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Capricorn - Duchess Sorceress 

Capricorn is a feminine sign. She vibrates to the dewy, earthy substance that facilitates creation from deep within the spirit. Saturn is feminine, bound, and earthy like Capricorn. Her midheaven star mounts the top of the horoscope, so she is the golden thread between heaven and earth. Capricorn rules the bones and skeletal system, and it’s this physical body that supports and sustains new life in pregnancy. Hecate is the Goddess of Capricorn and it was her the ancients used to relieve the agony of childbirth. The Christ Child was born during the winter solstice of Capricorn, so the natural Mother Goddess rears herself here, undertaking the responsibility of matriarchal consciousness, a life of labour on behalf of sustaining wellness for their child and society’s children. It was Hecate who was traditionally called upon to aid childbirth and protect young children. You can see this evident in the modern day Hecate, the Capricorn woman who makes tremendous sacrifices for her family and for the sake of contribution and longevity. This maternal, intrinsically creative component in Capricorn relates to ancient feminine forces of nature, specifically the crone or the witch. It is largely the Capricorn’s empirical and rational functions that take focus. But it’s this intimacy with reality that’s often remarked on as being sterile, cold, or unimaginative, that allows her tap into nature’s activity, mother earth’s minerals, source energy, and alchemy. This astounding grasp on reality helps her crawl through the cracks in the world and find something magical. It was also Capricorn who is illustrated by the cloaked grim reaper, their melancholy is not romantic, but it carves out a wound in them that summons magnificent healing energy, an intimacy with pain and suffering that is pure wisdom at its core. For this, she has a unique rapport with death, and she hears the reminders of immortality louder than anyone. It’s this mutual understanding that she has established with death that generates her sorcerer’s knowledge, herbs, tonics, and angelic curatives, but also rituals. And this can be why the Capricorn repeatedly or compulsively carries out personal rituals, there is a calling in her being for return to the wind, trees, salt, and sun and once again become the crone. In ancient teachings, the crone was highly revered and knowledgeable woman who visited townships dispersing enlightenment, the honour of women, and acts of healing. She is the final of the triple goddesses following the maiden and the mother. She was a woman who offered the wisdom of age, and it’s appropriate when you remember that Saturn and Capricorn are the rulers of time. Capricorn is the figure of this once revered crone, and if you look deeply into your eyes, you can see the ancient grandmother staring back at you, containing the wisdom of all life times and realities. 


(art: kurtis rykovich)
German crowd boos Ivanka Trump calling her father a ‘champion’ for families
“Women are at a particular disadvantage."

A German crowd booed Ivanka Trump on Tuesday after she called her father a “a tremendous champion of supporting families.”

Trump was taking her first crack at diplomacy abroad in her new role as assistant to the president, vowing at an economic conference in Berlin to create “positive change” for women in the United States.

“He encouraged me and enabled me to thrive,” she said on a panel with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. “I grew up in a house where there was no barrier to what I could accomplish beyond my own perseverance and my own tenacity.”

Miriam Meckel, editor of the German magazine Wirtschaftswoche, noted the audience’s response of groaning and hissing and asked Ivanka Trump whether her father is actually an “empowerer” of women.

Virgo is esoterically ruled by the Moon for many reasons.

Virgo is connected to the Moon in the sense that Virgo provides mental comfort in the family. From the words of Erin Sullivan, families have various boundaries: boundaries between individual family members, and boundaries between the family and the world. What easily goes through these boundaries seamlessly is communication, an item that Virgo rules. While verbal communication can also be passed through these boundaries, nonverbal communication importantly passes through these boundaries in the family.

Nonverbal communication is very important in regards to family. Children are often very observant, not only recording the actions and body language of their parents, but also analyzing those actions to the point where those actions can often play a big part of the psyche. From the memorable, loving smile to the scarring, hurtful slap to the face, the child is highly affected by the nonverbal communication in the family. The inner workings of the mind and mental analyzation is ruled by Virgo and it can be used to nurture.

Another thing to mention is that the sign of your Mercury, the planet that rules Mercury will always be close to your Sun sign. Mercury can only be either one sign away from your Sun, or the same sign as your Sun. This fact implies that your outer and inner workings of your mind will always be strongly tied to your sense of self, which is your Sun. In other words, the inner analyzations you have in your family will be strongly tied to your sense of self.

The 4th House rules your family in the bottom of your natal chart. The House serves as roots, a place that roots the rest of your natal chart. If you have an unstable foundation, you will have an unstable building. The silent, private messages you share and see in your family has tremendous power, tremendous power to the point where the argument of nature vs nurture is still strong today.

Lastly, the practical, realistic, and sharp attention to detail can be nurturing in itself. To pay strong attention to anything is to invest a lot of mental energy to it. Parents often pay a lot of attention to their child, noticing many details they can either use to nurture or hurt the child. Through the sharp analyzation that Virgo is highly known for, parents can practically care and nurture for their children. Virgo is a sign that notices the details to ultimately co-exist and to be flexible (due to its mutable nature) with the many uncontrollable circumstances of life. Parents often strongly analyze to protect their children from the inevitable, uncontrollable outside circumstances they will face.


Alright, it’s about time I start up some commissions!

We are running a bit tight on money, especially since my family wants to go visit our relatives living out of the US, so a little extra help would certainly help in the long run! And in turn, you’ll get my best efforts to deliver you on some quality art ^u^

Okeydokes, now for the details!!

