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the chicago d**e march antisemitism nonsense is So disheartening its just. a culmination of everything ive ever been uncomfortable with about antisemitism in the left masquerading as antizionism. WHY do people hate jews so much. why do people who advocate for the hated hate jews specifically. why are jews So Perpetually Unwelcome. whys the understanding of zionism in modern jewish culture so limited that it’s assumed that every jew is complicit in palestinian genocide. WHY are we no less unwelcome to gentiles than we were 60 years ago/1000 years ago. why aren’t you interested in understanding.

do we not write enough books in our own defense? do we not examine it enough in ways gentiles can understand??? why do we have to crack it open for you i thought we were above expecting that from marginalized groups. literally What Did We, Collectively, do to deserve this level of ignorance and cruelty.. it’s so tremendously hurtful

ive met SO many gentile leftists who are aggressively antizionist and they know all about the conflict and the racism inherent in the ideology, but they have NO IDEA about how it’s presented in modern day jewish families and education. it’s very insidious and pervasive and it’s insulated within the community so if you’re jewish, it’s never been presented to you like some sort of white supremacist manifesto. but they don’t care!!!! because they hate jews

A Mind Great

A grey wash of sorrow, of grief
like thunder it had arrived in his eyes.
For no longer they were blue and clear
a sickness held onto him tight.

Swords were striking inside his head
he was fighting a battle so rare.
Not able to break loose from tremendous desire
for the gold was his burden to bare.

Released by death, he had been set free
the world lost his King that day.
This man had a heart truly courageous

but a mind great.

///  mbruinsm1

The body becomes very important only when you don’t have a soul. Sometimes it happens that an ugly person may grow such a beautiful soul that you forget all about his ugliness, and when you are in his presence he looks tremendously beautiful. And the contrary is also happening. There are beautiful people who have only beautiful bodies. Look at them and you see a very ugly soul within.

So if some accident has happened with the body, it has happened. Nothing to worry about. Why not make your soul more beautiful? Maybe it is a chance that you can emphasize your soul more than your body.

This is my observation—that beautiful people, bodily beautiful people, never grow beautiful souls, because they become too egoistic about their body—they think that this is enough.
Have you ever seen a beautiful woman doing any creative work? They never do! They simply live by their body, they never grow their soul. And if you hear about some woman who has done something beautiful, creative, you will always find a homely woman.

It happened once I was staying in a house in Calcutta and there was a poets’ gathering—a woman poets’ gathering—so from all over the country, thirty women poets had gathered there. My host was going, and he said, ‘Would you like, sir, to come with me? It is going to be something beautiful.’
I said, ‘You simply go and tell me one thing: if you can find any beautiful poetess there, tell me.’
He said, ‘But why are you interested?’
I said, ‘Just go and come back and tell me.’
He came and he said, ‘It is amazing—not a single woman was beautiful… all thirty, very homely and ordinary.’ He said, ‘But why did you ask?’
I said, ‘I was just enquiring as to whether ever any beautiful woman would do anything beautiful. They never do! They think the body is enough—finished!’

So take it as an opportunity. Maybe God has given you a challenge. Now the body is not going to be perfect, why not use it as an opportunity, and work on your being? Work on your consciousness. Grow a beautiful soul!
And the body is not your reality—it is just the house you live in. Don’t get attached to it too much. It is just a dress that you are wearing. If it is torn apart, okay; it is just a dress. Don’t be too much obsessed with it. Just shift your attention. Meditate… love… create.



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What are your 3 fave life paths and why?😊

Thank you for asking! Well, besides my own, I’ve had the best experience with the following:

Life Path 3
They’re the Life Path Number I see those nearest and dearest to my heart having. Although I’m a Life Path 9 and I’m supposed to be the wisest of the Life Path numbers, I truly look up to Life Path 3’s. They make me so happy! They’re ambitious and dedicated to their work. Not only that, but they’re extremely talented and kindhearted people. I don’t think you can find anyone as beautiful, bursting with so much personality than a Life Path 3!

