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phil lester sits criss-cross applesauce atop a world of his own creation and smiles. he stands in scuffed shoes and cares steady, holds consideration in gentle palms and offers it like the worst kept secret. jokes, delicate and airy, translucent flower petals and lavender blush and making the world a bit brighter. well meaning words settle whisper quiet into hearts, moulding them into something better, something softer. the rosy brightness of adoration blooms steady behind his eyes and glows for something good.

phil lester sits on his old bedroom floor and tells a camera about his day. ten years later he performs his last show on a worldwide tour, best friend by his side and tucks memories laced in silver and gold in his back pocket for safekeeping. he stumbles and a million hands reach out to balance and propel him forward. happy screams and photos and tweets and art and unadulterated love put down roots in his chest. vines creep across his ribcage and beat in a rhythm only he can hear, safecomfortablewarm. he locks it there, vivid and precious.

phil lester smiles, sunlit and breathtaking, the turn of his lips smeared on and dripping joy like a fingerpainting. he inhales colour and light and sound and exhales creativity, his fingers itch for something just out of his reach. mind floating away, barely there clouds dancing and wispy, and lying back among them and dreams about flying. determination is sharp in his veins and laces through his lungs like string tugging him along, do this make that write this down plan this out. add another rung and climb higher. he twists lovely things with clumsy fingers and adds another line to the autobiography titled how to make the stars appear dim next to this.

phil lester looks at the sky, twinkles wistfully and wonders if he could be up there. he doesn’t realise he’s been flying for years.

What he says: “Lydia’s gonna drive me down to DC. She wants to help me move into my dorm, so.” 

What he means: I whined and complained about how I had to go all the way down there with all my stuff and it’s a really long drive and, gee, Lydia, there’s lots of hotels along the way, you know, and also I hate sleeping without you anyways and HEY we’ve never taken a trip together as a couple and shit I’m not very good at interior decorating, what if I can’t make my dorm room feng shui? wouldn’t it be ccarrraaaaaazzzy if you drove down to DC with me and helped me move in? Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. 


Behind the Scenes of Planet of the Dead - Part Five

Excerpts from Benjamin Cook’s set report in DWM 408:

On Valentine’s Day in the desert, what could possibly be more romantic than an oversized fly waving a gun at a lady in a catsuit? It’s hard to think of anything, isn’t it?

It’s our final day filming in the UAE [United Arab Emirates], and veteran Doctor Who monster performer Paul Kasey has arrived to play Sorvin the Tritovore. “The head is operated by remote control,” he explains, “which Neill [Gorton, prosthetics designer] is operating off camera.” Isn’t that disconcerting for Paul? “You get a sense of what’s happening. Over the years, I’ve begun to recognize the different motor sounds.”

So, Sorvin marches the Doctor and Christina, at gunpoint, toward his crashed Tritovore spaceship - presently a green screen pinned against the double-decker bus. “Can you still see where you’re going, Paul?” asks James [Strong, director]

But he can’t. “There’s your mark, Paul,” says David [Tennant], guiding his captor. “HEY, PAUL?!!!”

Meanwhile, just out of shot, Daniel Kaluuya [who plays Barclay] is relieving himself on a tuft of shrubbery. “I know I shouldn’t look,” giggles Victoria Alcock [who plays Angela], “but I can’t help it.”

“I’m letting it grow, man,” insists Daniel. “Giving it a chance. They’ll call this the Kaluuya tree.”

David is more focused on his shades. “I’ve had my sunglasses on again,” he tells make-up man Steve Smith. The specs leave a slight mark on the bridge of his nose, requiring a retouch.

“Not again!” sighs Steve.

“Well, it’s bright,” David grins, “and I look cool in them.”

However, the sun soon starts setting. James wants to squeeze in one final shot: David and Michelle running down the hill, carrying the clamps from the Tritovore spaceship. On the take, Michelle trips, tumbling arse over tip. “Sorry, sorry, sorry,” she flinches, getting up and dusting herself down.

