the trembling giant

In the Fishlake National Forest in Utah, a giant has lived quietly for the past 80,000 years. The Trembling Giant, or Pando, is a enormous grove of quaking aspens that takes the “forest as a single organism” metaphor and literalizes it: the grove really is a single organism. Each of the approximately 47,000 or so trees in the grove is genetically identical and all the trees share a single root system. While many trees spread through flowering and sexual reproduction, quaking aspens usually reproduce asexually, by sprouting new trees from the expansive lateral root of the parent. The individual trees aren’t individuals, but stems of a massive single clone, and this clone is truly massive. Spanning 107 acres and weighing 6,615 tons, Pando was once thought to be the world’s largest organism (now usurped by thousand-acre fungal mats in Oregon), and is almost certainly the most massive. In terms of other superlatives, the more optimistic estimates of Pando’s age have it as over one million years old, which would easily make it the world’s oldest living organism.

Unfortunately, the future of the giant appears grim. According to Paul Rogers, an ecologist at Utah State University in a October 2010 article in the Deseret News, the Trembling Giant is in danger. While the mature stems of Pando routinely die from the eternal problems of pests and drought, the regenerative roots of the organism that are responsible for Pando’s resilience are under attack as well. Rogers reported a marked absence of juvenile and young stems to replace the older trunks, blaming overgrazing by deer and elk. Without new growth, to replace the old, the Trembling Giant is vulnerable to a catastrophic, sudden withering and shrinking. Rogers confessed, “It’s slipping away very quickly.”

The quaking aspen is named for its leaves, which stir easily in even a gentle breeze and produce a fluttering sound with only the slightest provocation. The effect of this in Pando, multiplied over the tens of thousands of trees and hundred acres, can be unnerving, giving a real sense of life to the ancient, dying, trembling giant.

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hiya lovely! So on Tuesday I'm going into major surgery and I'm pretty nervous about it. So if you have time, could I get some UT/UF/US bros comforting a S/O who's about to go into a 6 hour surgery? Thanks so much <3

(*Of course! <3  I’m sorry to hear about the surgery!  Everything will go well, sweetie, so don’t worry.  I’ll be checking on you! )


“hey kiddo, don’t be nervous.”

Sans wraps an arm around you, pulling you against his side.  The idea of the human hospital actually freaks him out a little, but you’d never be able to guess from his careful smile.  He rubs his hand along your upper arm, tilting his skull against the side of your head.  "the docs know what they’re doing.  you’re just going to take a little nap.  heh, what'dya say we practice for tomorrow?“

Sans begins to lie back, pulling you with him, cradling you against his chest. “by the time we’re done, you’ll be such a pro, you can do it with your eyes closed,” he teases lightly, chuckling.  He proceeds to just hold you on the couch, rubbing your back lightly, lulling you to sleep in his arms.


“DON’T WORRY, HUMAN!  EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALL RIGHT!  THE GREAT PAPYRUS KNOWS THIS TO BE A FACT!”  Papyrus says it with such confidence that it’s practically impossible to doubt him.  His hands are on your shoulders, his grin wide.  "I STAYED UP ALL NIGHT WATCHING HUMAN SURGERIES ON THE INTERNET!  WHILE THEY ARE QUITE UNSETTLING AND ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING–“  He breaks off; honestly, he’s a little shaken after watching them, but he’s trying not to let it show.  He had no idea you were so fragile, that so much went into the repair of human bodies.  He only stayed up all night because he couldn’t sleep without nightmares after watching the videos.  Still, he’s determined to be the best skelebae possible.  


He breaks off again, sweating.  He’s blowing it.  "THE RECOVERY WILL BE TAKEN CARE OF BY THE GREAT PAPYRUS!”  And what a great save!  "I’LL NURSE YOU BACK TO FULL HEALTH, AND TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING, SO DON’T YOU WORRY!  YOU WON’T HAVE TO LIFT A FINGER UNTIL YOU’RE COMPLETELY RECOEVERED!  AND I’LL BE THERE WHEN YOU WAKE UP!“  He pulls you against his chest– at this point, to comfort both of you.


"c'mere, sweetheart.  i can make you forget about tomorrow.”

Red grasps your hands and tugs you into his lap, his fingers automatically shifting to your hips once you’re seated.  He’s smirking as he pulls you close against his chest, his teeth lightly grazing the side of your neck.  He knows better than to leave any marks on you before a surgery–although, he has to admit that marking you is pretty tempting, if just to have a reminder to everyone involved that you belong to him.  No, he’s just trying to get your mind off it for now, to give you a reprieve from the bundle of nerves gathering in your stomach.  

