the treason of images

Crime, race, hippies, antiwar protesters- Nixon strategists needed a way to draw all the concerns of his Silent Majority together. As Baum explains, they found their answer with drugs.
“Nixon looked at ‘his people’ and found them quaking with rage and fear: not at Vietnam, but at the…unholy amalgam of stoned hippies, braless women, homicidal Negroes, larcenous junkies, and treasonous priests. Nixon’s genius was in hammering these images together into a rhetorical sword. People steal, burn, and use drugs not because of 'root causes’…but because they are bad people. They should be punished, not coddled…
Another poll taken just weeks before the election showed the power of television: while a majority of Americans feared the country was headed toward 'anarchy’, just 28 percent felt that crime had gone up in their own communities. Most Americans felt perfectly safe walking in their own neighborhoods, but assumed most of their fellow citizens didn’t feel the same way. As he slogged through the primaries in early 1968, Nixon was well aware of this. People don’t have to experience crime firsthand to feel threatened by it, he wrote to his old friend and mentor, Dwight Eisenhower. "I have found great audience response to this (law-and-order) theme in all parts of the country, including areas like New Hampshire where there is virtually no race problem and relatively little crime.”“
Shortly before the 1968 election, Nixon called illicit drugs "the modern curse of youth, just like the plagues and epidemics of former years. And they are decimating a generation of Americans.” He wouldn’t explicitly “declare war” on drugs for another few years. But his rhetoric was already slipping into combat fatigues.
—  Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces by Radley Balko
Cause he’s not this but that!

La trahison des images (The Threachery of Images or The Treason of Images) is a painting by the Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte, created around 1928-1929. The description of the work is very “simple”: it can be seen the image of a pipe with the inscription “ceci n’est pas une pipe” (“this is not a pipe”).

The explanation of this contradiction is given by the same Magritte:

“The famous pipe. How people reproached me for it! And yet, could you stuff my pipe? No, it’s just a representation, is it not? So if I had written on my picture ‘This is a pipe’. I’d have been lying.” (From: Wikipedia)

Then the representation can’t be taken for the real thing. The painting and the reality are two things very different. This idea is a manifest against realism of XIX century. And this is not all. The initiation of the thesis can be traceable in the Allegory of the Cave by Plato and his theory of Forms or Ideas that holds the reality just can be represent by forms (ideas). It is the reason which Plato expelled the poets of his ideal republic. But past is not the only way that this can be found. The phrase of the philosopher and mathematician Alfred Korzybski (“The map is not the territory”) and the theory of simulation and hyperreality by French philosopher Jean Baudrillard are another example, in different areas of knowledge, of this position where A is not A, not matter how similar they are.

The reformulations of this singular and sometimes confused theory are very varied. Just an example more (the most fun that I found). One special person in April’s Fool 2017 illustrated and take further the “ceci n’est pas une pipe” of Magritte. Shinhwa member Jun Jin published in his official Twitter the photos with inscriptions very similar and different at the same time with those of the Belgian painter.

[April’s Fool Notif] This person is not an actual person. It’s CG.

[April’s Fool Notif] This person is not an actual person. It’s a doll.

[April’s Fool Notif] This person is not a celebrity. He’s a Vapp staff.

[April’s Fool Notif] This person is not a celebrity nor a Vapp staff either. He’s a billiard player.

The result of this series is really funny, strange and broke rules. More cause the star is always [April’s Fool Notif], an obvious wink of the joke that he plays with SHCJ, but one can’s stop of thinking that is “not” and “is” is the expression of possibilities that each person can have in the life. Fortunately, Jun Jin “is” a celebrity, a beautiful person and not only, he’s too the smile and dream of a lot of people around the world.

And a last joke.

This person is not Jun Jin is Park Choong Jae.

