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I didn’t mean for that last cap to come out as perfectly as it did, BUT OH MY GOD DID IT.

What I can’t really capture well, and I don’t think a gif would do it either, is how Gabby fucking SNUGGLES IN. She’s so goddamn delighted with herself, and her delight in the face of Xena’s UNRELENTING DISTASTE FOR EVERYTHING HAPPENING TO HER is such perfection.

You’ll pry mutually devoted Xena and Gabrielle from my cold dead hands, but the level of not-remotely suppressed grudging tolerance from Xena in this episode is divine and I cherish it with my entire heart.

As President Trump approaches his first anniversary of taking office, he and others are taking stock.

“2017 was a year of tremendous achievement, monumental achievement, actually,” Trump told members of his Cabinet last week. “I don’t think any administration has ever done what we’ve done and what we’ve accomplished in its first year.”

The president has delivered on some of his major campaign promises. Other pledges are still works in progress, while some commitments have been quietly discarded.

In the closing days of the 2016 campaign, Trump issued an ambitious checklist of things he wanted to accomplish in the White House. 

From Taxes To The Swamp: Trump’s Promises, Kept And Incomplete, 1 Year In

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‘Scandal': Tony Goldwyn Explains How Kerry Washington Basically Invented Live-Tweeting TV

“She saw what an opportunity this was,” Shondaland actor tells TheWrap

Jennifer Maas | Last Updated: January 18, 2018


The final season of “Scandal” returns from its midseason hiatus on Thursday and Gladiators are sure to be excited to have a new episode to dissect on Twitter. Of course, the cast knows exactly what’s going to happen, and are just as excited to tweet about it with their fans on show night. After all, “Scandal” star Tony Goldwyn credits Kerry Washington with pretty much inventing the concept.

TheWrap asked Goldwyn, who plays Fitz on the Shonda Rhimes series, about the “Scandal” gang’s obsession with live-tweeting episodes at a set visit during the Television Critics Press association tour last week. The actor noted how the TGIT show “really broke the mold” with its social media impact, and that the cast now feels a “tremendous sense of responsibility toward fans because they made this show a success.”

And that’s all thanks to Olivia Pope. Oh, we mean Washington.

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8, 14 and 19 for the Transformers ask >u>

8. If you were a transformer, what would your alt mode be? Why?

Well the alt-mode I would most like to have is jet, because come on, what wouldn’t be awesome about that? For one you could fly, what’s more, you could fly fast. You could do free falls, loop-de-loops…it would be like being your own personal theme park. Plus you could explore the clouds and fly through storms. Not to mention the tremendous convenience of being able to travel around so quickly. On top of all that, Transformer jets tend to be space-worthy as well. However, at least on a planet like Earth, being a submarine would be pretty cool too, since there’s a ton of amazing stuff to see beneath the surface of the ocean, particular for subs that can withstand enormous pressures.

That being said…I kinda feel like I’d be a helicopter. I just know.

14. If you could meet any character from any show, who would it be?

This is probably gonna come out of left field, but I’m gonna say Rhinox from Beast Wars. It’s been a while since I watched Beast Wars and I didn’t get round to finishing it, but I do remember Rhinox being a surprisingly interesting character.

He’s a huge badass with twin chainguns, but he’s also a really intelligent scientist and a bit of a philosopher and spiritual guru; an all-round Renaissance Mech basically. I think he would be super interesting to talk to and learn from, plus if my memory serves me correctly, he was a real nice guy.

Most importantly however, I don’t think he would murder me.

19. Favorite transformers pairing?

Well, the first Transformers pairing I was ever super into was Megatron/Starscream, initially in Transformers Prime and then in IDW. It’s just such a fascinatingly dark, twisted mess that was all too tempting to resist trying to pick apart and figure out how it works. I’m still very interested in their relationship, but since they haven’t interacted in a while my focus has wandered elsewhere for the time being.

During Till All Are One I got really interested in Starscream/Windblade because I love pairings that involve two drastically different people being forced to work together, then learning from each other, bonding, and growing as people as a result, and I thought their relationship really had that potential. The fact that they ended up having some really significant and intimate shared experiences, together with the fact that Windblade seems to be one of the very few people Starscream could be argued to really care about, cemented my love for the pairing.

Shortly afterwards I got really into Bumblebee/Starscream as well because oh man how could I not?

Look at them.

Look at their happy faces.

…anyway I’d say it’s a toss up between those three, depending on my mood. I dunno why a character as emotionally and socially maladjusted as Starscream is so fun to ship, he just is.