  • Digital only! The final file will be a jpeg at default 1200 x 1500 pixels, unless you specify the size at the beginning
  • Paypal only! In US dollars only please! Payment will be made through invoice. Please give the email you use with Paypal.
  • I will require payment upfront, once I have given you some concept sketches for your approval. So please be absolutely sure you want to commission me and follow through that decision
  • Please have ready any references, whether it be on the character, background, or colors you’d like me to use before I begin work on the final piece!
  • Please communicate to me with as much detail as possible what you would like to see in the final art piece. I am no mind reader!
  • I have the right to refuse if I deem the proposed commission to be far out of my skill zone or do not feel comfortable drawing it
  • Will not draw: nsfw, furries, mecha, detailed armor, very complex backgrounds, extreme gore
  • Ask about icons/avatars! We can negotiate the price on that depending on amount of detail desired
  • Turnaround time is from 1 to 2 weeks. 2-5 days if it is a sketch and not complex lineart. If you need it to be finished at a certain time and/or day, please specify at the beginning!!

Visit my commissions page for more info

If you are interested, please send me a message here on tumblr or email me at

Maiden’s Unfair Heart

Warning: THIS IS EXTREMELY LONG. Also, this fic takes place in the Middle Ages so sexism is an obvious. Of course 21st century Harry wouldn’t dare say these things, however please keep the time era in mind. The girl’s name is Jo only because this story is an original story with Harry’s name instead of the original: Michael H. Fitz. This one shot is inspired by the novel “Ransom My Heart”. If you love History and Romance together, this is the right book for you :)

Happy reading and please give me some feedback, I beg you!

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do you have any child!graves headcanons?? you write him so well and i need to know your ideas... for science :) <3

Oh man! Child!Graves, as in from When You Were Young? I do have head canons for that! The way I picture him (and the way little Graves was gonna develop), he didn’t have much of a childhood. His family put tremendous pressure on him to be great. He was a ‘Graves’, after all. A child of a crazy powerful and influential bloodline, filled with various Graves men and women who have all dedicated their lives and their magic to the servitude of the magical community in some way or another, most recently being his father as one of the founding 12. 

And then the added bonus of Graves having a well of rich, magical energy even at a very, very young age – so much so, his small body almost can’t contain it all. His father stresses the importance of containing himself and the safety of secrecy. He’s never allowed out of the grand estate, because his family fears he wouldn’t be able to harness himself in public. So they bring in tutors to help him reign himself in.

Cue school, where suddenly he has peers his own age, but has been tutored since he was 3 or 4 by the best of the best. Cue a small boy who knows he has to be the best. Who is already trained to be the best. Who is the best at everything but making friends, because outside of his tutors and the servants (human and creature alike) at the Graves Estate, he has never had one – let alone his own age. He’s a small, serious boy. With powers unlike any child his age. He’s more a machine than a boy, and school is his first glimpse at how different his childhood was.

But he was raised with the idea that the Graves live to serve, so he lives to serve. His magic is not a gift, but something that makes him a weapon. Something he must be conscious of at all times. He holds himself like a loaded gun everywhere he goes. 

So when Grindelwald turns adult Graves (a man who is powerful and good and respected, but distant and not very well understood) into a child – cue a small boy finally being told that he is not a weapon, but a gift. That his magic is something to be celebrated. That his life is his to tailor as he wishes. This may be my first fic where, in some way, Grindelwald is in fact liberating in a positive way for Graves (even if unintentional). Grindelwald sees him as the very reason why he must do what he does. And if anything, the more he learns about baby Graves, the more protective and attached he becomes.

I just see him as a very small, very quiet, very anxious boy. A boy who was never allowed to be a boy.

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Heeeeeyyy~ i hope you have a good day!! Could you do a jumin x v x mc thingy? It could be hc or short storyy or whatevah you likeeee

a/n: I don’t know if you meant nsfw or fluffy so I did a little bit of both, I hope you have a good day as well anon! And I am sorry its taking me forever to answer requests :(

and since I took sooooo long to answer, I did hcs and a scenario thingy, hope you enjoy!


When Jumin continuously asked V for him to take pictures of you, he became smitten with you. The way your brown locks cascaded around your china doll skin, your golden eyes peeking out at him. He knew he shouldn’t be feeling these things for his best friends girlfriend, but he couldn’t help himself.

He knew these thoughts were selfish and disgustingly perverse, but he felt like he had to have you. He had to know you in every way possible. He wanted to know your dreams and wishes, your favorite things, stuff that scares you, he wanted to know everything.

And Jumin knew this.

Jumin could tell how V would tense up when you were around, or how his eyes wandered too long on your figure. He didn’t know if he was overreacting or not, but he was not letting anyone have his MC, especially his best friend.

One day Jumin decided he had enough with V’s lingering eyes and wanted to put a stop to it. “Do you come over to my house just to ogle my girlfriend, Jihyun?”. Both of you were taken back by his forwardness.

You had no idea what he was talking about, being completely oblivious to V’s longing stares, but V was all too prepared for this conversation. “Jumin, I think you are overreacting” You laughed nervously, trying to break up the tension as you place a hand on his shoulder.

V loomed over you as Jumin scoffed. “He’s right MC” V finally broke, letting out all of his fantasies and his midnight wishes with one simple phrase. He could have denied Jumin’s accusations but he didn’t want to hide his feelings anymore.

He wanted you to know how much he felt for you and what he was willing to do for you to be his.

You were appalled that V would admit such things, especially for you, a taken woman. Jumin was slightly taller and you were some what squished between the two giant men.

