the trees were pretty


My first Bluejay fledgling!!!
Can’t say I ever caught one of these before but we had a nest in our tree. They were pretty big. Blurry pics cuz my phone is almost dead.
Anyways this guy was on our deck and the dog went after him so I got him
Put him back in the tree and he flew into our neighbors yard (she has no pets so he’ll be safe there) so good for him
But hoo boy did the Robins put up a fuss about the whole thing since their nest is on our deck where the dog went after this guy. I was yelling at them that this doesn’t concern their kind
And of course this little guy was super loud! Hope he does well haha

30 minutes forest photo study :^)

My sophomore year a tornado touched down right outside of campus (and I should like to point out that it was the only time our tornado siren didn’t work). I don’t remember waking up, exactly. I remember that I was abruptly sitting bolt upright in bed, facing the window like “THAT WAS A TRAIN.”

My roommate and I were like “oh this is probably bad” and grabbed backpacks, keys etc to run down to the basement. My sister across the hall and her roommate were in a similar situation. Power was out, emergency lights made the hall super creepy.

Down the hall, our other hall-sisters peeked out like “Is that a tornado?”
And one girl was like “Siren didn’t go off. I have class tomorrow.”
“Me too.”
“I have homework.”
“I’m going back to bed.”
“But guys, I’m pretty sure that’s a tornado out there?”
“I don’t care.”

And that seems to sum up being a college student fairly well. The only thing that would’ve made it more fitting is if it had been during finals week.

Safe and Sound (Josh Dun)

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Pairing: Josh Dun/Fem!Reader
Words: 2000+
Warning(s): sexual harassment, some swears
A/N: So here is the fic thats base on a dream. it was a lucid one, almost died having it lol (i couldnt breath) also sorry if this seems duummbb but it is based off the dream i had and dreams can be a bit wonky. Its fan fiction so yeeahh. this probably sucks since i’ve been working on it at 3 am every morning.

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A kiss with keep us together Jughead X Reader

Writing to apologise for the mess up of the last one✨

Pairing: Jughead X Reader
Word count: 605 (really short sorry)
Summary: “can we kiss?”

-7 years prior-

“Juggie?” You sounded, the slight whines and typical child like sound escaping out of your parted lips.

“Yes, (Y/N/N)?” He replied as he turned his head to look at you. You and him were sat on the grass at the park, smack bang underneath a tree. You were both pretty exhausted after a long couple of hours just playing on the sturdy, well-built jungle gym.

“Will we always be together?” You asked, you look at your best friend and smiled a sad smile. You didn’t want to lose Juggie by something told you, you eventually would.

“I hope so” he responded as he shuffled a bit closer to you, putting his arm around you, trying to comfort you. “I really so hope so” re repeated.

Your 9 year old self didn’t take to boys well but Juggie was different, he had been your best friend from the minute you walked into your classroom. He wasn’t like anyone else and that’s what you loved about him.

At 10 years old Jughead Jones managed to be so collected but at times, especially when it comes to family, he let loose. You had helped him with some of his family drama that was happening before your eyes, however, you being quiet young, you had no idea how to help but just be there for Jughead.

“How do people make sure they don’t lose each other?” You asked sincerely.

“I think it’s all about love” he responded as he again tilted his head to give you a warm smile.

“Can we kiss?” You responded, you hadn’t wanted to say it but it just rolled of your tongue.

“Erm…what?” He laughed as Jug became disoriented from the question that had just been asked.

“It means we both had, had our first kiss and that we love each other. We can never lose each other that way” you giggled at how Jughead was reacting.

“Okay” he responded as he cupped your chubby, still developing face in his hands and placed a messy, sloppy kiss on your lips.

“I love you Juggie” you replied after the quick kiss was finished.

“I love you too, (Y/N/N)”

-Present day-

You walked through the schools ever winding corridors. Your (Y/H/C) in a messy, high ponytail and light makeup spread across you face. The black, flowery backpack on your back swinged as you walked, obviously because you only had one strap on your shoulder.

Your too crinkled as you walked and your jeans rubbed together. You were staring down at your converse covered feet until you went smack into someone else.