Life Path 5
Another Life Path Number of my closest friends! Life Path 5’s I’ve found to have such tremendous personality! I don’t think they’re boring, that’s not a word one uses to describe a Life Path 5. Nope, they are so full of life. I love how their mind works. They think about others and most are fascinated by how the human mind works and how humans interact. I feel as though they’re extremely wise and all knowing. They’re the kind of people you want to look up to the stars with at night and have a great conversation and also someone you want to go to a carnival with and share a lot of laughs. God, I love them so much!

Life Path 7
I don’t know too many of them, but the ones I do know are beautiful people inside and out. They’re so wise and youthful at the same time! They know a lot of things, can hold the best conversations and at the same time they’re eager to learn more. I find them to be so cerebral. Also, I’ve noticed that they have amazing taste so they are true aesthetes! They can be a little private about their life, sometimes silent, but watchful and aware.

365 of 365 For better or worse my final Drawing A Day for a Year Challenge is ending on a WIP (Work In Progress) which I’m okay with.

 I wanted to draw the faces/avatars of the people who really cheered me on. Granted, I couldn’t fit EVERYONE in this image, as I have decided I’ll use it as my Twitter Header Image once it’s fully done. But drawing that many headshots takes more time than I was expecting, so it’ll take me a day or two to finish this (I’ve got birthday girl things to do today so, alas).

I want to thank everyone who has walked this path with me. Family, friends, strangers who just kind of stumbled into my sphere. My art has improved tremendously, and I don’t intend to stop. I’m at the plate, ready to swing, and I’ve already called the homerun hit, so I can’t let people down.

Thank you <3

@faebelina @curlywench @kialesse @pixelatedexecutioner @nighte-goggles @fallingstardusk

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matt trevor jeremy as the neutrals is... Accurate

my go to vid for figuring out alignments is the very first shenanigans because it’s… a very accurate insight.

ray: let’s do this bad but funny thing

gavin: let’s do that thing but worse

ray: nope i’m out my line is drawn

geoff: let’s do the worse thing right now

michael: let’s take measures to make sure it’s not permanent dickhead

jeremy: ohhhh boy you all sure did a thing didn’t you

matt: ohhhh man that is a thing you did that i’m going to pretend i have no knowledge of

jack: oh no this is bad i was gone and you all did a bad thing

ryan: hey :) guys :) how :) are :) you :) my retribution will rain upon you and your children and will be inescapable and tremendous–oh you saved it? okay thanks

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OOOOHH CHARLIE CHARLIE CHARLIE and catherine if you can!!

No one knows who this mysterious young lady is. The Rothschild Institute discovered her not too long ago, and despite having tremendous psionic powers, somehow she had lived her whole life up until now without discovery. How she did it, they don’t really know. She won’t exactly tell them. In fact, she won’t tell them anything because she never speaks. They don’t know where she’s from, if she has family, or her name. Her motives are completely unreadable even to powerful, experienced psionics.

What they do know about her is that she did not resist whatsoever when they came to scoop her up, and did not seem to have any strong opinions on being taken from what was presumably her home and having her mandatory implant installed.

She is currently in Institute custody as they try to figure out more about who she is and why she seems to produce SO MUCH FUCKIN PSI even after augmentation…

Charlie is unlucky as always. Not a lot of luck in love or anything else, she spends her days as a singer at a dim little club in a crummy-to-mediocre part of the city.

Tragedy seems to befall her at every turn, even in almost comedically improbable ways, in ways that don’t even seem to make sense. As a result she is very cold and closed off. If no one can get close, no one can get hurt in strangely unlikely ways, right…? So she’s just going to spend her days singing at the club and ignoring the obvious Pack ties there.

The reason she’s so unlucky is that she has extremely minor/subtle psionic powers and she has no idea. So when they act up, they don’t LOOK like psychic powers, they look like strange unfortunate accidents.