They both wore smug expressions as Jumin crossed his arms. “If you think that you are going to take MC away from me, you are extremely foolish” He spat, pulling your body closer to his.

You were actually frightened for the outcome of this altercation. Not only could it ruin their friendship, but also endanger the well-being of the RFA. “Jumin. I am in love with MC”. That was the breaking point for Jumin.

He grabbed V by his collar, getting in his face as he let curse words roll off of his lips nonchalantly. You grabbed his arm trying to pull him off of V with no avail. “Jumin!” You exclaimed as his grip on V loosened.

The two men looked at you with bewildered eyes. You’ve never thought about any man other than Jumin in a romantic way, so your next words shocked you.

“Maybe..” You trailed as you nervously played with your skirt. “Maybe, you two… could share me”. You swear you saw Jumin’s eyes pop out of his head. “MC…” He said surprised.

He was slightly hurt that you’d be willing to be with another man so easily, but the flushed look on your face was such a turn on. He grabbed you and slammed his lips to yours with the force to almost knock you over.

He didn’t care if he was doing such obscene things in front of V. If he wanted to join, then so be it. V watched as your face distorted in lust while sultry moans escaped your lips.

He couldn’t hold back anymore. He wanted to mark you as his own. He pressed your back into his chest while attacking your neck with love bites. Jumin flicked his eyes up to face V and found himself being turned on.

The way you fell to pieces between the two men made Jumin’s pants more and more tighter by the second. He couldn’t believe how erotic his MC really was. Anytime you would moan one of their names, the other would instantly get jealous, trying to do new things to make you moan for them.

You pulled away from Jumin and began sucking lightly on his neck. The sexual tension between the three of you grew larger as V pressed his lips against your boyfriends.

You were quite surprised but what did you suspect was going to happen when you suggested this.

“I can’t wait anymore” Jumin groaned breathlessly as he looked between the two of you. “MC. V. Bedroom. Now” He ordered.


  • twice the amount of daddy
  • you will literally never be alone
  • Jumin is slightly nervous you wont love him anymore, but you prove to him that you love him just as much as you did before
  • at the beginning of this poly relationship, the boys are at each others throats
  • they argue who can love you better and who can please you better
    • sexually and emotionally
  • soon they start getting more comfortable with each other
  • one night Jumin calls you both downstairs and there is food and candles and you are both like???
  • “MC, V, it has been one hell of a month. I wanted to show you how much I appreciate the two of you”
  • you are used to Jumin doing things like this for you, which doesn’t make it any less special, but V is literally so surprised
  • he honestly thought Jumin hated him, poor baby
  • the sex after dinner is a m a z i n g
  • you keep this relationship a secret from the RFA, which is hard for V
  • when around the other members, he has to refrain from touching you or Jumin
  • Jumin showers both of you with expensive presents
    • he’s constantly buying you new clothing and V new photography supplies
  • V always ALWAYS wants to take pictures of his babies
  • Jumin’s big ass bed is perfect for the three of you cuddling
    • Jumin holds you as you hold V
    • and vice versa
  • during sex, Jumin isn’t shy about his affection anymore
  • he will literally kiss V all the time
  • l o t s of oral
  • they will sometimes take turns pleasuring you, seeing who can be the first to make you cum
  • both are highly into body worship
  • V isn’t ready for Jumin’s kinky ass and is hella surprised by what he is willing to do
    • Jumin wouldn’t do anything V wasn’t comfortable with
  • if Jumin goes on business trips, V will take erotic pictures and videos of you to send to him
    • the same for V, but the pictures and videos are usually hella blurry
  • Jumin lowered the amount of security guards he had around so it was easier for him to be with the two of you
  • and you bet your ass he made V get that eye surgery
  • you would make both of them food on fathers day and be like
    • happy fathers day daddy ;)
    • Jumin immediately flips his shit and freaking has a nosebleed or something
  • if you three decided you wanted to have kids, you would all try your hardest to make it happen
    • we are going with the twins with different fathers scenario
  • an excuse to have sex 24/7
  • once you do become pregnant, you decide its wise to tell the RFA, since one of your kids will look like V
  • all of them are very supportive, even if they don’t quite understand it
  • “lolol, i told you Jumin Han is gay”
  • once they find out the sex of their babies, they are constantly buying things
  • Jumin doesn’t want you to do anything to potentially harm the babies
  • he has a doctor make meal plans for you and hires a cook to prepare them
  • once they are born, the three of you become tremendously closer
  • V loves taking family photos of the five of you
  • V loves his own kid just as much as he loves Jumin’s and vice versa
  • these kids will never feel alone, they are literally in the most loving and supportive household
  • Jumin is happy he took the chance of this relationship
  • if you wake up to do something and leave them alone in bed, they will continue to cuddle each other
  • sneak attack kisses
  • the kids love Elizabeth the third


a/n: this is sorta long??? and i hope all of you like it and enjoy what i write. I literally love Jumin x MC x V, its so cute to me >.<

Here are ten facts about contract killer Richard Kuklinski, who is also commonly referred to as “The Iceman”.  

“My friend, there’s more than one way to do it… There’s more than one way to skin something.”
                                        -Richard Kuklinski, on methods of murder.

1) Richard Leonard Kuklinski was born on 11th April 1935 to a family of Polish heritage where violence was not uncommon. His mother, Anna, was a strict and devout Catholic who beat Richard often and his father, Stanley, was an alcoholic who beat both his wife and his children. Richard’s older brother, Florian, later died due to the injuries suffered at the hands of their father while his younger brother, Joseph, later went on to be convicted of raping and killing a twelve-year-old girl.

