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Hi! My birthday is on 28th of March and I would really love a non-reaped!Everlark story (or one where the Reaping doesn't exist, whichever comes easier). You can sprinkle in some smut if you want (though it's not necessary). Thank you!!!!!

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Happy, happy birthday!!! Your story was submitted by the awesome @pagedancer87 and we know you’ll love it just as much as we do! Have a wonderful day! EBD

Title: Selfish

Summary: “It’s really okay for there to be times when you stop putting everyone else first, and just do what’s best for you.”

A/N: All errors are belonging to me. Happy Birthday!


As a rule, Katniss Everdeen didn’t allow herself many things.

The first and last time she had asked for something, was the one thing she had ever regretted: to selfishly have her father with her on her birthday. It was a request shyly made, and gently denied, but he had wanted to surprise her. It had him going to work on a day he normally had off, which ended up being the day that he died. At eleven, watching her mother spiral into grief driven madness and her younger sister nearly starve to death, she blamed herself. From then on vowed to put her family first.

It became the way she lived. Everything she did and every choice she made was for the benefit of her younger sister. Not only did it make her happy, it was also very easy.

Once in awhile, something came up that made her choices not so black and white.

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a family of tributes and rebels

oKAY so some months ago, I saw this post from @snapback-gravity-falls detailing a partial timeline for a Gravity Falls/Hunger Games crossover, and I haven’t stopped thinking about it for all this time…

Since then I’ve had a ton of fun expanding the idea, and time permitting, maybe I’ll acTUALLY end up doing something with it? Little sketchy comics of some scenes, or something? Hopefully! :D


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you know what i want? i want a voltron hunger games AU.

give me Pidge, the brilliant tech wizard from District 3 whose brother had died in the previous year’s games. Hellbent on survival, they’re hoping they can figure out how the arena and the games operate so they can return home to the only family they have left. 

i want to see District 7 Lance and Hunk. Lance is highly skilled with an ax (or a chainsaw, or whatever other tool he can get his hands on), but has never used one on anything but a tree before . Hunk’s got a good reputation in the district, not only for his strength (a must have in their industry), but also for his ingenuity and skill at coming up with new and better ways to process lumber and assets. give me Hunk getting selected for the games, and Lance volunteering in place of the other tribute just so he can stay with Hunk and help him make it back home. 

give me Shiro, the reluctant Career Tribute from District 2; always so disgusted with the games, but knowing that he didn’t have a choice but to follow the Career path that his district always told him was an honor.

give me Shiro being completely enamored by Keith, the fiery loner tribute from District 12. give me the two of them growing somewhat close in the days leading up to the games. give me the two of them encountering each other in the arena, both with an opportunity to kill the other but refusing to do so. give me Shiro later getting overwhelmed by a District 1 & 4 Career pack and being saved at the last minute by Keith. i want him and Keith to team up, despite all reason and rationality, out of a budding mutual affection and respect for each other. 

i want to see them all team up together - wary at first, before warming to each other as they realize their shared disgust and hatred of the games - and working together to take down the games. 

idk, y’all, i just really really want to see this AU. 

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you should talk to me about cegan hunger games au. It would be so fucking good oh my god

There’s so many ways that could be soooo cool :))))

I mainly thought of Carl and Negan meeting as tributes. I imagine a de-aged Negan (the max age for the Hunger Games being 18) being one of the careers and the audience favorite (tbh watching Negan wreck the other kids and then joke about it seems like the kind of thing the Capitol people would enjoy). And then he finds his fellow career, Lucille, being slain by one of the other tributes, and before he can react, the scrawny kid from district 12 comes out from the line of the trees right behind them and jumps on the other tribute’s back. And stabs him. On the neck. Several times. More times than it’s necessary, if you ask Negan.

And when the tribute falls to the ground, coughing blood and gasping, until he doesn’t any more, and the kid gets off of him, Negan can see he’s missing an eye.

And then Negan would probably introduce himself and do his sauntering thingy around him and point out Carl’s eye, because he’s an asshole like that. And Carl being the little ball of anger he is would say something like “You should see the other guy.”

