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Things I feel should be in Young Justice Season 3

(I know it’s probably not gonna come out for a while and most of these are probably not going to happen but shut up I can dream)

Teen Titans (Cyborg and Raven have been confirmed BOOYAH)


Damian, and therefore Tim as Red Robin

Character development for Wondergirl, Batgirl, La'gaan, Static Shock, etc.

The original team fighting and someone (Dick) being like ‘this feels familiar’.

Canon Bluepulse

Jason coming back and Garfield just looking at him and Wally and being like “ANYONE ELSE WANNA COME BACK FROM THE DEAD?”

Bumblebee PLATONICALLY calling Cyborg “Handsome” as an homage to the characters on the original (the good) Teen Titans cartoon

Jesus Christ! Mal and Karen need to get married and make babies please!

A scene where we see Tim staying up late, on a thousand cups of coffee, and Cassie being like “BOI GET TO BED BEFORE I WHOOP YOUR ASS”

La'gaan being low-key salty about Supermartian getting back together


Who’s Rocket marrying? Who is Rocket? WE LITERALLY KNOW SQUAT ABOUT HER

Zatanna trying to save her dad from Fate because WTF girl, I thought that was your life mission but we didn’t see anything in season 2!!

More Billy scenes plz! Preferably with Cyborg because they are ultimate BroTP

Beast Boy and Raven moment? PLEASE?


Arthur Jr. alive and healthy (like can we just not kill him off please?)

Artemis being her usual badass self as Tigress, and beating the shit out of Wally WHEN he comes back

Cheshire possibly working with the good guys? Like maybe Lian gets kidnapped and she and Roy have to go to them and they’re all super salty but it’s adorable

Dick making up more words, and just overall showing that HE’S STILL THE LITTLE MOTHER-FUCKING TROLL WE KNEW IN SEASON 1


Icicle Jr. Low-key being happy about Artemis being alive (because they’re childhood friends, which you know IF YOU READ THE COMICS)


Like please, Greg Weissman,

Celebration Orlando

Finally had some decent sleep so here are some untidy notes from Celebration.

- Did not regret spending 2 nights in a row sleeping on the concrete floor and not showering. Was able to enter both the 40th Anniversary & The Last Jedi panel.

40th anniversary
- I cried as soon as they mentioned Carrie Fisher.
- Billie Lourd was incredibly strong. You could tell she was speaking fast not to get too emotional when talking about her mom.
- Seeing Harrison Ford was a real surprise.
- Hayden Christensen received a round of applause. Not sure if he was expecting such a warm reaction from the crowd.
- Seeing John Willians was an even bigger surprise. Not in a million year I’d expect him being there with an orchestra.

Last Jedi
- I still have chills. Everything was so incredible.
- Rian Johnson must have the time of his life and I regret not getting up to get his autograph. I didn’t expect him to stay for 4 and half hours and I was too tired to move when he showed up. He seems genuinely to care about Star Wars, the fans and the crew.
- BB-8 is so life like. I wanted to cuddle him. I like the idea of having him the Buster Keaton of the movie as Rian said.
- It’s so good to finally know more about Rose!
- KMT had a great story about how she managed to convince her parents that she was filming an indie movie in Canada for 4 months because she wasn’t allowed to say anything about shooting Star Wars. She even had mapple sirup sent over to cover her tracks 😂
- Daisy said something about Rey’s expectation concerning Luke, like sometimes you shouldn’t meet your heroes.
- Mark joked about him being such a troll that he knew nobody would believe what he said on April 1st about Luke having taken a vow of silence and communicating telepathically. @tehanufromearthsea immediately thought of your story.
- John was so cute when he said “Poe is my boy.”
- I gasped when I saw the first look at the character’s design. That picture of Rey walking on the cliff is so beautiful.
- Rian looked so revealed after the trailer when he came to announce they’d play it once more. Like genuinely happy! It was so great.
- The poster is so beautiful.

While watching the trailer
- OMG it’s here! I’m here! *squee*
- It’s less flashy than TFA.
- Leia wardrobe looks amazing.
- Luke is the Light, Kylo is the Darkness, Rey is the balance. *pees her pants*
- Scar!!
- The Resistance base is under attack. Oh noes!
- Much lore, Wow Force.
- Yaaaaaaass!!!!
- OMG OMG!!!!!

