the trinity chapel


24.3.17 // (Cambridge Residential Day 2/3) ambulatory (adj) - able to walk about.

Cambridge… It is palaces of learning floating on pristine grass, the weight of history and the spark of innovation; beauty everywhere you look.

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Marcin Zaleski 1796-1877 (Polish), Interiors, oil on canvas

  • Sigismund’s Chapel in Cracow
  • Interior of the church
  • School of Fine Arts in Warsaw
  • St. John’s Archcathedral in Warsaw
  • Dominican church in Cracow
  • Holy Trinity Church in Cracow
  • King’s bedroom in Łazienki Palace in Warsaw

Currently: Trinity Chapel at Fontainebleau Castle, France where all the Kings of France spent time. Built in the 16th century to replace a church in the same spot originally built by Saint Louis. Louis XV was wed in this chapel in the 1700s and Napoleon III was baptized in the chapel in the early 1800s. (at Palace of Fontainebleau)

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