“I’m so sorry” you spoke as you scurried to claim all of the paper that you had been holding in your arms. “I wasn’t watching were I was going and I’m so sorry” you rambled, as you watched another pair of hands help collect up the work.

“It’s okay (Y/N)” the male laughed as he handed your things back to you. “Knew I’d get you falling for me eventually” he chuckled again as you looked up, you stared into the all too familiar eyes.

“I mustn’t have fallen that hard, still don’t feel anything” you laughed as you picked yourself off the floor.

“Ouch. You wounded me” Jughead drastically said as he dramatically placed a hand on his heart and acted offended.

“Oh come on, you big idiot. If always fall for you” you replied as he placed his arm around you and kissed the crown of your head.

“I know, I’m too irresistible” he joked.

“Yeah yeah, keep dreaming Forsythe” you laughed


Aang is now short for Angus

sorry I don’t make the rules, social anxiety does



I updated my blog a bit. Avatar, header, and sidebar image. That’s my self-sim, some lovely trees, and my cat Simon in sim form ♥ I thought they were pretty pics. Kinda gives a nice spring vibe.

And I ALSO love....

summary: Percy pisses of Aphrodite, who decides to mess with the reader

a/n: this one was a little hard to write, I didn’t really know what to do with this one! Hope it’s okay!

All Percy meant to do was please Hera. Just maybe to get her off his ass for a LITTLE while.
All he did was give one little compliment. He never meant to piss off yet ANOTHER goddess.
All he did was call Hera the most beautiful goddess, and Aphrodite HAD to swoop in a smite someone. Well not really, but she did cast a spell. A rather annoying one, at that.


“y/n? Yoo, y/n?” Percy called to you, his black hair flopping as he rushed over to your shady spot under a tree. Having just finished some sword practice, you were pretty hot. You looked up at Percy.
“Yeah?” You lazily said as he sat down in front of you.
“You look hot.” He smiled at you.
“Uh..I am, I just finished some new-”
“No, I mean you’re beautiful.” He cut you off, still grinning. You flushed.
“Oh…thank you, Percy!” Your face still hot, you leaned over to give him a peck on his cheek. His smile got even wider as he took you in his arms, much to your surprise. You ended up falling over onto the warm grass. He tucked his arm around you and placed his head on top of yours.
“And also, I think that you’re the cutest thing that I’ve ever seen.” He stated. You flushed yet again.
“Thanks, Perce.” You nestled into his side. “And you have the most brilliant laugh! It makes me so happy. I love you so much, y/n.” His words practically oozed with admiration. You looked up at him.
“Are you feeling okay?” You asked him.
“Yes! Can’t I compliment my beautiful, amazing, wonderful, cute, brillian-”
“Percy.” You sat up. “What’s up with you?” His smile faltered.
“Nothing, honey. Why would you think so?” He, too, sat up to reach out to you. You dodged him and stood up.
“You..never call me honey.” You weren’t upset, just confused.
“I don’t?” He laughed. “Well, I should!” He stood up.
“No, you haven’t called me that ever in the past 4 years we’ve been dating, Percy,” you said, confused. He tilted his head.
“Really? I’m sorry, sweetheart,” he said.
“That, too! You’ve never called me that!” Still, you weren’t upset. He always had called you ‘his’, ‘beautiful’, or 'darling’, among many others.
“Well…why can’t I, now?” He scratched the back of his neck.
“Percy, what’s the last thing that you did?” You asked him, worry lacing your words.
“Well, after I ate breakfast I went over to Hera’s shrine.” He said nonchalantly. You crossed your arms absentmindedly.
“And what were you doing there?”
“I told her she was the ugliest goddess ever!” He exclaimed. You gasped.
“What the hell, Percy?!” He covered his eyes.
“I-I didn’t know it was bad!” You tsked, grabbed his ear and dragged him to Hera’s shrine.