Starry Night (Trollhunters Fanfic)

A commission for @approachingdark​! She wanted a fic with an upset reader who was comforted by Draal and Arrrgh. I just wanted to take a moment and also thank her for being super patient, and for being my first customer! I hope you like it! <3

under a readmore b/c its….kinda long


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On murderbeasts

Many years ago I wrote a story.  Partly it was in answer to a challenge – someone said that they’d never read kidfic which didn’t make them barf, and I wanted to see if I could write non-barfy kidfic*.  Partly it was because I’d been thinking seriously about going that way with a sequel to Parliament of Monsters, and I wanted to test the waters to see how readers in general would react.  I had a very definite idea of the tone I wanted the story to have: I wanted to take a lot of the elements of your standard schmoopy kidfic, and give them a creepy supernatural twist while retaining some genuine sweetness in the characters’ interactions.  I wanted the reaction of the average reader to be two parts “Awww!” to one part, “OK, that’s disturbing.” The story was generally well-received, and the majority of readers, I think, had about the reaction that I was hoping they’d have.  Most of the feedback I received specifically mentioned the creepy-vs-cute quotient of the fic.  

I got one piece of public feedback from someone worried about readers who ‘romanticized the awfulness’ of dark fic.  This person was a noted anti-Spuffy crusader, so I just replied that I’d never gotten any feedback of that sort myself, possibly because I’d never written anything that dark (they wrote a lot of noncon.) So they wrote me back in private pointing out a comment I’d gotten from another reader (who was a Spuffy shipper) as an example of said romanticising.  It was a comment (accurately) comparing Spike’s behavior in the fic to that of a cat teaching its kittens to hunt.  Concern Troll’s logic seemed to be “People think cats are cute, therefore this person is one step away from marrying a serial killer.”

As it happened, the other reader was about the worst example of a romanticiser-of-awfulness the concern troll could have chosen: she was an extremely logical and unromantic academic who analyzed everything to death.  Furthermore, she was a devout follower of her religion who was deeply concerned with ethical questions in general.  Concern Troll knew none of this; to them, the mere fact that she shipped Spuffy and that her comment had not explicitly referenced the creep factor in the story was enough to brand her as a gullible dimwit whose wavering morals could easily be toppled by my story.   I pointed out to Concern Troll that Other Reader was the last person I would suspect of romanticising anything.** But even had I not had personal knowledge of Other Reader’s disinclination to run out and marry a serial killer IRL, I trusted my readers to be, you know, smart, and experience had borne out that trust.  

I don’t think I convinced Concern Troll of anything, but I didn’t really expect to.  The ironic thing, of course, was that Concern Troll also wrote an extremely Problematic pairing.***  Even more problematic than Spuffy, by some measures.  And ranted and raved on a regular basis about how unfair it was that people who disliked their OTP made assumptions about them based only upon the pairings they shipped or the types of fic they liked to write and read.  

What it comes down to is, it’s easy to make the assumption that people who agree with us are smart, savvy readers who are easily able to separate fiction from reality and act accordingly.  People who disagree with us, however… well, they’re already foolish or misinformed enough to like the wrong character or ship the wrong pairing, aren’t they?  Doesn’t that prove that they’re weak-minded enough to uncritically absorb bad messages from the (by definition bad, because we don’t like it) fic they read?

No.  It doesn’t.  By extension, none of us should never be allowed to reblog a cat gif without attaching a disclaimer explaining that cats are ruthless murderbeasts who enjoy torturing their prey to death, and we should never, ever allow ourselves to enjoy their cute fluffiness without recalling this fact and feeling bad about it.  

Sometimes, even though you know perfectly well that they’re a murderbeast, you just want to go “Awww,” and reblog the damned cat.  And that’s fine.

*Thinking back, one big reason that I made the decision to give Barbverse Buffy relatively easy pregnancies is that at the time, there was an extremely popular Spuffy series which was already several stories into the pregnancy-and-kidfic stuff.  The Buffy in that series had miserable pregnancies that left her more or less bed-ridden for long periods.  This was used, among other things, as a plot device to explain why she was unable to escape from a forced and unhappy marriage.  The medical stuff was very realistic.  But the angst level was constantly at 9000, and one of the many reasons that I am a Bad Fan is that I don’t enjoy being in the head of a character who’s miserable for long periods.  Whump is not cathartic for me, just oppressive and/or angering.****   So I really didn’t want to write something similar.

