the trials are over by now right

“When I was seventeen I had my first kid. The mother was addicted to drugs. I was in a tough situation. I was raising the child on my own. And I received an invitation to help rob a truck. I thought: ‘I’ll just do this today, and then it will be over.’ I was the lookout. The police caught us while we were running away. Prison is a place that’s impossible to explain. I was there for 2.5 years before I even had a trial. I saw a guy being stabbed. I saw a guy slit his own throat with a razor. During the night I used to sit by the window, and look at the stars, and think: ‘Not even an animal likes to stay in a cage.’ All my friends forgot about me. Only my mother visited. I’ll never go back there. Right now I’m in a tough situation again. I have no job. But people at the church help me with food. And I sit here and help people park their cars. It’s only a few pennies, but I’d rather do this than steal from someone else who needs the money.”

(São Paulo, Brazil)

The Labyrinth Chapter 37

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Genre: Gang AU/ High School AU

Pairing: Reader/Jimin ft. all the members

Length: 6.4k

Summary: Looking back on your past, your life has never been anything out of the ordinary. Although your parents had left you on one mysterious night, leaving you little to no explanations, you live out the rest of your years residing in a new town under the custody of your aunt. That is, until you return to your hometown to investigate the whereabouts of your parents during your senior year in high school. It was that fateful decision that led you to find a boy collapsed on your front porch one night, wounds gaping and life fading when your entire life is spun out of control. Somehow being dragged into a life of crimes in the underground business of his, you discover the twisted secrets hidden behind the world you thought you had known all along. 

A/N: This contains smut, so for all my non-smut readers out there: beware…

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Cold Hands and Warm Freckles

Request: “Oooo what about a Draco x Reader where they are dating but someone uses a love potion on her and breaks up with Draco but then he realises what has happened and is super angry but fixes everything? Xxx”

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Word Count: 1679 (short but sweet)

Warnings: Uhh like non consent? idk

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You smiled down at your captured hand, pale fingers intertwined with yours. Draco’s hands were always cold, even in the middle of summer. It was as if he had just taken them out of an ice bath, and they were perfectly pristine as well. But that slowly changed, the longer you two were together. You took him out for more days under the sun, and gradually his pale flesh, though mostly unnoticeable, had gained some colour, along with a few spotted freckles. He groaned whenever he’d find a new one, but you’d just kiss the spot, telling him how cute it was. His hands stopped being so cold, and they grew rougher. One day, when exploring through the Forbidden Forest, he has cut his palm on a sharp branch. You fretted over his wound, and made sure it healed well, but it still left a nasty, jagged scar. Draco was ashamed of it, always avoiding holding your hand with his left one. But with lots of coaxing, he eventually came to like it, after you had pressed countless kisses onto the slightly raised flesh.

“Everything about you is beautiful.” You’d tell him.

“No. But I think you’re turning me into something beautiful.” He replied one day. And it was true.

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In-depth: the Lanchester & Sten

After the British Expeditionary Force’s retreat from Dunkirk in June 1940, Germany was expected to attempt a full-scale invasion of Britain. In order to accomplish this, they would need to eliminate the Royal Air Force, and as such, the RAF’s airfields were at serious risk. The RAF wanted a Schmeisser-type submachine gun issued to their personnel in the event of an attack from German paratroopers. The Navy had already ordered 2000 Smith & Wesson 9mm carbines and the Army, who by now had realized that they had vastly underestimated the military effectiveness of the submachine gun, began buying Thompsons from the United States.

The Biwarip machine carbine, an early precursor to the Sten made in 1938 and tested by the Small Arms Committee. Remarkably modern for its time.

The RAF initially examined captured MP-38s and ordered 10,000 British-made copies, but there were complications that resulted not only in the weapons being changed from copies of the MP-38 to the MP-28, but also the order being increased to 50,000 to satisfy the Navy as well, who had been forced to abandon the S&W carbines due to serious malfunctions. Sterling Armaments Co. was contracted to produce the initial prototypes of the MP-28 copy. The resultant weapon was finished, in the form of two pilot guns, in late 1940 and demonstrated on the 8th of November. The pilot guns were designed by George Lanchester and thus were named after him.

Lanchester Pilot Gun 3. For whatever reason, this model appears to have no rear sights. It was tested in November 1940.

Lanchester Pilot Gun 4. This is the model used for endurance trials and was essentially the finished product. Tested on the 28th of November 1940.

The Lanchester pilot guns were tested again on the 13th of November 1940 and were tested with a variety of 9x19mm catridges, including Winchester flat-nose, ICI, Bergmann, Beretta, and German military issue. The first pilot gun failed to discharge the Winchester and ICI ammunition, but the second did not run into any major issues and was considered on-par with the German MP-38.

On November 28th, further trials of the Lanchester pilot guns took place in the presence of both George Lanchester and Major Reginald V. Shepherd of the Design Department at RSAF Enfield. The Lanchester was now in its fourth pilot gun form and fired 5204 rounds with 26 stoppages. It passed all the mandatory tests but did not function when loaded with Beretta-made ammunition. Otherwise it was considered good to go and production rights were handed over to the Royal Navy for immediate manufacture as the Lanchester Mk.I. This weapon was issued to the Air Force and Navy until 1941, when it was simplified as the Mk.I*, which had no fire selector and fixed iron sights.

The Lanchester Mk.I. Known as the “British Schmeisser”. It was heavy, sturdy, and solidly built - typical of Naval manufacture.

The Lanchester Mk.I*. Fully-automatic only with fixed iron sights. Many Mk.I*s were simply modified Mk.Is, but were not marked as such.

The Lanchester was good but production costs were too high to equip the army. Something cheaper and quicker to manufacture was sought. In January 1941, an extremely simplified model was designed by George Lanchester and demonstrated at Enfield on the 10th of January 1941, and at Hythe on the 21st. The prototype was essentially a Lanchester stripped down to the bare minimum. It consisted of a simple tubular body made from steel and grips made from Tufnel. It was supposed to have a folding buttstock but for whatever reason this was never fitted. The only real change to the base design was the inclusion of a fire selector just in front of the trigger grouping. Otherwise it was internally the same as the Lanchester Mk.I.

A second simplified prototype was also conceived by George Lanchester and differed in that the cocking slot was now on the left side of the gun and had a much lighter bolt which was about an inch shorter than the original. The grips were redesigned to be more ergonomic, and a simple single-strut stock was fitted to the rear of the pistol grip.

The first simplified Lanchester prototype. Essentially the forerunner to the Sten. The cocking slot has a safety recess.

The second simplified Lanchester prototype. This version had left-hand cocking and a three-position fire selector.

Both simplified prototypes of the Lanchester were tested but rejected. But from this concept, the Sten was born. It was developed in early 1941 by Major Shepherd and Harold J. Turpin, who worked at the Design Department at Enfield. Thus the weapon was christened the STEN (Shepherd, Turpin, ENfield). The design was an incredibly simple blowback system based on the Lanchester with a fixed firing pin and simple cylindrical bolt. The first version of the Sten, the Mk.I, had wooden furniture, a conical flash hider, and a hinged fore grip, a feature not seen on any of the subsequent models. The Mk.I was cheaper than the Lanchester but still too expensive; it was simplified further as the Mk.I* in late 1941. The Mk.I* ditched the wooden embellishments, the flash hider and the fore grip feature. Throughout 1941, over 100,000 Mk.I and Mk.I* Stens were produced and issued to the army.

