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Hi dad how was your day

Yesterday was nothin but driving really (what an odd adventure it was), and today is going to be mostly more driving
But overall it was good. Got to see some beautiful mountains and trees that were all different colors. So pretty.


And just like that, your fate was sealed - because Min Yoongi was absolutely going to destroy you. But hell, if you weren’t going to let him, or bask happily in the flames as he did so.

And sadly, at the time, you didn’t think that your thoughts would become so literal.

“Please don’t expect me to always be good and kind and loving. There are times when I will be cold and thoughtless and hard to understand.” -Sylvia Plath

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader
Word Count: 7,774
Chapter Index
◇ Soulmate!Au, Slowburn, Angst

Warning: Depression and death mention, underage drinking, please take this into consideration before continuing. 

If the kink forming in his neck, and the uncomfortable sitting position he’s in says anything at all – it is that for some reason unknown to him in his half awake, half asleep, groggy state – is that he isn’t in his bed.

The second thing he notices is that even though he lacks a blanket, he’s comfortably warm. And within a moment, as his ears perk up to his surroundings and he starts to hear the hushed whispers of two people in the same room as him – he remembers what had happened.

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My sophomore year a tornado touched down right outside of campus (and I should like to point out that it was the only time our tornado siren didn’t work). I don’t remember waking up, exactly. I remember that I was abruptly sitting bolt upright in bed, facing the window like “THAT WAS A TRAIN.”

My roommate and I were like “oh this is probably bad” and grabbed backpacks, keys etc to run down to the basement. My sister across the hall and her roommate were in a similar situation. Power was out, emergency lights made the hall super creepy.

Down the hall, our other hall-sisters peeked out like “Is that a tornado?”
And one girl was like “Siren didn’t go off. I have class tomorrow.”
“Me too.”
“I have homework.”
“I’m going back to bed.”
“But guys, I’m pretty sure that’s a tornado out there?”
“I don’t care.”

And that seems to sum up being a college student fairly well. The only thing that would’ve made it more fitting is if it had been during finals week.

Wanna One Kim Jaehwan College AU

For Anon! My ask box is open again :) Enjoy! (You + Kim Jaehwan)