**Other Reader had, in fact, written a long-running series about a minor Buffyverse character whom she wrote as a thinly-veiled self-insert meeting her One True Love…who was a middle-aged, balding, slightly chunky OC Watcher.  Together, they wrote properly footnoted research papers!  And occasionally fought vampires.  It was the least romanticized Mary Sue story EVER.

***Curiously, many Anti-Spuffy Crusaders of the day who objected to the pairing on the basis that it was immoral for Buffy, A Good, to have sex with Spike, A Bad, had villain/hero OTPs where both characters were male.  This made it OK.  None of them were ever able to come up with a satisfactory explanation for why it was OK when both partners were male.  Women, apparently, are uniquely susceptible to contracting sexually transmitted Evil.

****Which made many of the seminal academic works on fanfic, like Enterprising Women, absolutely infuriating for me to read, because they told me that using hurt-comfort fic to process the pain of their patriarchy-dominated lives was the core reason why women wrote fanfic, and that…did not match my experience at all.  Couldn’t be that we just want to tell a story, nope, there’s got to be a pathology behind it.  Of course, on the opposite side of the coin, they also claimed that H/C had NOTHING to do with kink or smut, oh my heavens no only a pervert would suggest that!  So yeah.

i added ears to my troll sprites

here, have a base just in case you happen to share my headcanon:

External image

DualSign- The Beginning

The streets were dark and the night was quiet. The only sounds one could hear were those of a wild barkbeast howling to the moons and the wind blowing through the area. This wasn’t a place Dualscar would usually be seen, as he had a reputation of being the terrifying highblood, but he had heard a rumour of the infamous Signless making his way to this area and he couldn’t resist. Just imagine the respect and fame he would get from bringing in the sacrilegious troll– not that he needed it, of course. The royal sighed and leaned against a wall, his vibrant violet eyes scanning across the area. Obviously, his targets weren’t here. Although, it was likely that he was holding a ‘sermon’ or whatever he likes to call his blasphemous teachings in the town square.

Deciding it would be worth it to at least check it out, the terror of the seas and land pushed himself off of the dirty wall– how disgusting. He would have to burn this outfit later– and began walking. His footsteps echoed throughout the otherwise seemingly abandoned town as he walked, making his way to the town square. The closer to the middle of the wretched town he got, the more he could hear something. It seems he was right– the Signless had decided to give a sermon tonight. That would, of course, end up being his downfall. A smirk formed on The Orphaner’s face and he stood in an alleyway. He could, of course, barge in and try to get his target that way, but that would likely lead to chaos that the group of fugitives could get away in.

No. Instead, the formidable troll waited patiently. He was a wise troll– he knew how to get what he wanted when he wanted it. The royal calmly watched the fugitive troll speak, feeling ever so slightly impressed. He obviously knew his way around his words… It was no surprise why so many felt compelled to listen to him– to aid him. Had the Signless been higher on the spectrum, the Orphaner was sure he would have gotten an excellent position and respect.. Dualscar almost regretted what he would have to do– what a waste of talent. Oh well. The highblood was ripped out of his thoughts by the telltale cry of a stupid clown about to ruin all of his plans. Were they fucking idiots? Why would they senselessly cause such chaos when it would only prove to aid the fugitives get away?

The Orphaner rolled his eyes in annoyance and pushed off of the wall again– ugh, yet another disgusting and dirty wall to sully his clothing– before running off in the direction of where he had last seen the well known group of trolls on the run. Dualscar had to push passed many trolls– disgusting lowbloods and annoying clowns alike– to get where he needed to be. To his surprise, he was able to catch up to the Signless. It seems like the fool was trying to go back to help those that had been listening to his sermon. Respectable, but something that would end up getting him killed. The Orphaner waited for his target to get separated from the group, a smirk on his face, before he launched himself at the troll and pinned him against the wall. He’d done it. Dualscar had done what many others had tried and failed to do. Triumph flashed in his eyes and a wide grin began to form on his face.


Rating: G

Ship: Poppy/Branch (Broppy, Boppy) 

Fic Summary: When Branch’s new bunker below the Troll Tree floods, Poppy finds a way to help him cope with his past (And learns a few things about her own history while she’s at it.)


Poppy loved the rain.

