the trees are a clue

Never Getter

She never gets it
She clings to brains like a tree
My brain, my brain a tree

She glances to my eyes, checking
She doesn’t pick up clues
She doesn’t see

She breaks, crying in public
She squats at counters counting
No! I’m paying for dinner!
She punches my arm, PUNCH BUG!
She’ll throw the second and third
She’s rabid screeches in a fight
But not with me

She calms down when I walk in
Her words nodding, we don’t hit
There’s reasons for behavior
Of course, yes, she sees
But she really just sees me

When I leave she rides
Like a fish in tides
The waves of people’s attitudes
She’s lost jobs, been thrown in jail
A spitfire, she means no harm
A surfer riding above
Unaware what’s going on
She’s been used and hollowed out

But she’s landed now, hanging
Her daughter holds her hand
Her new husband navigates
A tripod support carries her

How many are there
Who can’t navigate social cues
Why does culture call her weak

She’s never finding meaning
She’ll never seek it
She floats, bobs away from shore,
Unaware of what to aim for

Irony in the meaning of life,
No one may get and she unwitting
Why must we be expected
To do this


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Name/Nickname: Emily / Em or Emmy usually.

Relationship status: Single as a pringle. I think my prince charming is stuck in a tree somewhere. No clue where he is. Lol.

Favorite color: Green! All shades, but nothing beats a pretty emerald tone. 

Last song I listened to: Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Favorite TV show: Oh man, uh, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, The Flash, Doctor Who, many others. Lol. 

First Fandom: Looking back, I guess it’d have been Avatar: The Last Airbender. 

Hobbies: Reading, writing, singing, binge watching, collecting. I like to bake, too.

Books I’m currently reading: Catalyst: A Rogue One Novel by James Luceno.

Worst food I’ve eaten: Unsweetened cocoa powder. Yuck. I was little, I didn’t understand, all I knew was that it said Hershey’s on it.

Favorite place: Any place in Disney World, the middle of a convention floor, a quiet book store, or my room at nighttime.

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  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b></b> The president? An astronaut? Young me, what will you be?<p/><b></b> You've plenty of time now to decide. You're a sapling, not yet a tree.<p/><b></b> You're growing up now, time is ticking, have you got a clue?<p/><b></b> Don't you worry, you'll be fine; you'll figure what to do.<p/><b></b> You've got much older; your time now is growing rather slim.<p/><b></b> If you don't decide your future quick, your dreams will soon turn dim.<p/><b></b> In college now and still unsure of your life's final path?<p/><b></b> Hurry, for if you don't know soon, you'll face life's hating wrath.<p/><b></b> No decisions have you ever made, and look where you are now.<p/><b></b> You're living, homeless, at twenty-three<p/><b></b> Go ahead. Take a bow.<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

I strongly believe the television show Agents of SHIELD borrowed the premise of this Doc Savage novel, about a mysterious man with psychic powers, in their Clairvoyant arc. Both have the exact same explanation and resolution (*SPOILERS* the “Golden Man” was actually just a spymaster who used his access to secrets to fake mind powers).

This novel is interesting because it is the only Doc Savage novel that references Doc’s mother or his birth (we learn he was born on a yacht, the schooner Orion, in the Caribbean, near the Bahamas). There are a few other novels that state that Doc’s parents (not just his father) chose to raise him as a crimefighter, but that’s about it, the only times Doc’s mother is ever mentioned.

Not to be a buzzkill, but people who construct elaborate family trees for Doc Savage based on the slightest textual clues always seem to ignore the fact that in The Laugh of Death (1942) they specifically state Doc’s cousin Pat is his only living relative.

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y’all have sent me so many suggestions, and the chat is really moving!

things that have been suggested and also tried:

  • looking at anything but the image itself has been ruled out completely by Alex himself
  • manipulating the image itself
  • UV on the latest clue
  • the negative space between the trees making letters/symbols/numbers
  • the trees and branches themselves making letters/symbols/numbers
  • folding a physical copy of the clue into a hat/otherwise
  • counting pine needles, counting knots, counting branches to get an equation/coordinates
  • places considered but not searched (or re-searched):
    • Piedmont (all Piedmont. all of it.)
    • Jersey
    • La Pine park, OR
    • Boring, OR
    • Mystery Mountain, OR
    • House of Pies
    • Russia/St Petersburg/Kazan Cathedral
  • places searched already:
    • Tree of Mystery
    • Oregon Vortex
    • Twin Falls
    • Crater Lake
    • Snoqualmie
    • Stanford University

my inbox is crammed, so if i don’t answer your message, it’s not personal: either someone suggested it already or i’m trying to keep track of discord/twitter. thank you so much, all of you! ∆


‘American Horror Story’ season 6 to focus on mysterious disappearance of Roanoke Colony — IndieWire

“…the show will have something to do with the mystery of Roanoke, the North Carolina colony where, in 1590, 117 people disappeared with no explanation. The word “CROATOAN” is the name of a North Carolinian Indian tribe and was carved into a tree in Roanoke, the only clue left behind after the disappearance.”

PLL 6X06 More Tree Climbing Charles & Aria Connections? +  Observations, Clues, Etc.

So after watching it a second time i barely noticed “charles” was up in the tree at the end watching kenneth. We can see a hand. Who else did we get clued in on tree climbing when they were a tom boy? yeah we know, ARIA.

At this point i still believe aria has a huge role in this I still want to believe she is UBER A at least, shes something for sure , and i think she is close to charles. Now it’s being speculated that charles could be an alias name jessica gave him at radley possibly, charles could still be a girl. We are not sure how much time charles spent in radley truthfully, and why no one at radley knows about him or mentioned a second patient escaping that night, let alone mention bethany escaping, we know jessica and wilden, maybe even peter too had hand at covering that up. Heck bethany and charles could be the same person. I still love the clue BETHANY + LAZARUS = BACK FROM THE DEAD hehe

So im loving the eye clues with aria, last night we received another eye clue. Something is up with aria and her vision, she has already mentioned her left eye does things, we heard she sees things different, etc. she probably uses her left eye to take pix, Now a pen or whatever is stuck in her left eye on the double ended doll.  hmm double ended doll, another double personalty clue? sibling clue? who knows.

Its interesting mona says, “the only reason you were able to catch A in a photo  is because A wanted to be caught” or something to that degree. so basically mona is saying A wants the girls to think it’s leslie who is the culprit at this point, distraction. ONCE AGAIN, ARIA IS THE ONE TO SEND SPENCE AND EVERYONE IN THE WRONG DIRECTION! MAKING THEM THINK OH A IS A GIRL, WHICH LED THEM TO LESLIE. VERY A LIKE, SENDING EVERYONE ON A GOOSE CHASE IN THE WRONG DIRECTION. If you know my theories, you’ll know i always point this out about aria because it happens ALL the time, her way of embellishing everything making seem more than it is, her impulsive assumptions and accusations have caused more dead ends and waste of time than anything else, she is the firestarter, she stirs spencer in the wrong direction which has always brought us to a dead end on who A is. I still dont like that aria found charles file so fast, she couldve taken something out of it. She knew where to look in that jar or all places. Yeah im not letting any of this go!

I missed ali in this ep :( Im so glad mona shutdown this whole leslie is A fiasco before the liars got their panties in a bunch.

So those are some of thoughts for now :) xoxo

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A little teaser poster for “Still Breathing”, the sequel to “She’s Breathing”. Coming soon!