the trees are so blurry

Run, Riverdale, Run

She had to go, get out of here , anywhere, she would go anywhere.

She just had to go.

Turning from her dad, she ran.

Leaving the garage, the wrench still clutched in her hand, she felt her jacket slide to the ground ,somewhere between maple street and brooks lane.

She ran so fast her Vision got blurry, passing trees and buildings.

Get out of here, get out of this town. Just run.

After what felt like miles, she stopped.

Stopped running, stopped crying.

Just stopped.

She found herself in front of the riverdale border sign.

“Riverdale, the town with pep.”

She couldn’t help it, she burst out into laughter, clutching her sides, digging the wrench into her waist.

Her sister was sucidal.

Her mother was a liar.

Her father was nothing, he didn’t care.

She kept laughing until she felt the tears streaming down her face once again.

“Betty” she heard from behind her.

She knew that voice.

“Jughead” she smiled a watery, hysterical smile, turning around.

Jughead was standing there, sweating and clearly out of breath.

He was hesitant, she could tell.

“I brought the wrench?” She laughed, tears still falling at a rapid pace.

He smiled sadly, moving closer to her.

“I see that.”

She looked at him and the smile dropped completely off of her face.

“Jughead” she choked out, her face warping as a sob began to over take her body.

He had her wrapped up in his arms in less than a second.

“I know bets, I know. I heard, I was by your garage, you forgot your laptop in the office.”

She cried into his chest, as he rubbed soothing circles on her back, resting his chin on her head.

“I’m so selfish, I didn’t even know. I was so caught up in Archie, so caught up in myself. I..”

Jughead pulled away so she was face to face with him.

“No. this is not your fault, it’s not pollys fault either. It’s no ones fault. Things happen, we can’t change them, we have to try to make them better. We don’t get to feel sorry for ourselves, we move on.”

She nodded her head.

“Okay, we move on.” She looked down at his chest before peeking back up at him.

“Maybe we could move on, together? Just for a little bit.”

He smiled softly at her, tucking a stray honey blonde piece of hair behind her ear.

“Okay together, now come on, we’re a pretty long way from home, and running to catch up with you is more exercise than I wanna do for the rest of my life.”

Giggling, she took his hand

“Come on, I’ll buy you a burger. I don’t really feel like going home right now.”

He grinned.

“I’ll never pass up a burger. Hey you never told me how your “date” went? Is he everything you could’ve wanted in a guy?“

Looking up at him, as he tugged her along to pops she smiled

“Nah, there’s much better options out there.”

…He’s really determined to join that scarf club.

Fresh belongs to @loverofpiggies


« All we can do is…
Simply rise to the challenge
. »

Trying out some replanting schemes on that alien world and also trying a sky mod I used once before..the Mint Cotton candy one by Brntwaffles.

Decided to try a moon by @davidmont , made a bit bigger with a moon size mod by @aminovas

I think I like the combo. This sky mod has warm tones in it that make the gray areas look a bit more yellowed and at certain times of day, plant colors get altered: the pinks look a bit more orange, blues get a greenish tinge.

And that IS another version of the crystal tree by @nornities

I will place them in carefully chosen areas ..tuck them away kinda in areas surrounded by hills, so that the blurriness of those trees in distance view is not so noticeable.

More pix later in weekend or Monday…staying with kiddo tomorrow so no Sims time until late Sunday. 

Might peek in on my dash via phone if time.

Have a good weekend all.

Black Beauty and the Sofa Cushion

Summary: Dan and Phil race horses through the forest and Phil falls off.

A/N: This was originally meant to be a very very long story about Dan living in the castle Phil the crown prince and his family goes to on summer holiday every year (slightly, slightly based on a true story about my grandmother when she played with the dk queen every summer lmao). Everything taking place at around 1910 aka historical AU. The story never got done though, but here is a small part of it.
Posted as a part for the Phandom Little Pop 2016.
Genre: Fluff.
Warnings: None.
Words: 1k

Author: @awesomesockes
Doodler: @toast-buster Art: X
Beta: @realityisnoplacetolive

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Alicia put up her hair in a bun, putting her in a real work mode. She started by folding out the tent, sorting everything before she started putting it together. It was a small tent that was pretty easy to put up, within five minutes she was already securing it to the ground so it wouldn´t fly away during the night. When she was all done she got everything into her tent and looked at it proudly.

