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An identity reveal for @thepoetoftime ‘s birthday!! :3c 

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Eastern Europe Goes Camping

Russia: Shh, drunks like me are trying to pass out
Ukraine: I’m going to go steal their dog
Belarus: I missed the Olympics to watch Russia scream about a snake in the water
Poland: If you take my mascara again I will burn a village full of babies
Lithuania: I’m having flashbacks to the war, hand me the flask
Latvia: There goes my innertube. And my will to live
Estonia: Why does this tree get such good wifi?
Czech Republic: *throws pringles can in fire* aesthetic
Hungary: Sweet Jesus, Russia, that wasn’t a snake, it was a shoelace. Stop crying
Moldova: I’m going to kayak all the way home bai bitches
Romania: If I wake up to Keith Urban at three a.m., hand me the pistol
Bulgaria: The next person to say “honky-tonk” is going to get thrown in the fire

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Exercise of Hell! ♡

A/N: WOAH sudden inspiration burst, and boomm hi trashy fic. I don’t know why but I suddenly had this crazy headcanon that since it is said Yuuri gains weight easily, he definitely gets chubby again during holidays from snacking and eating too many Katsudons. 

I also read an article about laughter being healthy and laughing enough can count as work out and OH- then what about….. tickling? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Summary: When Yuuri has gained weight again, demon coach and boyfriend Victor Nikiforov comes with a brilliant exercise to make him lose his pounds again: tickling- and will not hold back from using it daily. 

Word Count: 1810

Yuuri was running for his life, first thing in the morning. On a Sunday. Why? Well, the fact that he had gained a lot of weight during the holidays from eating so much and not enough practice had officially been the death of him. 

He had been so nervous for Victor to come back from his short trip back to Russia, and hell, he had all reason to be nervous. Yuuri knew his coach and lover didn’t mind him being chubby from boyfriend-perspective. In fact, Victor was actually very fascinated by how fast Yuuri could gain weight, and he thought it was adorable. But when it came to coach-perspective…. 

“Yuuuuri~” Victor’s voice already called after him as he stepped out of the house while Yuuri was already far ahead, on his way towards the ice rink. 

“Are you ready for your exerciiiise?” Victor’s voice sounded in the distance. Yuuri made the most high pitched squeaky ‘eep!!’-sound and increased his running speed. 

Truth was, Victor had known for a long time he was ticklish. He had always liked to tickle Yuuri and make him a giggly mess, playful and cuddly. And after he found out Yuuri had gotten chubby again, he had also used tickling as a playful punishment-method.

“Yuuuuri look at your chubby belly, bad bad baaad Yuuri, coochie coo!” Or so it went. Probably secretly having missed his squishy tummy and having missed Yuuri himself and his beautiful laughter while he was back in Russia, Victor had tickled him all night long - legit. 

And when they both found out Yuuri had lost a little bit of weight from laughing and thrashing so much from the unusually long tickle attack and all the body-exercise it brought along, evil demon coach Victor had made it an official routine to make Yuuri lose weight real fast before the competition. 

Sometimes in the evenings before going to bed, one time even in the onsen, and often before going to practice. Which brought Yuuri to where he was right now: running for his dear life because he knew he was in for some crazy tickle attack again. He was sooo not ready for this and oh God- judging from Victor’s teasy voice he knew his evil lover was too excited for today’s routine. 

The sprint towards the ice rink only added to his exercise, and even though it could delay him from getting the torture, Yuuri knew it was going to be his doom too. Since by the time he got to the ice rink, he was already panting and sweating, and his exercise of hell had yet to begin.

“Yuuuuri,” Victor called out again. Yuuri had gotten enough time to catch his breath (- and suffer in anticipation) with Victor taking his precious time walking, and the poor ice skater gulped and turned to see his coach make his entrance.

“Nohoho not today Victor!” Yuuri was sitting on his knees beside the ice and hadn’t had the energy yet to put on his ice skates, but he immediately ran around the skating rink when Victor caught up.

“No escaping Yuuri, it’s time for your exercise. Only a few more pounds left,” Victor sang, and he made grabby hands towards Yuuri while slowly walking towards him. 

“Victor no plehease!” Yuuri was already laughing in anticipation, and he gasped when Victor started to run. Screaming like a pig, Yuuri ran for his life again, this time not with a walking but a running Victor chasing after him. And damn he was fast! Yuuri didn’t even last a whole lap around the skating rink before Victor caught him. 

“EYAahha noooo!” Yuuri squealed. With his body wrapped in Victor’s arms, Yuuri’s legs immediately lost their strength and his helpless body allowed his taller boyfriend to drag him down towards the floor. 

“Nonono Victor - it’s Sunday, just give me a breeeaaa-haha noooo!” Yuuri shrieked when Victor’s cold hands pushed up his training jacket and shirt, immediately grabbing the bare flesh of his sides. 

“No can do baby, see how it works? You lost so much weight this week, the super-exercise is working!” Victor sang, just loud enough to exceed Yuuri’s hysterical laughter, and he squeezed Yuuri’s sides repeatedly and felt around to indicate his weight loss. Yuuri thrashed about and kicked his legs, rolling onto his side and banging the floor with one fist.