“Ma'am? Hera?” You called out. Waiting a moment, you gave Percy a glare.
She appeared in front of you.
“Yes?” She shot a look that clearly said why-the-hell-did-you-call-me-here, until she saw Percy, where her face softened, to your surprise.
You gulped and looked at the floor.
“Percy has something to say to you,” you glanced at him as he swallowed.
“I-I am very sorry for insulting you earlier!” He said quickly, hiding behind you. Hera wore a surprised look.
“What are you talking about?”
“Wait…didn’t you hear what Percy said, earlier?” You asked, uncertain. Hera quirked an eyebrow.
“Yes, in fact I did.”
“Well..aren’t you mad?” You carefully asked, worried you would overstep your boundaries.
“No, why would I be? It was very sweet of Percy to say that!” She stated. You looked at Percy, then at Hera, uncertain.
“W-what did he say to you?” Hera smiled.
“He said I was the most beautiful goddess there ever was!” She beamed. You scrunched your eyebrows.
“I…. Well, ma'am…Percy has been showering me in compliments, and not that I-I’m not grateful…I-It’s just that it is r-really unusual…a-and so I asked him what the l-last thing he d-did was and he said that he c-came to your shrine to t-t-tell you that y-you were the ugliest g-goddess there w-w-was!” You flinched, aware that you were stuttering more as you got to to the part you were sure that the smiting would occur. She walked up to Percy.
“No, I remember him complimenting me.” She placed a hand on his head.
“M-ma'am! What’re you-” she took her hand away.
“He’s been cursed by Aphrodite.” She smirked. “She must’ve been jealous.

Needless to say, apologies were given and curses were removed. But Percy certainly didn’t keep the compliments at bay.

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childhood friends au <3

I may have gone a little off track with this one…
  • There were ocassions in which Will didn’t particularly like his neighborhood. Sure, the environment was pretty nice looking, there were some trees and flowers that would look pretty good during the spring, there was enough space for him to play, he even got to play with a squirel once! True perhaps, the last situation hadn’t ended up that well for him but he still enjoyed himself. The only problem? The fact that there was no one his age he could play with.
  • At least that was the case until, one day, through the window of his bedroom, he saw a moving truck making its way along the street to the house besides his, one that had been lacking of movement since a couple of months back. Will had been expecting to see a couple of adults getting out of the vehicle once its doors opened, he would be lying if he said he had prepared himself see a dark haired boy somewhat smaller than him clutching what appeared to be a plushie like his life depended on it.
  • The blond child rushed downstairs at a considerably high speed, worrying his mother, especially when he almost ended up bumping against the kitchen counter, although Will didn’t seem to notice at the time nor really care. In all honesty, he was more focussed on reaching some of the items on the top shelves, leaving a mess behind.
  • Moving somewhere else wasn’t Nico’s idea, he would have never suggested leaving behind the only place that tied him to his early memories, the ones he shared with the now lost members of his broken home. He had the feeling that was what made his father want to move: way too many memories.
  • He hadn’t expected a lot from the new house he would live in nor the neighborhood and yet the brown eyed couldn’t help but feel surprised when, less than an hour after he had entered the place that would be his home for the following years, a blond boy stood in front of the door, extending a basket of somewhat burnt cookies and a glittery card at his direction. Since that moment he learnt not to expect something that people would consider normal from Will.

Send me an AU and I’ll write some headcanons for it (or something similar to a headcanon at least)


This was your first Christmas at X Mansion, and it surely was a magical experience.

There were decorations all over the place, which had been set up in mere minutes thanks to Peter. And in the main hall, there was a Christmas tree taller than any tree you’d ever seen, and you were pretty sure that if the students didn’t have mutant powers it would have been impossible to both set up and decorate it.

With a smile, you walked towards the dinner, where the rest of the students who hadn’t gone home during the holidays were already sitting. With sparkling eyes, you walked towards them to sit down and eat the delicious food that was spread out all over the table:

‘‘Merry Christmas, guys.’‘

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When you go on a park date with Moonbin

This is the fluffier version I promised to do for the lovely (Graduated!) anon who requested a really fluffy Moonbin (or Rocky) date in a park scenario. This is a lot fluffier than the one I posted before even though the concept is the same~ 

this is also a lot better in terms of writing so idk… i personally enjoy this one more than the one i posted earlier but anyway, i hope you liked both~ i mostly wrote this for myself since i wasn’t pleased with the first one ><

Words: 1046

Fluff oh god it feels so good to write some fluff once in a while TuT

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”What?” you asked the smiling boy who was walking next to you, holding your hand gently. He had been taking glances at you while smiling widely for a good ten minutes now.