The Sten Mk.I. The original model of the Sten, with features such as a folding fore grip and a flash hider that were not seen in later models.

The Sten Mk.I*. The first of many steps to simplifying an already very basic gun. Although production was somewhat brief, thousands were made.

In mid-1941, the Mk.II Sten was designed. It was a bare-bones version of a gun which was already very basic. The main difference between the Mk.I and the Mk.II Stens was that the Mk.II had a new barrel that could not be interchanged with the original Mk.I barrel. The Mk.II barrel had only two grooves whereas the Mk.I had six. Externally, the Mk.II was incredibly minimalist. There were two main versions of the Mk.II produced: one with a wireframe stock and one with a single-strut stock. Neither were particularly pleasant to shoot, owing to the poor ergonomics. The upshot of all this was that the Mk.II Sten was incredibly cheap to produce en masse for the army and, as an added bonus, proved very easy for anti-Nazi partisans to copy in workshops.

The Mk.II Sten was tested at Pendine on from the 7th to the 25th of August 1941 and a glaring fault was discovered. The magazines were made from stamped sheet metal, which meant that the feed lips were prone to failure. If the magazine feed lips were misaligned even slightly with the magazine well, the gun would jam. The magazines were also highly susceptible to dirt and sand. All of this basically meant that the Mk.II Sten was highly unreliable if not handled with care, and even then it was probably inevitable that it would fail at some point during the heat of battle. But the army was faced with a choice between a mass of unreliable Mk.IIs, or a handful of Thompsons, Lanchesters and Mk.I Stens. They opted for the former.

The Sten Mk.II. The most successful version of the Sten, with several millions being manufactured during the war and used by various countries.

The Sten Mk.II with bayonet and single-strut stock.

Prototype T42 submachine gun, based on the Sten Mk.II. It had a single-column magazine and a redesigned trigger group.

Sten Mk.II with SMLE stock. This was made as an experimental model only and never issued.

Sten Mk.II with wireframe pistol grip, designed for paratroopers.

Copy of the Sten Mk.II made in a workshop by Danish partisans.

The Mk.II Sten was by far the most successful model of the Sten gun, with over 2,000,000 being produced throughout World War II. It was first issued to British and Canadian troops during the raid on Dieppe on the 19th of August 1942 and continued to be issued until 1945. It was also issued in considerable numbers to the Free French Forces, including the French Resistance.

In 1943, the toy manufacturer Line Brothers Ltd. were contracted to produce the Mk.III Sten, which was made from a single, riveted sheet metal tube that was welded at the top. The ejection also had an extra safety precaution that consisted of a simple finger guard. The barrel was fixed inside the tubular body, which could not be disassembled. In Canada, the Mk.III was manufactured by Long Branch Arsenal.

The Sten Mk.III. Manufactured by Line Bros. Yet another simplification to lower the cost of manufacture.

On the other hand, this prototype Mk.III with a wooden SMLE-style stock would have been substantially more expensive to manufacture.

An experimental Mk.III made at Enfield. The trigger grouping is level with the ejection and the cocking handle is on top.

The Mk.IV was the only one of the Sten “marks” not to be issued to the army. In fact, it never evolved past the prototype stage. It was designed in 1943 with paratroopers in mind, with a shorter barrel and folding stock. The first version of the Mk.IV had a conical flash hider and a very unusual pistol grip and trigger guard arrangement that was designed to facilitate for thick winter gloves. It was a mere 27 inches in length. After it was trialed at Pendine at rejected for improvements, a second version known as the Mk.IVB was developed which was designed to be fired with one hand. To achieve this, the balance of the weapon was changed by moving the trigger grouping forward to the middle of the gun. The trigger mechanism had to be completely redesigned to allow this. It was 24 inches in length but uncomfortable to fire. Besides its flaws, there was no immediate requirement for the Mk.IV model so it was never developed any further.

The Sten Mk.IV. Produced as a prototype only. It was designed for paratroopers and soldiers operating in cold weather conditions.

The Sten Mk.IVB. Designed to be fired one-handed. The shortest version of the Sten by far, it was more a machine pistol than a submachine gun.

The Sten Mk.IVS. A silenced prototype of which only one was ever made.

In 1944, the Mk.V Sten appeared. It was a much more presentable weapon and a far cry from the crude Mk.II  The Mk.V featured a wooden butt, pistol grip and fore grip. The fore grip was ditched in later models. The front sights were also redesigned and lifted from the No.4 SMLE service rifle. Internally, the bolt was improved with a cutaway that cleared the trigger disconnector when the bolt came over the sear. The resultant weapon was of excellent quality and made to a much higher standard than its precursors. Unfortunately, cheaply-made magazine were still being issued and consequently the Mk.V was still just as liable to failure as the earlier models, although this was not the fault of the gun itself.

The Mk.V Sten was issued extensively to paratroopers after D-Day and saw considerable use during Operation Market Garden in Arnhem, and issue of the Mk.V continued until the war in Europe ended in May 1945.

An early model Mk.V. This version had a fore grip which was not seen on later models. The stock could be detached for paratroopers.

The Sten Mk.V. The most polished version of the Sten manufactured during the war. It was much more reliable than the Mk.II and was issued in 1944.

Many variations of silenced Sten guns were also developed. British interest in silenced weapons began in 1940 when British Commandos demanded a quiet gun for eliminating lone sentries during covert raids. Initially they were issued silenced Thompsons made by RSAF Enfield, but these were too heavy and expensive to deploy in any numbers. When the Sten Mk.II appeared, Enfield developed a suppressed model called the Mk.IIS. It was designed by a Polish exile who was now serving with the Special Operations Executive, Lt. Kulikowski. The suppressor consisted of a series of metal cups wrapped around and in front of the barrel, with a rubber plug at the end. When the weapon was fired, the gases seeped out the sidewall of the barrel and their energy dissipated. The bullet traveled through the metal cups and penetrated the plug, which prevented the gases from escaping. These metal cups were encased in a perforated jacket which was surrounded by an additional jacket.

Prototype Mk.IIS. The silencer contained 24 baffles. With so much weight at the front end and so little in the stock, it would have been awkward to handle.

The Sten Mk.IIS. The most successful silenced weapon of World War II.

The Mk.IIS was issued to Commandos, the SOE, and other British special forces units, as well as resistance fighters across Europe. It was designed to be fired in single shots. Reportedly, the sound of the bolt was louder than the gunshot itself. The main drawback of the Mk.IIS was that it had an effective range of only 100 meters.

Sten Mk.II with an SOE-made silencer and basic wooden stock, issued to special agents in France.

The Sten Mk.VI. Basically the Mk.IIS principle applied to the Sten Mk.V. It replaced the Mk.IIS late in the war.

