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A Jamie Benn/Tyler Seguin rec list

(dated Sept. 17, 2014)

Romantic Motherfucking Best by lightgetsin.  (13k)
God, I freaking love this fic.  What’s so cool and unique about it, to me, is that it’s feels like the end of a long, slow-burn pining fic, which the reader can observe even if the POV character can’t.  It’s sweet and it’s sexy and it packs a lot of punch for its length.  I’ve reread it three times at least already.

back to yours by Rest (6k)
stripper!Tyler.  This fic is sweet and kind of chill, which makes it pretty realistic.

something worth bleeding out by dastardlywords (15k)
This is one of my favourite post-trade Tyler-finding-himself-in-Dallas-and-also-finding-Jamie canon fics.  The development between them is so sweet (especially the Skype scene).  There is some Tyler/OFC if that kind of thing bugs you, but I like this one a lot.

There’s Nothing That I Wouldn’t Do, Save Lay My Rifle Down by titaniumsporkery (6k)
Trans!Jamie. This isn’t quite what I usually like, but this fic is really memorable and has a lot of emotional impact.

God, You Two Are So Married by popfly (4k)
Super fluffy fluff, so sweet and satisfying.

untitled seguin/benn a/b/o ficlet by Rest (2k)
I’m so obsessed with this story. It’s short - it could have been done in a much longer way - but it almost doesn’t matter.  It’s a unique universe and there’s something just so charming about it.

The Constellations We Make by Hananobira (23k)
Another classic canon post-trade fic.  Great slow burn.  Also there is terrific podfic!

we’re gonna rattle this ghost town by toewses (6k)
Third in the canon post-trade trifecta.  Understated and awesome.

Big Hats, Big Hearts by LadyJanelly (1k)
Short and interesting AU in which sexual activity is an open part of team bonding.

gonna have to ask about by ferrassie (7k)
Tyler mysteriously wakes up in the future and is married to Jamie.  I’m not always a huge fan of the trope, but this fic does it well.  The writing and characterization are fantastic.


with a little help from my friends by melitaea (5k)
This is Tyler/Jamie/Tyler Brown.  This fic is so freaking hot I can’t handle it.  Your kink may not be my kink etc. etc. but it’s well-written and so up my alley.

myownnerdtopia-deactivated20160  asked:

I'm slowly getting aboard the Thomas Ward/Kara Lynn Palamas ship you've been shipping. Where did you come up with this idea?

Oh GoSH. It was a group decision really! b-isforbombshell and thatbluebox had already created the perfect Thomas Andrew Ward and it just spiraled from there as so many things do with us. And then redbrunja also jumped on board. It really is the best ship though. None of  your pesky shipping wars. No issues with people saying ‘baby’ in a way that makes you feel slightly wary. THE KARA SHIP WE DESERVE TBH.

You get the Kara and Ward brotp of our dreams. I won’t say yours cause I don’t want to presume anything, BUT REALLY THOUGH. IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN A BROTP AND THEN I WOULDN’T HAVE ALL THIS INTERNAL CONFLICT. So we get to KEEP SKYEWARD and we have THOMAS, the sassy little shit who is pretty much identical to the sassy little shit that is Grant Ward 2.0. And we have Kara. Who is COMPETENT and BADASS but who guards her heart and is SCARED to let people in. BUT THOMAS IS A CHARMER AND HE THINKS SHE’S BEAUTIFUL WITHOUT HER MASK ON. AND HE JUST KEEPS TELLING HER. AND SHE DOESN’T BELIEVE HIM TO BEGIN WITH. But he grins and he tells her that he’s going to KEEP TELLING HER UNTIL SHE SEES THAT IT’S TRUE. THAT SHE’S PERFECT. So she tries to avoid him. And Grant’s like HONESTLY LITTLE BRO, WHAT’S GOTTEN INTO YOU? You’re NOT USUALLY THIS HUNG UP ON A GIRL. And Thomas is all HEY POT, MEET KETTLE.

And it’s GLORIOUS. And Skye just sits with her feet on Grant’s lap, casually flicking her fingers every time Kara and Thomas are in close proximity so they keep stumbling into each other. Grant shakes his head at her and tells her she needs to stop. Skye gives him an expression of MOCK INNOCENCE and informs him that SHE’S NOT DOING ANYTHING THANK YOU VERY MUCH. But Grant just raises an eyebrow at her and informs her that he thinks they could probably be doing something MUCH MORE PRODUCTIVE. Skye doesn’t need to be told twice, throwing a HAVE FUN KIDS, TRY NOT TO KILL EACH OTHER, over her shoulder as she drags Grant to their bedroom.

Thomas grins at Kara and asks if she’d like to go and do something much more productive… Kara takes three steps towards him, grabs him by the arm and flips him over her hip. As he lies on the ground wondering HOW THE HELL he let her get the jump on him he realizes that SHE’S ACTUALLY SMILING AT HIM.