Originally posted by kim-biased

  • It was your freshman year at college, and you were attending one relatively far from your family. You were slightly anxious about starting meeting people and professors from scratch, but you were looking forward to making new friends and learning regardless
  • You arrived on the college campus for orientation completely clueless, but hey that’s okay
  • When you first moved in, you did that thing where you be friendly to pretty much anyone, to try to find some friends/people to hang out with
  • Anyway
  • You were put in a four-year dorm, meaning that freshmen up to seniors were all in the same dorm: this made you somewhat anxious but you thought you’d be fine
  • The day before classes started, your dorm all met up together to do introductions and awkward icebreakers
  • It was the first time you were meeting any upperclassmen, but from the beginning one person stood out
  • This person, whose name you would later find out to be Kim Jaehwan, was undoubtedly the life of the party
  • He was constantly joking around and screaming “OKAY OKAY” every couple of minutes, but nobody was annoyed by him – in fact, the RAs in charge of the dorm seemed to be completely used to his antics
  • He even had this really strange sounding scream-laugh that escaped his mouth at times, but all it did was make other people start giggling along with him: he was contagious and you personally thought it was incredibly charming
  • Needless to say, he was, even if it was unintentional, incredibly well-liked by people older and younger than him
  • And this popularity made him seem… unapproachable, like he was on a pedestal, at least to you
  • Where in reality, he was probably… definitely willing to talk with anyone
  • From that first encounter with the group, you had developed an innocent crush on the guy
  • He was incredibly funny and likable not to mention really attractive
  • Anyway you didn’t share many classes with him, since he was 2 years ahead of you in school, a junior
  • And that was fine, you weren’t looking really to make a relationship out of this, you just thought he was a cute guy lol
  • But during all the dorm activities, you got so distracted because of him
  • There would be game nights and group dinners and movie marathons and you (and your friends, to your dismay) frequently caught you wistfully staring at him or laughing a little too hard at his jokes
  • You thought you were subtle about it, but if someone hung around you at the same time Jaehwan was in the room, it really wasn’t that hard to tell where you mind and heart were lol
  • Despite all this (and pressure from your friends), you never approached him, because like, how?
  • Well before the first semester ended, you actually happened to have one interaction with him
  • You usually didn’t attend any of the dorm parties, because you are extremely physically irritated by loud noises and music, and so far most of the parties had been the “turn up” type, not many of the chiller hangouts, so you pretty much stayed in your room doing quiet things with your friends like games or internet browsing
  • But at the end of the semester, there was this one winter holidays party that “everyone” attended, as your friends and dorm-mates told you, so you decided why not, to just check it out for a bit
  • You didn’t think you would be there for too long, so you didn’t dress up too much: you wore red sweatpants and a green shirt to embody the “holiday spirit”
  • When you got to the party, you realized why people said it was much more extravagant than the other ones
  • This one seemed to have a much larger budget, and there were beautiful decorations everywhere, with balloons and Christmas trees and pretty holiday lights
  • And to your pleasant surprise, the music wasn’t super loud or anything, in fact it was just the regular old holiday music lol
  • Everyone was dressed up way more than you were, but you felt comfortable, much more than you thought you would when you first heard about the idea
  • Trying new things isn’t so bad, (Y/N), you instructed yourself, content with the experience so far (even though you hadn’t talked to anyone yet lol)
  • You didn’t know how to dance to Christmas songs, so you headed to kitchen to grab some good food yuss
  • Surprisingly, the kitchen was completely empty when you entered: the perfect time to steal all foods ! ! ! !
  • Unable to hold back the evil smile that was starting to cover your face, you stacked snacks on your plate, growing happier and happier as your plate filled up to the edges
  • You were so glad you had come to the party LOL
  • Satisfied with your collection, you headed over to the drinks, where there was various bowls of questionable substances
  • What are these even… there wasn’t a label or anything
  • As you scratched your neck and bended down to smell the liquids, you didn’t notice another person entering the room
  • Yes you guessed it
  • It was the one and only Kim Jaehwan, and you failed to notice his eyes boring into the top of your head, as he stood on the opposite side of the food counter
  • Multiple things about this first meeting:
  • 1. Jaehwan already knew who you were. lol. and he also knew about your crush. also lol. word spreads pretty quickly through the dorm, and you were unaware of that! congrats !
  • 2. There are two people now in this room: you and him,,, and you have your nose hovering above a bowl of punch or something
  • Anyway yes you were smelling the punch because you didn’t want to consume any sketchy alcohol at this party (you hadn’t drank before anyway, and you didn’t want the conditions of your first time to be mystery fluid)
  • “Is this alcoholic…” you mumbled to yourself, before your eyes flicked up to meet Jaehwan’s, making you gasp and stand up straight in surprise, almost tripping over your own feet, making Jaehwan laugh at your reaction
  • Nice one, real nice, (Y/N)…
  • He looked too good for words, his brown hair looking messy but perfect at the same time, in his own pair of sweats and a long t-shirt, with an adorable reindeer antler headband on his head
  • “I’m pretty sure the red one has alcohol, and the peach one just has some sodas, punch, and ice cream.”
  • They were the first words he had spoken to you, and you wished you were capable of acting completely normally but you were too much of a spAZ to do that
  • “Oh, okay, thank you, I-I’ll get the red one then,” you sputtered out