Well, Poppy loved almost everything–but rain was one of her favorites. So when she had awoken to the pitter-patter of water hitting her roof, she was thrilled. She spent most of the day cozy in her house, watching the drops hit the leaves of the trees around her while she worked on one of the many scrapbooks she had lying around. Her friends managed to drag her out for about an hour to enjoy an impromptu ‘singing-in-the-rain’ party, but she was quick to retreat home as soon as the cold started to seep in.

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Poppy: “We’ll get to eat sushi, Kenny Rogers, JolliBee, and go to Disneyland and Enchanted Kingdom…!”

Branch: “Don’t forget the tourist attractions.“

I’m going to Japan for the first time! And going back to the Philippines with my family for the holidays :D
I’m so excited! There’ll be a lack of posts for a couple of days, though.

@jammiehamato imagine if we bumped into each other without realising it lol
Cloudy Skies, Cloudy Water

A Trolls fanfic

Inspired by @ask-artsy-oncie promt here 

Note - I haven’t written in years, I gave this thing a prologue to both stretch some really old muscles, and two, to give some context of the first time (post movie) Branch loses his colours … Chapter 1 will be set at the actually beginning of the story following the prompt

Note 2 - If anyone can give me a better title, please shoot them my way … this was a filler title whilst I thought of something better … (though it kind of fits a little with the context of the story)

Chapter 1


“Branch I -” the bright pink queen turned her head with a grin, looking to her new partner. The smile faltered, realising the troll she was looking for wasn’t there. Her eyes looked left, right, left again.

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anonymous asked:

You guys are barking at the wrong tree. It was definitely not Nipuna, who ran those accounts, we can all swear to it. Actually, if you have at least some kind of honor, you should apologize. The owner was a shipper, but someone who hasn't been in your field of vision at all. There are many of them, not just the few you seem to tattle about all day.

Beat a dead horse much, anon? I haven’t named anyone as the owner of that troll account. The lie that Nip told about never going to that account was exposed because of her previous post about DMing bs_no. Your ask Infers there are many more shipper trolls? Well there certainly are many more IG accounts and Twitter accounts that bully MacKenzie and harsass Sam over her. Thanks for confirming what I already knew - shipper trolls are numerous.

I’m still waiting for the names of some IG accounts that harass shippers so I can report them.

EXO reactions: you kiss their cheek

Luhan: he was being very manly today. He was helping you cook in the kitchen, he had given you a massage when you got home, seeing as you were sore from shopping with him earlier that day. You thought about all the things he has done today and how he was being so sweet. You look at him cooking the Chicken and smile as you get on your tip toes and peck his cheek. “What was that for?” He asks smiling and blushing slightly. “For being so manly and helping me all day…” You say as you look at him lovingly, he just smiles and continues cooking. 

Baekhyun: you were on the couch together. You on your phone and him on his laptop. You look at him as he’s typing something into the browser. He looks so cute when he’s concentrating on something. You lean up and press your lips to his cheek. He turns to you and smiles but his smile drops as he looks at your face.“What?” You ask him worriedly. “You have something on your face….right….” He says, you blush and try to feel the thing on your face. He stops you, bringing your hands down to rest in your lap. He suddenly leans in colliding his lips with yours softly. He pulls away after a few seconds and looks at you with a cheeky smile,“There…” He says and you smile. 

Chanyeol: you were in his recording room sitting next to him as he composed a new song he had been working on,he was getting a little wrinkle where he had been furrowing his brows together in concentration and frustration,you suddenly feel the urge to kiss his cheek. You wait a few minutes and then finally cave,giving into your desires,you lean up and peck his soft cheek. he looks shocked for a few seconds before looking at you with love in his eyes “You’re too good for me,you know that?” he says,you giggle,and say,”I know~” 

Lay:you are singing for him(I’ll sing for you~) and helping him right a new song,he’s strumming away when he suddenly stops,you do too. He just holds his hand up and looks at the wall blankly. You think he is being so adorable so you just have to lean over to him and kiss his cheek softly. When you pull away he just looks at you for a few minutes,looking confused as hell. Then he starts strumming again and starts singing softly,”Eyes like stars~,and lips like silk,girl you know you make craazy~!” he sings beautifully,making you blush. 

