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Underneath the Cherry Tree - Victor Nikiforov x Yuuri Katsuki

@crazylazydays requested:  AU idea - Victuuri puppy love. With them as cute kids, doing a version of their engagement.

“I hate him Yuuri! I hate him and his stupid lying face” Yuuko cried running up to Yuuri and embracing him in a tight tear filled hug.

“What’s wrong Yuuko? Why are you crying?” Yuuri asked, deeply concerned about his friend. Yuuko wiped her tear stained cheek on the shoulder of Yuuri’s sweater.

“Stupid Takeshi was holding hands with Megumi. We were going to get married recess but I don’t want to marry his stupid face anymore.  I hate him Yuuri!” She exclaimed sobbing against Yuuri, her poor innocent heartbroken over having to break off her ‘engagement’.

Yuuri didn’t know what to do. He wanted to help his friend, to make her feel better in some way but he had no idea how. In Yuuri’s young childlike innocence he offered the only thing he could think of.

“I’ll marry you instead!” Yuuri offered. Yuuko looked up at Yuuri with a renewed spark in her eyes.

“Really Yuuri?” She asked hopefully.

“Of course! You’re my bestest friend Yuuko. I’d do anything for you.” Yuuri swore innocently. Yuuko smiled brilliantly and squeezed Yuuri impossibly tighter to her.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” She giggled, her past woes long forgotten. Yuuri smiled, happy that he could change his friend’s mood around.

Yuuko and Yuuri made plans to meet next to the playground’s swingset to get ‘married’ during recess. Yuuri looked forward to meeting Yuuko during recess but was unprepared to face the reality of spontaneous changes of the hearts of children.

When recess came Yuuri hurried excitedly out to the playground only to find that Yuuko and Takeshi had made up and their ‘wedding’ was back on. Yuuri’s poor little heart deflated at the rejection. Yuuko probably didn’t mean to hurt young Yuuri’s feelings but even still his feelings were hurt.

Without a word, Yuuri ran away from the happy couple and hid underneath the slide. His classmates played around him, oblivious to where he curled himself into a vulnerable ball. Yuuri silently cried into his knees.

“Are you hurt?” A young foreign voice asked. A silver haired boy about Yuuri’s age poked his head under the slide, giving Yuuri a deeply concerned look. Yuuri recognized the boy to be Victor Nikiforov, a recent foreign student that moved to Japan with his parents. Victor had been the subject of much curious ogling from the students, Yuuri included. A few of the girls had even asked between their fits of nervous giggling to braid his long exotic hair.

Yuuri didn’t blame their curiosity.

“I’m fine.” Yuuri insisted, wiping his watery eyes with his sleeve. When he looked back up, Victor was still there, looking at him with warm sympathetic eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Victor asked crawling under the slide to sit cross-legged beside Yuuri.

“Yuuko and I were supposed to get married at the swingset today but she got married to Takeshi instead.”

“Why would she do that?” Victor asked, not able to comprehend why anyone wouldn’t want to marry Yuuri. The two were in different classes so they’ve only ever exchanged a word or two but Victor always found himself admiring the Japanese boy from afar, always too nervous to work up the courage to ask him to play during recess. Yuuri always seemed so cool and out of his league.

Yuuri could only shrug in response.

“Well I’d marry you.” Victor admitted without thinking. Their equally surprised eyes connected and Yuuri’s face broke out in an infectious smile.

“Really?” Yuuri asked hopefully. Victor nodded and wrapped his arms around Yuuri’s shoulders in a tight embrace.

“Of course! You’re so cool Yuuri! I want to be your friend forever and ever!” Victor exclaimed.

“Yeah?” Yuuri giggled, pleased at his new friend’s excitable dedication. Victor grabbed Yuuri’s hands and pulled him to his feet and out from under the slide.

“Come on Yuuri! We can get married after school under the cherry tree across the street! It’ll be so perfect Yuuri! We can even make flower crowns out of the blooms and we can bring my dog! Do you have a dog Yuuri? Mine is the most adorable poodle -” Victor rambled on excitedly, practically skipping as he dragged Yuuri around the playground.

By the time recess ended Victor had their wedding planned down to the tiniest detail and Yuuri looked forward to every second of it. They went their separate ways to their respective classes but Yuuri’s mind was far elsewhere, more specifically underneath that blooming cherry tree across the street.

As soon as class was dismissed Yuuri hurried out to the school yard to search for Victor. His little heart sank in disappointment when he didn’t immediately spy Victor’s trademark flowing silver hair. His worries were quickly washed away when he heard Victor’s light foreign voice call out from behind Yuuri.

“Yuuri!” Victor called cheerfully with a wave. Yuuri waved back as Victor approached him and took Yuuri’s hand. With the assistance of the crossing guard Yuuri and Victor crossed the street and ran across the open field where their makeshift altar would be.

They sat below the tree as the pale pink petals floated around them. They chatted together while they wove crowns from the tree’s blooms - well Victor did most of the talking but Yuuri was more than happy to listen.

When Victor was finished weaving his crown, he reached up and placed it on Yuuri’s head with a proud smile. “Perfect!” He exclaimed. Yuuri finished his flower crown and set it on top of Victor’s head.

“Sorry mine isn’t as good as yours Vicchan.” Yuuri apologized sheepishly. Comparing the two crowns side by side, Victor’s was certainly more beautiful and well crafted than Yuuri’s but Victor didn’t mind. All that mattered was that his new friend made it.

“Nonsense! It’s wonderful!” Victor argued gingerly touching the woven flowers resting against his soft silver hair.

“Victor?” Yuuri asked sheepishly, looking up at Victor from under his lashes. Victor was struck by the scene before him. Yuuri wearing the flower crown Victor made, with rouge petals falling from the cherry tree and softly landing in his dark hair.

“Yes Yuuri?” Victor responded softly

“Do you really want to marry me?” He asked unsure of himself.

“Of course I do!” Victor reassured. “Can we get married now? My mom is going to pick me up soon.” Victor asked almost impatiently.

“Ok you go first.” Yuuri encouraged. Victor smiled and took Yuuri by the hands and started with his childlike version of wedding vows.

“I, Victor Nikiforov, promise to be your best friend forever and ever and make sure that you’re never sad ever again.” Victor promised firmly with unwavering seriousness. “Alright your turn.” Victor encouraged.

“I, Katsuki Yuuri, promise to be your friend and hold your hand and pet your dog and laugh at your silly jokes and never ever hurt your feelings.” Yuuri rattled on. Victor’s grin grew impossibly wider and he threw his arms around Yuuri’s neck in an excited hug.