Late in the war, the Mk.V Sten was successfully silenced using a similar principle and this model was called the Mk.VI. It did not see as much use as the Mk.IIS but was probably, all factors considered, the best silenced weapon of the war. It was succeeded by the Sterling L34A1 silent submachine gun.

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as a young adult struggling with adhd in college, i would like to humbly request a fic about adhd dex struggling with his adhd and being wary of medication because hes seen how it affects people and he talks to nursey about it cause hes insecure about asking for professional help and he knows nursey takes meds for his depression, thx :)

They’re studying quietly in their room.

Or, in Dex’s case, as quietly as possible. He can’t stop bouncing his leg, or clicking his pen, or tapping his fingers on the desk. He also can’t concentrate on the textbook in front of him that’s been open to the same page for the past twenty minutes.

This is getting ridiculous.

He’s smart. He knows he’s smart. If he could just concentrate for long enough to absorb some information, he knows he could apply it.

And yet here he is, sitting on a low C in this class and unable to get past the first paragraph of his textbook.

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Advice for Incoming College Freshman

When I first started college a year ago, I had a very little idea of the year to come.  I knew it would be nothing like the movies and if anything I was hoping to make some new friends.  In nearly a months thousands upon thousands of others like me will be taking their first step into college feeling the same as I did.  So I am here to give my five pieces of advice that will be good to know during your first week of school.

Let’s begin:

1. Don’t panic on move in day.

I was rare among my friends where instead of going to a college close to home, I went somewhere two hours away from my house.  It had always been a dream of mine to get out there and try and become someone new.  But when move in day came I was a mess.  I cried when I said goodbye to my cat, when we left my street, and when the signs came up that we were getting closer to the college.  But I learned that it’s okay to cry.  It’s okay to feel emotion when you leave a home you’ve been at most of your life.  But unlike me, I had many friends who did not cry on move in day.  It’s okay if you do or your don’t, neither makes you better than the other.

Nothing is going to go smoothly on move in day.  Someone will get lost or something may break.  You may unpack your things in the wrong room.  You may realize you left something vitally important at home that you can’t go a day without.  It’s okay.  Forgetting something is normal.  I know my mother was mailing little things I had forgotten at home the day after I left.  Just because you don’t have those things now doesn’t mean the world is going to end.  Your college dream will not be crushed.

Basically my advice is: take deep breaths throughout the day.  Someone is going to drive you crazy or make you upset.  Don’t let that get to you.  This is the beginning to something awesome.

2. Don’t be afraid to eat alone.

At the college I attend, I knew no one there.  A few kids from my high school went but I didn’t know them well enough to become friends with them.  I was put into a suite which meant that I lived with seven other girls(not as terrifying as you would think.)  So when dinner time came around I found myself lost.  My roommate had gone off with some girls she had met and I knew no one else in my suite.  So I went by myself to the dining hall and ate alone.  Of course I was texting and snapchating my friends so I wasn’t completely alone.  But as I looked around the hall, I realized there were a lot of other kids there too, eating alone and looking nervous. 

Eating alone turned out to be a good thing because as I left, a girl in my building stopped me on the way out.  She remembered me from the hall meeting and worked for Housing.  She said “I saw you eating alone and I was wondering if you wanted to come with me and a few of my friends to go see a movie on the lawn.”  I was surprised she asked me but I gladly excepted.  I didn’t really talk to that girl again but it was a nice start to a great semester.

Advice: Do what’s comfortable for you.  I decided to eat alone because I wanted to face my fears.  I knew people who stayed in their rooms all night because that was comfortable for them.  Whatever works for you do it.

3. There is a 50% chance you will become friends with your roommate

This is always a complicated because there are so many people who have so many different situations.  My roommate and I were good friends during the first semester but by the time the second semester ended we barely spoke.  A lot of our problems were miscommunication and both of us were too stubborn to try and fix things after a long semester of fighting.

This may not be your situation.  I know many people who have kept in touch with their old roommates and are still good friends.  I also know people who can barely speak their name without wanting to throw up.  Don’t let this get you down.  Everyone is different in their way of communicating and discovering who they are.

Advice: Keep communication open.  If you aren’t comfortable with what your roommate is doing, say something.  Bring a mutual friend that can help if that makes you more comfortable.  But also vice versa.  If your roommate comes to you with a problem she/he has, listen and try to compromise.  Communication is key.

4. Leave your room

It is very tempting to hide in your room all weekend and watch videos on Netflix or Youtube.  But hiding in your room is something your shouldn’t do.  Try to look up events that are happening on campus.  If you’re an Introvert like me, the thought of socializing makes you tense.  But try and build the courage to go to at least one event.  This will make you so much more comfortable with the people around you and get you use to the flow of the college.

Many clubs try their advertising during the first week of school.  Get yourself out there and try to find something that suits your eye.  Most colleges have a huge variety when it comes to the clubs and organizations they have.  Maybe you’ll find the one that suits you best.

Advice: Leave your room.  You won’t regret it.

5. The first year is the hardest

My first year of college was a lot of ups and downs.  I like to focus on the ups but also remembering how I got to the downs.  No one’s first year is going to be perfect.  There are so many tests, projects, and speeches that seem so far in the future but come so fast.  If you can, try to make at least one friend in every class.  That way you have someone that can give you advice or even help you along the way.

I was lucky enough that my close friend at college now had the exact same schedule as me during our first semester.  We have become so close since and I don’t regret the day we started talking. 

Finally I would like to say that college isn’t for everyone.  It’s okay if after your first semester you say “This isn’t right for me.” or even after your first year.  The first year is a trial period to figure out who you are and who you want to become.  I hope this helps anyone out there who may be stressing over college right now.

Till we meet again :)

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Request for RFA and Saeran, how would they act around pregnant MC?

Thanks @whofan1000 for the request! Hope you enjoy <3 

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  • This poor boy
  • He would worry all the time
  • But he’ll be the most devoted partner
  • When you’re going down steps he’s at your side leading you one at a time
  • “Yoosung…I’m only 2 weeks along…”
  • “You still have to be careful!”
  • He studies cook books on what’s best for you to eat and learns to cook them
  • He wants to be at every doctor appointment with you and if he’s not able to he has a serious pouting fit
  • He’ll sing lullaby’s to your stomach so the baby knows how much he loves it
  • When it comes to knowing the gender he’ll say that he wants it to be a surprise but constantly changes his mind worrying about what to buy
  • When he finds out your pregnant he can’t contain it
  • Everyone knows, he even tells the pets he treats at the clinic


  • He’s constantly talking about how your child will be the most handsome
  • “What if it’s a girl?” you ask.
  • “Well I’ll still love her but with these genes,” he smiles and winks, “he’s bound to be a boy.”
  • He’s praying it will be a boy.
  • Just thinking about his baby girl growing up with such wolves was too much for his heart to bare
  • In the first couple months he is away a lot for work so that in your final months he can be there as much as possible
  • He calls on breaks and Skype’s you from his hotel
  • You’ll have some of the most dramatic pregnancy pictures.
  • Very protective over you.
  • Sometimes you have to wonder whether he’s your husband or guard dog
  • Honestly, I imagine he’ll buy some sort of shirt that says “Zen’s Baby On Board”
  • But you’re not going to wear that in public
  • He also works his way up to quitting smoking. He doesn’t want it anywhere near you. 


