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I have a question. Can you explain the adventure zone to me? Like what is it. Is it good?

Aaaa sorry for the late late late reply! The Adventure Zone is a dungeons and dragons/storytelling podcast ran by the Mcelroy brothers/dad. It’s a lot more storytelling than dnd, with the dnd stuff just serving as a basis for progressing the plot. 

The story itself follows the adventures of three dudes- Taako, Merle, and Magnus- and ends up leading them through some pretty awesome arcs and stories with a lot of depth and cool characters. Griffin, the DM of their game, is an incredible writer and tbh there hasn’t been an arc in this show that I haven’t loved. The genre of the show spans from standard medieval stuff to sci fi to a god damn gameshow and its all wonderful and amazing. 

Each episode is an hour long, and the series is broken up into different arcs.The first seven episodes can be a little bit boring for people who aren’t into standard DND stuff- it takes place in a pre-written story that griffin breaks away from after the first arc. After that first arc, though, the show gets SUPER SUPER good and fun and crazy and I seriously recommend sticking through the first arc or two!! This show is my favorite thing ever and really recommend listening to it!

costis in thick as thieves is so different from costis in king of attolia!! i love it!!! part of that’s a pov thing and part of it is that king of attolia is, like, ENTIRELY the story of costis getting manipulated and thrown off balance by eugenides, while thick as thieves is more like ‘costis successfully keeps kamet alive for 200 pages all by himself’

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Make something good out of 25 ;)

25. “If yeh don’t stop right now…”

In which Harry’s had enough of your attitude.

The past few weeks have been hectic for Harry, you know. He’s been working his ass off and spreading himself far too thin with all the traveling he’s been doing, the appearances, the performances, the interviews. Promo is hard, but it’s also hell for you.

Harry just got back from a trip late last night when you were already sound asleep. He slipped into bed next to you and whispered a “hullo, love,” peppering kissing over your cheek until you woke up just enough to greet him. Then the two of you cuddled up and dozed off together.

You’ve tried not to let the distance and lack of attention get to you, but you feel neglected. Now, you’ve woken up to an empty bed, his side a mess of rumpled sheets. You let out a deep sigh, getting up to look for your boyfriend. You find him a few minutes later, cooped up in his office with his laptop open and papers strewn across his desk.

“Harry,” you speak, voice still thick with sleep. “What are you doing?”

He turns to glance at you briefly and then spins back around to type out a response to an email.

“’M workin’, love. How’d yeh sleep?”

“Like shit.”

“Mmm, tha’s nice,” he responds distractedly, attention directed anywhere but toward you.


He doesn’t even hear you this time. His fingers move slowly across the keyboard, eyes flickering between the keys and the screen. You’re trying not to be annoyed, really trying, but you can feel the frustration seeping through your body. Your fingers find the lightswitch, flicking it once, off and back on again.

Harry jerks his head to the ceiling before looking down at a few papers, licking his fingertips to sift through them.

“D’yeh need somethin’, love?”

You’re practically seething now, fist clenching at your side. He’s barely ever home, and when he is, he can’t even look at you? You understand how important his work is, but you’re important, too. And so you flick the lights again. And then again, and again, and again.

Harry stills his movements, shoulders tensing at your agitated actions. He takes a deep breath, waiting for you to stop, but you don’t. He wonders briefly why you’re acting like a child.

“’M tryin’ t’ work, Y/N.”

You roll your eyes, flipping the switch faster. The bulbs flicker like strobe lights, casting the room in shadow and then illuminating it faster than a blink of an eye. Harry clenches his jaw and twists a ring around on one of his fingers, spinning in his chair to face you.

“If yeh don’t stop right now, I’ll take yeh over m’knee.”

You freeze for a brief moment, the room immersed in darkness. Your heart jumps gently as you process his words. It wasn’t necessarily the attention you were looking for, but right now you’re not so picky. Your fingers flick the room back into light and you find Harry staring you down, pupils dilated and thumb tapping slowly against his thigh.

“Are yeh done, then?” he asks, raising a tempting eyebrow.

You chew on your lip before flicking the lights once more. Harry tilts his head and leans back in his chair, patting his leg.

“C’mere. Now.”

You hesitate for a second before padding across the room in your bare feet. Harry pulls you down when you reach him, draping your torso over his legs and rolling up your t-shirt. You’re bottom half is bare except for a pair of panties that he pushes down your thighs immediately.

“’S this what yeh wanted, pet?” he taunts, rubbing a hand over your bum. The metal of his rings leaves goosebumps on your skin, and he takes a moment to remove them, letting them clatter to his desk. “D’yeh want some attention? Always so needy.”

You hum softly, fingers gripping into the loose material of his sweatpants. He runs his fingernails gently over one cheek, sending a chill up your spine. You wait in suspense for him to hit you, and when he does, you gasp loudly.