“We’re married now Yuuri! We’re going to be together forever!” Victor proclaimed. A sleek car pulled up a few moments later and honked for the newlywed’s attention. “That’s my mom. Bye Yuuri! I’ll see you tomorrow, da?” Victor leaned over a gave Yuuri’s cheek a quick innocent peck before running off with a wave of his hand. Yuuri absently touched his cheek as he waved goodbye to his new husband.

20 Years Later

Yuuri,” Victor sang, sneaking up behind Yuuri and covering his eyes with his hands. Yuuri was immediately suspicious. He’s known Victor long enough to know when he’s up to something.

“Victor.” Yuuri said in his disapproving voice. Victor chuckled behind him and rested his chin on Yuuri’s shoulder, still blocking Yuuri’s vision.

“I brought you a present.” Victor whispered slowly kissing along Yuuri’s neck.

“Finally marrying you is present enough.” Yuuri retorted tenderly.

“Are you implying that time we got married as kids wasn’t real? Yuuri! You wound me.” Victor said dramatically. He could almost hear his fiance pouting.

“What did you get me? Or is this some rouse to get me to have a quickie with you before the ceremony starts?” Yuuri asked. Victor scoffed but didn’t deny it immediately.

“Sadly no.” Victor said before setting something on top of Yuuri’s head. “Here. Take a look for yourself.” Victor said, pulling his hands away from Yuuri’s eyes and turning his shoulders to the nearby mirror. On top of Yuuri’s head was an ornate crown made of freshly picked cherry blossoms. Yuuri started to tear up when he saw in the mirror that Victor wore a similar flower crown himself.

“Well what do you think, lyubov moya? I made them myself.” Victor said. Victor started to panic when he saw moisture brimming in Yuuri’s eyes. Yuuri sniffed and dabbed at the tears that decided to spill over on their own accord. But despite his tears Yuuri had the biggest brightest smile on his face.

“I still can’t believe you remember that.” Yuuri shook his head in disbelief.

“Of course I’d remember marrying the love of my life.” Victor said before resting his forehead against Yuuri’s. Victor let his eyes slip closed, taking a moment to revel in the feeling of Yuuri in his arms as they eagerly awaited the first day of the rest of their lives to begin.

“What did I ever do to deserve you?” Yuuri wondered to himself.

“I ask myself the same thing every day.” Victor said.

Mari chose that moment to poke her head into the room, breaking the intimate moment the couple was sharing.

“It’s time.” She said.

Victor gave Yuuri’s arm a reassuring squeeze. After taking a calming breath, Yuuri hooked his arm through Victor’s. The couple shared a look full of excited nerves before stepping out and beginning their journey to the all too familiar blooming cherry tree, ready to finally seal their childish promises of dedication into reality.

Excuses, Excuses

A/N: An anon request for a Spencer x Reader, where the team doesn’t know that the two are dating (she doesn’t work for the Bureau). One night, the team goes out to dinner, minus Spencer, and they see the two together. @coveofmemories


After a long hard week away on a case, the team desperately needed a break. “We going for sushi?” Morgan asked to a chorus of “definitelys” and “oh hell yeses.” They’d barely eaten all week long and their last meal today was a quick muffin or piece of fruit at the hotel before the jet took off.

“I think I’m gonna bow out,” Spencer replied, clutching at his stomach. “I’m not feeling too well. Maybe it’s because we haven’t eaten all day, but I don’t want to test it.”

Garcia pouted. She hated leaving one of her loves behind. It never felt the same. “Are you sure? We’ll miss you though.”

Spencer reiterated that he wasn’t feeling well, which Hotch and Rossi didn’t seem to buy. As everyone got ready to leave, Hotch turned to Rossi. “You think he’s hiding something?”

“More than a little something,” Rossi replied, watching as Spencer shrugged on his coat and headed toward the elevator with a little too much pep in his step for someone that claimed to not be feeling well. “But I guess we’ll know when he’s ready.”

“Good for him,” Hotch smiled, putting on his own coat as his stomach grumbled ferociously. “Let’s get out of here. I’m starving.”


After a delicious sushi dinner that left everyone on the team overwhelmingly full, they decided to go for a walk in the park. Everyone was having their own little conversations, as well as overlapping ones, so no one wanted to go home just yet. “Oh. My. God,” Garcia breathed, pulling everyone behind a grove of trees.

“What?” Emily asked confused. She was used to Garcia’s eccentricities, but when she scanned the area, she couldn’t see any cause for alarm.

JJ looked around, not sure what had Garcia so excited either. “What’s going on?”

Garcia just pointed. Across the street from the park, stood someone that looked an awful lot like Spencer. It totally was Spencer. But he wasn’t alone. He was standing next to a young woman with wavy hair that went just past her shoulders. She had her arms wrapped around him and he looked like he was about to kiss her. “Go, Pretty Ricky,” Morgan said, staring in awe as his kid brother locked lips with the beauty in his arms. “Since when has Reid had a girlfriend?”

“I knew it,” Hotch smiled.

Garcia spun around and got right in Hotch’s face way too excited for her own good. “Wait, you knew? Why didn’t you tell us?”

Hotch just laughed. “I only suspected. And only tonight. He claimed to not be feeling well, but he seemed very happy to leave. Now I see why.” 

As Spencer and his mystery woman pulled apart from each other and began to walk down the street, Garcia started to follow, hiding behind tree after tree, so as to not be seen. Although, she was probably drawing more attention to herself than she realized. “We shouldn’t be doing this,” Emily laughed, following Garcia anyway. Everyone else followed behind, although Hotch and Rossi had protests of their own. They all excused their behavior as wanting to look out for their loved one, but deep down, they all just knew they were being nosy. They’d only seen Reid with a girl on a couple of occasions; Lila Archer, a girl from a bar on one of their other cases and Maeve. Since Maeve, he hadn’t been out with anyone; he had been too heartbroken.

JJ smiled wide when she saw where they were going. “He’s taking her over to the swing set.”

“This is so cute I might throw up,” Rossi laughed, thankful that the Doctor seemed to have found someone he loved. Morgan almost snorted. He was thinking the same thing. The mystery lady sat in the swing, as Spencer got behind her, pushing her higher and higher while she laughed. At one point, he pushed her too high and she jumped off, tumbling into the grass with a screech.  “I’m definitely gonna throw up,” Rossi said again. 

After checking to see that she was alright, the two started making out again, much to Garcia’s approval. “I have so many questions,” she said, turning around to the rest of the group. “When did they start dating? Is she treating him well? When can we meet her? I love that hairpiece she’s wearing. Can we be best friends?”

