided to remove important females from the story. Oh and the whitewashed charecters as well. Wonderful.

13.The Designs are Lazy: Not just the same faceness but the snow and the ice doesn’t look that nice. The animation seems stiff and awkward at some times. Despite making a machine to make unique snowflakes, they still didn’t look that great.

14. This Movie is Overexposed: Dear god, it’s like the Pokemon craze but worse. Disney has made Frozen everything. Frozen drums, Frozen bras, Frozen vinyl records, Frozen toilet seats and more. Disney has also removed various other rides and attractions just to make room for more Frozen. Disney even made an extremely bland short featuring the Frozen crew and they’re making a Frozen 2. This movie is more overrated than Avatar.

I’ve probably forgotten some but I’m willing to add more if people want me too. Just leave me a reply and I’ll tell you

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Can you do a Muse of Blood, Rogue of Space, and Prince of Void?

Well, average is -2, first off. We’re lucky enough that this is a normal Seer.

Blood, Space, and Void make a new Trispect that I think should be called… Plot. Like a conspiracy.

The Seer of Plot is fairly easy to figure out. They seem like your typical conspiracy nut at first. Until you realize that they’re right.

These guys know the hidden machinations of EVERYTHING. They knew the trolls were gonna invade Earth as soon as Crockercorp was founded! They know exactly how much to trust the horrorterrors, the Guardians, everybody! They’re not quite so all-encompassing as the Seer of All, but they’re incredibly useful to have around!

Broken home

You were out shopping the day it happened, food and some simple string for sewing. But it seems that someone else had plans today as well, ones involving you and they had failed to share the details. Clearly seen when you arrived home to your store ransacked, your door busted and windows shattered to bits. They made sure your entire stock was destroyed, they even somehow managed past your lusus into your garden, the entire room destroyed, your sat at the counter, your usual smile dimmed. It took forever to gather all of those herbs, at least you still had the bags of mint leaves you keep hidden, but all the larger ones were gone. Your face played bits of sadness and anger at this moment, and none of the trolls knew how to aproach you without your smile.

Jynxel sighed as he scanned the small coffee shop he worked at; not a single soul besides his there. Which; to be honest, he preferred it that way. Of course; it didn’t hurt to have maybe one person to talk to, but to him, none was better than one unless he knew the troll. So there he stood; working with the only thing he could make without burning it.

Visiting (Closed)

=> You rode your saberdad to town. He had come home a few hours ago with news that there was someone new, so watch out. That always got you excited and you got ready as quick as you could, disguising yourself for once. As you reached the edges of town you hopped off your lusus’s back, telling him to head hive. You tightened your scarf around your face, double checking in a closed sotre window that your freckles were hidden. Once done you searched the town for the newcomer. You doubted they wpuld stay long, probably here for a trip or on business. Other trolls who knew of your mutation stayed away. A few have attacked you before but they tend to dissapear. You have a feeling your lusus was behind it. Your scarf’s edges float, sheilding your eyes from the gently falling snow.

“I wonder if they’ll think my sthcarf isth cool?”

=> You had no reason to find this newcomer except that nobody libed near you, those who did hated you, and you were very lonely because of it.


i added ears to my troll sprites

here, have a base just in case you happen to share my headcanon:

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Anthy just writes her name on the damn wall, clearly doesn’t give a shit even as she’s scrubbing the whole room from wall to wall, floor to ceiling. 

Someday, someone has a hell of a time trying to get the ink off the wall, but it just won’t budge. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, bleach, nothing can get this shit to go away. Any paint they try to put over it just crackles and falls away upon drying, always leaving the name Himemiya Anthy upon the wall of the East Dorm. The building can’t be sold for its full value, and the sale of the school’s grounds is already drawing in a paltry sum (apparently not everyone appreciates some of the more… unique architectural choices). The former chairman sighs in frustration and takes the check for an amount far below his asking price. He knows he has fallen victim to…


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Is that anon actually annoyed that Shefani fans don't fall for manufactured drama from the tabloids? Thats what you do when you're a fan. You dont buy into every piece of garbage especially when it comes from tabloids that have had B & G pretnant, married, broken up since rhe day they got together. One good thing is when the trolls start getting mad that they're trolling isnt working anymore, things are moving in the right direction.

Evidently that person wasn’t a true fan!

As fans we know better than to listen to tabloids and the stupid stuff they are saying now!

We knew the “trolls” would come out in force at The Voice was aired.

We all know that since the Knockouts were taped in January, Gwen and Blake have been to Adam’s Hollywood Ceremony, gone to OK for President’s Day weekend, Gwen was in Spokane and Tacoma and they are now in OK again.