As the blogger she was she was she put up her camera in front of the tent, remembering the deal with the stranger she had met before she put it up so only the tent showed with some blurry trees in the background. She posed in front of the tent and took her picture before packing it up again.

When she was done she thought she heard someone and looked around, her mind fell on the stranger right away, but she couldn´t see anyone at this point. She sat down with a box of food she had made ready before she left and started eating some. Once she smelled the food she could feel how hungry she had gotten by walking and putting up everything.


The Avatar (requested by anon)

request: y/n is an avatar and can control all four elements.

I lightly sank down to the island, closing my hands to stop the wind I was controlling, when I set foot onto it. “So you’re the girl everyone’s talking about.” A mysterious boy said from out of the woods in front of me. He was leaning against a tree with a smug look in his eyes. “And you are?” I asked, raising my eyebrow at him. He snorted at me. “Why so sassy little girl.” Then he suddenly disappeared. I looked at the now empty spot where he had stood before in disbelief. And then seconds later, suddenly someone whispered into my ear. “I don’t think you have a reason to.” The boy. I jerked away from the voice and turned around to face him. “What do you want?” I asked him, condescendingly. “You just set foot on this island, without asking and now you ask me what I want? I think the better question what do you want here?” I looked him straight in the eyes. “I came for a boy named Peter Pan.” I said narrowing my eyes to slits. “Do you know him?” I asked, the boy gave me a smug smile and started backing me up against the tree behind me. “My dear, he’s standing right in front of you.”

Peter took me to his camp in the woods, where he lived, to get to know the Lost Boys, as he called his group of friends. He was planing on keeping me as a prisoner in a cage, but as no one was allowed to leave this island without his permission, anyway he decided to just let me live with them. It was a cold winter night, so I decided to sit down on a log near the fire. Didn’t help anything at all. “There you are y/n.” He said smirking sitting down next to me. Although we were some kind of enemies, it simply didn’t feel like it. Sure Pan was not acting that friendly, but I saw that he was only playing a role. If Peter really hated me, he’d act differently towards me. We sat next to each other in silence, Peter sharpening his knife, me looking at the bonfire. “So why did you come to look for me?” He suddenly asked without looking up. I hesitated. “Well back home, where I come from, people like me are hunted. In my world we are chased and caged like animals. In other countries they even shoot people like me, so I decided to to hunker down in a place no one knew about. Neverland. I visited this place in my dreams, when I was a little child and thought I’d be safe here, even accepted, but well I almost ended up the same here either.” Peter turned his head to look at me and smiled. “Good decision not to lock you up though. I think we could need someone like you here.” He smirked and I snorted at his comment. “You mean a girl?” I said frowning. “No an Avatar.” He said punching me on the arm. “Oh.” I said laughing. “But why would you need me here? There’s nothing I can do except for burning down the whole forest or turning everything into a snow scape.” I said ironically. “And that’s the plan. The Lost Boys haven’t seen snow in centuries. I think you would rejoice them by giving them a little snow to play in, they’re still kids you know.” That moment showed me that Peter, the wicked boy from all those stories I heard, wasn’t that bad after all. He had a heart, and he had the ability to care about people he loved. “Okay Pan, listen. I’ll help you, if you allow me to stay on the island without being treated like a prisoner. Deal?” He looked at my outstretched hand for a second. And then he shook it. “Deal.”