And then Negan would laugh, sincerely, for the first time since he set a foot inside the arena, and give Carl a free pass because, well, he avenged his friend (and because he just wants be be left alone to bury her like she deserves). And he doesn’t feel like killing him. It would go kind of like Thresh quote “Just this once twelve”.

Only it’s not going to be “just this once”. Nope.

P.s.: one of Negan’s sponsors sends him a medical kit. There’s a note that says “Someone’s eye could use this”. And of course Negan follows. He tells himself he’s pretending to care just to get the audience’s favor. In a couple of days half the Capitol ships them.

P.s: plot twist we are the sponsors.


For: Two Anons

Imagine: Cato falling for you when he meets you in District 12 during his victory tour. (Plus size reader)

Note: Y/F/N= Your friend’s name.

You squeeze into your favourite dress, you weren’t one to wear a dress, you were plus sized so sometimes you felt pretty insecure, especially when it came to dresses. Today, however, was the 73rd Hunger Games victory tour so it was tradition to dress up nicely.

You weren’t particularly excited for this considering your district wasn’t the one to win. The winner was Cato, a boy from District 2. The games were considered to be a horrid event in your district, this year was the worst for you, your best friend had been reaped as the female tribute for District 12. You had been completely shattered, even more at her death, though you knew she wouldn’t make it, you still had had a bit of hope. This girl had been the only one who was able to make you feel comfortable about your body, she was the one who taught you to love yourself and now she was gone too.

However, if there was anyone else who you would have wanted to win, it was Cato. Two days into the games, he had saved your best friend from a horrid death, after that, he had asked her to become his ally, he protected her for the next week, but eventually, he too could do nothing.

You make your way to the Hall of Justice alongside other members of your district. Once you arrive, you see a few peacekeepers escort Cato on to the stage, and he begins his speech. Damn, he sure is attractive.

Cato’s POV

I carefully recite the words that my mentors had etched into my mind. I barely even hear myself speak; I’m too busy searching the crowd for her face, the girl Y/F/N told me about. I have no idea what she looks like, but if I see her, I’ll know that it’s her, somehow, I know that I’ll know.

I don’t see her. I have no idea where she is.

I finally finish my speech, and I’m told to join District 12 for lunch. I make my way off the stage and go to exit the Hall of Justice to follow the district members into the town.

“Cato?” I hear a beautiful voice call my name; I instantly stop knowing that it has to be her. He voice is just as beautiful as Y/F/N described it to be. I turn around and see her.

She is absolutely stunning, perfect.

“Y/N?” I ask hesitantly.

“That’s me,” She says, “Can I talk to you Cato?”

“Uh, sure!” She leads me away from the crowd, into an empty side street.

“Thank you Cato,” I look into her glassy eyes, she’s trying to be strong, but I can see the pain in her eyes. Without thinking, I place my hand on her cheek, gently rubbing circles with my thumb.

“For what Y/N?”

“For saving her.”

“She died anyways.”

“You tried Cato, I know you tried.”

“She told me so much about you Y/N,” I smile at her gently, “You’re just as perfect as she described Y/N.”

She blushes, “Thank you.”

She finally breaks, letting a single tear slip, I instantly pull her in for a hug, she hugs back, we stay there for a while before she pulls away, “You better get going Cato, I don’t want you getting into any trouble.”

“I’ll see you around Y/N,” As soon as she leave, I already miss her, knowing that I probably won’t get another chance to speak to her until next year.

A/N: This would have been posted like two hours ago but then I started watching Cato/Alexander videos, and well lets just say, I have a new guy to go complete fangirl over! ;P

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A hush fell over the crowd as you stepped forward to volunteer for Katniss.  The Peacekeepers awkwardly glanced at each other, not sure if volunteering for a volunteer was allowed.  Not up to date on the procedure, since this had never happened in District 12 history.  

Katniss looked shocked as eventually the Peacekeepers began to lead you to the stage.  You were scared.  Of course you were scared.  But you could face the games knowing that Katniss was going to be safe.  Your love was safe.

BTS In The Hunger Games

This is going to be a series with other groups as well. ALSO you decide who lives and who dies sooooo…. let me know. 