Attitude Era

I’m tired of seeing this “bring back the attitude era!” We all know if they do those same people will be coming on their blogs complaining about how “they went to far” Remember when Braun Strowman flipped the truck with Roman Reigns inside? That was a total attitude era move & what did the people do? They wanted to get Strowman legitimately fried. The success of the attitude era was that they pushed boundaries that they couldn’t get away with nowadays. You all have to realize it’s a different generation! You can’t recreate those stars when they already exist. You have to keep in mind how kids are nowadays. Life was so much different back when the attitude era was in full swing. The WWE is so much more popular nowadays, if they did some of those attitude storylines now the negative backlash would be tremendous!

I personally don’t think WWE going back to the attitude era would be the right thing. That’s not going to solve all the problems. The problems of the WWE are incompetent writers. Creative has absolutely no idea how to write a proper show. It has nothing to do with what era it is. You might not have Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, The Rock, Mick Foley & Triple H but you do have Finn Bálor, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, AJ Styles & Kevin Owens. Love & respect the past but also embrace the future.

These are MY opinions! You may feel differently & that’s okay. If you’re going to disagree please do so respectfully.

The moment that broke the new heathers for me was Veronica, our protagonist, the person they want us to care about, calling a girl a “fatty”, as if that isn’t tremendously unlikeable, and it really puts the whole fuck awful thing in perspective. Fundamentally, it can’t work. Not as a heathers adaptation, not as it’s own thing.

You can’t have your protagonist call someone an insult based on their appearance and not expect me to think “What a fucking shallow asshole”.

And I’m especially not supposed to think that about Veronica. You made a story about privilege and the spread of unhealthy trends and the shallowness of rich, white, attractive high school girls, and you made me fucking sympathize with heather chandler, the character that’s supposed to symbolize privilege, shallowness and leadership. I’m supposed to HATE her, paramount, ya dun goofed.

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What would be Frieza's reaction if Tundra died ? (Poor Tundra 😢)

Aww! Hit by the feels at the blank of day.. ;A;

I wonder… Would Frieza care? It’s actually sad.. cuz Tundra would care tremendously and would also miss Frieza if passing away himself. My poor Tundra.. ╥﹏╥

anyone who reblogs ask posts without sending one to the person you reblogged it from lack a tremendous amount of manners and your mother would look at you in shock if she knew who you really were

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I think this was my 6th reread of SC start to finish. I honestly can’t contain myself. Lordt those 2 will be the death of me. Rick better not do what I think he’ll do (sleep with Messie) bc 🔪🔪🔪. Negan is scum but he’s not stupid. He’s a recluse and clearly paranoid. He’s not gonna buy Ricks gf suddenly coming onto him or he’ll use her against Rick bc he kinda showed his ass last time and showed how possessive he is. I need them to get on the same page immediately and take Deanna’s warning ⚠️

You’re a champ! Thanks for the tremendous support!

You know I can’t spoil it for you, but you make some really good points here. Negan doesn’t know them; they don’t know him. It’s all a business transaction. Sure, he’s a narcissistic sociopath, but he isn’t stupid. I won’t say anything else, but I like your line of thought.


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What if Leon’s S/O was sad after some event happened and Leon finally learned how to play the guitar, he’s about to tell you that his dreams are coming true but he sees you crying, so he plays a song for you about how much he loves you and doesn’t want to see you sad, (Side note it cheers you tremendously (*´∀`) -Mushroom Anon (Sorry if my English is bad! :( plus Leon deserved better)

(You’re good! I understood perfectly!) That is so sweet???? Oh my god I love this 💙💙💙

And like, he’ll be a total sweetie and refuse to talk about himself until he’s sure you are well taken care of 💙

//Edit: Yes, our boy really did deserve better 😧

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You are a tremendous human being I’m amazed and thankful that a compliment to a stranger on the internet has introduced me to such a caring kind funny and gorgeous person 😊. Hope you feel better 😘


There’s another way of reading Anne of Green Gables, and that’s to assume that the true central character is not Anne, but Marilla Cuthbert. Anne herself doesn’t really change throughout the book. She grows taller, her hair turns from ‘carrots’ to 'a handsome auburn’, her clothes get much prettier, due to the spirit of clothes competition she awakens in Marilla, she talks less, though more thoughtfully, but that’s about it. As she herself says, she’s still the same girl inside. Similarly, Matthew remains Matthew, and Anne’s best chum Diana is equally static. Only Marilla unfolds into something unimaginable to us at the beginning of the book. Her growing love for Anne, and her growing ability to express that love - not Anne’s duckling-to-swan act - is the real magic transformation. Anne is the catalyst who allows the crisp, rigid Marilla to finally express her long-buried softer human emotions. At the beginning of the book, it’s Anne who does all the crying; by the end of it, much of this task has been transferred to Marilla. As Mrs Rachel Lynde says, 'Marilla Cuthbert has got mellow. That’s what.’
—  Margaret Atwood [x]