“She managed to make even that look dramatic and well-handled,” David points out.

“Phwoar, I wouldn’t mind being the sand beneath Michelle,” mutters someone who will remain nameless.

“I can’t believe how fast David runs,” Michelle admits, “but then I’m Lady Christina; the Doctor should be a bit faster than me. I guess she’s a fantasy figure, with her catsuit and backpack, but also she’s real in that she’s not flawless. She’s not Wonder Woman.”

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pretty boy


Just unfollow me now because I found a beautiful morally ambiguous, expressive, emotionally fragile, unstable child with a neglectful upbringing who is interested in psychology and has perfect body language and sasses like a spice canister and I can tell he’s gonna end up as a regular on this blog.

Batfam Movie Preference Headcanons

Bruce is notorious for having pretty lame taste. He has just about every movie ever made by Tom Selleck, John Grisham, Clint Eastwood, and Alfred Hitchcock. leave him alone, he’s getting old. (they’d never admit it, but the kids don’t find Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, Her Alibi, and The Rainmaker as egregious as some.)

Dick is kind of an 80’s nostalgia nerd. Steven Spielberg and John Hughes are near the top of the list, because what can he say? he’s a basic bitch. (Jurassic World came out and you bet your ass he was at the premiere)

Babs is EXACTLY the kind of person to watch mysteries just for the pure satisfaction of solving them before the characters do. however, she’ll watch cheesy romcoms when the girls are over and enjoy them just as much. of course, that might just be because Helena and Dinah always bring plenty of wine. (she and Dick compromise on their somewhat conflicting tastes by watching Around the World in 80 Days on their anniversary)

Jason does not give a shit. The Count of Monte Cristo? he owns it. Fame? he owns it. Kingsman: The Secret Service? he owns it. in fact, he owns two different versions of Phantom of the Opera, which probably has something to do with the fact that he hates Gerard Butler as Erik. (when he finds out who stole his copy of RED: Retired and Extremely Dangerous, there will be hell to pay)

Carrie appreciates indie comedies. she leans toward the cute, lesbian ones, but it’s not a hard lean. she owns Steam Powered Giraffe and the Search For the Magical Harp of Golden Dreams on DVD, even though it’s available for free on YouTube. (she was a little disappointed by Yoga Hosers, but she still gave it 5 stars on Netflix)

Tim is a fucking nerd. a nerd with very strong opinions on Star Trek, Star Wars, and pretty much anything else with “Star” in the title. if he wasn’t so busy with everything else, he could write an entire essay on book to movie adaptations and why they Need To Not. (he missed Bruce’s New Year’s Eve party once because he was trying to watch all of the Tolkien movie adaptations despite this. the last Hobbit movie had finally come out, what was he supposed to do?)

Stephanie is all in for horror movies. bad ones are great. good ones are great. just as long as the female characters kick ass, or she has something to laugh at, she’s happy. (“no, I don’t want to watch Bloody Pit Of Horror, Stephanie,” is a phrase everyone has used at least once.)

Cassandra is very visual. she prefers ballet to films, but she has an appreciation for silent movies. but, since good ones are typically in short supply, she’s usually okay with anything without too much sound and dialogue. (the day she found A Trip to the Moon on Netflix was a very, very good day.)

Duke is an action movie buff. he likes the older ones, like The Karate Kid, but he’ll watch anything once. especially if it involves Jackie Chan. (his favorite movie, however, is The Goonies.)

Damian admits nothing about movie preferences. he’s above things like that. or so he claims. everyone always leaves a spot on the couch for him, knowing full well he’ll show up sooner or later. (he absolutely did NOT cry when the lion in Secondhand Lions died, thank you very much, Todd!)

the one movie everyone can always agree on is The Princess Bride. Bruce eventually had to buy several copies of it, because the one he had initially kept getting swiped from the Manor. one time, it actually turned up at Clark’s. wtf, Clark?