“Nothing,” he said and looked away but the smile remained on his lips.

“Is my face that amusing?” you asked, raising your eyebrows.

“No,” he chuckled. “I’m just smiling for no reason.”

“Bin,” you nudged him a little. “Is there food between my teeth again? I swear-“

“No, nothing like that,” he laughed and turned to look at you. “It’s nothing bad.”

“Then why are you smiling?”

“It’s a secret,” he teased, making you roll your eyes.

You two kept walking on the sidewalk what went through a park that was filled with people. Some were on a picnic, some were exercising, some were taking a walk just like you and your boyfriend. The weather was nice, it wasn’t too hot but still warm enough for people to go around wearing short-sleeved shirts.

You noticed a young girl running towards you two. She wasn’t looking ahead and ended up bumping into Bin. She fell on her butt and looked up at him.

“Are you okay?” he asked, a little worried and crouched down.

The girl was obviously mesmerized by his looks and just stared at him in awe while he helped her stand up. Bin checked her arms for injuries and when he realized she wasn’t hurt anywhere, he looked at her.

“You should look ahead when you run,” he said gently and the girl nodded, making you chuckle.

Bin stood up and slightly ruffled the girl’s hair with a smile. “Don’t bump into anyone else,” he said and you two continued walking, leaving the small girl behind. You glanced back and saw the girl just staring at the two of you with a look that you found really cute.

“She fell for you,” you chuckled and nudged your boyfriend. “Literally.”

He gave a laugh. “Yeah, she reminds me of you.”

“What? Oh, please,” you gave him a look. “Weren’t you the one who shyly asked for my number after hesitating for a month or something?”

“Oh, yeah,” he smiled widely. “I forgot about that. I was so nervous I almost cried when I really did it.”

You chuckled.

“But I wasn’t the only one. Remember how nervous you were on our first date?”

“Don’t remind me of that,” you whined when the embarrassing memory of your first date hit you.

“You broke like, what, was it three plates? We almost got kicked out of the restaurant.”

“Bin!” you whined. “I was just feeling extra shaky that day.”

He laughed. “Yeah, yeah, I believe you.”

“I can tell you don’t mean it,” you told him.

“No, really,” he was still laughing. “I believe you.”

You gave him a look before looking away with a small smile.

It was nice to hang out with him like this. Usually you two didn’t have much time alone since your and his friends liked to tag along whenever you planned something. It didn’t really bother you since you still had a lot of fun even though there were a lot more people around than you had originally planned but it was nice to be alone with him every once in a while.

“Hey,” Bin said and you looked at him. “Out of all the dates we’ve been on, what has been your favorite so far?”

You looked away and thought about it for a bit. “I think my favorite is probably that one movie night date we had at my place.”

“Do you mean the date when we both fell asleep less than half an hour after the movie started?”

You nodded and chuckled. “And we woke up in the morning, both confused.”

He chuckled too, remembering the date. “It was so funny when we realized we had just fallen asleep on the sofa and slept the night there.”
You two kept chuckling for a while and when you finally stopped, you could feel something fall on your head. You looked up and felt a drop of water hit your cheek.

“Oh, it’s starting to rain,” Bin said and looked up.

Some people were starting to leave and some took out their umbrellas to stay in the park a little longer despite the rain.

You looked at Bin. “Do you have an umbrella?”

“Nope,” he said. “Do you?”

You shook your head. “I didn’t think it would start raining. What do we do now?”

He looked around for a bit and the rain was starting to get stronger.

“Bin?” you called his name.

“I got an idea,” he said and without another word, you two hurried under a pretty big tree. You were quite surprised by how well it blocked the rain.

“There shouldn’t be any lightning so I think this is a pretty safe option,” he smiled widely.

“Let’s stay here for a bit,” you said and ran you fingers through your hair to dry it a little.

Bin helped you and it didn’t take long before you found yourself just standing there, leaning against the tree while he ran his fingers through your hair repeatedly. He was extremely focused on your hair and you observed his expression. You found him cute and chuckled, making him look up from your hair.

“What?” he asked, a little confused.