When she looked back after her rambling, they were gone, but with her eagle eye that could’ve rivaled a sniper’s had she used her skills for such things, she caught sight of them walking down the block toward an ice cream place. She just wanted to follow them inside and confront the Boy Genius, but the rest of the team kept her firmly in place. “If she dabs ice cream on his nose, I’m going to die,” Garcia exclaimed. As if on cue, the mystery woman pushed her ice cream cone into Spencer’s face. His exuberant smile was mirrored by his friends and teammates. His hair was messy. She had dirt on her clothes from the park. And his face was covered in ice cream. But none of that mattered. He was ecstatic and unequivocally in love. That was all that mattered to them right now; his happiness. He more than deserved it.

“Okay, okay,” Hotch said, linking his arm into Garcia’s to turn them around. “I’m pretty sure they’re gonna be standing there for a while and I imagine we’ll soon be intruding on another private moment. Yup…” he said, craning his head around to see the two kissing again. She didn’t want to leave. As a matter of fact, she wanted to grab a tub of popcorn and watch the romance bloom. “We really need to go. At least we know Reid had a good excuse for ditching out on dinner.”

“Can’t I just bust them?” Garcia pleaded, as the team pulled her away. “Please.”

“No,” they said collectively. Spencer finally had someone in his life. When he was ready, they would be there.

autotagging: a subset

I am tagging myself in the alphabet thing. I only want to answer two of them, but in some depth.

K: Yes, I have killed someone. Driving eastbound on Golf Road from the Edens towards a gig in Evanston on an icy December night in 1990, observing the speed limit and all other traffic laws. I had no chance: she was traveling northbound on one of the side streets there and blew clean through her stop sign, right into my path. I swerved right and my left front bumper smashed hard into her left rear quarter-panel. Her car did two full revolutions and careened at full speed into a big tree across the street. I brought mine to a stop in someone’s yard. I ran over to see if she was OK, and I was not ready for what I saw. She hadn’t been wearing a seatbelt, and somehow she went over her steering wheel, face first into the windshield. Her face was so bloodied I wasn’t immediately sure if she were a man or a woman. A neighbor came out and called the police; this was before everyone had a cell phone. As the ambulance took her away and I sat with the Evanston police recounting the events, a commotion erupted on the street from which she’d come. Her son, a huge, hulking man, had become aware of his mother’s condition and was looking for the one who’d hit her. A cop put me into the cruiser and handled the situation with the enraged man (and his friends) beautifully, diffusing the anger at the moment, though it would linger in a lawsuit her son prosecuted (unsuccessfully) over the next two years. She died about two months later from the injuries she sustained that night, only regaining consciousness for a few brief periods during that time. She was old, and in poor health, and what ultimately turned the lawsuit in my favor was that she had been on powerful medication which had side effects including blackouts. Maybe it’s a stretch to say I killed her; the courts clearly felt I did not. Maybe the medicine did, maybe old age did, maybe having a shitheaded, money-grubbing son did. 

Z: I did the math. The constellation Capricornus is comprised of 104 stars according to Wikipedia. I’m not an astronomer, so I was surprised to learn tonight that it’s very difficult to estimate the mass of distant, non-binary stars. (But I was glad to learn it.) Turns out that most of the stars in that constellation are of classes much larger and brighter than our sun; this stands to reason, given that they are pretty far away but we can still see them. For the purposes of this argument, I’m going to assume that each of those stars has mass equivalent to 50 of our suns. That gets them all up into the hypergiant area, huge!, which they’re all surely not, but work with me here. Using Newton’s gravitational law (F = Gm₁m₂/r²), I plugged in this assumed mass for each star, a mass of 86 kg for myself, and the distances to each star, calculating the gravitational force each of those stars (if they were hypergiants) exerts on little old me. And then I added those forces up. Now, the stars are along several different vectors, spreading across 19º of decilnation and 2 arc-hours of ascension, so there’s some kind of vector math to do if I want to be super tidy about this, but I don’t. This bit is already wearing pretty thin. So the sum of all those gravitational forces from all those stars, acting on 86 kg me, given a whole bunch of hand waving around vector math and stellar mass, is about 40 piconewtons, or about the amount of force it takes to break a single hydrogen bond in a single molecule. Maybe that can change the course of history, maybe not. But I’m not one to completely deromanticize astrology, either. Because another force—electromagnetic—emanates from those same stars. And those photons can land on my retinas and knock loose the odd electron, which can in turn trigger many important electrical and chemical reactions in the organ a few inches behind those photons’ final destination, and indeed, the effects there can change history. Good enough for me.

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After nightmare cuddles with tsukkiyama? (•ω•)

Okay, so you probably were expecting some cute fluffy cuddles or something. While there are some cute and fluffy cuddles, it got dark. Real dark. Oops.


Kei was less than pleased with the current situation. Sure, he was skeptical about the whole idea of a team trip to the coast, but now that he was actually here, he knew this was going to be a headache. The ride was quiet, most of his teammates sleeping a majority of the way. Now that they had arrived, they were suddenly all full of energy, and it was a bit annoying. 

“What are we going to do first? We could play beach volleyball, or go swim in the ocean, or go on a hike, or build sandcastles, or-” Hinata rambled on excitedly as everyone finished arranging their stuff in the large, open room they were staying in. 

“You’re free to do whatever until dinner, then we’ll come back and do some team bonding exercises,” Suga announced, turning to face the team. “So just make sure to meet back here around 6.”

“What do you wanna do Tsukki?” Yamaguchi asked him. He shrugged in response, listening in to what everyone else was doing. Tanaka, Noya, Hinata and Kageyama were going to play 2v2 beach volleyball, Shimizu and Yachi were going to walk along the beach, Suga, Daichi, and Asahi were going to check out all of the little beach shops, and Ennoshita, Narita, and Kinoshita were going to play cards on the deck. 

“You can stay here with Ennoshita,” Kei decided, looking over at Yamaguchi. He could tell that was what Yamaguchi wanted to do, but he never would if Kei didn’t. “I think I’m just going to go on a walk.”

“Are you sure? I can go with you,” he insisted, looking back at him. Kei just shook his head.

“I’ll be fine, it will be nice to just be on my own for a bit,” he admitted, grabbing his phone and sliding his shoes on. 

“Okay, be careful!” Yamaguchi called as Kei left the cabin. He lifted his hand slightly and walked out the door, turning left and walking up to the street. 

It was a rather nice day, the sun was shining and the clouds were scarce. There was one road that ran along the beach, the south end leading to the row of shops and the north end leading into the forest. Kei decided to go north, walking along the tree lined road. There weren’t a lot of people out, an occasional car or person went by, but it was mainly just Kei and his thoughts. 

After about an hour of mindlessly wandering, he noticed a woman walking her dog across the street. She seemed to be having some trouble, her dog was running ahead of her, pulling harshly on the leash. In one swift movement, the dog tugged the leash from her hand and ran across the street towards him. 

“Shepard no!” she yelled rushing across the street towards him. At the very moment she stepped off the curb, a car rounded the corner, and she never made it to the other side of the road. 