BTS In The Hunger Games: Training Center 

*You get picked to be in The Hunger Games with the members*

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Rap Monster:

“Ladies first… Y/n Y/L/N” 

The crowd that you were apart of suddenly excluded you. You could hear your heart beat in your ears. Tears stung your eyes as your mom snatched you into her arms.

“Oh my baby! Oh god no. No no no!” She cried. You stared at forward and tried your very best to wake yourself up from this nightmare. 

No no no.. this is all a dream. Wake up Y/n! Wake up!

The peacekeepers grabbed you by your arms and drug you away from your mothers embrace. 

“No no! Let her go!” You watched with frozen eyes as your mom screamed and cried for you. You watched as they pushed her back into the crowd. 

“Come up here darling. Come come come!” The pale lady with the weird hair and outfit spoke as she waved you to stand next to her on the stage. 

“And now for the boys… Kim Namjoon” 

You wish you could have seen what his reaction was but you were to busy staring at your moms crying eyes. 

He walked up to the stage. You remembered him. He was your districts best fighter. 


“Ah, here we are! District 12, please welcome your tributes!” Silence. She was the only one clapping.

“Uh..” She cleared her throat. “Well go on, shake hands.” 

You went to move but your legs felt like jelly. 

“Go on now love, shake the boys hand.” 

You looked at her and at his hand. It was outstretched, waiting for yours.

The lady ushered you over to where you stood face to face with him. He was.. tall.. built… strong. You knew that if it came down to you two… you’d be the one to go. 

You grabbed his hand and for the first time you looked into his eyes and he looked at yours. 

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“Ladies first… Y/n Y/L/N”

The crowd around me parted and suddenly you were alone.. 

Whats new

You heard the whispers. They were all talking about you. You looked over to your mom. She didn’t even look at you, she stared at her feet as she backed away from you.

“She’ll be fine.” 

“She’s a trouble maker.”

“It’ll be good if she goes in there, maybe it’ll teach her some manners.” 

“I hope she dies.”

The whispers filled your ears as you walked up to the stage. They all hated you because they didn’t understand you. No one did. 

“And now for the boys… Min Yoongi” 

Gasps. That’s all that could be heard. 

Great. Districts’ favorite trouble makers, I bet we’ll get so many sponsors.

You watched as he walked up the stairs. Everything about him made you nervous. He was called “Arsenal” due to the fact that he set the towns’ statue of President Snow on fire after his father died in the mines. 

Everyone hated him since that day. 

“Ah.. District 3, please welcome your tributes!” 

You gave your mom one last glance, she looked at you and looked back at the ground. 

“Shake hands you two.” The woman said.

You gave your mom one last chance to prove that she deserved to hear you say goodbye. Her only daughter.. She didn’t look at you.

You shook his hand and looked at him. 

It wouldn’t be that bad to burn.

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“Ladies first… Y/n Y/L/N”

You felt your eyes fill with water as you numbly felt your little sister hug you. Crying your name. Begging you not to go. 

“Please please! No! Y/n!” 

You ran your thumbs under her eyes.

Please stop crying

You went to talk but your throat was dry. Nothing came out. 

“No ! Please don’t take her!” She screamed as the peacekeepers dragged you to the stage. 

“Come stand darling. It’s okay.” You looked at the woman with wide eyes

Okay? This is not okay. 

Looking over at your sister you saw your best friend holding her in her arms. 

Please.. take care of her. 

“Come come love.” The woman said again. 

You looked at your sister one last time before taking your place next to the woman.

“And now for the boys…Park Jimin.”

Your head snapped towards the boys section. Jimin was the best person to ever hold an axe. He could throw it and have it stick in whatever he was aiming at.. and he never missed.

You watched as he hugged his dad and slowly walked to the stage. 

“District 6, welcome your tributes!” 

“Please shake hands.”

You trembled as he took your hand in his. He looked at you and gave your hand a little squeeze.

Lets hope he doesn’t aim for me.

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“Ladies first… Y/n Y/L/N”

Your heart stopped. You’re dead.

I’m dead.. this is it.

You were yanked out of your thoughts when you heard your older brother scream your name. 

“NO! Y/n! No no! Not my sister! Not my little sister!” He thrashed against the peacekeepers. He threw his elbows, trying to get to you.

“Let me go! Y/n! Y/n!” 