‘You wanted to do something more productive? Your hand-to-hand is WOEFUL and you’re constantly telegraphing your next move.”

“Well come down here and show me how it’s done…”

“I don’t have time for amateurs.”

And, well, the next time Kara sees Thomas he’s making Grant teach him some new moves. Skye appears at her shoulder.

“You realize this is all because of you, right?”

“He needs to be better. I don’t want him to get hurt.”

“Sounds an awful lot like you’re worried about him…”

“Well who the hell else is going to bail me out when you and Grant get distracted in alleyways mid-mission Skye?”


“I think it’s more like a game for him. You know what he’s like. He just turns on the charm for everyone.”


“How do you know?”


Six weeks later Skye finds Kara and Thomas sparring and Thomas, for once, appears to be holding his own. Right up to the point that Skye makes the ground under his feet drop out from under him. It’s really not her fault that he pulls Kara down on top of him as he goes down. Skye chuckles her way back to bed, crawling up Grant’s body and advising him that she’s a genius. He doesn’t bother to argue.


Also there’s this:

let me tell you about Thomas Andrew Ward by me

let me tell you about Thomas Andrew Ward by b-isforbombshell

Thomas and Ward brothers au by thatbluebox

Thomas x Kara by redbrunja

Sleepy Hollow Fan Fic Recos

This weekend, I fell down a Sleepy Hollow fan fic hole.

I read a shit-ton of fics, including In You the Earth, which is so good that I posted about it. Which led sale-aholic to ask me for more Ichabbie fic recommendations. Which brings me to this post.

There are lots of fantastic Sleepy Hollow fics that aren’t Ichabbie-centric but absolutely deserve a read, so I’m including those too.

Clearly this is not an exhaustive list. Feel free to reblog and add your faves!

OK, in no particular order…

Ichabbie Smut (Because obviously):

And I’ll be anything you ask and more

A Gentleman’s Dare


Did We

Yours, Ichabod: Letters of Love and Lust between the Captain and the Lieutenant




By Word, By Deed

Tell Me

*With a little something…er…someone extra

Ichabbie And Christmas (Two of my favorite things combined): 

Christmas In Sleepy Hollow

Happy Holiday (While the Merry Bells Are Ringing)

Ichabbie And Christmas And Smut (The Trifecta of Awesome):

The 12 Days of Smutmas

White Christmas

Ichabbie With Wedding Rings And Babies (Because adorable):

An Epilogue (or, Second Time’s The Charm)

Ichabbie Being Witnesses And Friends (Things I wish we’d see on the show):


In The Off Hours

AU/AU-ish Ichabbie (It’s always interesting to see an OTP reimagined):

In Orbit



Family Ties

The Magnificent Mills Sisters (‘Nuff said)



The Rest of the Gang (Jenny, Irving, Macey, The Kindred):

Rejoice! Rejoice!

Been There, Done That

Aesthetic Benefit

The Fruit of the Tree


Fics That Should Be Canon TBH (Required reading for any Sleepyhead):


She And He


Three years ago TOMORROW I married this guy! Every year on our anniversary we go for an awesome hike ☺️

Today we hit up the Delaware water gap and hiked 6.5 miles gaining over 1300 feet in 3.5 hours.
It was gorgeous and sweaty.

We hiked by an old copper mine which is kind of awesome. We saw a few smaller water falls and we got to see an awesome overlook along the Appalachian trail. The trifecta- old stuff, waterfall & awesome view!

Musings on Madam Secretary 2.12

Did you hear that sound? Did you feel those gale force winds? That was the entire Madam Secretary fandom exhaling the breath we’ve been holding for months. “The Middle Way” was a welcome reprieve from Russia, spies and the Elizabeth/Henry angst. It felt like an old friend who came back from vacation. A cozy blanket after you’ve been soaked in frigid rain. Your childhood home on Christmas morning. Familiar. Comforting. This was a pure standalone episode. A palate cleanser. It referenced nothing that has happened over the last 11 episodes and didn’t offer any foreshadowing. Admittedly, I have slight whiplash from how fast the show’s tone changed and how we’ve virtually skipped over the effects from the first half of the season, but I’m choosing to ignore this and am enjoying the heck out of it. I saw more smiles in 3 minutes than I have in the last 3 episodes. I’ll take a little light and fluffy.

The State Department scenes exuded Season 1 vibes. Elizabeth’s team, minus an absent Jay, was back to solving the world’s problems, collaborating with their personal quirky offerings. Each assumed the role they masterfully play in the State Department orchestra. Although I appreciate every character, this week’s shining stars were Blake and Nadine. ABOUT TIME. I know parents aren’t supposed to have favorite children, but if I had to pick from the State Department kids, they’d be mine.