Kei felt his blood run cold; what did he just witness? He stood there completely frozen, watching the car skid to the side and the man run out, looking around frantically.

“What do I do?” he yelled frantically when he noticed Kei. Being addressed pulled him back into the present, and he rushed across the street to help.

“Call an ambulance,” he instructed as he knelt next to the woman. She was flat on her back, laying in a quickly growing pool of blood. “Can you hear me?” he asked her, looking for any sign that she could. When he didn’t see any movement, he began to slowly panic. He carefully lifted her head onto his lap and looked down at her face, the only thing he could do was try and keep her conscious until help arrived.  

“Hey, look at me, okay. Keep your eyes open and keep looking at me. Don’t close your eyes, just look at me,” he instructed, more for himself than for her. Her eyes were still open, but the color was slowly fading. Something inside of him knew that there was nothing left to do, yet he couldn’t give up. He could hear the sirens in the distance, but everything just seemed so far away. He focused on the woman below him, her breathing getting shallow and her eyes dulling. Kei lightly grabbed her hands and just held them, hoping to bring her at least some comfort. Even after he felt her still, he didn’t let go until the paramedics got there.

The woman was pronounced dead on the scene, and after giving a statement to the cops, Kei was given a ride back to the cabin. As he got out of the cop car and walked down to the building, he saw his team all hanging out next to a fire roasting various food items. He tried to sneak into the cabin without being seen, but of course Yamaguchi noticed him.

“Tsukki, you’re la-” he began, his voice faltering after getting a good look at the other boy. Kei didn’t need a mirror to know he looked like shit, his clothes were covered in blood and he was pretty sure his face showed just how tired he was.

“Tsukishima, what on earth happened?” Suga asked, rushing over to him. Kei flinched slightly, he really didn’t want to talk to anybody right now.

“It’s not my blood,” he muttered, avoiding eye contact. “I’m going to go clean up and go to bed. I’ll see you guys later.” With that, he turned and entered the cabin, glad that nobody asked any more questions. He took a nice long shower, cleaning all of the blood off of his body, and threw away his clothes. Even if the stain did come out, he didn’t want any physical evidence of the events of that day. He set up his futon in the far corner of the room and curled up, wishing for sleep to take him quickly. Luckily for him, it did.

He was standing on the side of the road, another person across the street with a dog. In a split second, the dog was next to him and the other person was stepping into the street. The car rounded the corner and hit the person, sending them flying down the road. The car skidded to the side and a man jumped out, looking over at Kei with wide eyes.

“What do I do?” the man asked, his voice frantic.

“Call an ambulance,” Kei responded, rushing over to the injured person. He knelt down next to them and screamed.

It was Yamaguchi.

Kei bolted up, looking around the dark room. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Yamaguchi sleeping peacefully in a futon next to him, safe and not laying in a pool of his own blood. He ran his fingers through his hair, trying to even his breathing. He leaned his back against the wall, just watching all of his teammates sleep. It calmed him down, seeing all of them safe and peaceful. He wasn’t sure how long he sat there before Yamaguchi spoke up.

“Kei,” he whispered, worry in his voice. “Are you alright?”

“No,” Kei responded, hugging his knees against his chest.

“We saw the news story…I’m sorry you had to go through that,” he apologized, propping himself up on his elbow.

“She died in my arms,” he muttered, his eyes staring blankly at the ground.

“You don’t have to talk about if you aren’t ready,” Yamaguchi told him, looking into his eyes.

“I’m just so drained,” Kei whispered, trying to avoid Yamaguchi’s gaze.

“But you can’t sleep,” he guessed, earning a nod from the taller boy. Yamaguchi grinned shyly and pushed himself out of his futon, moving over to Kei’s.

“Tadashi…” Kei began, looking down at him. Yamaguchi smiled and patted the spot next to him.

“You always used to do it when I had nightmares,” he shrugged, pulling Kei’s arm until he was laying next to him. Yamaguchi grinned and snuggled into his chest, instant warmth engulfing Kei. He wrapped his arms around Yamaguchi, holding him tight.

Yamaguchi was here, in his arms, safe and sound.

Not the one ( Jumin X Reader ) part 2

Summary: You have been married to Jumin for 1,5 years but it was an arranged marriage but Jumin doesn’t have feelings for you.

A/N: Rika is alive in this fanfic and in therapy so she’s okay now. She’s also still in a relationship with V.

I hear Jumin in the other room. This is the first time I’ve heard him talk so… exited?
I mean Jumin and Rika have been friends for a long time so I guess it makes sense.
Nothing to worry about right? I decided to do what I always do when my mind is on the edge of exploding. Playing the piano. I sat down and started to play River flows in you by Yiruma. I let my mind wonder off bit by bit with every note I hit. I love the sound of the piano. It always calmed me down. Not that I was a professional or something I just played piano because I liked it. I was so concentrated that I didn’t notice Jumin coming in. After 15 minutes I was feeling better and stopped playing, then I noticed Jumin. “Oh sorry I didn’t see you coming in” I said. Jumin was still looking at his phone when he said, “ I’m hungry we should eat I’ll inform the chef so prepare for dinner” and with that he left me alone once again.

We ate in silence. There was an uncomfortable atmosphere and somethings felt off. It’s not unusual that we eat in silence, most of the time I try to start a conversation but Jumin usually doesn’t reply or replies simple things like “yes”, “no” , “ it was ok”. I was starting at my food and Jumin was starting at his phone. Which was odd since he’s always like “no phones when we’re having dinner”. But since it’s not like we were going to talk anyway I didn’t mention it. After dinner Jumin finished some business stuff and I got ready for bed.

The next day I woke up around noon. I couldn’t sleep last night because Jumin kept tossing and turning. When I woke up the house was empty again. Jumin left a note saying that he had to take care of something and that he would be back late, but that I shouldn’t worry. So I turned the music up, ate some breakfast, well lunch since it was already noon, and played with Elizabeth. After I got bored of that I decided to go out. A girl needs to shop from time to time you know. After awhile my feet started to hurt so I decided to get some coffee. There was this really cute coffee shop and it didn’t look too crowded so I went in and ordered. There was a table free next to the window with two chairs. I sat down and looked outside. There was a big green park across the street with loads of flowers in all sorts of colors and beautiful trees. There were kids playing sports, people on dates, people feeding the ducks.

I sighed, I wished I could go on cute dates with Jumin but he was always busy, at least that what he always said. Come to think of it the only “fun” thing we ever did was going on our honeymoon. Jumin was very different back then. He talked much more and was actually interested in me and in my hobbies, family, friends. I don’t know what happened but a few months after our honeymoon he changed into the person he is now. Suddenly I notice that my coffee was in front of me. I must have been daydreaming again, silly me. I’m stirring into my coffee cup and listen to what song is playing. It’s midnight city by M83. I really liked that sort of music. I started humming along and looking out the window once again.