He tilts his head up and presses his sharp teeth against your lips.  

“don’t think about it.  just think about me,” he murmurs, his voice practically a growl against your mouth.  

And he quickly makes sure the only thoughts in your head are about him.  



Papyrus is self-assured, his arms crossed and a scowl weighing heavily across his face.  While he means every word, he’s secretly concerned; the idea of humans operating on you doesn’t inspire confidence in him.  He’d much rather locate a monster with healing magic, even though you’ve explained to him that this is what’s best for your health.  

He looks away, hiding his concern behind his irritation.  "…I’LL BE THERE, YOU KNOW.  WHEN YOU… SLEEP, AND WHEN YOU WAKE UP.“  His voice, while still boisterous, comes out a little softer.  He reaches out and grabs the back of your head, pulling you against his chest with one arm.  He’s still looking away, his expression shifting to something much softer–something he doesn’t want you to see.  His gloved fingers stroke the nape of your neck.




He can’t keep it together.  Sweet little Blueberry discovered what happened during a human surgery, and it has rattled his bones in a way that nothing else has.  The fact that you’re going to be subjected to it frightens his very SOUL.  He’s trembling, giant tears pricking the corner of his eyesockets, while his gloved hands are fisted at his sides.  

“I..I-I’M SORRY!” He finally wails, throwing himself at you.  His arms wrap around your frame, and he buries his face against your shoulder, his own shoulders shaking.  "I’M S-SUPPOSED TO BE STRONG AND…AND COMFORT YOU, BUT…!“  He breaks off, hugging you tighter.  "I JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT I’LL DO IF SOMETHING HAPPENS TO YOU!!”

In the end, Papyrus ends up having to comfort both of you.  


Even though you’re Stretch’s mate, Blueberry is still crying over the fact that you’re going to have surgery.  He’s watched some videos, and they scarred him for life, so he’s way more inconsolable than you are.  Papyrus ends up drawing you against his chest, his other arm snagging his brother and pulling him against his side.  

“it’s going to be ok, bro.  the docs know what they’re doing. they do this all the time.  human bodies are different from ours.  they’re strong.  they can handle this,” he assures Blueberry, which does seem to calm the smaller skeleton.  He breathes in deep, looking from Papyrus to you.  


“yep, it’s all ok.  it just happens sometimes.  no biggie.”  He shrugs, and you know he’s downplaying it (on the inside, he’s definitely not as calm as he appears), but he’s not going to let his true feelings show.  With his brother calm, he twists to wrap both arms around you, pulling you down onto the couch, so you’re sprawled out halfway on top of him.  Sans sits beside the two of you and wraps an arm around you, leaving you in a pile of pokey skeletons.  

“it’s all going to be ok.  one minute you’re asleep, the next you’re awake–and probably going to say some hilarious things.”  His lazy grin lifts into a smirk.  "don’t worry.  i’ll capture every glorious moment on my phone so you won’t miss a thing.“  He smirks, chuckling, while you swat his arm and Blueberry mock-chides him.  Then, the two brothers pull you closer.

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could you write Sirius' hogwarst years through boggarts? Like first year, his boggart is being called a Black or something. And second year, when he realizes he has friends that don't care he is a Black, the boggart will have changed to like dead marauders or something.

I could dearie but do you really want it?

First year

“You are a disgrace Sirius” hissed Walburga. “Do you know who’s going to suffer for your incompetence?” she asked.

“You know it: Regulus” she replied the question herself. “Now that the actual Heir of Black house is no longer available, Regulus will take your place. But I didn’t raise him to be an heir, well now I’ll have to”

“Do you remember the things I taught you Sirius, how I taught them?” she said, Sirius flinched.

“Oh so you do, you do remember. I do take pride in being unforgettable” she took her wand out, Sirius took a few steps back without thinking.

“Now that you are gone boy, Regulus will pay for your mistakes. Didn’t think about him when you got yourself sorted into that disgusting blood traitor’s house now, did you?” she continued, Sirius was trembling under his mother’s giant figure.

“You’ll come back to this house Sirius and when you do I’ll make sure you pay for your mistake, I’ll make sure you suffer for disgracing our family name. I will-”


“Mr. Black!” said McGonagall alarmingly after she sent the Boggart where it came from. Sirius was crying uncontrollably. “There there, it was just a Boggart Mr. Black”

“Can you come with me to my office with me, please?”

“Yes, ma’am” said Sirius with a trembling voice, she sounded very calm and more motherly than Walburga ever did.