2) Kuklinski’s first murder was committed in 1948 when he was just thirteen years old. His victim was a bully named Charley Lane. Though Kuklinski ambushed and beat Lane with a thick wooden dowel, he didn’t intend to kill the boy; stating he just sought revenge for a particularly bad beating that Lane had dished out to him previously. In order to prevent the body being found, Kuklinski removed each of Lane’s teeth and chopped off the boy’s fingertips with a hatchet, later throwing the body off a bridge in South Jersey. Lane’s body was never found.

3) The exact number of Kuklinski’s victims has never been verified - although he himself admitted to having killed up to 250 individuals. He also only ever killed men; women and children were always off limits.

4) Kuklinski murdered in multiple ways, from guns to knives to strangulation. However, his favourite means of murder was poison, or more specifically cyanide, since it killed so quickly. He would either administer it via injection, an aerosol spray, lace the intended victim’s food or simply spill it onto their skin.

5) Kuklinski valued his family tremendously and disliked having to leave his children. Despite this, if he was called, he would up and leave in an instant, even during dinner. However, no one actually knew of the crimes that Kuklinski committed on a day-to-day basis - both his family and neighbours believed him to be nothing more than a successful businessman.

6) A cop, who went undercover as a client of Kuklinski’s admitted to being terrified whenever they’d meet up, sure that the Iceman would lace his food with cyanide. The same cop claimed that Richard was truly the Devil because he would talk about his killings with such ease and no remorse.

7) During an interview, Kuklinski admitted that he had one particular murder that he regretted. He commented: “It was a man and he was begging, and pleading, and praying, I guess. And he was ‘Please, God'n all over the place. So I told him he could have a half an hour to pray to God and if God could come down and change the circumstances, he’d have that time. But God never showed up and he never changed the circumstances and that was that. It wasn’t too nice. That’s one thing, I shouldn’t have done that one. I shouldn’t have done it that way.”

8) Kuklinski once confessed that he wanted to utilize a crossbow to kill, but not without testing its lethality first. He got his chance when he was out driving; asking a stranger for directions before using the crossbow to shoot the man in the forehead. Kuklinski explained that the arrow “went halfway into his head”.

9) Kuklinski attempted to disguise a victim’s time of death by storing the corpse in an industrial freezer for two years. However, Kuklinski did not allow the body to thaw thoroughly before dumping it. The medical examiner found ice crystals inside the body on a warm day and this helped officials to figure out that Kuklinski had used a freezer as part of his modus operandi thus leading them to give Kuklinski the nickname “Iceman”.

10) Once in custody, Kuklinski was held on a $2 million dollar bail bond and made to surrender his passport. In total, he was convicted of five murders and sentenced to consecutive life sentences which made him ineligible for parole until his one hundred and tenth birthday. He later died at the age of 70 in 2006.