  • “You want the alcoholic one? Oh, I thought you were under the impression you didn’t, with the way you were sniffing those bowls, haha”
  • “Oh, no I meant the non alcoholic one, gah” you corrected, mentally kicking yourself for literally saying gah like out loud
  • “Nah you’re good, these parties are pretty confusing at first, I totally get it. I came for the food too,” Jaehwan said with his gorgeous laugh
  • “Oh, you did? Come for just the food, you mean?”
  • “I mean, look at me,” Jaehwan said, pointing to his outfit. “This is my sleep outfit, and I have fully planned to fall into a food coma today.”
  • You couldn’t stop your blush from rising to your cheeks in reaction to his joke, before you asked without thinking, “you sleep with those antlers on?”
  • Jaehwan seemed slightly caught off guard for a split second, before he smoothly responded, gasping and clutching his chest
  • “(Y/N), I am so offended, the antlers aren’t a costume, its a serious physical defect, I can’t believe you don’t have the sense to not talk about that to me,” he cried out
  • You couldn’t keep up the joke and started giggling, before you realized… did he just say my name? How does he know my name…
  • But guess what? Your thoughts had unknowingly slipped out of your mind, and he heard you ask him that, out loud, you only realizing you had done that when you looked up to see Jaehwan staring at him, his cheeks turning a shade of red that matched your pants
  • “Ah, of course I know the name of my fellow dorm-mate, we’ve been living in the same place for the past couple months,” he saved, looking less confident than you had ever seen him
  • Just then, another freshman from your dorm walked in, and with some confidence you had unknowingly conjured up, you challenged Jaehwan out of nowhere
  • “Okay, so what’s their name?” you asked, as Jaehwan coughed randomly into the air, claiming that your game was completely unfair to him
  • “I bet this person isn’t even from our dorm and just snuck in here, please,” he replied with some fake arrogance
  • “Fine, then do the next person that enters,” you said, enjoying his misery
  • And the two of you just stood there in the kitchen, leaning on the countertop, staring at everyone who came in, for the next 30 minutes, stuffing food into your mouths
  • Turns out, Jaehwan barely knew any of the freshmen or sophomores in the dorm, leading to a lot of laughter from the both of you as he made up random names on the spot
  • After some time of this, when the kitchen emptied out again, you let the question that had been lingering on your subconscious slip out
  • “So why did you only know my name?” you laughed, before stopping instantly, realizing what you had said
  • And you were met with… silence
  • Your nervously looked up at Jaehwan, and saw him staring at his feet, which were bending over on the ground uncomfortably, a drastic change from his usual psycho demeanor
  • “Uh, well, I sorta heard thatyoulikeme…” he quickly said, the volume of his voice trailing off
  • And just like that, you could have sworn you heard your heart drop
  • Oh my gosh, this is so embarrassing, your cheeks pinking for a different reason than they had been the rest of this evening
  • “Oh,” was all you managed to get out, standing up straight, subconsciously starting to move away from him, your head turning to face a different direction
  • “Wait, no, (Y/N), I’m not talking to you just because of that,” Jaehwan said, placing a soft hand on your shoulder, holding you back, making you hesitantly look back at him
  • “I mean,” he said, starting to awkwardly laugh, “a lot of people knew about it, although I didn’t realize how much you enjoyed looking at me until one of my friends told me,”
  • “Ugh I get it, I’m totally obvious, I have a huge crush on you, big deal,” you replied, disheartened, moving Jaehwan’s hand on your shoulder with one of your own, but he took advantage of the contact and took your hand
  • “Wait, no, I’m sorry, I don’t think I’m explaining this properly, I heard you liked me and I didn’t know who you were, but I found out soon after that, and I sorta noticed you were really cute and you always laughed at my jokes and seem really nice and I want to get to know you better because I kinda like you too,” he hurriedly confessed
  • You were totally overwhelmed at the past minute of new information, staring blankly at Jaehwan, as he looked back at you, waiting for a response
  • “Uh, what?”
  • Jaehwan smirked at you, making your heartbeat rise; seeing you get all flustered at his words made him incredibly satisfied
  • “So do you want to get to know each other better?” he asked, poking your nose
  • You finally let a smile break free onto your face, nodding enthusiastically
  • “What? I can’t hear you,” Jaehwan teased
  • “Okey okey!” you exclaimed, making Jaehwan lose his cockiness and pull you into a hug
  • “OKEY OKEY!” he screamed, and you kicked him in response, your physical reaction being completely different from your rapidly beating heart but who cares hahhahahaha
  • You two just chatted and ate for the rest of the party, sometimes going out to stare at the people dancing, the both of you proclaiming that you weren’t “dancing people” (Jaehwan demonstrated some of his… questionable dancing moves to demonstrate his point)
  • Anyway when your friends heard this news, they were all relieved, claiming that they thought it would never happen (GEE THANKS)
  • (Jaehwan’s friends were equally happy, having been annoyed for the past couple months of him staring at you and asking them if you had laughed at his attempts to be funny)
  • You two still didn’t share many classes, but met a lot in the dorm, and activities were actually able to be enjoyed by you after this because not all your attention was on him!!! Wowza!
  • For example,,, movie nights turned from staring at each other from across the room to cuddling under a blanket AHHH
  • (well that might not be the best example… as his presence next to you was tbh still pretty incredible for a little bit haH)
  • You two raided parties solely for the food, becoming infamous for creepily staring at people while the both of you munched on snacks
  • As you loosened up around him and became more comfortable with your dorm group as a whole, you actually found that you had a psycho laugh as well (some people said yours sounded like a hyena mixed with a squeaky door)
  • Who needs a power couple when you can have a psycho couple
  • y’all are weirdos but somehow it’s still adorable