Second year

“Now that Regulus is a Slytherin, we don’t need you anymore Sirius” said Walburga. “You have those blood traitor friends to look out for you don’t you?”

“What you fail to understand is that your family would have been always there for you. You are a Black, boy. Once they realised that your blood is who you are they will leave you, too” She twirled her wand in her hand.

“Did you really believe that you would live happily ever after with your new friends and forget where you come from?” asked Walburga challengingly. “Did you really think that people would forget that you are a Black deep down?”

“They will never trust you completely Sirius, one small mistake you are bound to make and they are g–”


“Mom made me learn that spell when I was 10″ said James grinning but it faded once he was Sirius’ face. “Mate, I hope you don’t believe a word that woman–”

“That is my mother Jamie”

“I don’t give a damn who she is. I won’t ever leave you, we won’t ever leave. You can take my surname if you want to” assured James.

“Are you asking me to marry you James Potter?!” teased Sirius, suddenly he felt better.

“You git!” replied James with a wide grin on his face. “I was asking you to be my brother but I mean if you want to..”

Third Year

“This hurts so much Pads, why does it hurt so much?” said Remus curled up on the floor. He had his usual full moon scars but this time he looked worse than he usually did.

“Make it stop” begged Remus, his amber eyes burned less than they usually do, he tried to reach to Sirius but he couldn’t.

“Sirius, do something, please. Put me out of my misery” said Remus, the pain apparent in his voice. Sirius wanted to help but the more he moved, the more Remus bleed.

“Sirius–” whispered Remus, using whatever left was in his body to say his name.

“No, no Remus no. I love you no don’t leave–”


“You love me?” said Remus, gaping at Sirius.

“Uh, yes” replied Sirius, his eyes wet with tears that couldn’t escape. “You– you don’t have to say anything, don’t worry”

“You are an idiot” replied Remus as he pulled Sirius into a hug and kissed his forehead. “You really are” he smiled.

Fourth Year

“Why deny who you are Sirius?” said Sirius in the mirror standing in front of Sirius. “Why deny what you are?”

“Just because you are a Gryffindor and have friends that are not Pureblood, did you think you would become one of them?” he continued. It was a different feeling, Sirius saw himself in the mirror but the Sirius in the mirror had a mind of his own.

“Look at me Sirius, look at how different I am because I am your other half of you that knows what you are doing is ridiculous” he said. “You know deep down inside, that family is all you have. I have money, I have reputation and all you have is those three boys. A werewolf, a blood traitor and a miserable boy–”

“Peter is not miserable” shouted Sirius to the mirror.

“You keep telling yourself that. Why do you keep yourself from reaching your full potential Black? All that anger in you that you can release, why keep it to yourself? Why settle with being in a pack, when you can be a leader? Why be regular when you can be a Black?” he kept talking.

“You’ll end up alone, Sirius” he concluded. Sirius never said a word. “Alone as always, outcast as always, a menace to everyone you ever touch–”


“You bloody asshole” Sirius muttered to himself as the glass shattered and became a wind of glitter. 

Fifth Year

after the infamous prank

“Why did I trust you, Sirius?” said Remus coldly. “It took you just a few words to reveal my deepest, darkest secret”. Remus put his hand to his mouth as he did when he was thinking, he then pointed at Sirius, “I will never forgive you, I will never ever look at you the same way I did before” he said.

“You know what the worst part is? I knew this would happen long before it did. Black blood in you, you were born for this. I can’t believe I could be this daft” Remus continued, each word creating a new wound in Sirius’ skin, Sirius wanted to bleed out.

“You ruined my life when I tried so hard to make yours better. I loved you” he said condescendingly. “Don’t look at me so surprised Sirius, I loved you, in the past tense. How could you think I would ever love you again after this?”

Sirius felt his knees give away, he took his head between his hands, he wanted to rip his own skin off.

“Now you cry. Now you know what you did. Now that it’s too late Sirius. Now that I don’t care for you anymore, as you didn’t care for me. Now that–”


“Sirius! Sirius get up!” Remus shouted. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m-” pleaded Sirius.

“Sirius, it’s alright. It was just a boggart” said Remus, he was trying to get Sirius to walk, the boy wouldn’t budge.

“I don’t deserve this Remus, I don’t deserve you to be good to me”

“I’m a sucker for pain Pads, I keep coming back for more. Now get up” ordered Remus, so Sirius did.

Sixth Year

“You are so selfish Sirius” said Regulus, blood dripping from a gash on his left cheek. “How could you leave me?”

“Look at me. I SAID LOOK AT ME YOU COWARD” yelled Regulus.