A Direct Statement from inmate Alexander Samuel Olivieri 01801330

My name is Alexander Samuel Olivieri, and I have been wrongfully convicted of a crime I did not commit and am currently incarcerated in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.  I want to open a discussion about my experience, a bit about my case, myself, and how all of this potentially affects the common person.
First of all, no matter how you look at it, a tragedy has occurred.  Bridgett, God rest her soul, was the bravest, most energetic, and fun-loving person I have ever met.  Her death was a tremendous loss to her family, the community, and to me.  That being said, two wrongs do not make a right.  I have not planned and never have played a role in the planning, doing, or any cover up of her death!  Such a thing would fly in face of my own code of ethics, and ethos I live by, and my up bringing. 
Before I jump into the substance of this statement, let me tell you a  bit about myself.  I was born in 1992 and raised until the age of 11 in a small town called Jewett, in the state of Texas.  Later, my family and I moved to the Houston metro area, we lived in several places until settling in Katy in 2007.  Frankly, prior to my arrest, my life was neither noteworthy nor particularly exciting.  I was an above average student, neither particularly popular nor an outcast.  I never had any significant discipline issues.  I had only one great goal and desire: to serve my country in the armed forces.  I had only just begun my career when this calamity struck.
My struggle for freedom continues, despite the setbacks that have beset me, and it is in consideration of that I must limit somewhat what I can write about.  My dear reader, it is a struggle to specifically, and pointedly defend  myself against the slanderous allegations and accusations that have been leveled against me, without potentially damaging my own possibilities of future defense, legally speaking, by attacking these lies too many ways too soon.  However, I would like to point out a couple of things.  Namely, the irrational nature of the charges against me, the transparently corrupt nature in which they were presented to the court, and finally to reiterate the issue of lack of substance and evidence of the case itself.  There is SO much more to speak on, but as I intend to use much of it as arguments in future litigation it must wait for it to see the light of day.
Alan Perez and consequently the State of Texas, in summary, have alleged that I supposedly killed Bridgett to prevent her from speaking about a drive by shooting that I allegedly committed.  This is nothing short of absolutely preposterous on several levels.  It is akin to pulling out a splinter so that you can step on a nail, of cutting off your head to cure a headache.  It’s utter nonsense.  First of all, let me say that I had nothing to do with the drive-by shooting of Mr. Larson’s house.  I wish I could go into depth on disputing that lie, but alas for the future’s sake, I cannot.  To my naysayers on that lie all I say is consider who had the means, motive, and opportunity to put what, were.  Besides it being improper to spend a significant portion of my trial hammering on a thing that I was not even charged with or connected with  the offense on trial only by the hearsay of an accomplice witness, they could not even come up with a remotely plausible reason as to why I would deviate from an honorable, law abiding, nation serving, and potentially successful path in the whole bloody first place!  It’s almost as if they said that I woke up one morning and was like: “I’ve been doing great, but now I’m going to randomly commit felonies!!!”  It’s insulting to the intelligence of one who looks closely at the matter.
Next I want to highlight a peculiarity I noticed in Perez’s trial testimony, and hint at a couple more things that I dearly want to write about, but can’t…yet.  In my opinion, the prosecution’s tampering and coaching of witnesses is laughably obvious, just read the transcripts.  Take for example the instance during Mr. Perez’s cross-examination where there was some discrepancy in his testimony that stemmed from his script of his initial testimony was different from the copy the defense made!  He even said something to the effect of “well that’s not on paper.”  Is it just me or is it fishy that you have to read off a script to remember your own provided testimony!  Mr. Richards blatant perjury aside, which moreover had nothing to do with the offense I was even charged with.  It’s interesting to note that Richard Perez and the prosecutor had an extended meeting together right before trial (and they had more during the trial.)  I’m not going to say they improperly met to coordinate their statements, but, hey, if you don’t believe me, look at the record…
Now I’ll bead the dead horse that is one of my stronger arguments!  I have been improperly and wrongfully convicted on an accusation of an “accomplice” witness without sufficient evidence.  It’s written/spoken of heavily both at trial and in my appeal, and I’ll say it again!  It’s wrong to convict a man based on the testimony of a person who is heavily implicated in the offense without any evidence to corroborate his testimony or that implicates me in the commission of that crime!  I didn’t kill anyone, I was caused by one man with a cause to throw me under the bus, arrested, tried, and even though they had no proof, I was sent to prison anyway!
Last, I would like to inform you about how this is not just my problem but also a serious danger to you, the reader.  There is nothing to prevent a person from committing a crime, lawyering up, getting immunity, then blaming you with the whole thing, and getting off “scot-free.”  All they need is money and a cold heart and you or anyone else could go to prison.
By far the most important of these things, for you the reader, is the very nature of the legal system in the State of Texas.  To put it bluntly: it’s broken.  The scales of justice here in Texas are dishonest scars that care not about justice, and public good, but exist only for the purposes of expanding, enriching, and entrenching the political power of those who operate it by imprisoning the most people possible for the most time possible using the least effort possible.  It is a system that reduces people to little more than cattle and ruthlessly and knowingly prosecutes the innocent.
Because the courts are this way it allows laxity and laziness to become endemic in police investigations by letting sub-standard investigations convict wrongfully accused individuals with insufficient evidence.  It causes police leadership to see good police work as a waste.  For example: “Why investigate person B or C if we have enough to charge person A?”  If 95% of the people you charge get convicted there is little cause to use resources to find the real culprit if you can blame and throw away the first schmuck you can simply point a finger at.  Without responsible courts there is little to stop police forces from conducting bumbling ham-fisted soviet style “investigations.”  There are to parts to this.  First Prosecutor’s or District Attorney’s success is measured by the rate and amount of people convicted.  This gives them a tangible political and career incentive to prosecute as many people as they can regardless of innocence or guilt.  This means that as far as I have seen if a prosecutor thinks they have a reasonable chance to convict you even if there is proof if your innocence, he will try his or her best to hang you somehow.
Ideally the judge provides the mediating in a courtroom to control an overzealous prosecutor (or Defense Attorney) for in theory a judge is an impartial entity.  However, judges by no means politically nonpartisan, as they are elected officials.  In Texas this presents a problem: often judges advertise themselves in much the same way as District Attorneys!  They say they are “Tough on Crime” and brag about the amount of time they sentence people to.  For a judge there is little incentive to be anything but biased towards the prosecution.  In addition, judges have other duties namely appointing attorneys for the indigent.  Here they do more damage to innocent persons than anywhere else for in my experience and observations 9 times out of 10 a court appointed defense council provide inferior services sometimes even assisting the prosecution against their clients.  I cannot help but believe that this is an intentional effort on the part of judges to further imbalance the court against the defendants.
As Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote in the Gulag Archipelago: “An unjust court is worse than banditry.”  At least when oppressed by mens of banditry you do without hypocritical false claims of justice.  I was more fortunate than most and was able to replace the court appointed legal counsel I initially had but there was nothing I could do about the rest of the court.  So readers, beware in a criminal court proceeding God forbid that you should find yourself a defendant 2 of the 3 major parties (judges & prosecutor) in the proceedings are against you.  Even under ideal conditions (you hire your own defense counsel) the control of what is admissible is not always objective in ruling.
From a legal standpoint my case is a very simple one.  It boils down to a single accusation a denunciation from a single individual who claimed to be and active partly in the commission of the offense.  There was no physical evidence placing me at the scene of the crime nor implicating me in the commission of the offense.  My accuser acquired an immunity agreement through his attorney prior to making his statement implicating himself heavily as well as making numerous baseless accusations and attacks upon my character.  Because he made these allegations I had to be arrested, however once it became clear there wasn’t evidence to back up these allegations I couldn’t be let go because my accuser who implicated himself had been given blanket irrevocable immunity from prosecution.  So the Harris County District Attorney’s Office was in a Catch 22.  The man they had wasn’t the last politically destructive option; Prosecute an innocent man rather than let it be public knowledge that they gave immunity to the individual who may well have been the killer!
Your time and effort in reading this is highly appreciated.  If you are interested in helping me correct the injustice, please contact me.  I would be very grateful.
Thank you,
Alexander Samuel Olivieri 01801330
Connally Unit
899 FM 632
Kenedy, TX 78119

Family record collection and vintage record player. Photo courtesy of Trayc D. Freeman. 