Requests are open! Thank y’all for waiting ❤️

Safe and Sound (Josh Dun)

Originally posted by tyjosephs

Pairing: Josh Dun/Fem!Reader
Words: 2000+
Warning(s): sexual harassment, some swears
A/N: So here is the fic thats base on a dream. it was a lucid one, almost died having it lol (i couldnt breath) also sorry if this seems duummbb but it is based off the dream i had and dreams can be a bit wonky. Its fan fiction so yeeahh. this probably sucks since i’ve been working on it at 3 am every morning.

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And I ALSO love....

summary: Percy pisses of Aphrodite, who decides to mess with the reader

a/n: this one was a little hard to write, I didn’t really know what to do with this one! Hope it’s okay!

All Percy meant to do was please Hera. Just maybe to get her off his ass for a LITTLE while.
All he did was give one little compliment. He never meant to piss off yet ANOTHER goddess.
All he did was call Hera the most beautiful goddess, and Aphrodite HAD to swoop in a smite someone. Well not really, but she did cast a spell. A rather annoying one, at that.


“y/n? Yoo, y/n?” Percy called to you, his black hair flopping as he rushed over to your shady spot under a tree. Having just finished some sword practice, you were pretty hot. You looked up at Percy.
“Yeah?” You lazily said as he sat down in front of you.
“You look hot.” He smiled at you.
“Uh..I am, I just finished some new-”
“No, I mean you’re beautiful.” He cut you off, still grinning. You flushed.
“Oh…thank you, Percy!” Your face still hot, you leaned over to give him a peck on his cheek. His smile got even wider as he took you in his arms, much to your surprise. You ended up falling over onto the warm grass. He tucked his arm around you and placed his head on top of yours.
“And also, I think that you’re the cutest thing that I’ve ever seen.” He stated. You flushed yet again.
“Thanks, Perce.” You nestled into his side. “And you have the most brilliant laugh! It makes me so happy. I love you so much, y/n.” His words practically oozed with admiration. You looked up at him.
“Are you feeling okay?” You asked him.
“Yes! Can’t I compliment my beautiful, amazing, wonderful, cute, brillian-”
“Percy.” You sat up. “What’s up with you?” His smile faltered.
“Nothing, honey. Why would you think so?” He, too, sat up to reach out to you. You dodged him and stood up.
“You..never call me honey.” You weren’t upset, just confused.
“I don’t?” He laughed. “Well, I should!” He stood up.
“No, you haven’t called me that ever in the past 4 years we’ve been dating, Percy,” you said, confused. He tilted his head.
“Really? I’m sorry, sweetheart,” he said.
“That, too! You’ve never called me that!” Still, you weren’t upset. He always had called you ‘his’, ‘beautiful’, or 'darling’, among many others.
“Well…why can’t I, now?” He scratched the back of his neck.
“Percy, what’s the last thing that you did?” You asked him, worry lacing your words.
“Well, after I ate breakfast I went over to Hera’s shrine.” He said nonchalantly. You crossed your arms absentmindedly.
“And what were you doing there?”
“I told her she was the ugliest goddess ever!” He exclaimed. You gasped.
“What the hell, Percy?!” He covered his eyes.
“I-I didn’t know it was bad!” You tsked, grabbed his ear and dragged him to Hera’s shrine.