Sirius was looking down, he raised his head at the last word. “I’m not a coward” he mumbled he couldn’t even convince himself. Regulus was holding he left arm in front of him, Sirius saw a dark tattoo with a snake twirling around a skull, the Dark Mark.

“Do you understand what you did to me?” asked Regulus, Sirius could hear fear in his voice. “Do you understand if I die at the hands of a Death Eater or an Auror, the blood is on your hands?”

“I never wanted this Siri, I only wanted you to stay with me. A simple request. What did you do? You left me. You selfish son of a bitch, YOU LEFT ME TO ROT” cried Regulus.

A new gash appeared on Regulus’ chest, another one on his leg, another one on his collar bone, he was bleeding severely but he wouldn’t look away from Sirius.

“No, no–” begged Sirius as he reached for his wand.

“R-riddikulus! DAMN IT! I’m sorry Reg, I’m so sorry” his hands were trembling.


Seventh Year

“Did you hear, Sirius Black betrayed the Order” whispered someone Sirius didn’t know. “The Death Eaters ambushed the Order members, there are many dead and wounded”

“Well it was bound to happen, wasn’t it? He’s a Black, after all. Isn’t his family biggest You-Know-Who supporter?” asked another person.

“Traitor” said Lily, her hands the same colour as her hair.

“You betrayed us Sirius” said Peter, he looked scared.

“We saved you, I saved you!” apparently it was James’ blood on Lily’s hands, blood was dripping from James’ stomach.

“I gave you everything I had Sirius, why? Why would you do this?” said Remus, wand pointed at Sirius’ heart.

“I- I would never.. I–” begged Sirius.


“Pads! Pads? SIRIUS!” yelled Peter with a stark white face. “It took me some time to realise that was a Boggart mate, I’m sorry”

“I- I couldn’t do anything. I froze” explained Sirius, avoiding eye contact with Peter.

“Come on, let’s get out of here Pads. You will never betray us, not you, it wouldn’t even cross my mind” said Peter with warmth in his voice as he patted Sirius on the back.


hello :)

today i am here to discuss the above organism. 

once thought to be the largest living organism (recently surpassed by fungal masses in Oregon) it is called pando, or the trembling giant. 

what it is, is 43 hectares of Quaking aspen that are genetically identical, sharing a colonal root system that first germinated form a single seed………..

80,000 YEARS AGO!!!!!!!!!

yes, this is 6,000 tons of the exact same tree, over, and over, and over again, for 80,000 years………….

this beautiful monster, this graceful majestic bastard has seen some amazing shit, by the time early modern humans were making there way to Europe, this organism was 40,000 years old…………this weighty sod had seen 65,000 years go by before the first humans walked the land bridge to the Americas……..

to put some perpective on that, humans invented the wheel around 5000 years ago………….this clonal tree has been alive 18 times longer than humans have had the wheel…………..

DUDE I HAVE BLOWN MY MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



NOW ALL THE PONIES AND THINGS: brotrot its-bass-control ask-cosmic-body nerdys-art-crap ask-shiningstar-and-skyla peppermint-pattie-replies askpenpointandfriends ask-nettles askkensake ask-themetalmare ask-jekyllandhyde dogofrubies asksweetdisaster askzief silverchimesask daintyurbanprincess ember-spark snowyflame ask-dark-animator pony-amelia-pond askmartinishake askapplebeam ask-angel-moondust modtea malikoathkeeper shadowfoxsilver chalkponiesmod ask-rangeraspen ask-dr-radical asksolofire ask-minx-and-raven askcherryquiet artistic-medium dundy-and-d alte-seele ask-violetrain ask-rustygears four-ponies-of-the-apocalypse featherbot-answers ask-ponyling ask-jam ask-thaumaturge-pony ask-straight-razor
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Pando (Latin for “I spread”), also known as The Trembling Giant, is a clonal colony of a single male quaking aspen determined to be a single living organism by identical genetic markers and assumed to have one massive underground root system.

The plant is estimated to weigh collectively 6,000,000 kg (6,600 short tons), making it the heaviest known organism. The root system of Pando, at an estimated 80,000 years old, is among the oldest known living organisms.

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*goes inside* ms p? w-where are yo- Oh mai gawd an action figure pauling! :3

Miss Pauling had just returned when something- odd- had happened. A wave of dizziness hit her and suddenly everything was big. The ground trembled as some giant approached. Their voice was almost painfully loud, but she was able to make out something about an action figure? She was too disoriented to do much more than stand there in confusion. “What?” she muttered, unsure of whether or not her voice could even be heard in her current state.