I grew up in a family that loves music! My great uncle had his own doo wop group when he attended Booker T. Washington High School back in the 1950’s (a group he says was arguably one of the best – with no bias of course!). My aunt and uncle had their own band (via their living room where the broom was their mic and the table their drums). It was a family rule that you had to sing in the gospel choir at our church, with my mom even starting a youth choir so that my brother and I could take part as well. And in my generation all of my cousins and I continued the music with band and chorus starting in elementary school. I think it’s safe to say that my family’s love of music, and their musical taste have continued to impact my life to this day.

The vinyls pictured here do not even account for a third of the vinyls that we still have in our household. These albums have been in the hands of my grandmother, aunt, uncle and my mom. I’ve also managed to add a few of my own vinyl’s to the family collection, along with the record player that is now responsible for blasting good music. The music that my family loved had such a large impact on me throughout my years, to the point where I could barely give you the name of a modern artist, but I could tell you the DeBarge family’s entire life story. Growing up hearing the music of people like Teddy, Sylvester, Gladys, Nina and Anita seriously helped shape my life into what it is! To be able to love the music that generations of my family loved before me has always given us an extra bond! The question, “what do you know about this song?” has always led into stories of concerts they’ve attended, styles that were influenced by artists, and stories of songs that got them through some times. For so long as these records continue to play, I know that the generations coming after us will also be able to hear these same stories, whether it be directly from the source, or someone who holds the first hand accounts, and will also hold their own stories to share on top of the reminiscing. Music has always played a tremendous role in my family, and these records will only help continue this.

Story from Trayc D. Freeman, @blackhistoryday

[TRANS] 160328 Jackson and Go Fridge family’s birthday voice messages 

Jackson: Hello! Hello everyone, I am Jackson, Jiajia yeah~ You can call me Jia Er. Today is my 22nd birthday, WOO~! Yeah~ I have to thank every person who’s given Go Fridge family tremendous support! Thank you to the fans who’ve continuously accompanied us as we grew! I love you all. I love you. Salanghae (Korean: I love you). Ngoh oi neih (Cantonese: I love you). Ngu eh nong (Shanghainese: I love you).
Chef An: (Korean) Congratulations on Jackson’s birthday, March 28th. Jackson, happy birthday!
Chef Huang: Jiajia, happy birthday.
Chef An: (Mandarin) Jackson, happy birthday!
Chef Wei Tao: Today is your birth-day~ Our Jia-jia~ 🎵Jackson, Jiajia, happy birthday.
Chef Lele: My precious little cotton jacket! Wang Jia Er! Jiajia~ Today is your BIRTH-DAY. I wish you a HA-PPY BIRTH-DAY~ Happyy birthdaay to you ~🎵
Chef Shasha: Happy birthday to you ~🎵
Chef Tian Shu: Wishing Jia Er a happy birthday! Go Fridge family together forever.


When I was sixteen years old, I was a very lost little girl. 

I am tremendously lucky; my family is open and kind, my parents are loving, my church was liberal and warm, my school was progressive and thoughtful.

But I still remember getting teased mercilessly about how much of a ‘boy’ I was, with my short haircut and my t-shirt and shorts at the pool.  I still remember getting mocked for being fat, for being not enough of a girl, for not developing fast enough, for developing too fast.  I still can’t question my identity as a woman too much without cracking into a nasty mess of trauma.  I was nine, and I wanted to be anything but what I was.

I still recall the pastor at our church crying because of the gay brother she lost to AIDS.  I remember people outside of our little circle mocking us for working on his quilt square.  I remember sobbing myself, wondering what I would do if I got infected, wondering if the way I was would kill me before I graduated.  I was fourteen, and I knew that I was going to die.  Young, probably.  Certainly alone.

I can replay in my head when, at summer camp, were were tasked with writing monologues including one from the perspective of ourselves, fifty years in the future.  I wrote a comedy about robot limbs and virtual pets.  My friend wrote about how she would be dead, because something would have killed her.  The world would have killed her. AIDS or violence or the government would have killed her. I was sixteen, and I knew none of us would see the other side of twenty.  Some of us had pills to make sure it was so.

And then I remember this day, this miracle, magical day, when a girl from my youth group, three years older than me, beautiful and queer and proud, just came to my house.  I think she knew, though I never talked about it, I think she could see in me what I was and where I was going. 

We never hung out, but she picked me up and she told my Mom we were just going to hang out, and she drove me to a part of town I’d never been before.  It was a coffee shop, and it had a bookstore, and it had rainbows painted into the fence, and I knew what that meant.  And I was terrified.  But N, she was so cool.  She was so cool and so amazing and so confident and so self-assured.  So I went with her.

She ordered a french press and I had a tea, and we just talked.  About life, and philosophy, and all the beautiful, weird things teenage girls talked about.  And all around me, there were these people I’d never seen before.  There were boys holding hands.  There were photos of women kissing on the walls.  There were shelves of queer studies texts.  There were Polaroids of quilt squares stuck all around the register.

And the longer I was there, the better I felt.  And when we left, when the shop closed, I was so regretful to leave, so grateful to be there – I put every dime of my money in the tip jar.