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Love at first sight for midoriya, bakugo, todoroki, kirishima, and mirio

Sure thing dear! I hope I could write it well enough and that you’ll like it.


- When he sees them, he can’t take his eyes away for a long moment, his breath catching in his throat and he feels his heartbeat speeding up.

- There is a very good chance he’s going to trip or accidentally bump or walk into something, because he’s so distracted at the sudden emotions and he really hopes he didn’t make a fool out of himself in front of the person he instantly liked.

- He won’t say anything about it at first. If anything, Midoriya will try to get to know them and talks to them when he can without seeming like a stalker or a weird oddball who developed an interest out of nowhere.


- If anything, at first it pisses him off. Why the fucking hell is he falling for a stranger? He doesn’t understand it and it causes him to be angry and tense at first.

- It takes a while for Bakugou to get comfortable with the fact that he fell in love, though it helps when he starts to talk with them (or they start to talk with him) and he gets to know them. The closer they grow, the more comfortable he can get with them and realize that he fell for someone nice and good, someone who’ll respect his life choices and that his goals will always be the most important thing to him.

- Even when they grow close, Bakugou takes a bit of time before he starts to approach them about anything regarding love. He won’t just spring it on them out of nowhere, though once he starts talking about it, he’s pretty honest and tells them everything he’s comfortable talking about.


- The way his breath catches and his chest feels light and tight at the same time when he meets their gaze is entirely new to him. He doesn’t really understand why his heart is beating differently or why his hands tingle.

- It takes him a bit to understand he fell in love, though that doesn’t keep him from approaching them. He feels this pull to talk to them and he does it. Todoroki is pretty gentle and quiet about it, not forcing his presence on them and they slowly start to talk more and more over time.

- When Todoroki realizes his feelings for them won’t change, he starts to look for signs if they might feel the same way. If they do, or if he wants to be honest with them, he asks them to stay behind after school so he can tell them what he’s feeling .


- Kirishima only needs a second or two to realize he just fell in love and he can’t help the nervous twitch of his hands and he tries to give this stranger a friendly smile, while he feels his heartbeat clearly echoing in his chest.

- If they look like they’re lost or might need help, Kirishima approaches them to introduce himself and ask if there is something he can help them with. From then on, he tries to talk to them more and more often, to get to know them and to spend time with them.

- Kirishima likes to be honest and open towards how he feels and once he’s comfortable enough or it seems like they are interested in him too, he’ll quietly tell them how he feels and if they maybe want to go to a café with him sometime.


- He never expected something like this to happen and he doesn’t know how to react in the first moment. Suddenly falling in love causes him to take a step back for a second and he breathes in a little more deeply.

- Mirio takes some time before he approaches the person he fell for. He wants and needs to make sure he’s certain about what he feels and that it won’t fade away just as suddenly again. Once he’s sure, he starts to find reasons to talk to the person he loves, to approach them and for both of them to get to know each other.

- Once Mirio has grown closer to them, he finds more and more small things that endear them to him. He cares for them and he loves spending time with them, trading both jokes and serious stories. He doesn’t really plan a speech or anything, but he drops a hint or two when he decides to confess to them, before he takes them aside and honestly tells them he fell in love with them.

Hey everyone,

I’ll be leaving for a two week trip to Japan tomorrow and I will be back on the 25th of May!

I hope I’ll get the chance to a draw a bit and to share some nice places I visit or cool things I come across (like part 5 announcement pls) :’D
I’ll queue a couple of older things as well so my blog doesn’t completely die in the meantime ><

Will definitely do my best to reply to any messages as well! I’m very excited for the trip and to finally taste that good old melonpan again <3

Thanks and see you soon!

@drawacloud asked:

My story is a pirate rebellion in space with magic. (I have a lot of parts to this question because I want to try my diddleydarn hardest to make my autistic character, Layla, accurate)

What does having bad general movement (I’m sorry I can’t remember the exact wording for it) mean exactly? Their fine movement is good but I don’t think they are very good with not Tripping up over things.