“Nothing,” you said with a smile.

“Tell me,” he pouted and let go of the strand of hair he had been holding gently.

You couldn’t resist his pout. “You looked so cute while focusing on my hair that I couldn’t help but chuckle.”

“Really?” he grinned.

“Just a little,” you couldn’t stop smiling.

He cupped your face with his cool, slightly damp hands and leaned in for a kiss. It was a sweet kiss that left you with a fluttering heart and slightly pink cheeks. He was smiling widely when he ended the kiss.

“What?” you asked when he just kept staring at you with that wide, cute smile.

“Nothing,” he answered.

“Nothing?” you repeated.

He let out a small chuckle.

“Tell me. Why are you smiling like that?” you asked, curious.

He rested his forehead against yours. “Because I just can’t believe how lucky I am to have you.”

Liam- It Was Everything

Request-  Could you write me an imagine about anything? For Liam please?

A/N- Loved writing this one!!

“Alright girls, you did a great job setting everything up,” you announced, clapping your hands together.
Eleven fifth graders stared up at you, all in various stages of untangling each other from camping equipment. One girl was popping out of a tent, a few others were hanging halfway out of sleeping bags, and you were pretty sure there was one stuck in a tree.
Your brow furrowed, and you walked over to the girl, whose dark hair was hanging over the ground.
“Uh, Mina, what are you doing?” you asked lightly.
“I’m having fun,” she told you brightly, flashing you a gap-toothed grin.
Your lips twitched and you glanced over at your co-counselor, Sydney, but she shot you an exasperated look. You held up your hands in surrender and looked back down at Mina.
“Okay, well we’re about to have a group meeting right now, so you might wanna get down.”
“Okay,” she chirped. “Oh, and Ms. Y/n?”
“Wanna know something cool?”
You glanced back at Sydney who was mouthing “Say no, say no” over and over.
Before you could answer the girl, she pointed above her. “My shoelaces are tied to this branch!”
Sydney gave an exasperated sigh and stomped over. “I’ll get her down. You start the meeting.”
You smiled and walked to the center of the campground. “Alright, guys, can you all come over here please?”
It took a few minutes, but all of the girls eventually shimmied out of the the tents, crawled out of sleeping bags, and untied themselves from trees. They made their way to the center of the clearing you and Sydney had chosen an hour ago, and sat down before you. Mina ran to join the group last, sandwiching herself between two other girls as Sydney came to stand beside you.
“Alright, as I was saying,” you began. “You guys have done awesome, so I think you deserve a little reward. We’re gonna put the skills we’ve learned to the test, and we’re going to start a campfire to make s’mores.”
Cheers erupted from the girl scouts sitting in the dirt, and you looked over at Sydney for approval. She offered you an uneasy frown. “They’re going to be up all night.”
“Yep,” you agreed. “But I promise I’ll be the one chasing them around camp. You can sleep.”
“Y/n-” Sydney groaned.
“And the first team to get the fire started gets the first s’mores!” you shouted suddenly, cutting her off.
A scramble ensued at your words, and in seconds, all the girls were racing to the pile of firewood you had collected.
“Y/n-” Sydney protested, cutting herself off to shout after one of the girls. “China, put those matches down! How did you even-are those mine?!”
She glared at you and you shrugged, jogging past her to help the girls. “Come on, Sydney. I know Ms. Honor Student remembers how much fun she had on these trips. Live a little!”
The Brunette shot you a frustrated glance and then sighed to run after you, causing you to grin. Sydney was doing this to put volunteer hours on her college application, but you knew she enjoyed Girl Scouts. Not as much as you had, of course, but now that you were too old for it, being a counselor was something that just seemed to make living in crazy Beacon Hills worth it.
You did have access to a pretty great preserve, and you loved taking the kids out here to spend the night. You had made some of your fondest memories camping, and out here with the chirping crickets and sleeping bags all pushed together, you felt at home.
The night started quietly enough, with only one slightly burned piece of clothing and about fourteen botched s’mores. The girls chased each other around in the dying light with glowsticks, giggling and laughing in the dark, causing you to smile. You and Sydney sat on a log and watched them play, and for a while, you were content, but then you saw a single glow stick sitting on the edge of the woods.