And when I got back to my bedroom, I cried.

Because that place – it was home.  Home. Home.  It was safe.  For all my objectively wonderful, fantastic life, I had never, not once in my life, felt like that.  I could say anything.  I could do anything.  I could be anything.  

And there were people there twice my age.  Three times!  There were old people drinking coffee, holding hands, buying books, obviously not alone and they were like me.

My mom asked why I was crying, and all I could tell her was that I was going to be okay.  And that was it, that was the whole story.  I was crying because I was going to be okay.  Because there were people who lived beyond twenty.  Because no matter what else happened, there was a home.  I went back, over and over.  When school started, I gave my carefully hoarded pills to someone else, but I also asked them if they wanted to come to the coffee shop with me.

That coffee shop is long gone, and N has moved on and we haven’t talked in decades, but that first trip was absolutely essential to my survival, because it taught me there were places out there that’d feel like home.  Other queer spaces, ones that were quite explicitly so.  Clubs.  Parties.  College groups.  I never really came out, I just started being this person.  The world around me was accepting enough that I could.  And always, no matter what, if the world got too hard, I could find one of those places.  I wouldn’t get hell.  I would be home.

Where you go in, and you see someone like you.  You see a hundred people like you but not like you, old people, successful people, beautiful people, ordinary people.  You feel safe.  You go home.  Because it doesn’t matter what the place is, what people do there, it’s the people, it’s the strangeness, it’s the things you can not see in your mainstream life that make them special.

These places are so important.  And when one of them is violated, even when I don’t know anyone personally affected, I feel like my own home was broken into.  I feel terrified.

My family has been relentlessly, endlessly, constantly under siege since long before I was born.  It will still be at war long after I die.  But there are places like that coffee shop, like Pulse, where I can go to plan and play, to mourn and dance, to be.  

I don’t have some big conclusion for this.  I don’t have one of my usual messages of hope.  I just wanted to say that places like this are important, that we need more of them.  Places like this changed me, and for the better.  Places like this are where my family lives.  And while I will be on my guard, I refuse to be afraid to go there.  I will go home, any time, any city, and there is nothing anyone can do to change that.  The reward is worth the risk.  

If you feel the same – if you can, if you feel safe – please, go to one of these places this week.  Go to a club, go to a coffee shop, go to a mixer or an event, hell, go to a thrift store if it’s an explicitly queer one.  There are a lot of people that are going to be afraid, this week.  Go, please, if you are brave, and make those places weird and wonderful and diverse and home.  

Ive just seen the most pretentious post and I feel like I need to get it off my chest….. Fuck off seriously!!! People don’t just like Captain Swan because Colin/Killian is handsome and a ‘bad boy’. We like him because he treats Emma so well. He let’s her make her own choices. He believes in her completely even when she doesn’t believe in herself. He encourages her constantly. He is completely in awe of her. He is a hero. He is also loved tremendously by Emmas family. That’s just a fact at this point. He would sacrifice anything for her. He gave up his life for her and her family more than once. Most importantly he makes her the happiest she’s ever been and that’s what we want for Emma. Emma who’s walls have been up so long, who hasn’t been able to trust people fully until she fell for Killian. Emma who has never had anyone put her first. Emma who has never had someone come back for her time and time again. Emma who never felt like she really had a home. Emma who has always had to sacrifice for everyone else but never had someone sacrifice for her until Killian. Yes Colin and Hook are extremely good looking but that is just the cherry on a beautiful cake of reasons why we love Captain Swan. So I say again fuck off with your fake concern for people who like Captain Swan because I’m telling you now if I ever met anyone like Killian in real life I’d be thanking my lucky stars!!

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Javier Muñoz is the classiest man, and the fiercest Alexander Hamilton. What a delight it was to meet him, chat with him, and photograph him. @hamiltonmusical is so dearly lucky to have such a tremendous human in their family. . NIKON D750, 70mm and f/4, exp comp -0.7, ISO 1100, 1/250 sec. Styling by @michelleeliseartistry.

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Dragonslayer  a ‘Castle’ fanfic

From an anonymous Tumblr promt

Beckett comes home to find Castle cuddling with their five year old daughter

I hope this works for you Anon!


It had been a horrendous day. An entire family wipedout, from a father in his 30’s to his 17 year old brother, to his 3 year old little girl, to his 6 month old baby boy.

The man’s wife found the four bodies when she walked in from a two day “mom’s vacation” she took every year with her best friend. The woman’s guilt for leaving her family was tremendous. Absolutely catatonic now, it was only the neighbors hearing her scream that got the police there. Kate Beckett didn’t think she’d be any help at all.

Now, after hours of canvassing the neighborhood and workplaces of the man and his brother, Kate was finally trudging the last few steps from the elevator to the loft.  She was exhausted and yearned to snuggle her own little girl. She’d texted Castle throughout the day with updates about the case so he knew this was a rough one.

As she walked through the door, she could hear Rick talking to someone in his office.  Not making out the words, she decided he was on the phone so she went to pour herself a glass of wine, thinking maybe she’d take the whole bottle into the bathroom and relax in the giant tub with Castle.

But before she did that, she wanted—no, NEEDED—to check on Hannah.  

Popping into the office to let Rick know she was home; Kate saw exactly who he was talking to. He wasn’t on the phone.

Hannah was in his lap, listening to a story.  The five year old snuggled close to his chest, and it looked to Kate that she was drawing comfort from the rumbling of his voice.   Kate paused in the doorway watching her husband spin his words.

