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check the tags on the bags in the other pics. It says LHR. And SPAR (the advert on the luggage trolley) is a store in England, they don't exist in South Africa. // Oh anon. Like Sticky said, Spar exist in RSA. There's an ad on the trolley that says Winelands which is in RSA. There's no direct route from LA to RSA so you fly through Heathrow. The baggage tag says CPT, Cape Town, and LHR, Heathrow, under. CPT is on top, that's the destination. And LHR is where he flew from. It's in RSA, just stop

Nonnie is flummoxed.  Let’s talk about something more important.  


I feel like he ~knows things…


This took exactly three months longer than expected. Any sane person would have reconsidered before dumping a quarter of a year into making a parody short about a minor character in a stage play. .

If you’ve read the hilarious wild ride that was Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, I’m sure you too were caught off guard by the ridiculousness that is the trolley lady sequence. Under her kindly facade, she is in fact some sort of ageless homunculus that threatens school children with her arm spikes. Yikes.

You might also notice that the animation on Albus and Scorpius vastly outpaces the crap I usually churn out. That’s because Styxtwig kindly offered her animated talents in the pursuit of this madness. 

It’s been a surreal, almost dadaist expenditure of effort. Hopefully, you’ll get a chuckle out of it! 


A trolley full of your loved ones is heading down the tracks and will hit another loved one. If you redirect it, it will hit three strangers, but all of your loved ones will be fine. However, there is another person on the other side of the tracks facing the same problem. If you both choose to redirect the trolleys, they will crash in the middle, killing almost everyone. 

The least amount of people will die if you do nothing and allow a loved one to die, the best-case scenario for you will occur if you pull your lever and the other person does not pull theirs, and the worst-case scenario will occur if you both pull your levers.

What do you do???

It’s really weird, but I remember distinctly that the first time I read Philosopher’s Stone I felt terrible for Harry when the trolley witch didn’t have Mars Bars. I was only about nine - I don’t even think I knew what a Mars Bar was - but there was something that made me pity Harry in that section, the whole thing about him feeling out of place. (Or maybe I’m just reading too much into it - maybe I was just sad that he didn’t get the candy he wanted.)

Voldemort: *makes Horcruxes to live forever, dies at 71*
Trolley Witch: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