the trip 1967

THE TRIP (1967)
58 x 20" (148 x 51 cm.) two-panel poster, Japan. Peter Fonda, Susan Strasberg, Dennis Hopper, dir: Roger Corman; American International. One of the iconoclastic Corman’s most idiosyncratic films, and frequently referred to as his most personal one – a time capsule of hippie life and the Sunset Strip back in the swinging 60s. This scarce Japanese poster, with its psychedelic colors and sensual graphics, is a strong visual representation of this classic 60s film. Here, the slogan is “a Love Story of Dreams”.

Christine Smith and her car. This woman made a tour in Great Britain with her car matching her dress in order to sell her entreprise’s concept to night clubs in 1966 /1967.

[1967] I Can Read You Too

Six year was exciting on it’s own, she had a few new clases she could only take after OWLs and she didn’t have standardised examination to worry about. The worries that filled Andromeda lately revolved around Ted.

Her kind nature had gotten her into trouble with most people, she got side glances and she felt she could hear the thoughts of her fellow Slytherins about how she was so atypical even Frank broke up with her. But her worries weren’t there but in her future with Ted’s relationship, it was hard enough to make it work when the both of them were are school, but now he would be out there, they wouldn’t be able to meet and he would probably find someone better suited for the role of his girlfriend, and that made her heart ache more than anything.

Andromeda tried not to think of Ted leaving and as life had it when you were worried like that a good piece of chocolate cake was exactly what the doctor ordered, that’s why she entered the kitchen, just to find a familiar face in there. “I know you are blind, but don’t be a bum,” she teased as she picked up his cane so no one would trip on it.