“Sydney,” you said, glancing around the campsite. “Count the girls.”
“I counted them five minutes ago,” she complained. “And didn’t you tell me to stop doing that?”
“I told you to stop doing it every fifteen seconds,” you reminded her. “But seriously, count them.”
Sydney huffed and stood up, and your gaze flicked around at your campers. “I counted ten.”
Sydney looked over at you, her eye filling with fear. “So did I.”
You swallowed. “Okay, don’t freak out. Count again.”
“There are still only ten!” she hissed. “And…and Raina’s gone.”
“Get them together,” you whispered. “I’m going to go find her. She probably just wandered o-”
The sound of a shrill scream interrupted you, and you closed your eyes briefly. When you opened them again, Sydney was staring at you in horror. “Okay, that could be anyone.”
“Y/n!” Sydney shrieked. “One of our girls is out there!”
“Okay, okay,” you hissed. “Calm down.”
“Ms. Y/n! Ms. Sydney!” one of the girls cried. “What’s going on?”
“Uh, nothing,” Sydney said, trying to fake a smile.
“Ms. Sydney, what are you doing with your face?”
You looked back at her and put your hand on her shoulder. “Stay here. I’m going to find her. I’m bringing her back.”
“What?” she demanded. “You can’t just go on your own. What if someone’s out there?”
“I’ll take a weapon,” you promised, glancing around the site.
You quickly ran over to the pile of extra supplies you had brought, and your eyes lit up when your eyes landed on something heavy and wooden.
“Y/n, that is a canoe paddle,” Sydney hissed.
“You got anything better?” you questioned, and before she could answer, you headed off into the trees. “Didn’t think so.”
You slipped past Sydney’s line of vision, and all she could do was watch you go with fear in her eyes. You knew it was stupid to go off by yourself, but there were only two of you. Sydney was the older counselor anyway, but she would be better at staying in control of the other girls. You were the funny one, but she was the responsible one.
Now those lines were going to have to blur, because if you wanted to find Raina, you were going to have to take the lead on this one. She could have easily gotten lost and just been afraid of the dark, but while Beacon Hills was boring from day to day, its night life seemed to bring out terrible things.
You had heard rumors of things out in the preserve, but none of the troup leaders had mentioned anything about that. You just assumed they were meant to scare people away from sneaking into the preserve at night. Now, faced with the possibility that they could be true, you knew you had to find your camper.
“Raina!” you called, keeping a tight grip on your paddle. “It’s Ms. Y/n! Are you out here?”
All that came from the darkness was silence. Not even the crickets were chirping, and now that you were all alone, the woods were beginning to feel less like home and a more like a cage. “Raina!”
Another shriek cut through the trees, and you felt your adrenaline kick in. You ran toward the sound of the scream, your boots slamming into the dirt. “Raina! Where are you?!”
The screams became more frequent now, and you headed to the source, your heart slamming against your ribs. “Raina!”
You held the paddle like a spear as you skidded to a stop in the clearing, and in the slim amount of light left from the sunset, you were able to see Raina’s colorful sneakers kicking in the dirt. There was a large figure on top of her, and he seemed to be grunting or yelling, but either way, the sound was unnatural.
You darted forward and yelled “Hey! Get the hell off of her!”
Your voice shook with terror, and maybe that wasn’t the best move, but they hadn’t exactly gone over this scenario in counselor training. You wished they had, and you could practically see the final quiz in your head. If one of your campers is attacked by a madman in the woods, do you a) leave her for dead b) launch a rescue mission, or c) consult your handbook?
The next step in your brilliant plan was to raise the canoe paddle over your head, and in a split-second decision, you slammed it down on the man’s head. Instead of falling over like you thought, he simply whirled around and opened his mouth, which were full of jagged teeth.
The man’s eyes seemed to flash white, and even though you were terrified, you stood you ground. “Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?”
He let out a throaty laugh that sounded more like a growl, and then he rose from the ground above Raina. She screamed and scrambled back in the dirt, but the man, or whatever he was, didn’t seem to care about her anymore.