“Ma'am? Hera?” You called out. Waiting a moment, you gave Percy a glare.
She appeared in front of you.
“Yes?” She shot a look that clearly said why-the-hell-did-you-call-me-here, until she saw Percy, where her face softened, to your surprise.
You gulped and looked at the floor.
“Percy has something to say to you,” you glanced at him as he swallowed.
“I-I am very sorry for insulting you earlier!” He said quickly, hiding behind you. Hera wore a surprised look.
“What are you talking about?”
“Wait…didn’t you hear what Percy said, earlier?” You asked, uncertain. Hera quirked an eyebrow.
“Yes, in fact I did.”
“Well..aren’t you mad?” You carefully asked, worried you would overstep your boundaries.
“No, why would I be? It was very sweet of Percy to say that!” She stated. You looked at Percy, then at Hera, uncertain.
“W-what did he say to you?” Hera smiled.
“He said I was the most beautiful goddess there ever was!” She beamed. You scrunched your eyebrows.
“I…. Well, ma'am…Percy has been showering me in compliments, and not that I-I’m not grateful…I-It’s just that it is r-really unusual…a-and so I asked him what the l-last thing he d-did was and he said that he c-came to your shrine to t-t-tell you that y-you were the ugliest g-goddess there w-w-was!” You flinched, aware that you were stuttering more as you got to to the part you were sure that the smiting would occur. She walked up to Percy.
“No, I remember him complimenting me.” She placed a hand on his head.
“M-ma'am! What’re you-” she took her hand away.
“He’s been cursed by Aphrodite.” She smirked. “She must’ve been jealous.

Needless to say, apologies were given and curses were removed. But Percy certainly didn’t keep the compliments at bay.

A kiss with keep us together Jughead X Reader

Writing to apologise for the mess up of the last one✨

Pairing: Jughead X Reader
Word count: 605 (really short sorry)
Summary: “can we kiss?”

-7 years prior-

“Juggie?” You sounded, the slight whines and typical child like sound escaping out of your parted lips.

“Yes, (Y/N/N)?” He replied as he turned his head to look at you. You and him were sat on the grass at the park, smack bang underneath a tree. You were both pretty exhausted after a long couple of hours just playing on the sturdy, well-built jungle gym.

“Will we always be together?” You asked, you look at your best friend and smiled a sad smile. You didn’t want to lose Juggie by something told you, you eventually would.

“I hope so” he responded as he shuffled a bit closer to you, putting his arm around you, trying to comfort you. “I really so hope so” re repeated.

Your 9 year old self didn’t take to boys well but Juggie was different, he had been your best friend from the minute you walked into your classroom. He wasn’t like anyone else and that’s what you loved about him.

At 10 years old Jughead Jones managed to be so collected but at times, especially when it comes to family, he let loose. You had helped him with some of his family drama that was happening before your eyes, however, you being quiet young, you had no idea how to help but just be there for Jughead.

“How do people make sure they don’t lose each other?” You asked sincerely.

“I think it’s all about love” he responded as he again tilted his head to give you a warm smile.

“Can we kiss?” You responded, you hadn’t wanted to say it but it just rolled of your tongue.

“Erm…what?” He laughed as Jug became disoriented from the question that had just been asked.

“It means we both had, had our first kiss and that we love each other. We can never lose each other that way” you giggled at how Jughead was reacting.

“Okay” he responded as he cupped your chubby, still developing face in his hands and placed a messy, sloppy kiss on your lips.

“I love you Juggie” you replied after the quick kiss was finished.

“I love you too, (Y/N/N)”

-Present day-

You walked through the schools ever winding corridors. Your (Y/H/C) in a messy, high ponytail and light makeup spread across you face. The black, flowery backpack on your back swinged as you walked, obviously because you only had one strap on your shoulder.

Your too crinkled as you walked and your jeans rubbed together. You were staring down at your converse covered feet until you went smack into someone else.

“I’m so sorry” you spoke as you scurried to claim all of the paper that you had been holding in your arms. “I wasn’t watching were I was going and I’m so sorry” you rambled, as you watched another pair of hands help collect up the work.

“It’s okay (Y/N)” the male laughed as he handed your things back to you. “Knew I’d get you falling for me eventually” he chuckled again as you looked up, you stared into the all too familiar eyes.

“I mustn’t have fallen that hard, still don’t feel anything” you laughed as you picked yourself off the floor.

“Ouch. You wounded me” Jughead drastically said as he dramatically placed a hand on his heart and acted offended.

