the trip 2


I don’t have space to do a proper display, and my camera battery is flat so this will have to do.

There’s been a little confusion over what is what exactly, so I’ve added some stuff and will now include a list:

A) ‘Anime’ A4 file type 1
B) Trip file
C) Morphine file + postcard
D) Virus file
E) ‘Anime’ A4 file type 2
F) Trip rubber strap
G) Animate cafe Reconnect Trip pin badge 
H) Koujaku and Aoba photocard 
I) Animate cafe Reconnect Virus pin badge
J) Virus rubber strap
K) Virus rubber strap
L) Virus keychain
M) Virus badge
N) Virus badge
0) Koujaku and Aoba photocard
P) Koujaku ‘school’ large keychain
Q) Noiz and Aoba postcard
R) Clear Nitrochiral Museum badge
S) Clear ‘school’ large keychain
T) Clear acrylic strap
U) Animate cafe Reconnect Mizuki pin badge
V) Animate cafe Koujaku and Aoba bookmark
X) Animate cafe Reconnect Clear pin badge
Y) Noiz Nitrochiral Museum badge
Z) Noiz rubber strap

1) Koujaku pin badge
2) Koujaku can badge
3) Koujaku Nitrochiral Museum badge
4) Koujaku can badge
5) Koujaku rubber strap
6) Koujaku Summer Festival large keychain
7) Koujaku acrylic strap
8) Animate cafe Reconnect Koujaku pin badge

I’ll extend the closing date to Midnight GMT, Friday 31st. Message me with the item(s) number and/or letter, along with your offer. Upon receipt of payment (paypal only), items will be sent Tuesday. 

Postage will be $5 per item. If you win three or more, I’ll do a deal on the postage.  If you want recorded delivery, it will cost $10 (UK postage is expensive!).

All sales will be final. Please don’t bid if you’re not prepared to pay!

If you’ve already put a bid in, don’t worry, I have it recorded already so no need to send again.

Any questions please ask!

1) Christian dudes who are jacked trip me out. 
2) The phrasing  “I’m looking for a girl who loves jesus” and frequency in which i encounter it is gonna kill me 



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Name: hemi

Nicknames: …hemmukka i guess ahahaha i don’t really have nicknames

Zodiac sign: aquarius

Height: 5′7″ / 170cm

Orientation: bi(tch)

Nationality: finnish

Favorite fruit: 감귤 aka jeju tangerines 

Favorite season: winter

Favorite book: uhhh….. let the right one in by john ajvide lindqvist?

Favorite flower: peony

Favorite scent: hinoki wood

Favorite color: mint

Favorite animal: bunnies

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: all three but especially tea and coffee

Average sleep hours: 6-ish

Cat or dog person: cat (but i have a dog)

Favorite fictional character: kylo ren

Number of blankets you sleep with: spring is onto us so only 2

Dream trip: just send me to the void okay

Blog created: almost 7 years ago

Number of followers: 499! i had no idea this one is about to break 500 soon :o thank you!

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Rules: Answer the questions and tag 20 followers you would like to get to know better!

Name: Tamasin
Nicknames: ha i have no clue, sinnabun? tammy j? (idk y) tamsan, tarzan
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 5′4
Orientation: Bi?
Ethnicity: Aussie m8
Favorite Fruit: Apple!
Favorite Season: Autumn or Spring
Favorite Book: His Dark Materials books (golden compass) or The Maze Runner books
Favorite Flowers: tree flowers
Favorite Scent: petrichor 
Favorite Color: Black or blue :;) *cough* forest *cough*
Favorite Animal: Dogs << or birds or lizards

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate: Coffee
Average Sleep Hours: 7?
Cat or Dog Person: Doggos
Favorite Fictional Character: Josh Dun (you can’t expect me to believe an angel is real?!?)
Number of Blankets I Sleep With: 2

Ideal Trip: Lord Howe Island again

I tag all of you, just say i tagged you! <3

i’ve never drawn lucinda before so i took the chance to draw her finally

shes my favorite lesbian witch tbh 

also luci has big, fluffy, soft hair and nobody can take tht away from m e

other FO Star Destroyers 

the Finalizer