He took a step forward, and then you bolted, still gripping the paddle tightly. You glanced over your shoulder to see him chasing after you, and you thanked your lucky stars that you were leading him away from camp. You hoped Raina would be able to find her way back, but right now, your only concern was making sure this thing didn’t get to the girls.
You glanced behind you once more, and when you did, you stumbled on the root of a tree. You slammed into the ground and quickly pushed yourself back up, dropping the paddle in the process. When you felt the hand latching onto your ankle, you screamed.
Your nails dug into the dirt as you were dragged back on the forest floor. You were yanked around roughly, your back scraping on loose twigs and leaves as the man pulled you under him. You screamed again as he pinned your arms into the dirt, and he leaned down to get closer.
You whimpered as you felt his breath graze your cheek. Now that he was so close, you could see his teeth in more detail, and you could tell that there were rows and rows of them. They were wicked sharp, more like an animal than a human, and you had the terrifying thought that he was planning on sinking them into you.
“Why are you doing this?” you gasped out.
He leaned forward, and he offered you an animalistic grin. “Because I’m hungry.”
He roared in your face, and you began to cry. “Please stop. Please.”
“What’s the matter?” he growled. “Not so tough anymore?”
“Stop,” you repeated, your voice wobbly and broken. “Please.”
You glanced around you, looking for anyone or anything that could save you, but all you saw were darkened trees. The light was pretty much gone at this point, and you wondered if this was where you died. Alone, terrified, and in the dark.
Before you could think anymore about your impending death, the weight of the monster on top of you was gone. The sound of snarling hit your ears, and you sat up, dazed, as you found the source of the commotion.
The man on top of you was writhing under a growling shape, and now it appeared to be his turn to be pinned down. You could barely see in the dark, but you were able to slip your phone out of your jacket pocket and shine the light toward the struggle.
You gasped when you saw who was pinning the man to the ground. Liam Dunbar, the sweet guy with the baby blue eyes from your math class, was pressing the guy into the ground. He glanced up at you and raised his eyebrows. “Run!”
You nodded quickly and stumbled back, swatting stray branches out of your way as you ran back to camp. You looked over your shoulder one last time to see Liam still turned your way, and if you had been able to look through the darkness, you would have seen concern in his eyes.
You tore back through the woods, shining your phone light in front of you and glancing back every few seconds just to make sure that thing wasn’t following you. Fear was constricting your throat and making it hard to breath, but when you finally saw flashlights shining up ahead, you took the chance of believing that you might be safe.
You almost slammed right into someone as you entered the clearing, but before you could, they roughly grabbed you by the shoulders. You let out a scream, but as your vision adjusted, you could see it was only a girl.
“Relax,” she commanded, glancing down at you to make sure you weren’t hurt. “You’re okay.”
“I-don’t-don’t you go to my school?” was all you managed to get out.
The girl was tall, with shoulder-length brown hair and a look that suggested she didn’t take any shit. You had seen her hanging around Liam a couple times, but you knew she was senior.
“Yep,” she told you, taking her hands off your shoulders.
“Y/n!” a voice shouted.
You looked over to see Sydney running toward you, and she came up and threw her arms around you. “Oh god, I thought you were dead. Raina came back and you didn’t and I just…I’m really glad you’re okay.”
“Thanks, Syd,” you breathed. “Are the kids okay?”
She nodded and glanced back at the group of girls huddled together in the dark. Another one of Liam’s friends, a tiny redhead, was standing in front of them and teaching them one of those hands games with the chanting.
“They’re fine,” she promised. “Lydia’s watching them. And the girl you almost ran into is Malia. One of them is in my Biology class. Their friends Scott, Stiles, and Liam went out to find you. You know Liam, right?”
“Yeah, he’s in my Algebra 2 class,” you said. “Sydney, what the hell is going on?”
“I have no idea,” she admitted. “But you know weird things happen in this town. All Lydia would say was that some maniac got loose from Eichen House and took off into the woods. Stiles heard it on the radio, and Liam said he remembered hearing you talking about this trip on Friday. That’s how they found us.”
