the trebles

The Same

Childhood Bff!Verkwan

Word Count: 2494

Genre: Platonic Fluff, Angst

(A/N: Sorry about this, but the original request asked for the story to have something to do with living in Busan, but I didn’t really work that in as well as I probably should have…)


You clutched the small piece of paper tightly in your hands, the afternoon sun illuminating its dusty surface. Reading the words over a second time, you traced your finger tip across the graphite scribbles, smiling to yourself at the sentences they formed.

“(Y/N)! Meet us at the park after school on Friday! It’s the last time we’re all free to hang out before summer break! :)”

The handwriting was sloppy, thus not narrowing down the possible authors of the note. However, a tell-tale sign resided in the top corner of the piece of paper. A messy treble clef floating atop other, visibly erased treble clefs sat on the top of the page, meaning only one person could have written the note: Boo Seungkwan. That boy’s affinity for music could be seen from a mile away, and heard from at least three, since his prepubescent voice had a notable tendency to crack.

As you continued mindlessly skimming over the note, you noticed a small speck of red smeared under the message. You inferred this to be the blood of another prepubescent friend of yours; one who possessed the habit of biting his fingernails until the bled. It must’ve been Seungkwan who wrote the note and Hansol who stuck it in your locker.

They were such an unlikely duo and had such an odd dynamic, but however messy they were, they were your messes; your best friends.

You stashed the note in your locker again, flattening it under one of your many textbooks. As your incentives to get through the day multiplied, you scurried off to your next class with a newfound smile.

The school day ended quickly after that, and you found yourself searching for your usual walking buddy once more. From your position in front of the school, you heard the creak of the main doors being opened. You turned to see the person opening the doors, just in time to face Hansol and his friend Chan leisurely coming down the steps.

He acknowledged your presence with a nod, asking, “Hey, (Y/N), are you ready to go?”

“I’m ready whenever you’re done with your little date.” You replied with a jokingly snarky grin.

Chan let out a short chuckle as Hansol merely responded with the roll of his eyes. The two boys parted with some kind of special handshake at the foot of the stairs. Both you and Hansol bid goodbye to Chan with a wave afterwards, and the two of you watched him disappear into the summer haze.

Turning to Hansol, you noticed the abnormally wide smile on his face. You asked, “What’s with that grin?”

He seemed to snap out of his gaze, finally processing what you had said to him. It looked as if he was going to say something, but he cut himself off before doing so.

You teasingly added on, “Am I being replaced with him?”

Hansol laughed a sarcastic cackle in response, “Replace you? My bestest friend in the whole wide world?”

He squished his cheeks in his hands, batting his eyelashes in an attempt to be cute. This time, you were the one laughing, but genuinely, at your friend’s incredible ability to make himself look stupid.

The walk home was full of giggles as well, just as it usually was. Hansol and yourself had made it a habit of walking to and from school every day. It gave the both of you time to hang out and destress yourselves from the school day, in addition to just being convenient since you lived next door to each other.

It was true, ever since the last day of last year’s summer vacation, your life had never been the same. And it was all thanks to Choi Hansol. You would have never guessed that something as simple as living next door to someone could have impacted your life in such a drastic way.

He was like a one-man support group for you; helping you in school, listening to your problems, and always willing to chill if you needed a friend. You ended up spending so much time with him over the course of the school year that you became like another family member to him.

And of course, once you’ve known someone so intimately and for so long, it’s only natural to feel an icy shock when you find out that they have another best friend. But Hansol’s friend was so warm when you finally met him, that he singlehandedly managed to thaw you out from your state of shock. He embraced you like the sun’s rays to a lone icicle; the ice melting slowly until its cold is utterly replaced by warmth and light.

Hansol’s friend was none other than Boo Seungkwan.

Seungkwan was like the sun to Hansol’s moon. Indeed, they did seem like inverses of each other at first. But in reality, they were more like yin and yang: complete opposites of one another, but, each possessing a small bit of the other.

Seungkwan had a sunny disposition, and he had it all the time. However, both you and Hansol learned quickly, if one ever got too comfortable around him, they would be practically asking for a friendly jeer.

Hansol liked to make people think he was cold. He was shy anyway, so he simply played off his natural distaste for social interaction to make himself appear completely unapproachable. But, once he opened himself up to someone, he’d allow himself to be completely vulnerable, finally letting the sun within to shine through.

Seungkwan was a master at cracking Hansol’s locks. That was why you bonded so quickly with him, and it’s one of the reasons why your friendship lasted.

Now, it was almost the end of the school year. It was the second school year you’d spent in Hansol and Seungkwan’s school, and you prayed to every deity imaginable that it wouldn’t be the last. But, like a tree falling in an empty forest, some sounds can go unheard. Some prayers can go unanswered.

After you and Hansol went your separate ways in the hallway of the apartment building, you walked through the front door of your family’s apartment. You weren’t anticipating anything out of the ordinary to happen, which is why you were caught so off guard when your mother appeared in the living room, and the first thing she said to you was,

“Honey, we’re moving to London over the summer.”

Your expression immediately dropped, along with your backpack from your shoulder. The loud thump of your school supplies hitting the floor pulled you out of the dark spiral of dread that was starting to engulf you.

“We’re… Moving?” You repeated, hoping that your mother was just playing some kind of joke on you.

Instead of giving you the answer you wanted, she simply nodded, her expression just as melancholy as yours. Without saying another word, she walked out of the room, leaving you to contemplate the situation alone.

But on the contrary, not much contemplation ended up happening. You simply decided to go about the rest of the week like you normally would, hoping that somehow your mother would change her mind, or possibly that you were just dreaming.