“’S not nice t’ interrupt me,” he informs you, delivering another harsh smack to your already reddening flesh. You jolt forward, gritting your teeth to stay quiet.

“It’s not nice to ignore me,” you retaliate after a few moments.

“Hmmm.” The next slap echoes through the room and makes you let out a soft cry. Harry rubs gently over your sore skin and leans down to press a small kiss to your lower back. He helps you stand back up then, pecking you quickly on the lips.

“Yeh all right?” he asks softly. You nod in response, pulling your panties back up your legs. “’M sorry fo’ ignorin’ yeh. ’F yeh go wait fo’ me in the bedroom, I’ll be finished in a mo’.” He reaches out to grasp your hand and brings your fingers to his lips. “Or we could jus’ watch a movie or somethin’.”

You can’t help the small smile that rises on your lips. That’s all you wanted, to get him alone.

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Needy, horny Shawn? How would it be?

Grab your bible and your holy water because we’re going on a trip to hell.

If he just got home from tour and he hasn’t seen his girl in awhile, he’d first probably just hold her super close, relishing in the feeling of having her in his arms again.

He’d probably start slow and innocent, just pecking kisses on her lips, face, and neck, telling her how much he missed her. It wouldn’t take long for the pecking turned into making out, with him pushing her against the wall, grabbing her ass and pressing his erection into her.

She’d probably laugh and make a comment about how he’s “so eager” and he’d be so horny that he wouldn’t even deny it. He’d just make a comment about how she always made him feel that way. His hands would roam her entire body, leading her towards the bedroom while still kissing her and trying to take her clothes off.

He’d be impatient, struggling to pull her shirt over her head in his haste and possibly even ripping her panties on accident. She’d giggle and chastise him for ruining her “favorite pair” before he’d tell her he’d make it up to her and turn those scolds into moans.

Even though he’d get both of their clothes off faster than the speed of light, once they were actually naked, he would take his time. He’d just stare at her, making her blush, and tell her she’s beautiful. 

He’d kiss all the spots of her body that he dreamed about late at night on tour. He’d know every dip and curve so well, all of the places that make her shake.

It wouldn’t take long for her to be as aroused as he is, telling him that’s enough foreplay and she needed him so badly.

“Who’s the eager one now?” he’d snicker, but already be positioning himself between her thighs before sliding home, making them both moan loudly.

They’d cling to each other and he’d move slowly, wanting to feel every inch of her around him and make it last. He’d whisper how much he’d missed her, how much he needed her, and how good she felt.

Eye contact. There would be lots of eye contact.

They would go from missionary to her on top, moving at a leisurely pace and holding each other close. There would be kisses, so many kisses, that would just turn into their lips just touching as they breathed into each other’s mouths.

After awhile though, the hunger would consume them and they would change again, her on her stomach and him behind, desperately grasping at her hips while he picked up the pace, their skin slapping loudly against each other.

Neither of them would be able to hold in their moans and he’d lean forward, his chest against her back, his hands roaming from her nipples to her clit, begging her to let go because he can’t hold on much longer.

Her hand would join his between her legs, adding more pressure to his fingers and she would lose it, trembling and crying out in ecstasy and he would be right behind her, letting out a satisfied grunt as he let go.

It would take them awhile to gain their bearings, for Shawn to pull out and collapse beside her, wrapping his arms around her and holding her against him. Their skin would be sticky with sweat and their breathing labored and uneven, but both of them would be looking into each other’s eyes and smiling.

Once their heartbeats were back to normal and they had time to recover, Shawn would turn towards her with a smug, suggestive smile on his face and ask, “So, wanna go again?”

Il est entré dans mon cœur

Une part de bonheur

An identity reveal for @thepoetoftime ‘s birthday!! :3c 

(Image Stills Below the Cut)

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I tried to recommend the ones that haven’t been mentioned before, but if you see a repeat, that just means you must read it. The ones with a star ( ★ ) are the fics that I absolutely love and those that I’m keeping a close eye on because they’re sooo good  ♥  I put the list under the cut because it’s too long. Also, © means the fic is complete, (O) is for ongoing, and (1) is for oneshot. ENJOY!

PS: You might wonder - why ShisuixHinata? Well, just read the fics below to find out. I might be able to convert you *evil laughter*

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imagine dr flug trying to flirt

The poor guy is trying his best, he really is, but the moment he starts talking he trips over his words.

“Ahem…Did you, ah…did you fall from, Hell? No, oh shoot- Uh, from Heaven? Did you fall from Heaven, because…because, your. Uh, your ass is godly? Is that right?”