(All translations in english of the tweets of JunJin account belong to hearts-shinhwa. Creds. of photos in the photos itself, if is not there and you know how is the owner, tell me for giving the credit. If you notes that there are some errors, please make me knows. Thank you) 

Some interesting facts about royals
  • Windsor Castle is the largest royal home in the world.
  • The Queen owns all the sturgeons, whales and dolphins in the waters within 3 miles from the UK.
  • The Queen sent her first email in 1976.
  • Prince William wanted to become a cop when he was younger.
  • It’s considered treason to place a stamp bearing the King or Queen’s image upside - down.
  • Prince William paid $200 to sit in the front row and watch Kate in the fashion show.
  • Kate Middleton is allergic to horses.
  • Prince Harry got in trouble for dressing as a Nazi to a costume party.
  • Prince William had a poster of Baby Spice on his boarding room wall.
It’s a Boy!

“Oh! I know what’s happening! I’ve just been born again and I have only a few minutes to see through all my past lives. Shortly, I will have forgotten everything. An invisible hand will erase all my memories and I will become an innocent little child. But now, I can see everything. All my crimes. It all started when I murdered my only brother. Then I killed other six of my siblings. Then I slaughtered seventy of them. Then I offered my virgin daughter to be raped by the mob. And then, I sacrificed my baby-girl to become a king. Finally, I betrayed my Mentor and sent Him to death. There is something evil in all my lives, something I cannot control. Oh, I wish to, I have to remember all these atrocities beyond these two minutes! Last night I felt the remorse for the first time and resolved to kill myself and a few minutes ago I was flopping in my own noose for I had betrayed my Master, I’d sold Him to the Romans for 37 pieces of silver. We took the supper for the last time, like friends, as I was being a traitor all the time. And while we parted, hugging and kissing, I knew He was suspecting my vileness. That was the last straw for my burden. Damn me! Enough with the killings and treason! Enough with the schemes and the massacres! I want to redeem my evils! To lead a clean, virtuous life, to be admired, praised and beloved, to leave behind useful and beautiful things instead of pain and hatred. I will change - starting with this next life I have ahead. I will study, I will create! I will build useful machinery, beautiful works of art! I will write, I will paint! I will help people get further and higher! I will invent, I will write, I will paint! Only if I could remember: a painter, not a killer! A painter, not a killer! A painter, not a killer! I will repay my treason by evoking the life of the Master and depicting it in images! I will paint our last supper to show all the people how I had betrayed Him, how despicable I had used to be. I want to change, I have to! I want my actions to impact all over the world and my name to be on everyone’s lips.”

Hanged by his little feet, the newborn received a pat on the back, his lungs started working and he released a long cry. The midwife laid him abreast his mother and hurried out of the room to bring the news. The father had already heard the baby’s cry and was rushing towards the door. “It’s a boy!”, said the midwife. “You have a boy, mister Hitler!”


A reflection on Gem primary physical forms after “Keeping it Together”:

Last night, “Keeping it Together” gave us an unsettling image of just how the Homeworld responds to treason. Beyond that, it gave me a little better of an idea as to how a Gem’s primary form works. More beneath the cut.

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LIST OF ROMANOV RULERS: #9 - Emperor Ivan VI of Russia (23 August 1740 - 16 July 1764)

“Possession of documents, books and coins bearing the young emperor’s title or image was punished as an act of treason. Even mentioning his name in private correspondence was a crime. But this did not stop people from remembering and whispering about the ‘royal martyr.’ The prisoner was kept in harsh conditions. Daylight was not allowed into his cell and candles were his only source of light. The dungeon was closely guarded and the boy never knew whether it was day or night. The only book he was allowed to read was the Bible. Despite the fact he suffered from a speech impediment, he knew very well who he was and remembered his real name.”

mad-mechanic-glimmer: Wait… why was that last image tagged #treason?

You guide the pony through your hive towards the area where you were instructed to take him. He is a bit concerned that your siblings react to his presence in fear and hostility, but, as you tell him, Her Majesty has ordered that no changeling shall disturb him during his stay. He understands that this is a very irregular situation, and assures that he will not cause any problems.