the tripped

road trip with monsta x

• lots of car games (I spy, guess the license plate, etc.)
• you’ll end up reminding him not to pick up strangers or hitchhikers
• would buy all kinds of souvenirs from places you go to
• like a t-shirt that says “I went to ___ and all I got was this lousy t-shirt”

• he would document everything: loads of picture taking (selcas, signs on the road, food from the convenience store…)
• would make sure you see as many fun sites as possible
• sing-along (very loudly) to every song that plays on the radio!
• would book cheap hotels 

• he’ll be ready with the maps (should you require it), trash can, first-aid kit, cleansing wipes, batteries, chargers etc. 
• would argue with the GPS “I think we should turn right.” “No, I don’t trust it”
• very planned and organized trips 
• would make up road games with you 

• “are we there yet?” “i’m hungry” “I need to pee.” 
• would stick his head out of the window when he’s in the passenger seat
• kind of a reckless driver; might fall asleep in front of the wheel
• would get lost (probably) and refuse to ask for directions

• would take charge of all the music played throughout the journey
• “I’m the driver, I’m in charge of the music” *wink*
• would probably drive so far that you can’t afford to get back.
• would drink a lot so he would also stop a lot to pee

• he’ll be pretty much asleep most of the time probably
• or would be complaining that the backseat is not very comfortable
• nighttime road trip ends up into stargazing!
• “I got you this flower from the gas station”

• would want to try different kinds of food everywhere. Food trip!!!
• so the car would end up with lots of rubbish 
• wouldn’t consult a map or GPS so of course you’ll get lost but you’ll discover so many cool, new places
• “It’s all part of the adventure!”

Just in case you didn’t see it all over my page already (lol) I commissioned the super sweet, super awesome @days-e for some art of my mayors, and I was/am so happy to be blessed with this beauty 😭😭😭💖 

Benny is super duper talented and kind, please consider commissioning her as well! And click on the pic to see it in HD and appreciate all of the amazing details she put into this~