Son, dance troupe, law school. Nadine dropped 3 truth bombs in 3 seconds. Who is this woman? Witness Protection protégé? Little nuggets like this just feed my desire to learn more about her story. Also, more Bebe. Because Bebe. Nadine’s relationship with her son was heartbreaking, but ended on a hopeful note. I’d like to see him again, or at least see him have a relationship with Nadine. The woman deserves some happiness. I mean, she put up with that dog Marsh for how long? Glenn, go get your woman.

All those in favor of Elizabeth and Nadine grabbing drinks, say “aye.” AYE!! Tequila shots, a dive bar and stories. Make it happen. Both are peacekeepers by profession with slightly messy personal lives. Both have the same hopeful spirit, despite all they see, and remain optimistic for the future. They can bond as women, as mothers, as public servants. Just do it.

Blake was perfect just being Blake. His use of “boom” was as awkward as when old people dance at wedding receptions to songs like “Baby Got Back.” (You’re welcome for that visual.) Always the dutiful and committed servant, Blake played a fabulous wingman to Henry at brunch. Speaking of those two, Henry and Blake need more bro bonding. They’re so different, but have a strong common denominator: their love for Elizabeth. It’s like Amy and Tina. OK, it’s not at all like them, but Henry and Blake play off of each other very well.

As if the Blake and Nadine storylines couldn’t get any better, James Taylor was thrown in. Talk about a trifecta of awesome. Such a poignant scene, played so well by two acclaimed Broadway veterans. More, please.

Fed up, snarky, exasperated, sarcastic Elizabeth remains my favorite. She didn’t travel halfway around the world to deal with Ambassador Maxwell’s antics, as her beating on his jail cell proved. I love little moments like then when her humanity overshadows her diplomacy. “You think I haven’t taken a yoga class? I know you can hear me.” Sir, she has no time for you or your political stunting.

Myanmar did offer some sweet scenes between the Merry McCords. “You just want me to reach into my grab bag of religious quotes?” “Why not? You do it all the time. It’s adorable.” I melt. Damn you, writers. As if that didn’t get me, Elizabeth’s little air kiss after telling Henry she loved him before hanging up swooned my swooney self right off the ground. Again, I’m side-eyeing the fact that everything is just perfect and back to normal after 11 weeks of upset and angst, but I’m taking this episode for what it is: a standalone. An adorably sweet standalone.

Henry defending Elizabeth’s honor to anyone will never not be hot. He’s always believed in her career and her principles, and has never strayed far from that, even during the Russia situation, but it was still nice to see him say the words. Sorrynotsorry, Ted.

Speaking of Ted: “Mister McCord.” “Doctor. It’s Doctor McCord.” The ground shook when Elizabeth dropped that mic.

Despite my desire for more resolution, it was good to see the McCords back in action, working towards a common goal, united, conspiring and scheming together. At Henry’s suggestion, she even pulled a Russell and called up Conrad to get her way. The kisses. The nose boop. The genuine smiles. It was like someone opened the window on a spring day and let the fresh breeze in, washing out the winter air. I’m assuming the emotional turmoil will return next episode and the fallout from Henry’s year combined with his father’s death will weigh heavily on him and the entire family. For now, however, I’m taking the bait and am happily swimming in the sea of McCord tranquility.

Other things:

–The kids not flinching when Elizabeth left for Myanmar was such a real family moment. To the world, she’s Secretary of State. Inside that house, she’s just mom.

–I will never tire of hearing Elizabeth/Téa say “seriously.” No idea why I like it so much. I just do. I’d make it my text alert if I could. Seriously.

–“You’re a Buddhist.” “More like a suck-it-up-ist.” I don’t see many opportunities to use this phrase in my life, but I plan to find one.

–The Merry McCords is a sitcom I’d DVR, buy the DVD to, read fanfic about and blog on tumblr for.

–So. Does Henry play the guitar? I had to rewind when I spotted it sitting next to him on the bedroom floor. I’m a sucker for a guy who plays the guitar. SUCKER. Henry McCord playing John Mayer on a guitar would probably make me explode into a ball of hearts.

I’m so ready for Pittsburgh! Is that rude to say considering there’s a death? Either way, I’ve been dying (poor choice of words) to learn more about the extended family dynamic and see a few McCord-centric episodes.

Thoughts? I need to get better about responding to comments. I wish I could do it without re-blogging my entire post. BRING BACK COMMENTS, TUMBLR.

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Hayley is still the Crescent queen of the werewolves, and Davina is now Regent of the Nine Covens. Now I just need Cami to take her rightful place in the O’Connell line and become the leader of the Human Faction, and I’ll have a trifecta of female awesomeness reigning over NOLA’s supernatural Illuminati. 


Happy Halloween! I have no tricks for you, but here’s a treat: an AMV for Gravity Falls, Over the Garden Wall, and Steven Universe! The trifecta of awesome!