Taking a sip of my coffee, enjoying the view, forgetting all the worries I’ve had. Until I notice someone standing next to me out the corner of my eye. “ Hello there Y/N long time no see”, a deep voice says. I turn my head to see who it is and to my surprise it was the last person I expected to see.
Hohohohohohooooo who will it be who will it beeeeeeeee
Lolololol personally I hate cliffhangers so I’m SoRrY for doing this to you ( sike)
I’m surprised that so many people liked the first part like uhh? I kinda suck so idk why but THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT AJDKKSKSOS
like I’ve gained so many followers and people keep reblogging and liking my posts I’m so thankful!
Also I hope you like this part and who do you think or hope the mysterious person will be?
- Tess

Stand By Me (Teen Sam x Reader)

hello hello i’ve been so inactive on here but writing so i decided to post something of what i am working on right now so here you go!

premise of this is having fun on a late night adventure with dear ol’ samuel

also this is probably not my best writing because i’ve been so inactive and in a rut and this isnt a finished product so please stand by me for a better version HA

“Maybe I will!”

Your lungs were burning. Your eyes were stinging from the tears that started to fall. Your hands were hurting from your nails that dug into your palms from your balled fists.

You had finally snapped.

The door to your bedroom slammed with you behind it. The echo through the house didn’t seem to silence or phase anyone.

Collapsing onto your bed with cloudy eyes, you started at your ceiling with empty eyes.

It was a constant cycle. You threatened to run away, a fight broke out, you shut yourself in your room, and dealt with it. You wanted to run away. Hell, you’ve threatened it several times. But somehow, nothing ever changed.

He called you careless.

You sat up and turned to your closet.

You were going to show him careless.

She called you reckless.

Then you were going to damn well show her reckless.

You swung open your closet doors, grabbing your backpack that already had some necessities inside.

The constant threats of running away had you prepared. In fact, you had almost everything planned. You had an idea of where you would go, what you needed, and how to keep yourself on your feet.

Mom and Dad were still shouting downstairs over God knows what. You knew Dad was going to shut himself in his study eventually, while Mom would sit quietly in the living room as she knit, which left you alone in your room.

And now you had finally reached the point where you were leaving. For good.

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aspidocheloner  asked:

How is the Sims 2 Yuri On Ice Disaster™? Is Victor still fucking whore island? Does Debu Yuuri still love spaghetti? Please help I must know. I also hope you feel better soon! Flus are the absolute worst.

thank you for your interest in my DISASTER YURI ON ICE NEIGHBORHOOD in the sims 2!! i go through playing the sims in obsessive phases, and haven’t played in awhile.  i opened it up today to answer these IMPORTANT INQUIRIES!! 

so, something that i did not realize is that in the sims, it gives your characters little identities when you click on the house? here is how the sims 2 describes the slutty yuuri frat house:

  • EROS YUURI: “love machine”
  • DEBU YUURI: “hopeless romantic”
  • DRUNK YUURI: “lusty lover”
  • PLISETSKY: “mini miser” 
  • PHICHIT: “real somebody”

which i feel like is an accurate representation of how all of these characters were intended to be, and the many facets of yuuri katsuki’s personality (not pictured: ANXIOUS MESS, LOVE URSELF BBY).  

anyway.  the first house i went to was OG Yuuri and OG Victor– the two that are married.  like i said, the last time i played, they recovered from the fact that victor was caught making out with Debu Yuuri on the front lawn when OG Yuuri got home from work, and OG Victor had easily forgiven OG Yuuri for running away with the newer, more romantic Victor that moved in across the street.  @wortwood watched me play and commented on the fact that it was very romantic to watch them dance in the living room while half of the trees on their property caught fire and no one really cared.  however, all of OG Yuuri’s goals, i realized, were not to DANCE and FLIRT and TELL DIRTY JOKE to his Victor, but Victor Across The Street, so i went to Victor Across The Street’s house.

Victor Across The Street lives in a much smaller home, and he had just made a plate of sandwiches to cry into and eat by himself at his small formica dining room table, because apparently he and OG Victor had been in a fight.  all of his goals were to be best friends with OG Victor.  like, what a fucking victor nikiforov™ move, like “all of my goals are to be best friends with myself.” what a dumb labrador.  so anyways, i had him invite OG Victor over and he challenged him to a pillow fight, and they instantly forgave each other??? do you know how many hours i had to put into OG Yuuri and OG Victor repairing their relationship??? victor is so fucking chill in comparison.  and then OG Yuuri came over on his own, and Victor Across The Street greeted him by practically tongue fucking him against the mail box, and OG Victor was like, whatever, i’m going to help myself to some of these Sadness Sandwiches, thanks alternate version of me! 

then i went to the yuuri frathouse.  everyone is mad at Debu Yuuri, because he is secretly the sluttiest out of all of them but the worst at hiding it.  OG victor keeps bringing him roses, and then he has been caught woohooing by phichit, who won’t stop leaving lonely single heartbroken roses around the house.  also Debu Yuuri ate all of the spaghetti in the house and Plisetsky, after a hard day at private school and editing the school newspaper, had to go grocery shopping.  he is the only responsible one in the house.  the only other sim with a job is Eros Yuuri, who is on a criminal career path.  i’m just excited for my sweet bby Yurio to finally graduate and go to college where i can introduce him to an Otabek sim, and maybe some other skater sims, and they can escape the frantic hellscape of several Yuuris and Victors (and one Phichit) all tryna fuck 25/7. 

Not What It Used To Be

Title: Not What It Used To Be

Pairings: Dean x Reader, Sam

Summary: Dean is Reader’s ex-boyfriend and when they meet again after two years, Reader is different, she’s a werewolf, but Dean and Sam don’t know.

Word count: 2 552

Warnings: Smut, a bit of rough sex, some talk about suicide

You were inside a bar and sat up at the bar and in front of you; you had four empty tequila glasses. You couldn’t get drunk, not since you were bitten by a werewolf two years ago, but it didn’t stop you from trying.

“Two more Tequila’s.” you said to the bartender. He nodded and poured two to you and then he put them on the bar in front of you. You swallowed them down quickly but didn’t feel anything. “Well this sucks.” you said quietly to yourself. You decided that it was time to go, but just when you had turned around and was about to get up from the chair Sam and Dean entered the bar. You quickly turned around and listened with your super hearing.

“Let’s take a booth.” Dean said. It was two years since you left your boyfriend Dean that you still loved. You left them without saying anything; you couldn’t say you were a werewolf, so you just left.