“H-hey- No, wait. Hey, baby, aren’t you out of…out of…uh…aren’t you tired? Because you’ve been on my- Hold on. You’ve been RUNNING through my mind…uh, all day!”

“Are you, uh…are you from Tennessee? Because, because…You’re the only Tennessee- no. The only, uh, ten I see?”

He really isn’t cut out for this kind of thing. Demencia tries to help once in a while, but just ends up laughing hysterically from how bad he is.

Fic 461: Mr. Ludwig

Had a request for some Heavy/Medic, so I took a little inspiration from the last comic. Enjoy!

“Mr. Ludwig. It’s been quite a while, hasn’t it?”

Medic didn’t look up. Instead, his mind was racing as he stared at the face that was reflected back up at him from the shined surface of his boots. How many times had he been here? How many times had he gotten away? It was getting so hard to keep track of such things these days.

“I must admit, you’re starting to become a little predictable.” The massive figure behind the wide executive desk adjusted a comically delicate pair of spectacles as the most Infernal of legal documents were shuffled between thick red fingers. “Another heart attack? And before this it was a stroke.”

Rolling his head up, Medic found himself locked eye to eye with the hellfire of… Hell.

Laying the papers down on the desk, the Devil removed his spectacles and set them aside. “Positively pedestrian, Mr. Ludwig. I would have thought with those extra souls at your disposal, there would have been at least an attempt at a final few blazes of glory.”

Medic almost managed to roll his eyes as the Devil chuckled. Humor down here always seemed to be less devilish and more hellish.

“Well, I am not quite as young as I used to be.” Medic gave as overly dramatic a sigh as he could manage. Each trip down here seemed to be more of a chore. “Age catches up with us all. I am only human, after all.”

The Devil nodded. “A human with eight additional souls.”

“Only two now.”

“Yes. Only two. And I do believe I have more than enough to claim my majority stake.”

“Ja. This is true.” Medic paused and smiled. “And yet, you have not.”

“Under the assumption that a little more hell would be raised in the meantime. You have borrowed time, Mr. Ludwig. Most men in your position would take advantage of that.”

Medic let out a snort. “I would wager there are very few men in my position.”

“Instead you spend it in a little village where the daily excitement is whether the new girl at the cafe is going to let the town know what day of the week it is when she bends over.” The Devil continued. “Not exactly up to your old standards of murder and mayhem.”

“Are lust and lechery not an acceptable replacement? I thought I had been doing quite well on that front.”

Yellow eyes narrowed and the earth trembled as the Devil leaned forward. “Lust does not come into it when love is involved.”

For the first time in any of their exchanges, Medic’s heart faltered. No, he supposed it wouldn’t. He had always known love would complicate things; it had simply never occurred to him that it would be in regard to his infernal bargain rather than, say, his finances.

“Two souls left, Mr. Ludwig. Two souls and then you are mine completely. No more chances. No ‘renegotiations’. I will have you here until Judgement Day, and I fully expect that with what’s on your ledger, I will keep you longer after that.”

“Is that all?” Medic sniffed. “I do believe I was enjoying a rather nice dream before I died.”

“Yes, that is all.” The Devil stood up and suddenly the world was completely ablaze.

Medic didn’t fight the flames as they licked and seared away his flesh. This wasn’t his first trip back from Hell.”

“And Mr. Ludwig, do try to make our next meeting a little more interesting.”


A hazy face blocked out the light as his eyes slowly opened. As he stared up another pair of eyes were focused on him with the same razor sharp intensity, but these were the color of Siberian ice. As feeling returned to his body, he felt two large hands gripping his shoulders and shaking as gently as a mountain could.


He always hated coming back from these things. He always had a moment where nothing seemed quite real, and it was a crapshoot as to where the hallucinations ended and his own reality began. It took only a few moments to retain his bearings, he was getting depressingly good at this, and he was home - not Hell. Home. In bed. With Misha by his side.

“Was I having a nightmare?”

“You were cold, not breathing… Is not good, dorogoy.” Misha’s concern was plain. “You should see doctor. Let me call…”

“Liebe, I am a doctor.” Medic weakly grabbed Misha’s wrist and pulled him back down to bed. “Just because I am retired and unlicensed does not mean that I do not know what is best for me.”

“Please, Doktor.” Misha sighed as he smoothed back Medic’s hair. “I worry.”

He couldn’t help but smile despite his spiritual weariness. There was probably an irony in that the most perfect thing in his life was the one thing he hadn’t bargained to get, but he was long past the point of being overly concerned about that. What was important was that Misha was here with him, far from the battlefields of their youth, and bound to him in ways that the larger man couldn’t even begin to imagine. Or perhaps he did. Underestimating Misha’s mental abilities was a mistake made at one’s own peril.