A week later, Peter woke me early in the morning. “You ready?” I rubbed my eyes. “Sure, just give me a second.” I said returning to my tent to get dressed. We stumped through the woods, for what seemed hours to me until we found the perfect spot for a snow scape. “Here?” I asked already raising my hand, letting snowflakes drop down to the ground from my palms. “It’s the perfect spot don’t you think?” He said leaning against a tree. “Pan.” A women’s voice suddenly said from behind. Peter didn’t bother to turn around. “It’s a pleasure to see you too, Savior.” He said smirking, then he walked towards me and situated himself to my left. He now faced the crowd coming from the woods. “The Dark One, The Evil Queen, Baelfire. Must admit, I hoped I’d never see you again.” He said obviously amused, but still through gritted teeth. “Where’s Henry?” The blonde woman shouted. “Oh Emma, I told you that a hundred times already. He’s one of us now. He came here by his own choice and you can’t change that. Me neither by the way.” Peter said mockingly. “Give him back.” The guy in the black jacket said threateningly. “I think, you didn’t understand.” I said darkly. I knew Henry, and I knew he wanted to be with us. He left his family for becoming a Lost Boy, he’d told me that. “Henry wants to be with us. So you should better leave him alone and never come back.” I said raising my hand to let a flame appear on my palm. “Oh look what we’ve got there.” Someone suddenly said from behind me, “An avatar.” It was The Dark One, the guy in the black jacket. He was holding a knife against my throat and had a tight grip around my left wrist. “Do you really think you can stop me with this ordinary knife?” I said mockingly, quickly holding my hand against his knee. I heard him scream, and felt him loosening his grip on me, but suddenly the flame in my hand went out. “What did you do?” I shouted at the man, who was lying on the ground. I stepped with my foot on his belly so he couldn’t stand up. “It’s a cuff, made by your sweet lover, Peter Pan himself.” He said mockingly letting me fly against a tree with his magic. My back hit the tree so hard, that my sight got blurry and I felt like throwing up. “She’s got nothing to do with all this.” Peter’s voice sounded like a million miles away. “So leave her alone.” he said aggressively before I saw the man flying back from Peter’s magic either. He hit the stonewall behind him and passed out. Peter appeared in front of me. “Everything’s gonna be okay.” He said softly helping me to my feet. “I made this cuff, so I can easily undo it again.” He said smirking, loosening the bracelet from my wrist. “And now, let’s get this over with.” He said smirking, looking back to the people behind us. We were quickly done with them, bundling our powers. Peter banished them from the island, and only the two of us were left, leaning against a tree, exhausted. “You still want me to do the snow thing for the boys?” I asked turning my head to face him. “You don’t have to if you’re too exhausted.” He said softly. “Don’t worry, this fight was nothing.” I said smirking getting up from my sitting spot. I stretched my hand out and let a little whirlwind out of snowflakes appear on my palm. I turned to look at Peter, who looked back at me with admiration. I smiled and let go of the little hurricane, letting him dance over the whole forest area. In a matter of seconds every tree and stone was covered with cold white snow. “Do you like it?” I asked him smiling. Peter got up and walked towards me. “It’s perfect.” His face was only inches away from mine and I could directly look into his forest green eyes. “And do you think the Lost Boys’ll like it either?” I asked blushing. But Peter didn’t respond because we could hear the Lost boys cheer and scream from far away and then we heard them running towards us. I quickly threw my hands up to create a cloud ceiling, which let snow fall down on us. Peter and me, both looked up at the sky. Suddenly someone pulled at my sleeve, it was one of the youngest Lost Boys at camp. “Did you do this, y/n?” He asked reluctantly, hanging on my leg, mumbling into my jacket. “Yes, I did this Jason. Do you like it?” He looked me right into the eyes. “Thank you.” He said admiringly and then he ran away to play with his friends. I smiled and looked at Peter, who’d been looking at me the whole time. He obviously felt caught because he quickly looked away and blushed. I knew from the beginning, that we couldn’t hate each other, there had been something between us two all the time and now I knew what it was. Love. So I simply grabbed his hand, earning a shocked and challenging but still a happy smirk from him. And then the look he gave me, and it assured me that my feeling was right. “And what makes you think that I like you?” He said turning his head to face me. “Oh shut up.” I said, cupped his face with both my hands and kissed him on the lips. “How did that feel, tough boy?” I asked sneeringly. He looked at me smiling and wrapped his arms around me to shut me up. “Quiet, princess.” He said, kissing the top of my head.