  • She has a schedule set up for you during your pregnancy
  • There are restrictions on what you can and cannot have
  • All your appointments are made in advance and she attends every single one
  • When you try to argue with her on certain things
  • Like why you can’t have 2 tubs of ice cream.
  • She’s pulling out binders of research she has conducted
  • Every once in a while she feels bad and leaves sweets in the fridge/freezer for you
  • Near the end of your pregnancy she’ll work from home to look after you more
  • Her favorite part is decorating and shopping for the babies room
  • She’ll do most of the cleaning stating, “You need to rest.”
  • When you don’t listen she gets annoyed easily
  • Baehee will be the best mom though and you’re so happy to be married to her. 


  • Talk about protective
  • You can’t go anywhere without one of his body guards
  • You fight him a lot on it since you feel like you can never be alone
  • He’s unyielding as his biggest fear is something happening to you or the baby
  • He cancels appointments often so that he can come home to you
  • Whatever you desire he’ll get it for you
  • The chef makes you special meals with all the nutrients and vitamins you could need
  • He’ll always tell you how beautiful you look
  • “No one in this world compares to you, my love.”
  • When you’re emotions run rampant he’ll hold you in his arms until you calm down
  • He’ll announce you’re pregnancy with photos of Elizabeth the third next to a sign saying “I’ll be a big sister in 9 months!”


  • We all know he’s a prankster
  • So he’ll have his jokes about how big you get
  • Or the way you waddle when you walk
  • Or how you left the keys in the freezer
  • Ok we get it.
  • And he’ll take some real pride in knowing that he was a part of making the baby
  • But he knows when to be serious
  • When you can’t sleep or feel restless he’ll let you choose a car and he’ll take you for a ride
  • “Even the red one?” you asked shocked.
  • He takes a deep breath and bites his fist. “Yup. Even,” his voice breaks a little, “even the red one…”
  • “Are you crying?”
  • “No…just…so happy,” he lied.
  • Your pregnancy photos are going to be either really cringe worthy or really cute in a fun way (probably both)
  • He gives you space and isn’t very clingy
  • However he loves to hold you in his arms to cuddle
  • When you get angry at him you eat all his chips as the ultimate revenge
  • You can hear him from the other room over yell, “Why have you forsaken me lord!?”
  • Expect cringe worthy shirts


  • In his entire life he never thought he would be a father
  • So he’s always worried about messing up and how the baby will turn out
  • You’ll be the calmest during this pregnancy
  • “One step at a time ok?” you encourage him.
  • He’ll put his forehead against yours and nod. “Ok.”
  • When you go out alone he wants to stop you or go with you but he doesn’t want to crowd you
  • However you’ve caught him following you a few times
  • It will be a real trial for him to get over his fears
  • You know this so don’t ask much of him
  • However he’s quick to pick up on certain habits like when you start to rub your back or feet
  • He’ll ask you to lay down and massage them for you
  • So he wants you to depend on him as much as possible
  • Saeran will get really embarrassed easy when people give him kudos and congratulate him
  • Especially his brother’s jokes. “I didn’t know you liked to bake.”
  • Saeran, “What?”
  • “Ho don’t do it,” you plead.
  • “You even have a bun in the oven right now.”
  • ಠ_ಠ   ☜(▨ヮ▨¬☜)
  • “Oh my god…” you face palm.
  • You constantly have to hold him back. “Saeran put down the chair!”
No Complaints!

Jared x Platonic! Reader, Jensen x Platonic! Reader, Gen and Dannel mentioned.

Summary: You are Jared and Gen’s future adopted daughter as well as an actor for the character Emily Winchester, Sam’s unknown daughter. Just a normal day on set that ends in the promise of no complaints.

Warnings: Fluff, J2, slight spoilers for season 11, mentions of parental death and car accidents

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Game Changers

Harry’s not really sure what he’s expecting when Malfoy shows up to Hogwarts after The War. Definitely not that. 



