the treemustache and the easterkangaroo

We’re getting our powers from the planet. It’s a real reliable source.
The earth has a lot of energy, so we’re all pretty powerful.

The Lorax is the most powerful of the four of us.

Audrey is pretty busy all the time, because she needs to spread new seads over the world, that costs her a lot of energy.

Ted hasn’t really control over his powers yet. Mostly because he doesn’t know his center.

And with my powers I can create the trees.

Since our source is the earth, we don’t have to fear the loss of our powers.
Unless someone would do something really bad, like chopping down the whole forest, which would cause an unbalance of the planet.

But … who would ever do that …


I won’t say we actually talk with each other, though we can some how communicate.

My job is to protect the trees. I’m travelling around the globe, checking if they’re feeling alright, making them grow, planting new seeds and preparing everything for the season changes together with the others.

It’s just getting more difficult each year. The humans just keep on chopping a lot of trees down and they polute the enviroment.

But they’re trying to change that! They’re already using renewable energy sources.

Although I’m still a bit worried about my trees …