They are also nonverbal and use the echo thing to talk with the team. Does this kind of being nonverbal (I apologise if this is the wrong way to put it ) often affect writing skills?

One of the characters is new to the team and asks Layla’s best friend Navette why Layla is “odd” ( it should be noted that he is an alien that isn’t used to humans and how they work) Navette has inability to understand general social this thing is seen as wrong and doesn’t even think that Layla does anything weird “well sometimes I don’t want to talk too” or “everyone fiddles around with stuff I’ll tell you one time…(In reference to stimming) would an ok discription of autism by someone who probably doesn’t even know what it is be “Layla just runs a little bit different. They don’t talk much and God forbid if you turn on the light if you don’t warn them but they’re the best damn navigator we have”?

(The last one got a bit rambly)
Thank you very much for making this blog I’ve wanted for a very long time to write an autistic character but I could never get the right kind of information I needed. Thanks :oD

@scriptautistic answered:

Hi, it’s really great that you are trying to represent your character’s autism accurately. There are lots of parts to your question, so I’ve broken up my answer:

Motor skills

I am interpreting “bad general movement” as “poor gross motor skills” (let me know if I’ve got that wrong!)
Having problems with your gross motor skills means that you struggle with activities that use large muscle groups or the whole body. This is often described as being generally clumsy, and as you said, can make a person more likely to trip over things. Your character may have other problems associated with poor gross motor skills. For example:

Problems with balance - this might affect skating, cycling, standing on one leg, walking on uneven ground, balancing on a bar or platform

Problems with coordination - this might affect running (if they often end up tripping over their own feet), hitting things (for example hammering), kicking things, and catching

These are all just very general ideas - how your character is affected will depending on how developed their gross motor skills are.

Echolalia and language skills

I don’t have any statistics about the link between echolalia and writing skills. Your character may have difficulties with writing, or may not - it’s up to you. Writing and speaking are both complicated processes that require many skills, and Layla may have problems with skills needed for speaking, but not for writing (for example timing or intonation), or they may have problems with skills needed for both (for example language processing or putting ideas into order). Even if they have difficulties with skills needed for writing, they may still be able to do this, but it will be hard work for them.

As a side note - other people might have difficulties understanding Layla’s echoes, but if the team knows Layla well and are good listeners they may have learnt to interpret their echoes. On the other hand, a new person joining the team might struggle to communicate with them, either because they can’t interpret the significance of a delayed echo*, or because they haven’t learnt how to communicate with someone with immediate echolalia**

Which leads us on nicely to…

Describing autism

“Layla just runs a little bit different. They don’t talk much and God forbid if you turn on the light if you don’t warn them but they’re the best damn navigator we have”

This might not answer the newbie’s questions, but it works as a way of essentially saying “there’s nothing wrong with them, now can you get off my back and let me get back to work?”

If Navette is trying to be helpful but is just a bit oblivious, he might not have realised what information might be helpful for Newbie to have - he’s mentioned needing to warn Layla before turning on the lights, but there may be other things that Newbie needs to know. As I said above, if Navette is used to talking with Layla using echolalia, he might not realise how difficult Newbie finds it to understand Layla’s echoes. I am sure there are other things that Navette sees as completely normal that a newcomer might need explaining.

I’m very glad that you enjoy the blog. Good luck with your story!

-Mod Snail

*Delayed echolalia - the individual repeats speech that was heard before and is repeated after a delay
**Immediate echolalia - the individual “echoes” the speech immediately

Watch out for a masterpost about echolalia coming your way!


My once best friend was the kindest human being I had ever met. She cared about me when no one else did. She loved me for me and only me. Then in 2015 and early beginning of 2016,everything went downhill.
There was a new student in our school,a quiet boy,good looking for my taste at least but rarely talking to any of us. My best friend was in a relationship at the time,but not exactly the happiest she has ever been. Then, a three day school trip came around and this guy,along with a very good friend of ours,was actually becoming more sociable and appeared to be very friendly. I was starting to like him as a friend of course,but my best friend liked him in a different way. Long story short, I got them together and she was extremely happy.
They got alomg very well. But what happens when he has full power over her?