“Malfoy what the hell?”
If Harry had trusted in Divination he would have said this was a terrible omen for his final year at Hogwarts.
Harry wasn’t the only one surprised to see him. There was an outbreak of murmuring as Draco Malfoy had strolled nonchalantly into the entrance hall the morning after the sorting ceremony. He looked in the directions of Harry’s exclamation and merely smirked and headed off to his first class of their so-called 8th year.
As it happened that also turned out to be Harry’s first class. When he walked into advanced potions he was surprised to see Malfoy already sitting in front of his cauldron with his book out. Though he supposed he shouldn’t be surprised that Malfoy had enrolled in the class he had always performed best in. Harry was burning with curiosity and before he could rethink his decision he plopped himself down next to Malfoy.
The other boy barely even reacted. “Potter,” he greeted with a kurt nod. He was engrossed in his potions text.
“Uh, hi,”
Malfoy snorted and finally looked up from his book “Eloquent as always Potter. I really missed that Grade A wit,” Though it lacked the usual venom from years previously and it was accompanied by a smile.
Harry stared at him with his mouth open. He hadn’t seen, heard from, or heard about Malfoy since he had testified at Malfoy and his mother’s trials during the rebuilding period after The War. He only did so because he knew it was the right thing to do and definitely not because he still thought about Malfoy more often than would be considered strictly necessary. Both their actions had allowed him to survive and kill Voldemort. It was only right that they didn’t rot in Azkaban. Though he was glad Lucius would. After the trial ended he and Malfoy had exchanged a few polite words and Harry had returned his wand. After that Harry had never expected to hear from him again. Now here he was teasing Harry like an old friend.
“Earth to Potter, are you ok?”
Harry was snapped back to his senses and realized he had been staring straight ahead for a full minute. “Oh sorry you just took me by surprise I guess”
“You came over to me?”
“Oh. Uh. Yeah you’re right”
Malfoy smiled and rolled his eyes “What did you want Potter?”
Oh right. He’d come over here for a reason. “Want to be partners?”
Malfoy’s cheerful and friendly exterior seemed to fade away for a moment to reveal something Harry couldn’t quite place. “Why?” he asked suspiciously.
Oh. That look had been insecurity. That was not a look he was used to seeing on Malfoy. It was oddly endearing. “Because” Harry replied quickly “You’re way better at potions than me and I need all the help I can get,”
This wasn’t entirely true. His original intention had been to ask Malfoy why the hell he came back to Hogwarts but this new Malfoy was almost…pleasant. And it was true that Malfoy could help him do well this year.
Malfoy beamed “You know Potter, I’d have killed to hear an admission of my superiority years ago. Who would have thought it would happen as soon as I stopped caring,”
Harry tried to suppress a grin, along with an odd stirring that seemed to be related to how nice Drac- er, Malfoy’s smile was. Wow, where did that come from?
Harry went to gather the ingredients and the rest of class went off without a hitch. That is if sometimes getting distracted by Malfoy’s piercing grey eyes and blushing furiously when he smiled at him weren’t considered a hitch.
After class they were still chatting and suddenly Malfoy got very quiet.
“What’s up?” Harry was slightly concerned about the sudden tone shift. Had Malfoy just been messing with him and was really still his old snobbish self? And if so why was Harry so upset about it?
“I’ve been putting off  an apology” he replied with his hands fumbling in front of him as he stared determinedly at his shoes. “But you really deserve one from me. For how I acted during The War and before and-”
“Stop.” Harry held up his hand. Before today he would have loved to make Malfoy grovel for forgiveness. However their conversations that day as well as the one after the trial and the fact that he had attempted an apology was enough to convince Harry Malfoy had grown up. He had realized that he just didn’t want to put him through that. Hm. Maybe he had matured too.
“We both did things we’re not proud of” Harry paused for a moment and shuddered slightly thinking of sectumsempra “But I forgive you if that’s what you want,”
Malfoy looked beyond relieved and Harry idly wondered what he could do to make Malfoy look that happy again. He quickly shook that thought out of his head and then looked back at Malfoy
“Alright Draco, lets head to lunch”
Draco looked shocked but pleased at the switch to his given name but seemed to think of something that quickly deterred him “What about the Weasel and Granger?”
Harry had already thought of that. He offered a small smile and replied “They might be a bit stunned but I’ll vouch for you. After all you’re new and improved,”    
That seemed like enough for Draco as he chuckled and traipsed along after Harry to the Great Hall.
A little while later, after Draco had apologized to all of Harry’s friends, (Ron had taken a little longer to accept than Hermione Ginny and Luna, old habits die hard) conversation was roaring at the Gryffindor table and everyone discovered to their astonishment that the now humbled Draco Malfoy fit in with their group very well. He was very funny when his jokes weren’t at someone else’s expense and he seemed to have a flair for storytelling. By the time desserts appeared on the table everyone was laughing with Draco as if he’d been in the group for years.
Harry wasn’t quite listening however. He was enticed by Draco and he couldn’t seem to tear his eyes away even for a second. Ginny had broken up with him after they made an attempt at a relationship after The War. She had taken pity on him; she could tell his heart just wasn’t in it but knew that he was too noble to ever leave her. I occurred to him that the way he felt about Draco after today could have something to do with that but that was a conversation to have with himself in the future. The far future. Feelings were never his strong suit.
Draco caught him staring and gave him an adorable smirk. Harry figured he better join the conversation so as to not seem any more abnormal than he actually did. He could feel his friend’s eyes on him as they followed Draco’s gaze and he blushed.
“This is just bizarre” he blurted out “us talking like we’re friends ya know? Who would have thought?” he finished with a weak chuckle.
Draco seemed to realize he was just talking for the sake of talking but slowly an evil grin spread over his face. It made Harry very nervous for some reason.
“Oh really Potter? We’ve never talked as friends before?” His grin was positively wicked now and Harry felt himself break into a sweat. He reached for his pumpkin juice in order to diffuse the tension. He had no idea where Draco was going with this. Everyone was staring at them in anticipation. It seemed whatever was about to be said would be groundbreaking. Suddenly Hermione’s eyes got huge as if she knew what Draco was going to say a second before he said it. “Not even on Christmas during second year?”
The response was astounding. While Ginny and Luna merely sat there looking puzzled, Hermione burst out laughing, Harry spit his mouthful of juice all over the table and Ron gasped, inhaling the pudding he was eating and choking.
Draco was warmly guffawing as Hermione thumped Ron on the back repeatedly. Harry finally gets over his shock and slowly starts to allow himself to appreciate how funny it really was. “You knew it was us and you never said anything?” Harry struggled to get it out through laughter.
“I knew one day it would come in handy”
With that statement Harry finally lost it. He folded in half with laughter and when he could finally speak again he was wiping tears from his eyes. “You were a conniving bastard even at the age of twelve” which earned him another dazzling smile along with an eyebrow wiggle (Merlin, have mercy)
“If we were all noble Gryffindors life wouldn’t be any fun” Draco retorted.
The rest of dinner was spent explaining to Ginny and Luna exactly what had happened on Christmas six years ago, from both points of view.    
After dinner Draco fancied a walk around the grounds, claiming he wanted to look at the Quidditch pitch to make sure it was acceptable, even though the returning 8th years couldn’t play for their house teams. When Harry offered to accompany him. He had a mischievous look in his eye when he agreed.
They walked in a comfortable silence for a while before Harry’s burning question left from him “How did you know it was us?”
Draco looked exasperated but chuckled as he said “For Merlin’s sake Harry, you literally started to turn back into yourselves while I was talking to you. How many red haired sidekicks do you think I’m acquainted with? Then I found Greg and Vince asleep in a closet later. Not to mention Granger was half cat the next day and that’s transfiguration way beyond anyone we knew at the time so it had to be a potions accident,”
Harry was gaping up at him, mouth hanging open. He couldn’t believe he and Ron had thought they were so slick. And here Draco figured it out that quickly.
“Wow,” he finally said “I knew you were brilliant but I didn’t know you were that brilliant,” He shook his head in utter disbelief.
“I’m glad to hear you say that” Draco shot back at him quickly. He looked like he was stealing himself to do something. “Because I’m about to do something pretty damn stupid,”
Before Harry had time to process this statement the taller boy had grabbed his chin and bet down to press his lips firmly against Harry’s. Harry’s breath caught for just a moment before he melted into the kiss, deepening it and wrapping his arms around Draco’s shoulders, tangling his hands in the fine white-blonde hair that was glowing in the setting sun. He had know idea how long this went on for but when he pulled away he was breathing like he’d just run a marathon. As he started into those grey eyes he allowed his happiness to show across his face, and saw it mirrored in Draco’s. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that” the blonde boy said breathlessly, and then a pink tinge crept up his face as he realized he’d said it out loud.
“Well then you’re very lucky” Harry said cheekily while he linked their fingers together and started to drag Draco forward to continue their walk. “Because only earlier today did I realize that kissing you was what my life was missing,” and he winked at Draco.
They returned to the comfortable silence, strolling around the grounds in the fading light, hand in hand, sneaking kisses every few paces.
As they returned to the castle Harry looked down at the pale, delicate fingers in between his own tanned calloused ones.  
     If Harry had trusted in Divination he would have said this was an amazing omen for his final year at Hogwarts.


 Guys this is my first ever fic so if you liked it please let me know and if you didn’t let me know what I can do better xoxo -Sarah

Awkward father figure Tony not knowing what to do with sick Peter? ANON, you are speaking my damn language! 

“Kid, you’re smart. Just figure it out. I can’t keep spelling everything out for you.” 

Peter watches with narrow eyes as Tony slides the map across the large conference table toward him before pushing out of his chair and whipping his phone out in one, smooth movement. 

“What if I can’t find the right route?” Peter asks, voice rasping slightly as he traces his index fingers along a back street on the map. “What if I lead us straight onto Main Street?” 

“It’s trial and error, kid,” Tony says as he takes a seat at the head of the conference table, giving Peter space. “We aren’t going out right now. We are just planning.” 