Adrien's Identifying skills
  • Stormy weather
  • Cat Noir: *sees aurore's cut out* she looks familiar.
  • Bubble man
  • Cat noir: aww thanks kinda nino
  • Copycat
  • Cat noir: there is only one dude who chomps lolipops with this kind of stick!
  • Ladybug
  • Cat noir: ????? Who is she???? I will never know.
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • Plot twist in the end
  • Cat Noir: i've been trolling everyone, I knew it was marinette all this time. I mean, twin tails duh..
  • I love this cat dork to death <3
EXO Reaction: His gf always knows where his lost things are

Anon said: “Exo reaction to their gf who always finds the things they lost? (Cause she’s organized and stuff and she knows where everything is lol) thank you“

Xiumin: “Thanks jagi, now I don’t have to buy another one”

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Luhan: “Okay I get it, you’re very organized”

Originally posted by dawnlus

Kris: “That’s the first place I checked and it wasn’t there“

Originally posted by jinful

Suho: “Do you by any chance know where Kris is?” *always ask you when he looses something*

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Lay: *finds something he lost years ago instead of what he is currently trying to find*

Originally posted by elaysium

Baekhyun: “Thanks, I’ll check twice next time”

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Chen: “pshh I knew it was there all along, I was just making sure you knew” *troll mode activated*

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Chanyeol: *likes the fact that you’re organied, it makes it better for the both of you*

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D.O: *watches you clean so he doesn’t have to ask you where everything is next time*

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Tao: “Here’s your reward”

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Kai: “Where’s the chicken jagi?”

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Sehun: “of course you know where all my stuff is, it belongs to Oh Sehun”

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The Trolls As Kids I Knew In Middleschool
  • Karkat: The one emo kid with a video camera who watched Shane Dawson videos like constantly
  • Aradia: The one nice girl who snuck wine into math class disguised as grape juice and drunkenly told you she loved you
  • Tavros: The only kid who had Mario Kart for the DS and you'd all play it together during lunch but is kind of the reason the DS was banned from school (and none of you know the reason)
  • Sollux: The only kid who really cared about the computer programming class you were all in; the rest just kind of messed around with photoshop
  • Nepeta: The cool kid that everyone hangs out with and swears a lot but was scared to go to the bathroom alone
  • Kanaya: The pretty bi girl who was super into witchcraft and LGBT rights and taught you that you were a massive fucking gay
  • Terezi: The RANDOM XD kid who drew a lot in class but somehow managed to pass all her classes
  • Vriska: The kid who kind of bullied you in 6th grade but literally cannot remember it the next year and you guys become friends and then never hear from one another again
  • Equius: The kid who acts all tough like he can take anything like yeah once I shot myself in the foot with a bb gun and it didn't even hurt but starts crying when you gently bop him accidentally with an arrow in gym class
  • Gamzee: The kid in math class who just writes "boobies" into the calculators constantly and draws in all his classes and can't seem to pass them
  • Eridan: The older kid who was kind of your friend but said something really awkward and uncomfortable to you once and you meet back up with him years later and you know he doesn't remember it but you do
  • Feferi: The really sweet but kind of reserved kid who came from a sheltered elementary school and still thinks 'heck' is a bad word and everyone makes innuendos in her expense because she doesn't understand them until like 10 years later at 3 am
Never give the DM ideas

I was playing in a D&D 5e campaign with a bunch of friends in college. Our characters were part of a mercenary guild (think the Fighters’ Guild from the Elder Scrolls) and since there were so many of us, we picked our parties for the mini-missions from a hat as drawn by one of the two DMs.

My character was a half-elf rogue and in this session he was grouped with Quintilius, a half-elf bard who favors recreational plants, and Drayna, a tiefling sorcerer. Both Quintilius and Drayna were trying to persuade me to reveal my name, which I refused to do because I didn’t really trust them - especially Drayna because she was a snobby noblewoman. 

Anyways, We are traveling near a wooded area around dusk when we are attacked by a troll. Naturally, I had a low initiative when I wanted to try to back-stab the troll and Drayna had the highest. The DM told us all to roll to see if we knew that trolls regenerated health and were weak to fire, though he didn’t out right tell us that was what the roll was for. I was the only one to pass this roll, but I didn’t have a chance to tell the other two because Drayna was already declaring her attack on the troll.

She critically failed to hit it with Shocking Grasp and hit me instead, paralyzing me for the first half of the encounter and therefore I couldn’t tell them about the trolls regenerating and hating fire. 

Thankfully, Quintillius critically passed with Dissonant Whispers (he told the troll that its mother was a stale lima bean) and scared the troll away. Then Drayna says OOC: “Thank God that thing is gone and there was only one of them!”

And then the DM proceeds to sent two more trolls at us because Drayna had to say something like that and I’m still paralyzed from her mishap and OOC i’m just biting my tongue in annoyance at her.

When my paralysis ends, I tell them about the trolls and Drayna finally decides to use a fire-damage spell. We managed to kill those trolls and learn from the DM that the first troll ran off a cliff in its distress from Quintilius’s stellar insult. 


“We’re gonna take you on a journey with the trolls. The trolls were, we knew, had to be this uplifting oasis before we headed into the darkness of the third act. It had to address the theme of the movie, which kept changing. It had to tell Anna what she needed to learn without being on-the-nose and giving it all away. And the final thing it had to do was crystallize the romantic connection between Kristoff and Anna.”

-Kristen Anderson-Lopez
D23 2015