She started becoming very distant,rarely talking to me for anything apart from coming for advice about their fights. They fought a lot. He had an anger issue. I told her she had to get out of the relationship because she was unhappy,but she wouldnt listen. He hated me for saying bad things about him to her.
She always took his side. She didnt hang out with me. She always put him first,even when he started abusing her. She always got angry at me when I couldnt go out with her,even though she never had time for me or our friendship.

I started keeping my distance. I made new friends,and actually started going out. I was inside my house for 2 months. I was starting to be happy again. Then one day,she wanted to confront me. I felt bad because of the anxiety issues she had and I wasnt there.I apologized. But then,the same things happened and I had enough. I confronted her and never looked back. She stopped replying to my messages and she said she was having a hard time,but my dad had moved to Germany and she did nothing to comfort me.

They ended up breaking up and she came to me to tell me that she was sorry she put me in second place because she finally saw who he really was. I told her she was late to the game. Her last message was the one in the title. And I never responded.

Up until now she comes to me to tell me what he says about her but I always respond with “He is an asshole. Sorry you figured it out late.”

I am finally happy with my friends and ready to move on from being second best.


Following my “One Piece Journey” to japan, including all my nonstop posts on my social media accounts, I’m so happy to finally share with you the video compilation of my trip! I don’t have a very good recording gadget, but I hope that through your screen, I will be able to take you into the new world! This video is dedicated to all the One Piece fans out there! Enjoy! :D

Mugiwara Store Osaka
Laguna Ten Bosch Nagoya
Mugiwara Store Nagoya
Official Mugiwara Store Shibuya
J-World Tokyo
Fuji TV Building, Odaiba
One Piece Tokyo Tower

PLEASE NOTE : That I don’t own the music background that I used here, all belongs to the rightful owner

“大槻 真希-memories”, sound recording administered by:
Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.

One Piece Guitar Medley - Openings by LazyNS…

One Piece Soundtrack GuitaR Medley Instrumental OST Cover by LazyNS…

We Are!- One Piece Guitar Cover by Fefe (Tron544)!…

Maki Otsuki - Memories - Ending Op 1 - Guitar Cover…


I was really productive yesterday in non-school things (of course), so I’m hoping to be productive in school things today. Last day of classes is next week. Omfg. Once I go to the chiro, I’ll be able to get back to lifting (it’s only been 3 days off so it hasn’t been a big deal lol). Sam and I decided that instead of California which, although awesome x 1mil, would have cost us way too much than we can afford – we are heading to North Carolina! I know, seems like an odd alternative. But some of his family is there and they’re letting us borrow their Jeep! So we’re going to do some coast stuff and some hiking stuff! Best of both worlds which is exactly what we wanted!! Plus, we’ve only had to spend $300 for round trip, nonstop tickets which are at great times. We won’t have to rent a car, and we have a free place to stay for some nights (they’re offering that we can stay with them every night but we’ll be spending some nights in other cities). There will be extra expenses along the way but not the immediate $1000 blow of airline and car rental with the Cali trip we were planning. We can’t afford that kind of trip yet… Extra plus is that we get to see his family, and I really like them. So that planning is finally off our shoulders and we’re both very excited for the trip!

Another good thing is that I was able to plan around this golf outing that a partner invited me to! It’s an outing that real estate people are invited to. I looked at the email list for who’s going from my firm - 3 equity partners and ME. !!! The partner who invited me said that she chose me because she likes me! Lol. This is a great opportunity to keep my foot in the door while I’m making the transition this summer to a different internship (for which they’re all excited for me). Plus, I think it’ll be a fun event. I suck at golfing because I’m too aggressive and am not great at aiming. She said she sucks too.

Things are good. NYC is planned. NC is planned. Gonna get my neck in order. Yes, finals are coming up and I don’t feel prepared. But what can ya do.