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Flirting With Disaster

A/N: Happy Birthday to @constellunaa! I saw your beautiful drawing of Laxus and Cobra and thought ‘hey what if she actually ships it?’ and then wrote 6.5K of it in hopes that you actually do lmao.

If not, have some hint of nalu bcus I am so sorry

Part of my deaf!Natsu college au bcus I’m a slut for continuing universes! Also shout out to @papalogia for putting up with me yelling about this and for helping with some of the words. Natsu and Cobra are cousins, with Indian!Igneel and his unnamed brother who is Cobra’s dad. 

Also praise @rivendell101 for helping me title it! Apparently I’m useless without my friends :D


Pairing: Cobraxus, Nalu, Fairy tail

Words: 6515

Rating: M for language

Part: Oneshot

Laxus wanted to die, and not just because of his pounding headache or the fact that he was in an eight AM lab for fucking chemistry of all things. No, Laxus wanted the sweet embrace of death -or maybe to plead for manslaughter on account of insanity- because of his benchmate.

“Could you please make your stomach make disgusting noises quieter? I’m trying to measure out our chemicals, considering you’re going to be useless today.”

Laxus narrowed his eyes at his labmate, thinking of other uses for the sodium hydroxide solution that was being poured from the erlenmeyer flask to a petri dish.

“Stop looking at me like it’s my fault you decided to do jagerbombs instead of sleeping like a normal human being with an eight AM.”

Laxus scowled. The dude wasn’t even able to see his face, eye on Laxus’ side closed from a nasty looking scar. Laxus felt his own scar over his right eye twinge in sympathy, line thinner than the other boy’s. “How’d you know what I was drinking?” he asked, tongue fuzzy and thick in his mouth and voice rough with disuse. He sounded like his dad, and Laxus wished for another double jager to push back that unwelcome comparison.

“Because you reek of licorice, red bull, and regret.”

Laxus snorted, grinning as he scrawled down the fourth trial’s measurement in his lab notes. “I showered.”

“Don’t feel bad,” the boy drawled, sealing the vacuum box the petri dish now resided in before they turned on the chlorine gas, “it’s a stench that permeates engineering students.”

Laxus frowned, wanting to bite back against the generalization of his major, but flashbacks to the group of twenty somethings doing keg stands and flip cup after their last electrical midterm stopped him. His labmate wasn’t exactly wrong.

But his class had fucking earned going a little wild, especially after the hell that was the four hour midterm of Jose’s quantum nuclear midterm. Laxus was pretty sure that time length wasn’t even allowed by the school board, but seeing as how his grandfather was at a bit of a cold war with the dean, Laxus wasn’t about to say shit.

“Well I’m sure you biology kids know all about the danger of popping illegal prescription pills, don’t you?” he snarked. He had yet to meet one that wasn’t permanently shaking from a near overdose of Adderall, struggling to stay awake to finish making their four hundredth flash card.

“I’m not a biology major,” he said flicking on the highly poisonous gas with the most uncaring expression Laxus has seen on something besides his mirror.

Laxus eyed him critically. “Only biology majors are actually interested in chemistry labs,” he said finally, watching the plastic cube in front of him as the gas reacted with the solution.

“What about chem students?” he asked flatly, switching off the gas lever after the thirty seconds had passed on the stopwatch.

“Those freaks can do this shit in their sleep and try to go and set shit on fire under the fume hoods.” Laxus said just as flatly as his lab partner, focusing on writing down the chemical equations involved in their experiment. “If you aren’t biology then why the hell are you in this lab then?” Laxus asked. He knew why he was there, stupid requirement for his degree saying he need at least a 200 level in each of physics, chem, and bio. Not that Laxus fucking understood why he needed to know how bases and ions reacted to make deadly gases, considering he was going to be an electrical engineer.

Fucking reqs.

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gothemcityshipper  asked:

Hi so i have a few requests if thats okay. 1. Evil! Tony where he has secretly been working with loki or something like that. 2. teen AU theres still the avengers and all but they are teens, and lokis good. 3. avengers meeting lokis kids with frostiron. Sorry if thats too much I'm just having trouble finding these things. Thank you

Me when I first got this ask: this is totally not too much, you are fine, this gives me more opportunities to read
Me now: This! Took! So! Fucking! Long! I’m! So! Sorry!


*cracks knuckles* alright friend, ive got at least a couple recs on here with that first request- dark tony working with loki in this rec list, particularly 3, 6, 7, and 9.

Now! teen/hs aus w/ the avengers. those are gonna be a bit harder lol. All of these don’t necessarily have the Avengers, but then I would have virtually no fics for this part of the rec ajkdhlfa

  1. And Everyone Knew Except Them- miaao3, G or T, No Warnings. It started as a stupid joke; Tony smacked a kiss on Loki to freak out a homophobe, except everything went belly up as soon as Loki started kissing back.
    I loved this?? So Much???? I’m so sad mia isn’t writing anymore :(
  2. What? Wait… What?- msMynx, Mature, No Warnings. Loki is entirely too busy to even think about prom. Prom is what other people did, not him.
    Hilarious, honestly. Totally something that could happen in canon, imo.
  3. I’m Your Guy- STARSdidathing, G, No Warnings. “You might be gay, but he likes girls, Loki.”
    Thor is a bad bro sometimes, and Tony is awesome.
  4. It Just Sort Of Happened- Potrix, T, No Warnings Apply (Mentions of drug abuse, mentions of attempted suicide, mentions of overdosing)
    Sometimes, Loki learns, getting in trouble is just the first step of something new and wonderful.
    Buddy,,,, this was,,,,,,,,,  angsty and wonderful

This one was difficult and annoying, bc I found Loki’s kids meeting Avengers with frostiron, but it was badly written, or gross, or some kind of shit imo. Then I found meeting Loki’s kids with frostiron! But barely any Avengers, SO, Buddy, I Tried. Honestly, this was the section that took the longest alsdkjf. (A note, I didnt go as in depth for this tag as i have for others bc i thought i spent enough time on it, but here is the link to the search terms i used. Therefore, a lot of the fics on this sec are pretty new, and im sure there are plenty of other good ones in the tag, i simply kinda didnt feel like reading them)