The spectre of a psionic inhabiting an oil slick. Its original died long, long before Verdamt was established. Died in the first moonfall, in fact.

Spectres are not truly sapient, not living changing people… but. This one seems to be much more complex than the other spectres. It doesn’t forget new information every 20 minutes. It is not under the impression it’s living the final 5 minutes of its original’s life. It’s almost like a living person, except for one damning fact: it still cannot form honest new opinions. It is completely stuck in its perception of the world. And that perception is very negative and based in a self-serving victim complex.

Now it roams through the pipes and the sewers of Verdamt, using its still in tact–if not magnified–powers to crawl into peoples minds and fuck with their heads.


Spring had me sprung
Sprawling underneath trees breathing the wind
It whispers in my ears wistful memories
Of the days where our love was just to begin

The leaves lift the lying me like a lark sparrow
Delivering me back in time to a March before
My skin gladly invites the sun’s sweet kisses
However hard to get, my skin then closes the door

Next to the tenaciously tall tree
Stood something even more tremendous and tantalizing
I raise my head hoping heaven has handed me a haven
It was a paradise that was bestowed unto me, I began realizing

Her luscious hair sneaks into my mind’s eye
Convincing me it was wavy silk I saw instead
Each curve a reminder of my credulous belief in perfection
And each strand tells me to take the journey back to her head

Eyes tell stories of innocence and purity
Angels envy the astronomy behind them
Stars that ignite serene secrets spoken with sight
Their aquatic comets express atrocities imposing everyone to condemn

Her lips live the lie of love
Lavender lunch for the love-hungry me
I can experience the taste of honey on my tongue
And when I lose her my lips feel it was stung by bee

Her complexion convinces me creationism is real
For god must be real for there to be angels
My fingers brushing down her cheek while time waits
The friction of any other damned surface would be painful

Perhaps it was the pollen on my skin
And maybe her complexion was just the wind
But I know the truth behind what the trees sing
I’ve seen the goddess behind every springpopo




Last night I took a short nap and woke up to a world without the Chester Bennington- Linkin Park’s voice. And I am distraught and upset and I don’t know what to say.

Linkin Park were a very big part of my childhood and even if I hadn’t been listening to them in these recent years, there are specific songs that always triggered happy memories and thoughts.

I truly loved their music and I still do.
He has had a tremendous influence on all of our lives and finally,I just want to say this:

Rest in peace, Chester Bennington. Rest knowing that all the music you made,all the kids and adults you inspired will mourne you today.

Rest knowing that in the end, it really did matter.

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Hermione did you ever thought about being a Professor at Hogwarts? If yes, what subject who you have taught.

Pictured: Hermione Granger and Crookshanks at Hogwarts // Artist: Edelweiss

Dear Anon,

I considered it off and on throughout my career, mainly to be closer to my husband at the time, but I’m quite happy with my chosen field at Magical Law Enforcement. It’s been fulfilling for me and we’ve made tremendous strides on behalf of magical beings and creatures all over the country!

Had I ever chosen to pursue teaching, I would have enjoyed a career in Charms or Ancient Ruins or History of Magic.



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Paps, you are VERY tall in the future and VERY amazing and cool (which is no surprise honestly, you and your brother are probably the coolest skeles I know) Sans is still shorter than you though


[Sans is mildly disappointed that he’s still short, but glad to see Papyrus so happy.] “that’s cool, bro. not a surprise, youre already cool.”


“bet im not as cool as you, tho.”


“that’s a long time from now.”


Every so often i’ll see that ‘nsfw’ audio post I made from the text post make its rounds on my dashboard, a singular ghost coming back to haunt me like a poltergeist that never quite goes away. A good portion of the tags since the mass post of them are something along the lines of ‘I can’t listen to dubstep the same way now’ or ‘this is a kink I didn’t know I had’.

I’m not sure whether to be tremendously proud of the 1,400 note monster lurking on my blog, or absolutely horrified at what I have created…