Xiumin: he was teaching you how to make coffee, you were stood beside him,listening carefully as he instructed you to do something,but when he saw the confused look on your face he chuckles softly and comes behind you wrapping his arms around your waist and grabbing your hands in his. He guides your hands,his head on your shoulder as he whispers in your ear about what to do,you blush because of the close proximity. When you finally get it and make an amazing cup of coffee you squeal and wrap your arms around his neck,jumping up and down as you thank him a thousand times. “THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANK!!!!!!” you squeal with excitement. “Really it was no problem, anything for my girl~.”he says as he wraps his arms around your waist. You pull away to look at him,”No really…”you says as you lean up and quickly peck his cheek,you pull away and look at him adoringly,”Thank you…”you add as he blushes and says,”Once again,no problem…” 

Kris: you were trying to “out-cool” each other,more like you were trying to get his cool aura to break and he was trying so hard not to pinch your cheeks because of how cute he thought you were being right now. You kept giving him compliments and saying what you love about him,and he always replied with stuff like,”Cool”,”I know”,”I love me too”,”I’m too cool for this”,you finally got a good idea of how to make him flustered,you look at him very lovingly,he looks like he’s falling for it,initiate part two of your master plan to take over the world(just kidding this is Kris not Kyungsoo…) you lean up (AKA get a stool,even though he is sitting down because he’s a giant mother fucker!) and peck his cheek,you pull away after a few seconds and smile at him adoringly,”Cool…” he says as he leans back and hits his hand. You had won. You start laughing and he just look at you and says…… 

Tao: he is exhausted,seeing that he just practised wushu for an hour and a half straight. You sigh as you help him to bed and go to fix him something to eat and drink. When the food is cooled down some you pour him a glass of water and walk down the hallway with the plate of food in one hand and the glass of water in the other. You open the door with your foot, only to see Tao fast asleep. You chuckle softly as you walk up to him and set his food and water on the nightstand beside the bed. You turn to walk away but feel him grab your wrist,”Baobao,where are you going?…” he says in a groggy,raspy voice. You smile and kiss his cheek,climbing in bed beside him and snuggling into his side,”Nowhere…” you say as he snuggles you closer and returns the favour by kissing your cheek as well. 

Kai: he was helping you learn a new dance,it was a very hard one and he took time out of his schedule just to help a silly girl like you learn a dance. You kept thinking about how sweet he was being and how patient he was with you. Every time you got a step right and you would gleam with happiness,he would just stare at you lovingly,you doing the same when he gently corrected your errors. You miss a step because you are thinking about how adorable he was and Kai stops you and wraps his arms around your waist and taking your arms and moving them correctly to the step you missed,you try it again and succeed,you hug him as you thank him for helping you,”Anything for my jagi~”he says,you smile and lean up to kiss his cheek,but he beats you to it,kissing yours instead. 

Chen: he and you were watching frozen,you had been fighting the urge to kiss his cheek the whole day,but you didn’t know if you should or not,knowing the little troll,AKA Chen, you knew he would tease you about it if you did,so you suppressed the urge and just watched the movie,singing along with him when the characters broke into song. A few more minutes past and you suddenly hear,”Okay can I just,say something crazy?”,you and Chen look at each other at the same time,you sing Anna’s part and Chen sings Hanz’s part. Hitting the high notes perfectly and harmonizing together. When the song ends you look at him,you can’t help yourself as you give in and kiss his cheek quickly,he looks at you and begins to tease you,like you knew he would. “you just can’t help yourself around me can you?” he asks cockily,”Says the guy who asked me to marry him…”you reply sassily,referring to the song you two just sang,”Says the girl who said yes..”he says smirking,catching the reference, “touche`…” you reply. 

D.O: he would be cooking you something to eat,while you were staring at him with love in your eyes from your seat at the kitchen table. He refused for you to help him,seeing as tonight was your anniversary and he was making dinner for you whether you like it or not. When the food is done he sets your plates on the table and pulls up a seat across from you and sits in it. After you two finish the amazing meal he prepared for the two of you he grabs your hand from across the table,staring at you lovingly before speaking,”Y/N,in all the time we have been dating,everytime I see you,you get more and more beautiful,you still manage to take my breath away and make me fall in love all over again,happy  anniversary,Jagi…”he says while smiling loving at you, you are in tears now,you lean over the table and kiss his cheek,bringing him into a hug. 