“Liam?” you whispered, blinking in the darkness. “He remembered?”
“I know you have the biggest crush on him,” Sydney said softly. “Maybe he feels the same way.”
Your cheeks flushed, and you looked back toward the woods. “Shouldn’t we get the girls out of here? In case that thing got away?”
“Scott and Liam have it covered,” Malia promised you. “It’s only one wendigo.”
“What’s a wendigo?” you asked.
“They eat people,” she told you plainly.
You gulped. “O-okay.”
The sound of running footsteps echoed through the night, and the three of you glanced over to see Liam jogging toward you. Your eyes lit up, and you met him halfway. “Oh my god, are you okay?”
“Me?” he asked, raising his eyebrows. “I’m fine.”
“Are you bleeding?” you asked, pointing to his shirt.
“Oh, it’s not mine,” he assured you. “It was Patrick’s.”
“Patrick?” you questioned.
“The psycho from Eichen House,” Liam told you. “He keeps escaping, and I’m guessing that rehabilitation therapy doesn’t really work for cannibalism.”
You let out a soft, uneasy laugh, and Liam smiled. “Are you alright?”
“I’m not hurt,” you promised.
“No,” he said softly. “I mean, are you alright? You just saw something terrifying. Sydney told us how you ran after that girl. That’s so brave, Y/n.”
You nodded firmly. “I had to protect my camper.”
Liam shot you a grin. “Who knew girl scouts could be so badass?”
You laughed softly. “I think I’m pretty skilled with a canoe paddle…hey,what happened to that guy?”
“The wendigo?” Liam asked. “Scott and Stiles took him down another trail to the Sheriff. They didn’t want to scare the girls.”
“Thank you,” you breathed gratefully. “Me and Sydney appreciate it. And…I’m really glad you’re okay.”
Liam smiled. “I’m glad you’re okay too. Honestly, when I heard on Stiles’ radio that Patrick was in the preserve, I panicked. I remembered what you said about being out here and I got worried.”
You blinked. “Didn’t I say that to Corey?”
“You did,” he admitted sheepishly. “But I was kind of listening in.”
You smiled and tilted your head. “Why?”
“Because I like you,” he confessed as his cheeks began to flush. “I really like you. And I wanted to know what you were doing this weekend so I could ask you out, but-”
“ I was on the trip,” you finished, your smile brightening.
“Exactly,” he breathed. “But hey, looks like we get to hang out anyway, right?”
You nodded. “You saved my life, Liam.”
He shrugged. “It was nothing.”
“It was everything,” you countered. “And I think I owe you at least one date.”
Liam swallowed. “Really?”
“Really,” you told him. “Besides, after we drop the kids off and tell all the parents what happened, I’m free tonight.”
You grinned at Liam, and he laughed softly. “So, do you get a badge for saving that girl’s life?”
You rolled your eyes. “I think knowing I made sure she wasn’t eaten is enough.”
“Do you still have your little outfit? With the sash and everything?” Liam asked with a laugh.
“Uh, maybe,” you said defensively. “It was very fashionable in 2007.”
“You’ll have to show me sometime.”
“Only if you show me the Devenford Prep uniform,” you fired back with a smug smile.
Liam laughed once more. “Okay. I think we should probably go over to the others. Those kids look like they’re trying to tie Lydia to a tree.”
“Wha-oh, Mina, come on!” you called as you watched her pull out her shoelaces and give them to one of the other girls as rope. “Jesus Christ. I’ll be back.”
“Take your time,” Liam told you. “We’ve got all night.”
You headed toward your scouts, but you suddenly glanced back over your shoulder to shoot Liam a warm smile. It had been a bizarre day, and you had almost been made into a human shish kabob, but you had to say the night had taken a spectacular turn. And if you were being honest, now that Liam was there, you didn’t really want it to end.

DA2 desrved at least half the effort that went into Inquisition’s forests, pretty waterfalls and wild rams running around, because according to the concept artist and some codex entries, Kirkwall was supposed to be a literal maze, a heavy, confusing city with an endless number of alleys, secret passages, chambers, some streets literally being built in the shape of magical glyphs. To the point of Merrill getting lost is not an indication of her being bad at navigating human cities, it’s just that the city itself is a goddamn mess.

At least it could have served some story purpose, and there could have been some interesting stuff to be found in all these secret places you may found in 7 years. Instead of, you know, huge empty deserts where nothing is happening.