  1. Loki’s Brood (series)- Raven_Ehtar, T, (Past) Rape/Non-con, (Flashback) Graphic Violence (IMO violence is not that bad, and to me the non-con was glossed over)
    After the trial in Asgard for his various crimes, Loki Laufeyson walks away estranged from his people and burdened with tasks to amend his past wrongs. In so doing he also walks away with his three children - Fenrir, Hela and Jörmungandr - taking them out of the hands of the Æsir. He entrusts them to Tony Stark, much to everyone’s surprise, and what could have been a disaster turns out to work out remarkably well for everyone involved. At least most of the time.
    This entire series was amazing, I loved it, I want more right now, thank you very much. (This one has the most kids+avengers)
  2. Crossing the Line (series)- pristineungift, M, No Warnings/Graphic Violence.
    Tony Stark may not know it, but he is Loki’s.
    Not in a creepy way tho! Imo, at least lkasdf. I really loved this series honestly. Also, Angst :’> (More… adult ‘kids’, and mostly avengers tbh)
  3. Hel is Other People- Moosepelheim, M, Graphic Violence.
    “So what if I ate the cheeseburger?” Tony shouts, throwing a wrench at Loki’s head. The bastard dodges it easily as he stalks closer. “That doesn’t mean I belong to you!”
    “Oh, not to me,” Loki says lowly, a smile like honey slowly spreading its way across his face. “But with me? Surely you’ve heard of Persephone.”
    “A cheeseburger isn’t some fucking mystical pomegranate, you smirking lunatic.” It isn’t, it just isn’t. Not even close. “You aren’t even Greek!” he adds, throwing another wrench which is dodged just as easily.
    Loki spreads his hands wide, posing like the showman he is. “I think you’ll find that a pomegranate symbolizes the fruit of the dead. Your cheeseburger, made of dead flesh, was topped with fruit. It’s close enough for the symbolism to bind.”
    “Ah-hah! There’s no fucking fruit on a cheeseburger,” Tony says triumphantly, finger pointing accusingly at Loki. “I fucking win, no going back to crazy town with you. I stay here in my workshop, and you fucking leave before I call the Avengers.”
    “Oh Stark,” Loki murmurs, almost affectionately. “A tomato is a berry, you ignorant fool.”
    I’m fucking counting this bc this is one of my faves and Im justifying it by the fact that Loki’s kids are in it, albeit as adults, and more towards the end than anything else.

These last three are pretty much Loki+kids+Tony, no Avengers. But they’re all lovely nonetheless, and I would love more of these kinds of fics

  1. Hidden Within- Lynds (Incomplete, updating regularly), T, Chose No Warnings.
    Tony’s on the verge of giving up when he stumbles into Lucas and his large brood of troubled children. He knows they’re on the run, but frankly, he’s not going to live very much longer, so he doesn’t care. He just wants to hang out with the hot guy with stunning green eyes and crazy kids, and maybe fall in love with all of them. Just a little.
    When Loki finds out he isn’t Odin’s son, he washes his hands of the lot of them. He steals his children back from their prison and takes them on the run, hiding their true nature and magic in a mortal form. But then Tony comes to their aid one day, and he has to choose between keeping his children safe and hidden, and releasing his magic to save the life of a man he might be falling for.
    This is the best of the ones I read, no lie, and even tho its super new it deserves to be on this list.
  2. Late Again- andquitefrankly, G, No Warnings.
    Single dad’s Tony and Loki always bring their kids late to school. And those kids see something that they don’t: love.
    Def Loki’s kids, and… kinda an oc for Tony’s kid? However, this was delightful, and light, and fluffy. Exactly what I needed after some of the other angst heavy ones on this list.
  3. Forming a Family- siver_drip, T, No Warnings.
    Odin cast Loki’s children through space and time. Tony finds Hela.
    Seeing dad!Tony was amazing, I loved it, and Hela was a wonderful little hellion, whom I adore. More pre-slash than anything during the story

Title: Roses

Warnings: None

Request: I LOVE YOU YOU KNOW THAT…. Can I add another Freddie to the list? A happy fluffy one???? (I can wait you know that so do everyone else’s first :) ) LOVE YOU!!!!! @carey-pricemas

Note: So, I realized writing stories for other writers is super terrifying? Ahhh… Sorry it took so long to get out! I hope you liked it!

Links: My Master List  and My Current Requests

You draped your bag over your shoulder, grabbing your coffee and keys off the counter before heading out of your apartment. You pulled the door open, almost crushing the single peach colored rose that was lying on your doormat. A smile tugged at the corner of your lips as you bent down to pick it up. The last few days had been rough and knowing someone was taking time out of their day to brighten yours filled you with joy. Stepping back into your apartment, you pulled a glass out of the cupboard filling it with water and placing the rose inside before you locked the door behind you and headed to your car; ready to head to work.

As you walked down the stairs, mulling over who the rose could possibly be from. Realizing you had told your best friend the most about the trials of the past week, you brought up her contact, calling her as you reached the bottom floor of your apartment complex. “Hey!” you greeted; your call accepted on the first ring.

“Why are you calling me at this ungodly hour.” she groaned; you had clearly woken her up. “And why are you so happy to awake right now?”

“It’s 8:00?” you replied. “A lot of functioning people are awake by this time.”

“I’m not most people. What do you want? I promise I’ll be much more pleasant if you call me after 11:00.”

“Okay.” you chuckled. “I’ll let you go back to sleep, I just wanted to thank you for the flower.”

“What flower?” she grumbled.

“The flower that was on my doorstep just now?” you questioned.

“You’re my best friend and I wish I could say that I was responsible for bringing you flowers, but it wasn’t from me.”

“Then who was it from?” you wondered out loud, taking a sip of your coffee.

“A secret admirer? Babe, I don’t know. Call me later, I’ll help you play detective then.”

“Fine. Bye.” you laughed, dropping your phone back in your bag.

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Something I Need: Part Four

Part One / Part Two / Part Three


The greatest asset HYDRA could ever attain - you. You had spent nearly 3 years within the cold walls of the rebirth of the organization. You had heard stories your whole life of HYDRA, even from your Father - now you were captured by them. You kept your distance all these years, but now they found you - they classified you as this generation’s brightest doctor. You were sure you were going to die in those walls until they came. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes - the very individuals you had spent your life studying now kept you in their protection. Within the month of your rescue, Steve Rogers - Captain America had given you your first task…
Bucky Barnes.

Word Count: 4,791

Notes: Fluff, Smut, ANGST, Bucky’s Trigger words :(

Let me know what you think :)

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Come Home - Keith x Reader

Requested by anon: Can you do a voltron scenario where when goes to do his whole discovering himself thing at the Blade of Marmora, instead of when he sees Shiro he sees his s/o who wants to ‘go home and settle down together’? Bonus if his s/o is there and watching with Shiro

Love this request, especially because it gave me an excuse to rewatch the Blade of Marmora episode, thanks for the request I hope you like it :D

Also I may or may not have stolen the idea for the “remember the first time I kissed you scene from Arthur and Gwen’s scene in Merlin, but I just couldn’t resist.

Now I know this isn’t exactly what you asked for since it isn’t so much about them settling down together? Hopefully it’s still alright? What I was thinking of was doing a replacement scene of the bit where Keith sees his dad but instead he sees his s/o and it’s them married maybe with a young child? And she’s trying to convince him to stay? I didn’t want to add it to this one as it’s already so long but I could write that as a part 2, let me know :D


"Are you sure about this Keith?” Shiro asked; trying and failing to keep a slight note of panic out of his voice.

“Shiro I have to do this, this is my one chance to get answers about my past” Keith replied, pulling the last of his Marmora battle armour on.

Y/N noted the determined look on her boyfriend’s face and realised there was no way he was changing his mind, Shiro had seemed to come to the same conclusion as instead of arguing further he just sighed and nodded.

“I’ll give you guys some time” Shiro said looking between them and stepping out of the room.

“Keith…” Y/N started, she knew what she wanted to tell him, those three little words that neither of them had said to each other yet, she so wanted to say it but the words just got caught in her throat .