Sehun:he knew your intentions to kiss his delicate maknae face,and he liked it,but he didn’t give any hint that he knew. You were watching a movie together and he pretended to go to sleep. You ignore him,seeing as you are way to into the movie to notice that he laid his head in your lap. You keep being oblivious,that is,until he starts….”snoring”…quite loudly actually. You look down at your lap where the sound was coming from and finally notice him in your lap. You blush and smile,stroking his cheek,before leaning down and placing your soft lips to his soft maknae skin. He jumps at you yelling “wah!” you scream and punch his arm playfully as he laughs loudly,”IT WASN’T FUNNY!! IT’S NOT MY FAUlt you were being cute as fuck…”you say,gradually getting quieter and quieter. he hears all of it and chuckles,sitting up and pulling you into his lap and kissing your cheek. You stayed like that for the rest of the movie. 

Suho:you two were on your first date. He took you to a nice restaurant where you had a nice candle lit dinner,followed by him buying every dessert on the menu for you. Now you were at the park,staring into the fountain as the moonlight shined down on the two of you. You didn’t talk,just enjoyed each other’s company. When the date was over he offered to walk you home,to which you replied to with an excited nod followed by a small smile. Now you two were walking to your house,making small talk on the way. You finally arrived at your house after an amazing night. You sigh happily as you turn to him,”I had an amazing night,we should do this again…” you say as you smile at him,”Me too,you’re the most amazing,funny,beautiful girl I have ever met…” he says as he smiles at you,you melt at his words and don’t hold back as you lean up to kiss his cheek,he blushes and grins at you,”Goodbye…” you say as you slowly close your door,”Bye…” he says before your door closes completely,when it does close he sighs dreamily and turns and starts walking to his house,his cheeks red and a big grin on his face. 

anonymous asked:

Hello Dahni. So when it comes to frog breeding, the knight usually helps the space player. How would things work if there is a Knight of Space?

The Knight helping the Space player isn’t a thing, Karkat was never supposed to be the one doing the frog breeding with Kanaya, he and the the other trolls knew this, and they acknowledged that Aradia was supposed to have more a role in it, using her Time powers more appropriately and assist more actively than she did (she didn’t use Time nor set up functional loops like Dave did, instead she let thousands of doomed timelines happen, broken unfulfilled loops that ended up existing in the Void/dreambubbles)

Dave helped Jade not because he was a Knight, but because he was the session’s Time player, the frog quest is intentionally setup that if you try to do it in linear time, you won’t have enough time, thus the Time player’s help with controlling the flow of time is essential to the process of creating a successful, healthy frog that contains both fundamental essences of Time and Space.

If I remember correctly too, in one of Aranea’s expositions about Damara she mentioned Damara messing up the session and not helping out where she was needed as well, and where else exactly would a Time player be absolutely necessary to help out, other than the Scratch? which we knew Damara was all about helping, she loved the thought of the scratch. The only other option is the frog breeding process

afterall, Universe and SpaceTime might as well be the same word, so it makes sense that in creating a Universe, Time is an essential component

So if you have a Knight of Space, then nothing’s changed, they still need help from the resident Time Player in order to do things properly


Anthy just writes her name on the damn wall, clearly doesn’t give a shit even as she’s scrubbing the whole room from wall to wall, floor to ceiling. 

Someday, someone has a hell of a time trying to get the ink off the wall, but it just won’t budge. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, bleach, nothing can get this shit to go away. Any paint they try to put over it just crackles and falls away upon drying, always leaving the name Himemiya Anthy upon the wall of the East Dorm. The building can’t be sold for its full value, and the sale of the school’s grounds is already drawing in a paltry sum (apparently not everyone appreciates some of the more… unique architectural choices). The former chairman sighs in frustration and takes the check for an amount far below his asking price. He knows he has fallen victim to…


Wanted Witch {Open Roleplay}

Posters for an unknown creature fluttered around the neon lit streets of mid Alternia. The cool even breeze sweeping over the early starting trolls. Life went on for these trolls but an uneasiness still lingered in the corners of their minds as the posters read out the crimes of the beast.

‘Mangled bloodied corpses strung up on walls’, 'blood drained lusi and their trolls’ and many more horrific incidents.

This thing that was killing these innocents was clearly no rouge lusus or even a mutant. This thing was clearly dangerous.

But what was worse is that not one troll knew what it looked like.

Multiple criminals had been interrogated and even killed {which wasn’t abnormal}. But still these horrific murders continued, getting more and more bloody by the day.