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The little boy was cold, freezing, as he roamed the darkening streets.

It wasn’t the weather, really. The air was thick, the temperature high. It lay over him like a blanket, but he’d been cold for months now, the shivers overpowering his little body.

By now, he was used to it. The biting feeling at his limbs, the ice crawling up his veins. There was no warmth in his thoughts when he remembered the bloody body of his mother. And the feeling of his father’s hands around his throat was an ever present reminder of his own actions, of the fire burning at his hands, of the eyes he learned to hate.

Long ago, he had been sitting next to the lake near his parents’ house. A black cat purring in his lap. He had found it weeks ago, its leg broken. Back then, he hadn’t known how to heal. How to twist the power inside of him into something tangible. Still, every day found him next to the lake, nursing the little cat back to health the only way he knew how. He had felt warm then, watching it slowly learn to walk again, nuzzling its face into his own. The trust between them had been instant, and he had only realised later, seeing his reflection in the water, that they shared the same eyes.

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Leonard’s Summer ☼

summer jam

No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems by Kenny Chesney

 summer as a kid

Thick, sugary, cold iced tea and pecan ice cream dripping down his chin are Leonard’s favorite things of Summer.

Summer, which in mid-Georgia is as hot as the Devil likes it with yellow grass that crunches underneath his feet and sticks awkwardly out of his hair.

He has picnics in the tree house with the boys next door and it’s candy stolen from the cupboard, laughter and scrapes as someone falls out of the tree at least once a week.

It’s the older boys and girls making campfires, the boys trying to impress the girls and it’s their gang of eight-year-olds that sets a box of toads free right behind the group of teenagers.

Shrieks and screams and utter chaos follow and Leonard laughs, tears down his cheeks and his sides hurting.

Mama raises her eyes to the heavens when she hears the story at the supermarket the next day. She sternly tells Leonard to leave the older kids be but then when she gives him the last piece of steak from the barbecue that night, Leonard knows he’s forgiven.

 summer as a teenager

When Leonard is an older kid himself, he gets it.

Why they all get in their pickups and drive down to the laughably small lake. Why they build a campfire that burns ‘till morning and how burnt marshmallows aren’t that gross.

Not when it’s eaten in the company of high-school friends with mellow summer music playing from one of the cars and Jocelyn laughing as he burns his mouth.

When it’s late and dark and someone’s brought out some beer half of the group sheds their clothes and goes for a swim.

“And you?” Jocelyn asks, sitting next to him on a log with the widest grin.

She’s gorgeous like that, orange glow of the fire highlighting her cheekbones, giving her blonde hair an almost angelic glow. He feels his heart swell at the sight of her and Christ, she’s all his.

“I prefer to not parade my naked ass around.” He huffs.

Jocelyn’s loud, carefree laughter seems to echo over the water. “It’s a nice ass, though.” She chuckles, her hand sliding down from his shoulder to rest on his lower back.

“For your eyes only, Darlin’,” he murmurs lowly at her.

The look he gets in return is full of promise – like the kind of promise that can only be made on a humid summer night.

 summer at the Academy

There is a heatwave the third year at the Academy. The dorm he shares with Jim is like a sauna and even with the fan on they can only hang on the couch in their underwear.

A few days later the rain comes and finally, finally, he feels like he can move again without the fear of melting right on the spot.

That night, they make slow yet sweet, sweet love on top of the sheets of their shared bed with the windows open, rain plummeting to the ground as the sky flashes and roars a crescendo to match their own.

Jo arrives the next day and it marks the beginning of a month of fun, laughter and activities.

Biking, the zoo, the theme park. They do it all and Jim’s enthusiasm matches Jo’s.

It’s endearing, and it makes Leonard’s heart swell in a familiar way that he’s missed feeling.

One night as Jo’s asleep and they’re sitting in front of the window, a heap of sticky limbs but neither of them cares, Jim asks: “You enjoying summer?”

Leonard thinks back to pecan ice cream, tree houses and bonfires. He smiles, presses a kiss against the top of Jim’s head and murmurs: “Best ever,”

Notes: written for Trek Fest 2017! I’ll do a summer theme for all characters to celebrate both the character and the fact that it’s summer…

 Summer Drabbles Masterlist  

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The Great Gatsby

Continuing from my the fan-covers I’ve done previous; Emma and Wuthering Heights, I present to thee my interpretation of The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald. The last few books I’ve read were Get Carter and Pride and Prejudice; enjoyed both, but they didn’t compell me enough to draw a cover. Although, just yesterday a nice idea came for Pride and Prejudice, so just maybe I’ll do that next..