“I’ll order.” Sam said, and shortly he arrived at the bar. You turned the other way and pulled the hood over your head so that he wouldn’t see you. “Hey.” He said to the bartender. “Two beers.” When he got the beers, he went back to the booth where Dean waited.

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Crashing Into You - Chapter 4

Gillovny RPF
Rated: E
Work word count: ~13,200 words
Chapter 4 word count: ~3200 words

Read Chapter 1, 2 & 3 here.

Sometimes he could barely stand to look at her. It made the contents of his stomach churn and his nerves race to produce some kind of flight or fight reaction. Usually he’d choose flight and try to get away from her, but often lately, he lacked the strength of a better man and he’d fight. It worked well enough to help him overcome the silent war between them. He even considered himself the winner when he saw her react, cower to him, fire back at him or ignore him completely. But when he had quiet nights like this one, alone with just his thoughts and a bottle of whiskey, he knew he was the loser.

He’d been in his pool since the sun was up, floating on a damn purple dinosaur his wife bought for when the neighbours visited with their seven year old. David’s toes were wrinkled, soggy, while the rest of his body was bone dry. Every once in awhile he’d let go of the concrete deck and let himself float out into the middle of the water, letting the small jetting return water eventually push him back to the side where his bottle of whiskey sat waiting.

He drank straight from the bottle. It was an indulgence, something he could do when his wife wasn’t around. The rare weekends when she went to visit her friends in New Jersey he looked forward to reuniting with Jim Beam, mouth to mouth. He took a swig and swallowed hard, letting his head fall back against the t-rex’s open mouth and kept the bottle on his lap as he floated back into the open water.

He closed his eyes and let the warm Californian breeze carry his body wherever it deemed suitable, after all, he’d promised himself he’d let his liquid courage keep him from controlling anything tonight. His eyes were still closed when he heard clicking at his back door and then the sound of it sliding against its track. He didn’t need to look. He knew who it was. He thanked the whiskey when he noticed the anxiety building in his gut was considerably less than usual, and he was hopeful that maybe he wouldn’t fuck it all up this time.

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baby, you’re my firework

Genre: Fluff/Romance, Vernon!AU

Word Count: 2368

Characters: Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female Character

(a/n): To my always wonderful and lovely @hansolmates, the Yoon Jeonghan to my Joshua Hong Kong, here is your long-awaited belated birthday and Christmas present and I hope you like it! 2016 was an awesome year full of amazing memories and here’s to another of making many more while continuing to be the Seventeen trash that we are.♡


She was sitting on the window sill in her apartment, which was on the third floor of her building complex. Her apartment was situated in Hongdae, the part of Seoul where everyone her age basically went to party every night. She lived across the street from a studio, with a big tree planted right in front of it. Right now it was decorated with twinkling lights for the holidays. White bulbs combined with the snow sitting on the branches made for a picturesque winter night.

She observed the scene outside: people bustling in the city streets below, bright lights illuminating the restaurants and clubs, girls shivering in short sequin skirts, and guys wearing button downs and long coats. It was the one night where everyone dressed their absolute best while trying to stay warm in the brisk, winter weather. The one night where everyone wore as much glitter as they wanted without being judged for looking like a gaudy disco ball.  

It was New Year’s Eve and everyone in Seoul went out with their friends to welcome the new year. Some hoped to drink the regrets and bad memories of the past year away while others wanted to experience one last unforgettable moment.

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Across the street

from my office, I can see it from the other window, the one down the hall, they are building another glass office tower, no doubt financed and approved before the economy went to hell, and across from that is a parking garage, and in between the two is a giant glass box, and in that giant glass box there is an indoor pedestrian mall, being built as a passage between the other two structures, and it’s wide and spacious, and lined at one end, in this massive glass box, are young trees, not babies, but adolescent trees, grown outdoors, that at one time reached for the sun, and felt the wind in their branches, felt the cool rain fall down on them, that didn’t know they had a purpose beyond stretching to the sky, transplanted into marble boxes, placed and arranged to give the cubicle people, like me, the people under the fluorescent lights, some place to sit and eat their bag lunches and food court stir-frys, and to never know the feel of that wind or sun or rain again, perpetually being trimmed and managed so they don’t grow wild, don’t grow as they will, trapped in the confines of those marble boxes, inside a glass box, never reaching their potential, kept eternally young and green, but only allowed to grow so much, to reach so high, never knowing what they could be, if only they were left to be, to truly grow.

The buzz cut went away when he washed out of candidate school, but the regimen only left with the new year. Rick walked out of the office building and looked like he strode with a purpose, even with the unkempt long hair and crumpled blue-white collared shirt. He avoided glances, looking up at green tree leaves, and it was only when he reached the dark parking garage across the street that he let himself look down as he slowed pace.

The restaurant had dim lights and black walls. The server behind the register smiled, recognizing him. “Hi, Rick. How are you?” He managed a dim smile, “Tired.” The server chuckled, “Hope that gets better man. The usual?” He nodded and grumbled out, “Thank you,” as he padded over to his regular chair in front of the sushi bar.

The older preparer nodded to Rick as he sat down. The preparer had a beard and dark tan skin, he looked down as he cut a strip of salmon, “Hey, man.” Rick nodded, “Hey.” There were usually more customers, so Rick tried not to disturb him, and they enjoyed a quiet peace for a while.

It was slower in the evening, so the server behind the cashier was able to bring the white teapot and cup over. “Here you go, man.” Rick muttered another tired thank you and poured the tea into the cup, it had taken him a while to learn how without spilling.

He blinked, sitting up straight as he brought the small white cup to his lips. He liked the fog on his glasses as the jasmine warmed his throat and stomach. It was like the whiskeys, but he could think clearly after a while and he often got to think more.

“Kumpare!” The expression came as a shock and he had to slowly put the teacup down. He looked to the right and saw Jared, with another beard threatening to grow back with his baggy clothes. He walked over from his table, “Kumusta?” They laughed together, and Rick was happy to see him. “I’m good, pare. How are you?” Jared nodded, “Great, man. Haven’t seen you at the bar in a while.”

Rick shrugged, somewhat embarrassed, “Trying to drink less, you know?” Jared nodded, “Understandable, man. I’m just doing what pays.” He nodded in empathy, “Of course. I still love the drinks there.” Jared’s eyes opened wider, “Ah, I’ve been meaning to tell you. I looked up the charity you gave me. They’re doing awesome work over there. I told my family nearby about them, they’ve heard about them too. Cousin’s thinking of volunteering for them.”

A flurry of emotions went through Rick’s mind and he settled with the slow smile. “I’m happy to hear that. I hope your cousin has a fulfilling experience.” Jared nodded slowly, “Yeah man, me too. Anyway, I’m meeting up with my girlfriend now. Hope to see you at the bar again sometime.” Rick chuckled, “Hopefully not too soon. But go well, pare.” Jared smiled, “Salamat. Take care.”

