the trip 1967

Road Trip Mishap | Justin Foley x Reader

Ask/Request by anon: Can you write an imagine where you and Justin Foley skip class to take a drive and just talk?

Authors Note: Yes anon, I did it. Though it was shitty and cheesy but I will say that I love it. No matter what. This is dedicated to my best friend who loves Justin much and to you anon. Any form of feedbacks and REQUESTS are much appreciated.

Word Count: 1213

As you walk through the hallways pacing towards the crowd of student as you bumped Tony and Clay, luckily.

“Good morning Y/N!” Tony greeted.

“Good morning Clay, Tony.” You bounced back as you produce the sweetest smile in the word.

“Anyways,” you continued, “I think something is wrong with my car?” you said as if you’re confused. Tony nods and lets you continue, “Something about the tune when you start it up. It’s awful.”

“Hmm .. well if that’s the case you can drop your baby to my house and I’ll check it or dad will, since you know, that is his forte.” He answered.

“Thank you so much!” you hugged him and waved goodbye as you make your way to your locker.

You grabbed your book and notebook for the first period when you gasp as something or someone made a collision with the lockers. “Make it someone,” you murmurs as you tilt your head. Justin Foley.

“Hey, girlfriend.” He utter.

“Hey, boyfriend.” You replied.

“How about we go skip the class and have a road trip? With your 1967 Chevy Impala?” He suggested with a wicked grin on his face.

“As much as I loved to do it, J, I solely refuse that idea of yours, since ..” his hand found your mouth as he blocked the words you want to say and immediately grabbed your wrist and led you out of school. In a matter of minutes, you found yourself in schools’ parking lot you, Justin and your car.

“Where’s the key?” he asked.

“You really want to do it?” you questioned his judgment and sudden decisions.

“Yes,” he admitted, “no one will found out that we skip school, your parents are out of town, let me rephrase that out of the country, my mom doesn’t care about me ..”

“Don’t say that, that your mom doesn’t care about you.” you spill as you stopped his sentiments.

“Okay.” He said as he made himself comfortable at the shotgun.

“Where you want to go?” you want him to choose to where he want to wander, he got issue in his home and you want Justin to breathe for a long time and even if it means to skip school.

“Anywhere,” he said as he face you, “as long as you can drive that road, that you and me can talk for hours and escape this life for a while.” He said as his thought wander as he looked towards the window.

“Hmm .. anywhere huh?” you repeated. “I really hope they can put ‘anywhere’ in maps.” You joked to ease up his mood.
He laughed at your joke and you pulled your car away from the parking lot and started to wander.

You drive for several minutes and the silence is killing you, Justin didn’t even bother to talk a word after you left at the parking lot. He seemed thinking of something, probably about her mom and her boyfriend. Too many arguments arose in your household regarding this matter, about Justin, him as your boyfriend and his situation. Your mom and dad wanted you to break up with him because he didn’t grew up in the same household as yours, your dad loved to refer Justin as “troubled kid”, but you neglected it, you are Justin’s redemption and he was what you are looking for.

You shared several glances and smiles as you travelled the road and he spoke.

“That house looked nice.” He complemented. “Do you want to live there with me?” he asked.

You’re amused with his question, you peeked at the house he was referring to and you smiled at him, “Of course, J, soon”

“Yes, soon.” He repeated locking his gaze in your eyes and smiled. “And we will have a dog,” he added as he broke his gaze. “I want to have a Husky. Would you mind?” he asked you as his eyes meet yours again.

“No, I would love to,” you answered him, “what will be his name?” you inquired as you smile.

“Hmmm .. how about Justin?” he proposed.

“Do you want him to name after you?”

“Yes, what’s wrong?”

“You will be confused if I will call you, both. Either of you, for instance I was referring to you but Justin-dog will approach me and vice versa.” You try to explain as your eyes laid on the road.

“I missed that scenario, anyways, will find a name for him soon.” He assured you as he left out a giggle.

“We can put a mini basketball court too,” you added.

“Yes, we need to because we will be raising basketball superstars.” He added, “Because their dad is a basketball legend.” He bragged.

“You are?” you teased him.

“Yes, I am.” He said as he pinched your right cheek.

A moment of silence broke your fantasy. Your left arm in the steering wheel and the other on your lap. He grabbed it and intertwine his fingers to yours.

“I want to have you Y/N, for my entire life. Be my wife, mother of my kids. Like my constant and forever cheerleader,” he looked at you, “I just want to spend eternity with you, even if could be hard, especially with your parents,” he smirked at his comment, “I will prove to them that I am worth it for you.” As he hold you tighter.

You smiled at his plans, “Are you proposing to me? We’re just 17, J.” you laughed.

“No, I’m not, actually. I’m just sharing my plans for the future with you, babe.” He explained.

“Yeah.” As you joined his laughter
“But I will, propose to you, sooner, later of our lives.” He finished.

“You’re being way too cheesy babe, like it’s not you.” You smacked your fist in his shoulder, as he held your hand and planted a kiss in it, “You made me way too cheesy babe, and you’re the reason why I am like this.” He alleged.

Then his attention finds the cassette tapes, as he searched for music. “Classic rocks, AC/DC, Kansas. Why still in cassettes?”

“You did notice that I drive a classic car, so only classic music can fit here and cassettes.” You blurt out.

“Okay, I will no longer argue about these things with you.” He submitted as he held his hands upward.

“Your funny, J, that’s –“ you didn’t even finished your sentence when the engine turn off all by himself.

“No, baby, you gotta be kidding me.” You spoke to yourself as you try to start your car again.

“What’s the matter?” Justin said as he looked at you.

“This is the reason, why I don’t want to have a road trip and attend the class today, J. Something was wrong with my engine.” You frowned.

“Nah, it’s okay, at least we had a mini road trip, anyways we can go to Monet’s and have a coffee, or several of it. I just want to spend this day with you.”

Then he gripped his bag in his shoulders and yours in his left and his right arm found your shoulders and wrapped to it when you met outside.

“I’ll be back baby. You are safe here and I am not far from here.” You assured to your car while you and Justin walked away to Monet’s.

Magical Mystery Tour
The Beatles
Magical Mystery Tour

                                    “Magical Mystery Tour”

[Roll up! Roll up for the magical mystery tour!
Step right this way!]

Roll up, roll up for the mystery tour
Roll up, roll up for the mystery tour
Roll up (And that’s an invitation), roll up for the mystery tour
Roll up (To make a reservation), roll up for the mystery tour
The magical mystery tour is waiting to take you away
Waiting to take you away

Roll up, roll up for the mystery tour
Roll up, roll up for the mystery tour
Roll up (We’ve got everything you need), roll up for the mystery tour
Roll up (Satisfaction guaranteed), roll up for the mystery tour
The magical mystery tour is hoping to take you away
Hoping to take you away

Mystery trip

Aaaah… the magical mystery tour
Roll up, roll up for the mystery tour
Roll up (And that’s an invitation), roll up for the mystery tour
Roll up (To make a reservation), roll up for the mystery tour
The magical mystery tour is coming to take you away
Coming to take you away
The magical mystery tour is dying to take you away
Dying to take you away, take you today