You looked at him with tears falling down your face. Some other peacekeepers shoved you up to the stage. 

Once you took your place on the stage you looked for your brother. 

“And now for the boys….Kim Taehyung.” 

There were gasps from both the boys and girls section. Your brother froze. He looked to his left to see Tae slightly shaking. 

“I-” Your brother shouted towards the woman but was cut off when Tae said something to him.You watched as your brother leaned against one of his crutches for support and as Tae walked toward the stage. 

Tae got a bad rep. He stabbed a man who was abusing his mother. Turns out the man had broken into their house trying to steal things. 

He was a good guy, the best climber of your district. He would go up in the trees or on the roof tops to help secure bolts or wires. 

You looked back at your brother and gave a small smile through your tears. 

“Ah yes, well.. District 8, welcome your tributes!” The woman shouted. 

“Shake hands my dears.

When he grabbed your hand you felt a sense of comfort. You looked up and he gave you a small smile. 

Hope you can climb high

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“Ladies first… Y/n Y/L/N”

Your heart fell to your feet and with every step you took you felt your heart beat. With every step you felt your body becoming heavier. 

Don’t look back. It’ll only hurt you more. No one is there.

Your feet carried you to the stage without you even knowing.You kept your face towards the floor. 

Do not look up Y/n. She’s gone. No one is there. 

You picked at the skin surrounding your nail bed while you bit your lip.


“And now for the boys…Jung Hoseok”

You looked up. 

He was the best hunter in your district. Before the animals went extinct, he would go out and catch food for the whole town. 

You stopped biting your lip as you watched him walk to take his place on the stage.

You watched as his mom cried out for him. You wished you could h-

“District 5, welcome your tributes!”

“Please shake hands darlings.” 

He looked down at your hand and noticed the redden sores around your nails and carefully took your hand in his. You kept your head down.

Dont look-

He squeezed your hand slightly, causing you to look at him.

Hunt me down

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“Ladies first… Y/n Y/L/N”

You let go of your best friend’s hand. Out of all the girls in your district… it was you.

It’s me

You looked over towards her. She hugged you and for a moment you felt comfort. You hugged her back and tried to stop the tears. You tried to hug the memory of yourself into her, into her clothes. 

Live for me. Just in case I cant live for myself

You tried to imprint yourself into her, make her remember you.

The peacekeepers ripped you from her arms and dragged you towards the stage.

“Y/n! No!” She screamed. 

For me

“Come here my lovely.” The woman said softly while waving her hand towards the stage. 

You looked over the crowd and noticed that you would probably never get to see these people again. You’ll never see your district again.

For me. Live for me.

“And for the boys…Jeon Jungkook” 

You looked over at the group of boys. He was the fastest. He was so fast.

He took his place on the stage. 

“Mhm District 10, welcome your tributes!”

Please shake hands.” 

You felt his stare before you felt his hand. You gave one last look to your friend before turning your gaze towards him. 

Let me run away with you

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“Ladies first… Y/n Y/L/N”

You wanted to cry. You wanted to cry so bad but you couldn’t let them see you do that.


You couldn’t.. no you wouldn’t let them see you scared.Your dad raised you better than that. You walked towards the stage with your head held high, proud steps. You looked at the dying tree off to the left of the stage. 

I won’t cry dad. I promise. 

You looked at the crowd. They were sad. Some were even crying.

Thank you

They were crying for you. You raised your head up high and stood up straight.

Dad I’ll make you proud. 

“And now for the boys…Kim Seokjin.”

Not him

He was the smartest person in our district. He was just so damn smart and no one knew how or why,

Anyone but him. He has so much more to do with his live than this damn game. Not him.

He walked up to the stage and stood next to the woman. 

“District 2, please welcome your tributes!”

No! Anyone but him.

“Shake hands my darlings.”

He grabbed your hand and shook it. You looked in his eyes and you could have broken down right there, just let it all out and cry but you didn’t. 

Be smart enough to win this game, I don’t want to see you dead.