“This princess was strong.  She didn’t need anyone to save her.  Of course if help was available, the princess would take it, but if there was none, she could take care of herself.”

Hannah interrupted.

“But, Daddy…”

Kate startled a little.  It seemed Hannah had been crying.

“What, Sunshine?” he asked.

“What if it was a dragon?   They’re really scary.”

“Was that what your dream was about, Sweetheart?”

Hannah nodded into his chest, cuddling closer, almost as if she was trying to climb inside his body.

Rick’s arms tightened around his daughter.

“Well, Hannah, this princess was a dragonslayer.”

The little girl broke in again.

“What’s the princess’ name?

Kate knew what was coming and rolled her eyes lovingly.  Neither of them had seen her yet, but she always enjoyed watching the two of them together.  

“Why, Princess Katherine of course!”

Hannah giggled.

“I like when you put Mommy into your stories,” she said.  “But I don’t think Mommy kills dragons.”

“Oh, but she has fought them and beaten them, and she’ll never let one get anywhere near you, Sunshine.  And neither will I.”

“Promise?” she asked, looking up at him with tear filled eyes.

“Promise,” he replied.  “Even if she’s forgotten that staring is creepy.”


Kate burst out laughing.  He’d known she was there the whole time.  Maybe he really did have a little ninja in him.  


“Hi, Sunshine,” Kate picked Hannah up and swung her around.  “Daddy telling you bedtime stories again?”

“I had a bad dream,” Hannah looked at her mother solemnly.  “He always makes me feel better.”

Kate smiled at Rick.

“He does the same thing for me, too.”

“It looks like Princess Katherine is tired, Sunshine,” smiled Rick.  “Let’s get you up to bed so I can tell her a bedtime story.”

“Will it be about Princess Hannah?”

Kate grinned.

“I would love to hear a story about Princess Hannah and all she’s done today!  Why don’t you let Daddy take you upstairs, and I’ll change into my jammies and come up to tuck you in?”

“Okay, Mommy!” She ran off towards the stairway.  

“Hi, Rick.”

“Hi, Princess.”

Rick pulled her into his arms and kissed her before she could smack him lightly on the chest.

“You all right? I know it’s been bad today.”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Or I will be, thanks to you two.  Go take care of our daughter, I’ll be right up.”

She watched as he left the room.

“Castle?” she called out.

He turned back.


“I may be a dragonslayer, but you’re still my knight in shining armor.”

Logan is honestly a good guy. He probably doesn’t even understand his emotions — like when he goes insane and freaks out, he can’t help himself, man. But afterward he can feel that he messed up … he is a good guy underneath it all. Logan loves Veronica. He understands her. They’ve both been through tremendous family struggles. And I think they both even without speaking understand each other. I think that that is what the audience connects to, when they just look at each other, It’s just like, ‘I get you.’ That’s what’s so beautiful about that relationship. He’s the best psychotic jack—- in the world. He’s charming, he’s witty, he’s romantic, but at the same time he’s a good fighter. You want a guy in your corner who can really throw a punch, if needed — but will also deliver a kiss that will make you fall over with joy.

Jason Dohring (on Logan Echolls)

This seems important to post today. Thanks to jasondohringnews for the quote.

The Future of Stan

Everyone’s all jazzed for the new episode of Gravity Falls in a few weeks! Hell, I am dancing right along with Grunkle Stan in that new trailer.


Has anyone else remembered that in order for Stan to run for Mayor, he’s going to have to give his FULL NAME for the ballot?

He’s masqueraded as his twin brother - claiming the name of ‘Stanford Pines’ at the Dusk 2 Dawn before it got shut down, as we saw in ATOTS - for three decades. The town of Gravity Falls, and all of its residents, know him as ‘Stanford’, not his true name of ‘Stanley’. He could continue to use his brother’s name, but this isn’t something Ford is going to just ignore. Ford expressed incredible vehemence towards the revelation that Stanley had stolen his identity over the long period of time he had been between dimensions, and there’s no way he can miss the mayoral candidate decorations all over the inside of his house that I’m sure Stanley enlisted Mabel to help him make. At the end of ATOTS, Stanford clearly said:

“[…]And when that time comes, you give me my house back, you give me my NAME back[…]” etc.

Stanley isn’t just going to be mayor for a few weeks, he’s going to be mayor potentially for years if he succeeds in the election. Ford is not going to take kindly to Stanley continuing to abuse his good name as a ‘sheister’ of Gravity Falls for long after the summer comes to an end. Stanford is a good guy, but I don’t see him standing idly by and letting this happen without Stanley publicly admitting to the truth.

This is a very dangerous situation for Grunkle Stan. He could get the mayoral position and the mayor’s place of residence, and stay close to the estranged twin he had lost touch with for 40+ years, but this is at tremendous risk to his family, himself and his reputation with the townsfolk. He wasn’t always on the best of terms with everyone in Gravity Falls, but hell, even the Sheriff and Deputy couldn’t bring themselves to arrest him when he encouraged Dipper and Mabel to play with dangerous illegal fireworks in a forested backyard. My first instinct is to think ‘Oh, the townspeople wouldn’t revolt against Stan once they see his good side and that he’s actually a kind-hearted human being!’ But do you remember what happened in Sock Opera? Mabel expected the same trope to come into effect at the end of her disaster play, and instead the audience stormed out in a rage.

If Stanley doesn’t tell the truth, I have the feeling Ford is going to make him tell. And this could be a danger to everyone in the Shack.