Worry was still in those cool blue eyes, but Misha allowed himself to be pulled back down. Medic was almost fully back to himself, and would be better than ever with a few hours of sleep.

“I will go see that whelp of a doctor in the morning if it will make you feel better.” Medic relented as he nestled himself in the crook of Misha’s arm. “And I will let him and all of his fancy new equipment tell you that I am as healthy as a man half my age.”

Misha grunted, but Medic smiled as he felt some of the tension leave his body. Eventually his eyes drooped and his conscious mind once again drifted, this time to sleep as a large arm lay across his waist. It was impossible not to feel safe with that still giant bear of a man lying next to him. Worrying about him. Loving him. And of course he would. Misha always would. He was his perfect extra eighth soul. The one he would never relinquish.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow he would start his plan.

The Devil was always in the details, but that didn’t mean that he was the only one who could strike a bargain.

Imagine Stealing Dean’s Pie

Characters: Dean x Sister!Reader

Warnings: Angst/Fluff I guess? lol

A/N: This was an idea that was floating around my head. Hope you guys like it!

Imagine Stealing Dean’s Pie

Stumbling into the bunker, you immediately went for the fridge. It had been long drive back to the bunker after your solo hunt. It was a simple salt ‘n’ burn, nothing you couldn’t handle. You were hungry though, and it was two a.m. in the morning.

Rummaging the cupboards, you looked for something to quiet your stomach’s attempt at making whale calls.

Organic shit….dried veggies….veggie chips….salad toppings…..

Okay, so nothing in the cupboards. Apparently Sammy had gone on a shopping run. Going to the fridge next, you thanked Chuck for your oldest brother’s love of pie. For in the fridge sat an dutch apple pie and a can of whipped cream. There was one piece left, leaving you to decide whether eating the pie was worth your life.

Again, your stomach contributed to your debate by a noise that could only be described as a dying whale.

Grabbing the pie, you piled on the whip cream before snatching a fork. You took it to your bedroom, making sure you locked your door. (Like that would stop a pieless Dean.)

You savored every bite of that sweet pie. You licked the whipped cream from each finger, making sure you got every last bit of the coveted dessert. Not caring about your dirty clothes, you fell asleep from the exhaustion of your trip



You woke up to Dean pounding on your door.

“Go away, Dean.” You grumbled.

“YOU BETTER GET ME ANOTHER DUTCH APPLE PIE THAT TASTES LIKE FUCKING HEAVEN!” He pounded on your door, a string of empty and maybe not-so-empty threats coming from him.

“WHAT THE FUCK, DEAN! I’M ON MY FUCKING PERIOD! GO AWAY!” Immediately the pounding stopped, and you heard your brother running away.

If nothing else, mentioning the word period will always make your brother run the opposite direction, pie or no pie.

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Do you have any other malec /shadowhunters fic recs?

I’ve only super recently gotten into shadowhunters and stuff so I don’t have a whole lot but here are the ones from my ao3 bookmarks, and…wow they’re all malec oops lmao

i’m just going to put terra incognita by reviate at the top for people who didn’t see it. It’s still the best Alec centered malec fic I’ve ever read and it deals w/ super heavy subject matter (detailed content warnings are provided) it’s so so so good. Like read it if you haven’t already, you won’t regret it. 

The Right Kind Of Love by onyxmoon - one of the tags is ‘unnecessarily long sex scene’ and yeah I skipped over that but the rest is quite good. Mostly a character study w/ hurt/comfort and tiny bit of plot. 

Who Ya Gonna Call? by MenckensChrestomethy - Short and sweet. Just a little fic about how people always ask Magnus for stuff but have never given him anything. The last section is my favourite and features bamf!Magnus w/ a bonus of confused shadowhunters

takes on any shape by oh_la_fraise - This is a deaging fic that I absolutely love and has an adorable kid Magnus and the main characters just trying to deal w/ a smol warlock kid while reversing what happened.

we let our battles choose us by oh_la_fraise - the end of the description reads ‘Magnus and Jace become bros on the camping trip from hell.’ and that’s basically what it is. 

Warlock Flu by leetje - super short but it’s a sicfic and it’s very nice and cute.

pillow talk by lacheses - Bit of an alternate universe, although I think canon divergence is more fitting. it’s been awhile since I’ve read it but I liked it and it’s really good. Lots of napping and introspection. 

Under New Management by Thessili - An AU where Magnus and Alec never met, Clary didn’t get her memories back and so Valentine got the mortal cup and the Clave didn’t do anything.  Magnus, Luke, Raphael and a bunch of other downworlders defeat Valentine and create a different set of Accords where downworlders basically supervise shadowhunters to make sure another valentine doesn’t happen. It’s in progress but I’m liking it so far. It’s a slow burn with a cool plot. 

Anyways I hope you enjoy them!