“OHnoooho please noho!” he begged. He had no idea it was even possible, but Victor seemed to be even more determined to absolutely wreck him today than he was previous days.

But like Victor said, it was indeed working. Adding the daily tickle torture to his skating practices, Yuuri’s weight loss was going twice as fast than normally. Still, it was also both exhausting and embarrassing as hell!

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813 Month Day 4 - Road Trip (word from rosiedenn)

“Jesus Christ, What the hell is going on up there?”

“I don’t know, but we just had to go and visit that market, didn’t we? Now we won’t be able to get to the resort until tonight, or I guess in this traffic, next year.”

“Rox, you’re the one who missed the exit and several turns because you insist on using that goddamn GPS that gives its directions at the shittiest times. We were already getting antsy stuck in the car, I was trying to make the best of a bad situation, alright?”

“Ax, stop swearing in front of my nephew–Sora, I told you twice already, sit down properly or you’ll fly out the window if we get in an accident–”

“Oh right, yeah, because scaring the kid with promises of death is notably better than him hearing my potty mouth, right?“

“Axel, I’m in no mood for this right now, can you just shut up and find the way to the Park?”

“What the hell do you think I’ve been doing all this time? Singing ‘Hakuna Matata’?!”

“Uncle Roxas, I, um…I need the bathroom.”

I’m so here for backseat driver/worst passenger ever Bucky Barnes.

Bucky kicking the back of Sam’s seat.

Bucky whining that he has to pee even though they just left a rest stop.

Bucky complaining he’s hungry/thirsty.

Bucky reaching across the front seat to mess with the radio.

Bucky pestering Steve/Sam constantly to adjust the A/C “It’s so hot in here.” and 10 minutes later “I’m freezing!”

Bucky pointing out every single bird he sees asking Sam if that’s his cousin/brother.

Bucky: Watch that car Steve, they’re braking.
Steve: I see it Buck.
Sam: New rule, Barnes never touches another steering wheel ever.

Bucky throwing candy wrappers at the back of Sam’s head and then looking nonchalantly out the window when Sam turns to glare at him.

I’m also here for Done With Your Shit Barnes, Sam Wilson

Sam sliding the seat back HARD into Bucky’s knees

Sam muttering that he’s going to buy Bucky adult diapers.

Sam slapping Bucky’s hand when he reaches up to mess with the radio.

Sam sighing and glaring at Steve because Bucky won’t stop with the bird jokes.

Sam threatening to crawl across the backseat and kick Bucky’s ass if he doesn’t STOP THROWING SHIT AT ME I KNOW IT WAS YOU BARNES YOU’RE THE ONLY ONE BACK THERE.

Steve threatening to turn the car around and turn them both in to Ross while Sam and Bucky both yell “HE STARTED IT!”

anarfea  asked:

Penny for your thoughts on the connection between Bond Air and Eurus' airplane game/metaphor.

hmm, didn’t we already discuss this?  ;)

@dogandmonkeyshow’s headcanon about the Disney Trip from Hell is still my favorite read.  I love the image of the Holmes children hijacking a flight to Florida, drugging everyone, and taking the plane to Cuba.

But more seriously…  Honestly I’m not sure what to do with it. I agree that it seems meaningful in some way, but I’m not sure if it’s telling us something about the Holmes family, about Moftiss, or about society in general.  Maybe it just means that a lot of people find airplanes scary, so when you’re looking for creepy imagery to pump up your tv script, something to do with airplanes is a good bet.

But there is more to it than just airplanes. I mean, most people are afraid of airplanes crashing, but in these cases, both airplanes feel creepy for a different reason – it has little or nothing to do with the possibility of crashing, and everything to do with being full of dead/unconscious people.

The best cultural touchstone I can think of for that is the idea of the Ghost Ship – not the supernatural kind, but a term used to describe a ship whose entire crew has died while at sea.  The concept comes up in the Rime of the Ancient Mariner, wherein the Mariner runs across a ship manned by skeletons, but it also shows up in a zillion other stories.  (The Pirates of the Caribbean series plays with related tropes, iirc.)

What I like about this is that it ties in (if a little messily) with Sherlock’s boyhood dream of being a pirate.  I don’t think any of us have ever taken much time to question why Sherlock wanted to be a pirate – probably because it seemed intuitively obvious.  Of course we all read swashbuckling tales of pirate adventures as kids, and a lot of kids go through a pirate phase. 

But it’s fun to think of all three Holmes siblings spooking each other with lurid stories about the horrors of the sea, including pirates and ghost ships.  I could imagine this idea of the Ghost Ship settled somewhere in Mycroft and Eurus’s minds (as well as Moftiss’s), and resurfaced as an airplane filled with dead people. 

The fact that Sherlock becomes a pirate in TFP further enhances this sense that they are all still playing their childhood games together – striving to give each other ever bigger frights.

@kidkytes called me a random but i can’t be mad at him so i guess i’ll do a thing

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WHAT DO I POST ABOUT? i don’t even know

DO I GET ASKS ON A REGULAR BASIS? lmao what are asks

FAVORITE BAND? within temptation. also bastille recently


FICTIONAL CHARACTER I’D DATE? does it count if he’s a character from my own book? he’s not the love interest in it which totally makes it okay

HOGWARTS HOUSE? slytherclaw

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