Another server walked by from the right with the steamed dumplings. She or someone else knew that Rick didn’t eat the sauce that came with it. He thanked her and opened the chopsticks, but his mind was elsewhere, in a different time.

Dogman Sighting

I’m a fan of the Podcast Astonishing Legends. This past week they had writer Linda Godfrey on. The interview and the show inspired me to post my own experience with a Dogman sighting years ago. The story below IS true.

It wasn’t a dark and stormy night. As a matter of fact it was a rather beautiful summer night, the moon was shining full and bright upon my sister and I as we made our way from our parents’ house, to our own home right next door. Both houses sit across the street from a rather large field that disappears into a distant tree line some miles away. On nights like this, you can usually hear the coyotes call. It’s a strange sort of sound that could make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck if you didn’t know what you were hearing. However, there was not a sound on this night. Even the neighborhood dogs that yapped constantly seemed to by eerily quiet. And to be honest, at the time, this “silence” went unnoticed by both of us. I wish now, it hadn’t.

Kali, our Black German Shepherd, was a typical German Shepherd; protective of what is deemed as hers, including both me and my sister. She was trailing along behind us, doing her weird jumping and circling bit that was common with her, until something in the field caught her attention. She suddenly lunged at our chain-linked fence growling. She hit the fence with such force I thought for a split second she had gone through the gate.
Both my sister and I stopped and peered across the street at the rows and rows of corn growing in the field. This time of year the corn had only reached waist high at most, but even on a well-lit night such as this, it’s rather hard to see anything other than the corn itself. And at first that’s all we did see, until something moved.
I can’t say how far it was in the field, because again, at night it’s just difficult to tell. All I can tell you is that it was large, and dark. My first thought was it had to be a coyote. Some of them breed with wild dogs and can get rather big, although it’s rare. Whatever it was, it remained silent, unmoving and without a doubt, watching us.
By this time, Kali began barking wildly at this thing in the field. My sister and I both turned to the house, spooked that some animal was out there watching us. We were in the process of calling Kali to us when the animal in the field moved. But it didn’t just “move” like you would expect from a coyote or wild dog. It stood up!
Yes, this thing we had spotted in the field stood on two legs, towering over the corn all while watching us! Kali, yelped and did a full one eighty back to the house passing us in the process and scratching at the front door in a desperate attempt to get inside. Needless to say, we followed her lead. All three of us were crowded on the porch as I unlocked the door as fast as I could, not wanting to turn around to see if it was coming towards us.

Safe and sound inside the house, Kali proceeded to hide under my bed and both my sister and I stayed awake until the sun came up the next morning. We never really talked about it until here recently, and that’s only amongst ourselves. And feel free to explain away what it was we saw, hell I welcome an explanation. Meanwhile, I have long moved away since that night, but my sister still lives there. I don’t think she’s ever seen it again, and I’m positive she doesn’t much want to.


Today when I went down to the basement I saw a salamander in one of the window wells and like the soft nerd I am I couldn’t leave it there to die. Then I looked in the other window well and found more friends (including that huge salamander in the second picture). I released them by the pond across the street so hopefully they’ll stay out of trouble now.
Not pictured: a baby tree frog I also found that I put in a tree soon after I caught it so the other guys wouldn’t eat it.

milktomiilky  asked:

Hiyo! You wouldn't mind doing "Remember Me" for the drabble meme? It'd be for BNHA. For this I imagined Izuku, Toshinori, and Nana, but really, you can choose any characters/scenario you see fit. Thank you!

Ummmm….. *sweats* so this started out as a half page drabble…. And then this happened. 

See You Later

The warp gate opened and dumped Toshinori Yagi and Izuku Midoriya on the ground before closing with a bang! Izuku scrambled to his feet, turning in a quick circle and breathing hard. The rush of combat still racing in his veins and the sounds of the clash still rung in his ears. The groan behind him made the boy whirl around.

“All Might! Are you okay?” Izuku knelt down by Toshinori and gently supported his arm while he sat up.

“Fine, my boy. Just banged up a bit,” Toshinori looked up and around. “Where…? This isn’t anywhere near the square.”

Izuku helped him stand and glanced around their surroundings. They were in some kind of small park, surrounded by blooming trees and city buildings across the street.

“It looks a little like Ossus Park,” Izuku frowned. He walked across the grass and pointed to an old wooden play set, “but the play set is wrong and Ossus had a fountain installed five years ago.”

Toshinori glanced around, an uneasy feeling settling in the remains of his gut.

“You don’t think something went wrong with that warp quirk?” Izuku asked somewhere off to Toshinori’s right. His nose scrunched in thought, “Can quirks go wrong? I mean I suppose any quirk can backfire or be misused -“ Izuku rambled off, still looking around.

The uneasy feeling only grew as Toshinori walked to the entrance of the park. One look at the sign confirmed his sense.

“Midoriya, my boy…” Toshinori pointed to the sign, “Look here.”

Izuku rushed over. “No… no way.”

Carved clearly in the wooden sign were the words: Ossus Park.

Izuku looked over the park again, “You don’t think that warp quirk could have -“

“It came from over here!” a child’s voice called out, getting closer, “Two people came out of the hole in the air!”

“Alright kid, we get it. Something happened in the park,” a masculine voice grumbled loudly.

A young girl ran around the corner, “Come on! Come on! Oh hey! They’re right there! Hey! Where did you come from?” The girl ran toward them only to be stopped by a tall, muscular brunette woman.

Izuku tensed. He hadn’t even seen her coming. She was fast.  

“Woah woah woah! Don’t go rushing into possible danger kid,” the woman laughed, “That’s what I’m here for!”

“Oh, is that what your job is?” a grey-haired man appeared from around the corner, “I swear, Nana, if you honestly think that’s your job…” He nudged the kid away, “Alright, scoot. Go find your mom or something.”  

The woman ignored the older man and turned. She beamed at Toshinori and Izuku as she jogged up to them.

Izuku tensed, standing defensively in front of Toshinori, activating One for All full cowl just in case. He was glad he still wore his hero costume.

“Nana…” the older man warned as he came up behind the woman. He glared sternly at Izuku, “Calm down kid. We’re heroes. By your get-up I assume you are on our side.”

Izuku remained tense but … the older man looked kind of familiar. Izuku jolted when Toshinori’s hand gripped his arm. Izuku turned to his mentor.

All Might was shaking and staring unseeing at the ground.

“All Might?” Izuku turned to him fully, “All Might, are you okay?”

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For Better or For Worse (1)

GOT7′s Jaebum ; fluff & angst

“You knew you would never be the same, for better or for worse.”