However, you woke up the next day knowing that it wasn’t a dream. This was real, and there was only one day left before the school year came to an end. One day left before your friendship with Seungkwan and Hansol came to an end. But, you decided not to think see it through such bleak lenses. You decided to pretend everything was okay and wait until the very last second, until Friday at the park, to tell your best friends.

The rhythmic drumming of Hansol’s hand on the front door signaled that it was time to leave for school. You rushed to greet him, opening the door before he was finished knocking his pattern, thus causing his knuckles to nearly hit you in the face.

“Woah,” He began, “You almost let me punch you in the face. What’s the rush, (Y/N)? Are you suddenly excited to go to school?”

You laughed at his witty commentary, more than you would have if you hadn’t found out that you’d probably never see him again within two weeks.

“Are you okay?” He asked as you closed the door and started forward on the route to school.

“I’m fine,” You replied, your expression still worrisome to Hansol as it was particularly happy, “I’m just looking forward to tomorrow.”

“Oh, you mean our date with Seungkwan at the park?”

You chuckled at the fact that he used the term “date” so loosely. Hansol of all people. The kid who simply runs away whenever someone tries to confess to him.

“Yeah,” You answered, “I’m really excited to just take it easy and have fun this summer.”

“But consider this: are things ever relaxed with Boo Seungkwan? We’re talking about the kid who will literally sing back any relatively pitched sound.”

“I guess you have a point there. But he’s funny too.”

“Yeah. Funny looking.”

Once you arrived at school, you and Hansol split off to go to your respective classes. You weren’t in his class, but you were in Seungkwan’s, who always managed to brighten up any dull day.

There were a few minutes to spare before class started, so you plopped down in your seat and made yourself comfortable. Seungkwan strolled in after you, taking the seat next to yours.

“So, how is my bestest friend doing today?” He asked casually, but placing a cute emphasis on the word “bestest”.

“A lot worse as of now since you called me that.” You responded, playing angry by folding your arms and frowning.

“What? Can’t I make up a nickname for you?”

“Not when Hansol literally called me the same thing yesterday.”

“Hah! Oh, great minds think alike, you know.”

Unfortunately, your intellectual conversation with Seungkwan was cut short by the school bell. The teacher stood up for her desk and started teaching, and the rest of the day flew by like any other.

Finally, the big day came. It was Friday. The school day seemed to sprint out of your grasp, and as you wondered where it all went, your thought process was interrupted by something else that had you even more confused.

You came through the front door of your apartment, ready to throw down your backpack and rush to the park to meet Hansol and Seungkwan, but the couch that you would have thrown it onto was gone. The living room was completely empty.

Noting a faint sound in the corner of the room, you turned to find your mother stuffing something into a cardboard box.

“Mom?” You called out.

She stopped what she was doing to answer you, “Oh, (Y/N), you’re home.”

“Where’s all our furniture? All our stuff?”

“The movers took it all away. Honey, we have to go today. The flight would’ve been too expensive if we booked it for next month. I know it’s sudden, but we have to go.”

“We’re leaving right now?”

“I’m afraid so. The movers already packed up everything in your room, so let me just finish packing this box, then we’ll go.”

Your shoulders sunk and your face was sullen; an accurate representation of how you felt on the inside too. For the last time, you walked out the door of the apartment, leaving it, Seungkwan, and Hansol behind.

End Flashback

“(Y/N)!” You heard.

You came out of your trance to find your friend standing before you, waving her hands in front of your face.

“Are you okay?” She asked.

“I’m fine.” You replied.

“Good, because we’re next.”

You looked around at your surroundings, it was indeed the same hall she’d taken you to earlier in the day, and you were indeed still there. You remembered the small piece of paper in your hand. Holding it up to your eyes, you peered at the face in the photo again.

How could one face have brought back so many memories?

“Hey,” You began, nudging your friend’s shoulder, “What was this guy’s name again?”

Your friend couldn’t make time to answer. Instead, she was cut off by a shrill voice that shouted, “Next fan!”

Your friend grabbed you lightly by the elbow, allowing you to follow her to the long table, at which thirteen boys sat. Each of them were busy either talking to a fan, talking to staff, or signing something for a fan. Each of them except the one sitting on the end. He was sat patiently awaiting you and your friend to approach him.

“Hello!” Your friend greeted, cheerfully.

“Hi there!” The boy responded, in perfect English.

You said nothing and simply bowed to him as a gesture of respect. You expected a bow back, or at least a wave, but the boy did neither. He just stared at you, studying your face. After a while, he seemed to snap himself out of it and hurriedly scribbled something on your friend’s CD. She had also given him an index card with a multiple choice question on it, something she heard was quite common for fans to give to idols at fansigns. He hastily wrote something on that too, and handed it back to her with a smile.

As you and your friend were pushed along the line of good-looking boys, none of them really caught your attention like the first one, with the exception of the very last boy. He sat on the opposite end of the table as the boy who stared at you. Though, he ended up staring at you too.

He quickly finished signing your friend’s CD and answering her multiple choice question, and still had time to spare to chat with her for a moment. Although, as her conversed with her, his gaze never seemed to leave you. For a while, it looked as if he wanted to say something to you too, but you and your friend were forced off the line before he could.

When the fansign was over, you and your friend left the venue together, peaking at the questions that the boys answered. As the both of you flipped through them, everything looked normal, but the first index card had an extra little note on it.

“(Y/N)! Is that really you? Let’s finally have that date with Seungkwan, okay? We’ll be here all day, so wait for us in the venue at 9! :)”

“What is this, (Y/N)? Do you know Vernon?”

You found yourself ignoring your friend’s question, as you had your own question which desperately needed to be answered. Nearly tearing the pile of index cards out of her hand, you looked through them all, in search of the index card from the last boy.

Sure enough, it had the same treble clef drawn in the corner. And sure enough, you still had the same best friends from childhood.

-Written by Admin Cali

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