“Oh come on, you big idiot. If always fall for you” you replied as he placed his arm around you and kissed the crown of your head.

“I know, I’m too irresistible” he joked.

“Yeah yeah, keep dreaming Forsythe” you laughed

#223 - For anonymous x4

Filling the prompts “reader is an intern for NME or Radio X/BBC Radio 1 (whatever floats your boat) and goes to an award show with her supervisor and is introduced to the band there. And Van kinda shows interest in her and she basically has to control her Fangirl side and act as normal as she possibly can.” and “Could you do one where he catches you singing or dancing to his songs?” and “Van dating someone who rarely sings/does anything remotely musical around him, and he finally hears them sing and realizes they’re actually?? really good?” and “reader is singing in a shower and van overhears then shouts "what is that song?? who sings it? sounds class” so reader is taken aback that he heard her but then imparts her musical knowledge on this lesser known band to him and then he compliments her voice. later she finds van humming or singing that same song"

Bonus mini-request for Van and Reader getting high and having a moment when they hear Mr Brightside.

The A5 notebook in your hand felt heavier than its pages of paper justified. It was weighed down with the embarrassment you felt when you realised there was no fucking need to bring a notebook to an awards show. Max had snorted when he saw you with it. “Going to school, Y/N?”

You frowned and suppressed the urge to explain yourself. As an intern, you were constantly learning important things. You could hardly keep track of everything you were meant to remember and wanted to remember. The habit of carrying around the notebook was formed because of that. As you left your place, you had not given a second thought to picking it up and carrying it out the door.

Trying to hide it behind your clutch, you awkwardly followed Max. The NME Awards were a big deal, and as you looked around the space and recognised many huge names, another urge was suppressed. You wanted to faint or cry or attach yourself to the legs of half the people in the room. Keep that shit on lockdown, you reminded yourself. The internship meant everything to you. Having a fangirl meltdown was probably not the best course of action if you wanted to keep the position.

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Jared x Reader: Part III

(Part I and Part II)

Pairing/characters: widowed!Jared Padalecki x reader, Jensen Ackles, other members of the cast mentioned

Word count: 1721 ish

Summary: You and Jared had an incredibly awkward moment the last time you saw each other, and now it’s even more awkward. (Hint: Jensen’s a sweetheart who sticks his nose into other people’s business [helpfully, ya know? lol.]) (Also, coffee again. I’m sorry if you don’t like coffee.)

Warnings: swearing (anybody surprised?), fluff, mentions of punching in the A/N (don’t ask. just don’t ask.)

A/N: Okay. Y’all (shit, I just said y’all and don’t usually/didn’t used to say y’all) Anyway. You guys have permission to punch me if you ever meet me. (Okay, I really wouldn’t recommend that. I’m jumpy/defensive and you’re probably gonna get hurt more than me. Just ask two of my friends who have accidentally gotten hit. Okay. Sorry. Totally off topic. It’s been a long day. hehe) I am so so sorry for taking so long in posting this. I may or may not have had most of it written for a while. But since it’s Jared’s birthday, I figured I just kinda have to finally post part iii. 
(Once again. No disrespect meant to any of the cast or anything.)

(gif not mine.) and maybe it’s not completely related, but he 
looks kinda nervous, and also very pretty, so whatever.

Originally posted by bittersweetsam

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JARED PADALECKI. (You amazing, incredible human who has helped me so much.)

I grabbed my jacket and hat, trying to get out of the green room before Ruth, Gil, Misha, or Jared, God forbid, came in.

It was Jensen. Jensen came in before I escaped.

I bumped into him as I hurried out, and he grabbed my arm gently. “Hey, what’s up? You’ve been acting kinda weird today… Especially around, like, Jared.”

I shrugged, backing up to face him. “What do you mean? I’m fine!”

Riiiight. And that’s why you and Jared have pretty much been avoiding each other since we all got here last night.”

“We…” My voice trailed off, because I wasn’t sure what to say.

“You…?” He waved his hand, trying to get me to talk.

“Holy shit, Ackles…” I gave him a look, but I was more frustrated with myself than with Jensen. “Just… Something happened two weeks ago, so now it’s awkward.”


I glanced down at the floor, shaking my head, and blurted out, “Jared almost kissed me.”

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