Part 1, 2

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genre: angst, romance, marriage, divorce
characters: reader and namjoon, bts
word count: 1953


You want the divorce. Your marriage is not the same. You don’t think he loves you anymore. This is the right thing to do…right?

Part 1//Part 2//

Part 3  Cold breeze

Y/n!“ Jin said excited.

”..yes?“ she responded shyly.

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Please.. (Stiles Stilinski Imagine)

Request:  An imagine where the reader gets hurt and stiles loves her and saves her before she can die and they confess their feelings?

A/n: Thank you to @fan-ficing-tastic for writing this! Enjoy x


 You glared over your shoulder at Stiles who was walking down the hall with his best friend Scott and Malia, you know it was stupid but you thought that after 4 months of dating he would at least trust you to do more then just research, but no, he didn’t.  After he forbid you from even leaving your house unless it was for school, you had stopped talking to him, and honestly he didn’t seem like he cared very much.

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[Mark] I'm Your Teacher (Part 9) ft.Park Jimin

“What did you usually do when you went up here?” Jimin asked, helping you climbing the tree.“I talked.” You said, once you were sitting in front of him, in the crook of the U-shaped tree.“Alone.” He stated. “No, you idiot. To the three.” You replied.“And I’m the stupid one.” He laughed.

“Don’t make fun of me. Sometimes he would make things better. Like when I lost my puppy. He’s the one who found it.” You argued.”Oh yeah? And you still have it?” He asked. “I was on the three and he appeared across the street and ran to me and… got hit by a car.” You explained and he cracked up.

“Then he’s the one who killed it!” He said. “My tree didn’t kill anybody, okay? That dog was stupid as fuck, that’s all. Just try it, tell him about your problems.” You replied.

“Okay.” He said. He placed his hand near his mouth, as if he was telling him a secret. “Does he have a name?” He asked, letting his hand fall down. You threatened him with your hand and he flinched.

“Ok, mmmh. There’s this girl, that I really like so please don’t kill her. We kissed already and it was amazing.” He said and rolled your eyes. “But she still won’t be my girlfriend, can you fix this for me?” He added. “Jimin, we’ve only known for five days, that’s crazy.” You said, trying to sound serious but you couldn’t help but smile. “I know but-”

“I can’t date you now it’s too early!” You said. “Then why did you kiss me?!” He asked with a smile.“Because I like it and it feels great!” You said and his smile enlarged. He leaned in and softly kissed your lips.
“Jimin… stop…” You whined, pushing him away but still kissing him a bit.

“But you say you like it!” He whined. “I know but- Look, I can’t deny that I like being like that with you but to me, I’m supposed to date someone I love, right? And as much as I like being with you can’t already say that I love you. You know what I mean?” You said, looking up at him cutely.

“I can’t say I love you either. But all I know is that you’re pretty, that I love spending time with you, that I love the way you speak, how you make me laugh, how you’re weird, and I feel like kissing you every time you look at me like that.” He said and you laughed, looking away.

“And I want to hug you whenever I want, I want to kiss you whenever I want, I want to hold your hand everyday, I want to call you cute nicknames, I want you to be my girlfriend Y/N. Maybe our feelings will grow with a little bit of time, I don’t know. But I just want to continue what we started.” He added, a lot more seriously.

“Okay?” His hand reached up to stoke your cheek, making you melt. You didn’t even give an answer but he was already leaning in. You weekly nodded before concluding the discussion with a kiss. Maybe that tree was actually magic.


Mr.Tuan came home and good news were waiting for him. He dropped his bag on the coffee table and threw his jacket on the couch. He walked to the kitchen and opened the fridge he already knew what was on tonight’s menu: pizza.

Closing the fridge in a sigh he walked to the bathroom. In the corridor he passed by his bedroom when the screen of his computer caught his attention. He walked in and sat in front of his computer.

“Finally.” He whispered to himself. He found the IP of the person who was blackmailing him. Typing some geek things on his keyboard he launched a research to find the position of the used computer.

Data kept scrolling down for what seemed to be forever. (7 secs). Finally, he got a result. But where will he have to look? The only data base he had was the students of the high school. But he’s not there right know and it’s already closed.

Suddenly he remembered the little presentation paper all his students had to fill up, they were going to be useful, for once. He walked to his closet and pulled out a box with 6 folders inside, the number of classes he had. He explored the first one, no one lived at this address in that class.

He tried another one and got a match, one of his students was the blackmailer. A mix of ‘how I knew it’ and surprise could be heard as he whispered the name.

“Park Jimin…”

Alike in Dignity

Originally posted by lmnegan

Pairing: None yet
Word count: 837
A/N: Thank you to @faegal04 for the idea.

Part 1 of Violent Desires Meet Violent Ends

Ducking behind a tree, you calmed your breathing. You’d seen a group of men, and were not in the socializing mood. Things had been tense at home lately, but you got that. You were in the zombie apocalypse, after all. Rick had a lot on his shoulders, as the current leader of Alexandria, and a father of two. Of course, there was the good in life, as well. Maggie and Glenn had recently told you about the baby, which you were a bit embarrassed to admit you’d squealed about. Not something you normally did. Judith was getting so big, and she brightened everyone’s life.

When you felt it was safe, you continued on. You were headed to a small neighborhood to grab anything that you could. Whether you deemed it important or not. Eugene could tinker with damn near anything, and just because you didn’t think it was important, didn’t mean it wasn’t to someone else.

There was a small hill from the tree line, down to the road. Taking out your knife, you slid down sideways. You paused before moving quickly across the street, staying crouched. Whenever you did this you felt like you were playing again, back like when you were a kid. It made things a tiny bit easier to deal with. It was one dangerous never-ending game.

As opposed to opening a door and being taken by surprise by one of those ugly bastards, you preferred windows. You could look in, open it quietly, and slip in. If society ever went back to normal, you’d make an excellent robber by this point. Finding a side room, you peeked in and deemed it safe. You stood up and checked the lock, smiling when you saw that the owners hadn’t bothered. Maybe they had realized that it didn’t matter.

Putting your dagger in it’s sheath on your leg, you grabbed your gloves that made opening windows from the outside that much easier and slipped them on. You placed your palms on the glass, leaned against it slightly, and pushed it up.

Once that was done, you pulled your dagger back out and cut the screen. You did the same thing at every house, the steps almost always the same. It was a small comfort. A known in a world of chaos.

You crept through the room once you climbed through the window, knife poised. Moving through the house, your first stop would be the kitchen. Finding food was something you didn’t expect. But junk drawers? An untapped treasure chest in many homes. Things got tossed in there, and forgotten. Opening your bag, you put it on the counter. You looked through the drawer quickly, tossing anything in that didn’t look like complete crap.

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