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The Great Gatsby

Continuing from my the fan-covers I’ve done previous; Emma and Wuthering Heights, I present to thee my interpretation of The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald. The last few books I’ve read were Get Carter and Pride and Prejudice; enjoyed both, but they didn’t compell me enough to draw a cover. Although, just yesterday a nice idea came for Pride and Prejudice, so just maybe I’ll do that next..

Wuthering Heights

Following from my Emma I created one for Wuthering Heights. The idea actually came midway through the book, along with a few others; scribbled them all down and then resumed reading. Cold and unnerving is the feeling I wanted to convey. Heathcliff and his unruly countenance, hastening up towards the heights.

I used acrylic on acetate, slightly dry to create the sweeping marks across the moors. Everything else acrylic wash, then digitally colored.

Grace Kelly - Acrylic

Painted version of one of the last sketches, posted here. Fashioned a palette knife out of an old plastic debit type card, which I’d been using for creating textures for recent commissions, thought I’d apply the method with color, play with modelling. A lot of fun, perfect activity for a bank holiday Monday.

Want to do more!!