                       I welcome you to The Hunger Games

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               MAY  THE  ODDS  BE  EVER  IN  YOU  FAVOUR.  

the  75th  annual  hunger  games  has  finally  come  and  pairs  of  both  female  and  male  will  participate  from 12  districts.  a  total  of  24  tributes  from  each  district  of  the  panem  is  expected  to  participate  in honour of  this  event  and  ONLY  1  may  become  this  year’s  victor.  fail  to  participate,  consequences  shall arise.  prepare  yourselves,  and  good  luck  to  all.   Happy  hunger  games  and  may  the  odds  be  ever  in  your  favour  !  


for the writers:  the  arena  that  will  be  used  will  be  from  the  third  book/film  of  the  series  catching fire  to keep  threads  interesting  and  also  have  extra  features  to  explore  ;  the  75th  annual  arena  is  set  up  as  a clock. a  12 to 1  wedge  consisted  of  the  tall  tree  that  will  periodically  strike  lightning  during  the  12th  hour, The  sections  of  the  "clock"   each  have  tall  tree  identical  to  the  12  to  1  tree  and  is   made  up  of  different “horrors”  unleashed  by  the  hour. The  following  horrors  will  be  (  one  is  made  up and  rest  from  the  film ) ;  psychological  effect  of  each  tributes’  fear,   acid fog,  blood rain,  an  unknown  beast,  a tidal wave, carnivorous monkeys,  jabberjays  that  repeat  the  sounds  of  loved  ones  screaming  in  terror,  tracker  jackers, wolves,   toxic  berries  that  will test  tributes  hunger,  carnivorous  squirrels,  mutts ( like wendigos ) i  will  also have  an  open  a  slot  for  a  gamemaker  and  will  also  have  the  opp  to  talk  about  the  games,  as  well  as  control  the  arena  when  writing  with  tributes.  |  grow  alliances, save  yourselves,  or  rebel  the  choice  will  up  to  you,  again  may  the  odds  be  in  your  favour  ;) 


fun extra verse:  this  verse  will  be  for  anyone  to  write  as  the  WINNER  of  the  hunger  games  (  will  be later on  when  group  verse  succeeds )  in  order  to  write  this  verse   we  will  have  a  president  and  the gamemaker  as  well  as  an  escort  and  a  mentor  from  each  district. (  this  will  need  to  be messaged/submitted   to  me  as  these  will  be  important  for  the  writers  starring  as  the  tributes  because you  will  be  writing  the  most  with  them  for  threads  that  occur before  the  games  and  after  the  games. )


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“You’re not going to make it in the arena,” Cato stated.

Your jaw dropped. Can a mentor even say something like that to the tribute? Is the mentor even allowed to refuse to help?

“Don’t look so surprised. You’re from district twelve, plus can you even climb a tree?” He indicated your body, which did have excess fat.

“I can climb well enough, thank you,” you said, crossing your arms. “And since you think I’m so heavy I can’t pull myself up a tree, how would you feel if I sat on you until you agree to actually give me meaningful advice?”

“Stubborn. That’s good,” Cato said with a nod. “The Capitol already has odds stacked against you. My comments are the tip of the iceberg there. You’re going to get a lot of crap. It’s up to you if you’re going to push back or buckle.”

“That was a test,” you said in realization.

“There are two kinds of tributes that come from District 12: hopeless and stubborn. It’s no use to try to train the hopeless, so I identify them before trying.”

He’s lucky he’s attractive, and that you need him.

“Alright, fine, so are you going to start with the tips?” you asked.

“Keep moving, and never start fires. Fires are like beacons to tell the others where you are. If you must light a fire to cook food, do so during the day,” Cato stated.

“Is that it?” you asked.

“No, but we should eat. Eat healthy would be my suggestion,” Cato said. “If living in District 12 didn’t make you skinny, nothing will. But maybe we can get a little muscle on you before and during training.”

“I’m not sure if I should be offended or not,” you stated as Cato led you to where the food was laid out.

“Nothing I say about your weight reflects how I feel about how pretty you are,” Cato stated, pulling a chair out for you. “Other people’s comments, maybe. But you pull off the look.”

You blushed a little. “Wait, really?” you asked. How could a guy like Cato find you of all people attractive?

“I’d hate to see your pretty face get cut up or smashed in in the arena,” Cato stated, sounding sincere.

“Wow, what a romantic,” you commented sarcastically. Still, you couldn’t help but smile.