“Just…just be careful okay”

“I’ll be fine Y/N, stop worrying” Keith tried his best to put on a reassuring smile but Y/N could tell he was nervous, and he had every right to be, either he succeeded in this combat trial or he died trying.

Keith would have to be stupid not to be afraid of failing, Keith may be headstrong and cocky but he wasn’t stupid.

“Hey” Keith said softly, bringing Y/N out of her thoughts “Could you do one thing for me?”

“Anything” Y/N replied earnestly.

“Show me that beautiful smile of yours”

Y/N chuckled slightly although it may also have been a slight sob, there were tears in her eyes, as she realised this might be the last time she spoke with Keith, and try as she might she couldn’t muster a smile.

Keith placed two fingers gently under Y/N’s chin and tilted her head up so she was looking at him, he gazed into her eyes for a moment and tenderly wiped a stray tear from her cheek before continuing.

“Do you remember the first time I kissed you?”

And despite everything Y/N couldn’t help but let a fond smile cross her face at the memory, remembering how nervous Keith had been when he had pressed his lips against hers for the briefest of moments before pulling away and how she had laughed and pulled him back in for a longer kiss.

“That’s more like it” Keith said with a smile that mirrored her own.

Then without warning Keith’s expression grew serious and he leaned in to kiss Y/N passionately, one hand resting on her cheek, the other coming up to cradle her the back of her head. Y/N’s arms instinctively rested around Keith’s neck and deepened the kiss, they stayed there kissing heatedly until an awkward cough behind them broke their collective trance.

They moved apart, Y/N blushing slightly, she had completely forgotten about Shiro.

“I’ll just errm…” Y/N gestured outside the room and gave Shiro and Keith some privacy to say what they needed to say, partially to give her some time to cool down. When outside the room though, her thoughts raced, the main thing on her mind? The fact that she hadn’t told Keith she loved him. This might be the last time she saw him and she was too much of a chicken to say three little words?

Y/N shook her head, she couldn’t think like that, she had to be positive. Keith was going to be fine and when he finished this trial and was safe…then she was going to tell him she loved him.


Y/N winced as Keith took a blow to the side, it was agonising watching him in this much pain, unable to do anything to help him, she could feel Shiro squeeze her shoulder in reassurance, but he was nervous too, she could feel it.

“Surrender the blade and the pain will cease”

“Never” Keith growled through gritted teeth.

Y/N wanted to scream at him for being so stubborn, if he would just give up that damn knife he would be safe and he could come home.

“You are not supposed to go through that door” and yet Keith charged through into the next room anyway, Y/N had lost count of how many rooms that was now, but in the next room Keith did something unexpected.

Instead of fighting he threw his knife and jammed one of the floor panels before they closed and jumped through it, and went down to the lower level where is adversaries had been coming from. Y/N almost cheered in relief, he had solved it…hadn’t he? But then he collapsed  the strain of fighting had finally caught up with him. Shiro and Y/N both tensed with worry, but he’d be fine right? He had finished the trial, they had to help him.

“The trial is not yet over” the Blade of Marmora member, who stood with them, uttered, as though reading her thoughts.

“What do you mean?” Y/N asked angrily “He solved your trial, he won”

“The trial is not yet over” was the only answer she received.

“But you have to help him, he’s badly injured!” Y/N continued, half angry, half pleading.

“Y/N…” Came Shiro’s voice from beside her, Y/N turned to looked at him and noticed he was still watching Keith.

But Keith wasn’t alone, helping him to his feet was…Y/N? How was that possible?

“It’s a virtual mindscape, created by his suit, reflecting his greatest hopes and fears, and at this moment your friend desperately wants to see you”

Y/N processed all of this as she watched Keith and this fake version of herself reunite.


“Y/N?” Keith asked shakily, looking up almost in disbelief as Y/N nodded and offered him her hand, to help him up.

“What happened?” Keith asked as he got unsteadily to his feet.

“You did it!” Y/N said, clearly relieved “You passed their trial, now all you have to do is give them the knife and we can go home”

Keith paused for a moment looking sadly at Y/N.

“Keith, what’s wrong” she asked, her voice full of concern.

“You know I can’t give them the knife”

“Why not? Don’t you want to come home…with me?”

“You know I do, but….”

“But nothing, you beat their stupid test, you have nothing to prove; least of all to me” Y/N said softly, coming closer to Keith and resting her hand on his cheek.

Keith closed his eyes sadly, he hated doing this to Y/N, he didn’t want to hurt her but he couldn’t just give up now, not when he was so close, why couldn’t she understand that?

“Y/N I can’t just give up, I have to get answers”

Y/N’s brow furrowed in annoyance and she withdrew her hand from his cheek.

“Keith…I want us to be together but I don’t think I can stay with someone who’s so selfish”

“Wait…no…Y/N I want us to be together too”

“Well then you know what you have to do”

“Y/N I want to be with you more than anything…but I need answers about my past”

It was at that moment that Y/N turned and began to walk away.

“No Y/N please don’t go…please…I…I love you…”

He began to run after Y/N but then there was a white flash of light and he fell to the floor unconscious.

When he woke up Y/N was there hovering over him, tears in her eyes.

“Y/N you came back…” Keith said weakly.

“Sssh it’s OK, it wasn’t real, it wasn’t really me, it was a mental projection…yet another trick from the Blade of Marmora”

Keith sat up slowly as Y/N’s words registered.

“Hey Keith?”


“I love you too”

EA Access Members - you can start downloading the Andromeda 10-hour trial now!
  • Open / log into Origin.
  • Find ME:A in the store.  NOT on your dashboard/favorites, find it in the actual store, then open the page.
  • There should be a download button for the trial on that page.
  • The download will tell you that you can launch at 42%, but we’ve seen reports that this might blackscreen / error out, possibly having to re-download afterwards.  It’s best to wait to 100%
  • Remember that the trial is for 10 hours.  Reportedly there is a hard-stopping point in the single player campaign, but you can play as much multiplayer as you’d like in those 10 hours.
  • Your single player save will carry over once the full game is unlocked.

This is confirmed for the US (I’m downloading it right now! :) ).

Do you guys ever think about how Alec’s bow and arrows still technically belong to Magnus after he helped with Izzy’s trial? Like, he told Alec to look after them when the trial was over, but he is still the rightful owner. And in the official script, Magnus literally told Alec to “think of me when you shoot your arrows” (thank you Matt for depriving us of that). 

But still. Do you ever think about how there must be a little part of Alec (or a big part of him) that thinks about Magnus every time he uses his bow during a mission, even now, weeks after this exchange took place?

Because I do. I think about it all. the. time. 

Aaron Hotchner / Trust me

As requested by @givemeyourpen: an unsub threatening hotch’s bau!girlfriend and hotch getting mad

Ahhh. Sorry for not posting for a day. Got busy with some life stuff. Trying to catch up on requests and work on the Hotch/Sonny crossover fic. Having some writer’s block lately. Anyway! I love Aaron, man. He’s so good. I love his protective side so much. I hope you enjoy! 

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